Distr.  : NE - Shiny Beast/Clear Spot/
Style   : electro / gothic / darkwave /

SYNTETY 1       DYKTANDO : A LINK DRAWN BY CHALK HYPNOSIS EP            12"     11.2019

After years of terrorizing the Polish underground scene Syntetyk is kicking off with
their first release by their partner in crime, Dyktando. He brings the story of Warsaw
night life covered with a thick fog of paranoia.
SYNTETY 2       CHINO                   THE CAVE                        12"     11.2019

For their second release Syntetyk brings you Chino - the Krakow-based combo.
'The Cave', with all its dirty drum work and heavy basslines, makes the listener
feel as if going down through a dungeon of clockwork machinery.
SYNT    3       V / A                   HOUSE OF TROUBLE                2LP     08.2020

        01.     Mala Herba              Lilija
        02.     Exhausted Modern        Plexiglass
        03.     Pluto Junkies           Remote Control
        04.     Ngly                    Meditation
        05.     Fade Accompli : City Of Conflict (Instinct Is Survival)
        06.     Bianco Negativo         Tensione Emotiva
        07.     Radiation30376          Git
        08.     Mchy I Porosty          Insect Politics
        09.     Fallbeil                Gillet Am Brett
        10.     Dyktando                Vowels
        11.     Retrograde Youth        Overused
        12.     Joshua Cordova Feat. Zoya Zerkalski : Salio Mal
        13.     Astma                   Mizygumo