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JAPW    2 LP    JOAN AS POLICE WOMAN    COVER TWO                       LP+DLc  05.2020
                (Note : LP , red vinyl)
JAPW    2 CD    JOAN AS POLICE WOMAN    COVER TWO                       CD      05.2020

        1.      Kiss (Prince)
        2.      Spread (Outkast)
        3.      Under Control (The Strokes)
        4.      Not The Way (Cass McCombs)
        5.      I Keep Forgettin’ (Michael Macdonald)
        6.      Life’s What You Make It (Talk Talk)
        7.      Out of Time (Blur)
        8.      On The Beach (Neil Young)
        9.      There Are Worse Things I Could Do (Warren Casey and Jim Jacobs)
        10.     Running (Gil Scott-Heron)

Cover 2 is the second album of covers by Joan As Police Woman. Here she takes on songs
by Michael McDonald, Outkast, Neil Young, Talk Talk, The Strokes, Prince, Cass McCombs,
Blur and Gil Scott Heron. If you’ve heard her version of the Jimi Hendrix Experience’s
Fire, then you’ll be aware that these are reworkings, not just straight forward covers.
JAPW 3 D LPX    JOAN AS POLICE WOMAN    LIVE                            2LP+DLc 01.2021
                (Note : 2LP/180 g. , transp.-blue vinyl)
JAPW 3 CD       JOAN AS POLICE WOMAN    LIVE                            CD      01.2021

        1       Wonderful
        2       Warning Bell
        3       Tell Me
        4       Eternal Flame
        5       Damned Devotion
        6       Start Of My Heart
        7       What Was It Like
        8       Valid Jagger
        9       Rely On
        10      I Defy
        11      Steed
        12      Talk About It Later
        13      Silly Me
        14      Run For Love
        15      The Silence
        16      The Magic
        17      Kiss (Prince)

Recorded at New York’s Faraway Jazz Studios in November 2018, ‘Live’ is an excellent
document of ever-underappreciated indie musician Joan Wasser. Following six months
of near-constant touring in support of 2018’s ‘Damned Devotion’ album, her sixth LP
as Joan As Police Woman, Wasser and her backing band are battle-hardened and sound
fantastic throughout.