Distr.  : UK - Norman/Piccadilly/
Style   : indie /

TABLP   1       LOW SEA                 PORTALS                         LP      11.2018

        1)      I Feel Uneasily Loved
        2)      Turn Away
        3)      Hunting For Your Shadow
        4)      Hanged Man
        5)      Sleeping
        6)      Mizar
        7)      All That Fall
        8)      Underground Disco Of Tehran
        9)      All Living Creatures
                (Note : LP , 300 copies on pink vinyl)

Hailing from Ireland, Bobby (originally from Liverpool) and Billie (Bosnian born)
from the ephemeral Low Sea compose music that flows like a serpentine river through
the uncanny valley. Indeed, the owls are not what they seem—but even such blatant
allusions can’t sketch an intuitive image of the sound-scapes woven by this intriguing

This is the duo’s third album having released a mini album on Lefse and a narcotic
synth pop album on Dell’Orso and this album further extends their insular grey disco
Low Sea’s woozy, gothic take on coldwave synthpop remains intact on Portals, but
this time out moving from the shadows to the light of city nights. Intricately
layered melodies shimmer and then pick up energy, as Billie’s unique beguiling voice
sings of loss and triumph, loneliness and euphoria.

As with the last album there is a track mixed by the legendary Stephen Hague
(Propaganda/ Pet Shop Boys), the final song All Living Creatures.