Distr.  : UK - Norman/Boomkat/
Style   : reissue / breakcore / jungle / footwork /

The Criminal Minds were a Buckinghamshire hip-hop crew active in the early 1990ís who
produced music in bedrooms and slipped it out in small-run releases.

TCMLP   1       THE CRIMINAL MINDS      MIND BOMBING                   2x12"+CD 04.2016

                TCMLP01_A1)_Joyrider 2 (THE Last Ride To Hell)
                TCMLP01_A2)_Running (FROM Myself)
                TCMLP01_B1)_The Voice Of The Mind
                TCMLP01_B2)_Blaggamuffin (RASTEROID Mix)
                TCMLP01_C1)_One Way System
                TCMLP01_C2)_Change The Pace
                TCMLP01_D1)_The Only Solution
TCM     1       THE CRIMINAL MINDS      GUILTY AS CHARGED               12"     03.2017

        A1)     Urban Warfare
        A2)     Just Check It
        A3)     A Taste of Armageddon
        B1)     Police State
        B2)     Section 12 Paragraph Zero
        B3)     Rough Justice
        B4)     Shout Outs
TCM     2       THE CRIMINAL MINDS      TALES FROM THE WASTELAND        12"     03.2017

        1.      System Overload
        2.      Illegal Procedure
        3.      Tales From The Wasteland
        4.      Preapare For The Holocaust