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SWIM    03      ROBERT MERLAK           FINOMEHANIKA                    LP      07.2020

        A1.     Pao MD
        A2.     Pogled iz sobe
        A3.     Obrazi, dio drugi
        A4.     Majka
        B1.     Bilo jednostavno
        B2.     Bijeli VAZ
        B3.     Udah i led i izdah
        B4.     Skele

Finomehanika by Robert Merlak harks back to the early 2000s combining the distressed,
sad tones of Vladislav Delay’s Mulitia (2000) and the sounds Autechre were making
around the time of their 2001 Cornfield album. It is perfectly understandable for
Merlak to look back to this period as it is when he released his last solo album,
Albumski. Despite having these albums as reference points, it is quite unique,
blending synthesized sound with piano and field recordings.