Distr.  : UK - Bleep/
Style   : indie / alternative / noise / experimental /

SYON    3       SNO GLOBE               SHAKE UP                        CS      08.2019

        1       Shake Up                                        5:40
        2       Thousand Cuts                                   2:53
        3       Eyes and Wings                                  4:58
        4       Happy Place                                     4:10
        5       Concave See-Through Sky                         2:46
        6       The Real                                        2:13
        7       Out                                             5:02

Sno Globe sees an elemental chance encounter between drum and string, sounding a
primordial cry into the void, jamming modernity out into all directions known or
unknown. It’s a classic setup that drummer Finn Ryan and guitarist Julia Reidy set
up, rounded off with samples and extraterrestrial autotune vocals — all the better
to ground their miasmic noise to the earth, lest it float completely out of their
grasp. Shake Up takes shape as a fearsome, multi-part composition, recalling an entire
history of noise improvisers — Boredoms, Derek Bailey, Steve Noble, Sonic Youth,
1970s Miles Davis — singling out Ryan and Reidy to join them in the pantheon.