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Distr.  : UK - Piccadilly
          US - Forced Exposure
Style   : reissue

SWDDL   701
SWDDL   702
SWDDL   703
SWDDL   704
SWDDL   705
SWDDL   706
SWDDL   707     JULY                    JULY                            LP      04.2007

        A1      My Clown
        A2      Dandelion Seeds
        A3      Jolly Mary
        A4      Hallo To Me
        A5      You Missed It All
        A6      The Way
        B1      To Be Free
        B2      Move On Sweet Flower
        B3      Crying Is For Writers
        B4      I See
        B5      Friendly Man
        B6      A Bird Lived
                (Note : one of the best UK psych albums , 1968)

LP      Major Minor         MMLP 29     1968        UK      mono
SWDDL   708     CHURCHILL'S             CHURCHILL'S                     LP      04.2007

        A1      Open Up Your Eyes
        A2      Song From The Sea
        A3      Picture In My Mind
        A4      Comics
        A5      Where You're Gone
        A6      Strangulation
        B1      Straight People
        B2      Subsequent Final
        B3      So Alone Today
        B4      Debka
                (Note : Israeli psych. band , 1968)

LP      Hed-Arzi            BAN 14106       1968        Israel
SWDDL   709 A   THE BAROQUES            THE BAROQUES                    LP      09.2007

        A1      Iowa, A Girl's Name                             2:45
        A2      Seasons                                         3:00
        A3      Mary Jane                                       2:45
        A4      Rose Colored Glasses                            2:40
        A5      Musical Tribute To The Oscar Meyer Weiner Wagon 3:35
        A6      In Silver Light                                 2:07
        B1      This Song Needs No Introduction                 3:00
        B2      There's Nothing Left To Do But Cry              2:55
        B3      Bicycle                                         2:25
        B4      Purple Day                                      2:45
        B5      Boop                                            1:45
        B6      Love In A Circle                                2:30
                (Note : US psych band , Chess Rec. , 1967)

LP      Chess               LP 1516     1967        US      mono
SWDDL   710     THE GRAHAM BOND ORGANIZATION : THE SOUND OF '65         LP      01.2008

        A1      Hoochie Coochie
        A2      Baby Make Love To Me
        A3      Neighbour, Neighbour
        A4      Early In The Morning
        A5      Spanish Blues
        A6      Oh Baby
        A7      Little Girl
        B1      I Want You
        B2      Wade In The Water
        B3      Got My Mojo Working
        B4      Train Time
        B5      Baby Be Good To Me
        B6      Half A Man
        B7      Tammy

LP      Columbia            33SX 1711       1965       UK       mono/blue-black lab.

        A1      Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf?
        A2      Hear Me Calling Your Name
        A3      The Night Time Is The Right Time
        A4      Walkin' In The Park
        A5      Last Night
        A6      Baby Can It Be True
        B1      What'd I Say
        B2      Dick's Instrumental
        B3      Don't Let Go
        B4      Keep A Drivin'
        B5      Have You Ever Loved A Woman?
        B6      Camels And Elephants 

LP      Columbia            33SX 1750       1965       UK       mono
SWDDL   712     ANTOINE RENCONTRE LES PROBLEMES : s / t                 LP      03.2008

        A1      Contre-Elubration Problematiques
        A2      Des Lendemains
        A3      Pop Jerk
        A4      Ce Monde Existe
        A5      Dodécaphonique  (bonus)
        A6      Je Ne Vois Rien
        A7      Il Suffirait D'Un Rien
        B1      Ballade A Luis Rego, Prisonnier Politique
        B2      On S'En Fout
        B3      Pas Adieu
        B4      S'il Boude
        B5      Si C'Est La Nuit
        B6      Je Dis Ce Que Je Pense Et Je Vis Comme Je Veux
        B7      Passe Ton Chemin (bonus)
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)

LP      Disques Vogue       LVLXS 82-30     1966        FR
SWDDL   713     SOM IMAGINARIO          SOM IMAGINARIO                  LP      12.2008

        A1      Morse
        A2      Super-God
        A3      Tema Dos Deuses
        A4      Make Believe Waltz
        A5      Pantera
        B1      Sabado
        B2      Nepal
        B3      Feira Moderna
        B4      Hey, Man
        B5      Poison

LP      Odeon               MOFB 3658/BRXLD 12.041      1970    Brazil
SWDDL   714     THEM                    THEM                            LP      12.2008

        A1      I Keep Singing                                  4:25
        A2      Lonely Weekends                                 2:33
        A3      Take A Little Time                              2:14
        A4      You Got Me Good                                 2:30
        A5      Jo Ann                                          2:55
        B1      Memphis Lady                                    3:00
        B2      In The Midnight Hour                            2:46
        B3      Nobody Cares                                    2:46
        B4      I Am Waiting                                    3:24
        B5      Just A Little                                   1:54

LP      Happy Tiger         HT 1004     1969        US
SWDDL   715     THE ZOMBIES             BEGIN HERE                      LP      12.2008

        A1      Road Runner
        A2      Summertime
        A3      I Can't Make Up My Mind
        A4      The Way I Feel Inside
        A5      Work 'N' Play
        A6      You've Really Got A Hold On Me
        A7      She's Not There
        B1      Sticks And Stones
        B2      Can't Nobody Love You
        B3      Woman
        B4      I Don't Want To Know
        B5      I Remember When I Loved Her
        B6      What More Can I Do
        B7      I've Got My Mojo Working

LP      Decca               LK 4679         1965        UK      mono
SWDDL   716     LONG JOHN BALDRY        LONG JOHN'S BLUES               LP      11.2009

        A1      Got My Mojo Working
        A2      Gee Baby Ain't I Good To You
        A3      Roll 'Em Pete
        A4      You're Breaking My Heart
        A5      Hoochie Coochie
        A6      Everyday (I Have The Blues)
        B1      Dimples
        B2      Five Long Years
        B3      My Babe
        B4      Times Are Getting Tougher Than Tough
        B5      Goin' Down Slow
        B6      Rock The Joint
                (Note : LP , 500 copies , LJB debut LP from 1964)

LP      United Artists      ULP 1081        1964        UK      mono
LP      United Artists      UAS 5543        1971        US      mono
SWDDL   717     EDEN'S CHILDREN         EDEN'S CHILDREN                 LP      11.2009

        A1      Knocked Out                                     3:13
        A2      Goodbye Girl                                    3:17
        A3      If She's Right                                  2:31
        A4      I Wonder Why                                    3:25
        A5      Stone Fox                                       3:00
        A6      My Bad Habbit                                   2:16
        B1      Just Let Go                                     7:38
        B2      Out Where The Light Fish Live                   5:05
        B3      Don't Tell Me                                   4:43
                (Note : LP , 500 copies , Boston's most exciting trio
                from 1969)

LP      ABC                 ABC 624         1968        US      mono
SWDDL   718     THE ZOMBIES             R.I.P.-THE LOST ALBUM           LP      03.2010

        A1      She Loves The Way They Love Her
        A2      Imagine The Swan
        A3      Smokey Day
        A4      Girl Help Me
        A5      I Could Spend The Day
        A6      Conversation Off Floral St
        B1      If It Don't Work Out
        B2      I'll Call You Mine
        B3      I'll Keep Trying
        B4      I Know She Will
        B5      Don't Cry For Me
        B6      Walking In The Sun
SWDDL   719     THE TROGGS              FROM NOWHERE                    LP      03.2010

        A1      Wild Thing
        A2      The Kitty Cat Song
        A3      Ride Your Pony
        A4      Hi Hi Hazel
        A5      I Just Sing
        A6      Evil
        B1      Our Love Will Still Be There
        B2      Louie Louie
        B3      Jingle Jangle
        B4      When I'm With You
        B5      From Home
        B6      Jaguar And Thunderbird
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)

LP      Fontana             TL 5355         1966        UK      mono
LP      Fontana             MGF 27556       1966        US      mono

        A1      Gotta Move
        A2      Rain Is Such A Lonesome Sound
        A3      I Got My Brand On You
        A4      Spooky But Nice
        A5      Keep Your Hands Off
        A6      I Wanna Put A Tiger In Your Tank
        B1      I Got My Mojo Working
        B2      Finkle's Cafe
        B3      Hoochie Coochie
        B4      Down Town
        B5      How Long, How Long, Blues
        B6      I Thought I Heard That Whistle Blow
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)

LP      Ace Of Clubs        ACL 1130        1962        UK      mono
SWDDL   721     THE JACKS               VACANT WORLD                    LP      04.2011

        A1      Marianne                                        5:15
        A2      Stop The Clock                                  4:12
        A3      Vacant World                                    4:55
        A4      In The Broken Mirror                            3:21
        A5      Gloomy Flower                                   3:18
        B1      Love Generation                                 3:34
        B2      Bara-Manji                                      2:25
        B3      where?                                          3:08
        B4      Love                                            4:20
        B5      500 Miles From The Sky                          2:57
                (Note : Japanese psych.rock)

LP      Express             EP 7704         1968        JA      red vinyl
SWDDL   722     THE SERPENT POWER       THE SERPENT POWER               LP      11.2011

        A1      Don't You Listen To Her                         2:20
        A2      Gently, Gently                                  2:36
        A3      Open House                                      3:31
        A4      Flying Away                                     4:26
        A5      Nobody Blues                                    3:49
        A6      Up And Down                                     3:37
        B1      Sky Baby                                        2:31
        B2      Forget                                          3:34
        B3      Dope Again                                      0:47
        B4      Endless Tunnel                                  13:13
                (Note : LP , 500 copies ; classic psych.folk album from
                1967;led by poet,novelist and songwriter David Meltzer)

LP      Vanguard            VSD 79252       1967        US      mono
                (Note : LP , 500 copies ; pre-Steppenwolf)
SWDDL   724     EDEN'D CHILDREN         SURE LOOKS REAL                 LP      02.2012
                (Note : LP , 500 copies , psych.band from Boston , 1968)
SWDDL   725     THE AGGREGATIONS        MIND ODYSSEY                    LP      02.2012
                (Note : LP , 500 copies , US psych band)
SWDDL   726     GALLIARD                NEW DAWN                        LP      02.2012
                (Note : LP , 500 copies , six-piece prog.band from UK)

LP      Deram           DML 1075        1970    UK
SWDDL   727     GOLIATH                 GOLIATH                         LP      06.2012

LP      CBS             CBS 64229       1970    UK
SWDDL   728     THE NOVELLS             THAT DID IT!                    LP        .2012

LP      Mothers         MRS 73          1968    US
SWDDL   729
SWDDK   730     FRESH AIR               FRESH AIR                       LP        .2012

LP      Amaret          ST 5005         1967    US
SWDDL   731     GIANT CRAB              A GIANT CRAB COMES FORTH        LP      04.2013

(Note : psych.-soul band fron Santa Barbara, CA)

LP      UNI             UNI 73037       1969    US