Mississippi Rec. sub label

Distr.  : US - Forced Exposure/Birdman/
          UK - Boomkat/Piccadilly
Style   : reissue - folk / jazz / blues / psychedelic / garage / garage punk

SP      1000    SANDY BULL : FANTASIAS FOR GUITAR AND BANJO             LP      06.2009

        A1      Blend
        B1      Carmina Burana Fantasy
        B2      Non Nobis Domine
        B3      Little Maggie
        B4      Gospel Tune
                (Note : orig. on Vanguard Rec. , 1963)
SP      1001    SANDY BULL              INVENTIONS                      LP      06.2009

        A1      Blend II
        A2      Gavotte No. 2 Take 1
        B1      Gavotte No. 2 Take 2
        B2      Manha De Carnival
        B3      Triple Ballade
        B4      Memphis, Tennessee
SP      1002    SANDY BULL              E PLURIBUS UNUM                 LP      06.2009

        A       No Deposit-No Return Blues                      17:03
        B       Electric Blend                                  21:44
                (Note : orig.on Vanguard Rec. , 1968)
SP      1003    V / A                   WOLF'S AT THE DOOR              LP      03.2010

        A1      Lum Guffin              Johnny Wilson
        A2      Walter Miller           Sherman's Blues
        A3      Bishop Perry Tillis : Somewhere To Lay My Head
        A4      Cleo Williams & Howard Williams : I Know Jesus Has Never
                Left Me Alone
        A5      Ashley Thompson         Sweet Peace
        A6      Joe Thownsend & Bill Barth : Take Your Burdens To The Lord
        B1      Dewey Corley & Walter Miller : Stuttgart, Ark
        B2      Bootlegger's Quartet    He's Calling Me
        B3      Lattie Murrell          Wolf's At Your Door
        B4      David Johnson & Guitar Sam : 40 Days And 40 Nights
        B5      Lonnie Fuqua            Moan
        B6      David Johnson           The Soul Of A Man
SP      1004    SUN RA                  SPACE IN THE PLACE              2LP     04.2010

LP 1    A1      It's After the End of the World
        A2      Under Different Stars
        A3      Discipline 33
        A4      Watusa
        B1      Calling Planet Earth
        B2      I Am the Alter-Destiny
        B3      Satellites Are Spinning
        B4      Cosmic Forces
        B5      Outer Spaceways Incorporated
        B6      We Travel the Spaceways
        B7      The Overseer

LP 2    C       Blackman / Love in Outer Space
        D1      Mysterious Crystal
        D2      I Am the Brother of the Wind
        D3      We'll Wait for You
        D4      Space Is the Place
                (Note : double LP , gatefold sleeve)
SP      1005    LOS LOBOS               TIN CAN TRUST                   LP      11.2010

LP 1    A1      Burn It Down
        A2      On Main Street
        A3      Yo Canto
        B1      Tin Can Trust
        B2      Jupiter Or The Moon
        B3      Do The Murray

LP 2    C1      All My Bridges Burning
        C2      West L.A. Fadeaway
        C3      The Lady Of The Rose
        D1      Mujer Ingrata
        D2      27 Spanishes
SP      1006    MUDHONEY                HEAD ON THE CURB                LP      02.2011

        A1      Ritzville
        A2      I Want to Live
        A3      King Sandbox
        A4      13th Floor Opening
        A5      Living Wreck
        A6      Acetone
        B1      No End in Sight
        B2      Underride
        B3      Fun and Games
        B4      Confusion
        B5      When in Rome
        B6      I Hate the Bloody Queen
SP      1007

        A1      Yonder Go That Old Black Dog
        A2      Baby, Please Don't Go
        A3      She's Mine, She's Yours
        A4      Oh Graveyard, You Can't Hold Me Always
        A5      You're Gonna Need My Help Someday
        A6      Slide Instrumental
        A7      Stop And Listen
        A8      I May Never See You Anymore
        B1      I Got A Yellow Gal
        B2      John Henry
        B3      I Won't Be Troubled No More
        B4      I'm Talking 'Bout You
        B5      Keep Your Lamp Trimmed And Burning
        B6      Instrumental
        B7      Let That Liar Alone
        B8      Which Way Does The Blood Red River Run
SP      1009
SP      1010    THE ELECTRIC PRUNES     STOCKHOLM 67                    LP      02.2013

        A1      You Never Had It Better
        A2      I Had Too Much to Dream (Last Night)
        A3      Try Me On for Size
        A4      I Happen to Love You
        B1      I Got My Mojo Workin'
        B2      Long Day's Flight (Til Tomorrow)
        B3      Smokestack Lightning
        B4      Get Me to the World on Time
SP      1011    BLIND WILLIE MCTELL     TRYING TO GET HOME              LP      12.2011

        A1      Hide Me In The Bosom
        A2      Honey It Must Be Love
        A3      Sending Up My Timber (tk. 1)
        A4      Sending Up My Timber (tk. 2)
        A5      Lord Have Mercy If You Please
        B1      It's My Desire
        B2      Trying To Get Home
        B3      Don't Forget It
        B4      Good Little Thing
        B5      You Can't Get Stuff No More
        B6      Pal Of Mine (tk. 2)
SP      1012    BUKKA WHITE             BIG DADDY                       LP      10.2012

        A1      Black Cat Bone Blues                            3:03
        A2      1936 Triggertoe                                 2:30
        A3      Crying Holy Unto The Lord                       3:00
        A4      Shake My Hand Blues                             3:27
        A5      Sic 'Em Dogs On                                 3:16
        A6      Gibson Hill                                     4:32
        B1      Mama Don' 'Low                                  3:25
        B2      Hot Springs Arkansas                            2:58
        B3      Jelly Roll Workin' Man                          4:17
        B4      Black Crepe Blues                               2:54
        B5      Glory Bound Train                               3:04
        B6      Aberdeen Mississippi Blues                      3:01
SP      1013    JESSE MAE HEMPHILL      FEELIN' GOOD                    LP      06.2012

        A1      Feelin' Good                                    3:50
        A2      Go Back To Your Used To Be                      3:36
        A3      Streamline Train                                5:31
        A4      Baby, Please Don't Go                           2:58
        A5      Tell Me You Love Me                             2:41
        A6      Shake It, Baby                                  3:01
        B1      My Daddy's Blues                                3:55
        B2      Brokenhearted Blues                             2:52
        B3      Rolling And Tumbling                            3:00
        B4      Eagle Bird                                      5:45
        B5      Cowgirl Blues                                   3:22
        B6      Lord, Help The Poor And Needy                   2:48

        A1      Keep Your Hands Off Her                         3:27
        A2      I Feel Good, Little Girl                        3:27
        A3      You Better Run                                  4:35
        A4      I'm So Glad Trouble Don't Last Always           4:30
        A5      Done Got Old                                    2:37
        A6      Please Don't Leave Me Baby                      2:57
        B1      Come On and Go With Me                          4:04
        B2      Do the Rump!                                    4:23
        B3      Nobody But You Baby                             3:26
        B4      Too Late Baby                                   3:22
        B5      My Mama Done Told Me                            3:38
        B6      Walk With Me                                    3:00
SP      1015 1  FRED MCDOWELL           AMAZING GRACE                   LP      07.2011

        A1      Jesus Is On The Main Line
        A2      When I Lay My Burden Down
        A3      I'm So Glad (I Got Good Religion)
        A4      Going Over The Hill
        A5      I Know I've Been Converted
        A6      Just A Little More Faith
        A7      Back, Back, Train
        A8      You Got To Move
        A9      Jesus Gonna Make Up My Dying Bed
        B1      Amazing Grace
        B2      Keep Your Lamp Trimmed And Burning
        B3      Tell The Angels
        B4      When You Come Out Of The Wilderness
        B5      The Lord Will Make A Way
        B6      It's A Blessing
        B7      This Little Light Of Mine

        A1      Fred McDowell : If You See My Baby              2:14
        A2      Fred McDowell           John Henry              2:55
        A3      Fred McDowell           Louise                  4:00
        A4      Fred McDowell           61 Highway              3:00
        A5      Fred McDowell           Big Fat Mama            2:05
        A6      Fred McDowell : When I Lay My Burden Down       2:42
        A7      Fred McDowell           Dankin' Farm            2:53
        A8      Fred McDowell : Jesus Is On The Main Line       2:33
        A9      Fred McDowell : See What My Lord Has Done       2:59
        B1      Furry Lewis : Casey Jones (Ramblin' Mind)       4:21
        B2      Furry Lewis             Harry Furry Blues       3:14
        B3      Furry Lewis : Every Day In The Week             4:03
        B4      Furry Lewis             Grieve My Mind          1:34
        B5      Furry Lewis             Beale Street Blues      1:49
        B6      Furry Lewis : When I Lay My Burden Down         3:42
SP      1017 1  R.L.BURNSIDE            SOUND MACHINE GROOVE            LP      07.2011

        A1      Rolling And Tumbling                            2:54
        A2      Long Haired Doney                               3:44
        A3      Sitting On Top Of The World                     3:50
        A4      Begged For A Nickel                             4:37
        A5      Goin' Away, Baby                                4:12
        A6      Sound Machine Groove                            3:33
        B1      Jumper Hanging Out On The Line                  3:10
        B2      Going Down South                                3:25
        B3      Pretty Woman                                    2:50
        B4      Can't Let You Go                                4:50
        B5      Searching For My Baby                           6:02
        B6      Shake, Little Baby                              3:25
SP      1018    THE REVEREND GARY DAVIS : NEW BLUES AND GOSPEL          LP      02.2012

        A1      How Happy I Am                                  5:13
        A2      I Heard The Angels Singing                      4:00
        A3      Samson And Delilah                              4:48
        A4      Children Of Zion                                4:00
        A5      Soon My Work Will Be All Done                   4:09
        B1      Talk On The Corner                              4:01
        B2      Sally, Where'd You Get Your Whiskey?            4:15
        B3      Hesitation Blues                                4:54
        B4      Whistling Blues                                 5:14
        B5      Lost John                                       3:42
SP      1019    SKIP JAMES : GREATEST OF DELTA BLUES SINGER             LP      08.2012

        A1      Hard Time Killing Floor Blues
        A2      Sick Bed Blues
        A3      Washington DC Hospital Center Blues
        A4      Devil Got My Woman
        A5      Skip's Worried Blues
        B1      Illinois Blues
        B2      I Don't Want A Woman To Stay Up All Night Long
        B3      Cherry Ball Blues
        B4      All Night Long
        B5      Motherless & Fatherless
SP      1020    V / A : TRAVELING THROUGH THE JUNGLE                    LP      12.2010

        A1      Old Hen Cackled, Laid A Double Egg              1:54
        A2      Unknown Piece                                   2:16
        A3      Shout, Lula With The Red Dress On               1:53
        A4      Buck Dance                                      1:34
        A5      I Love Jesus, Yes, I Do                         2:15
        A6      Wake Up, Sal, Day Done Come, Let Me Chew Your
                Rosin Some                                      1:09
        A7      Old Lady Dinah Sitting By The Fire              1:06
        A8      Jesse James                                     1:49
        A9      Come On Boys, Let's Go To The Ball              1:29
        A10     The Death March                                 1:44
        A11     Emmaline, Take Your Time                        1:41
        A12     The Sidewalks Of New York                       1:58
        B1      My Babe                                         4:38
        B2      Traveling Through The Jungle                    1:58
        B3      Sitting On Top Of The World                     2:31
        B4      Late At Midnight, Just A Little 'Fore Day       4:05
        B5      Granny, Will Your Dog Bite                      2:47
        B6      Number Five                                     2:22
        B7      When The Saints Go Marching In                  3:47
SP      1021    LUTHER DICKINSON        HAMBONE'S MEDITATIONS           LP      06.2012

        1       Death Comes On Wings Of Crepe
        2       Breckenridge Blues
        3       Blind Lemon And The Hook Man
        4       Arkabutla
        5       Tallehatcher
        6       Old Gospel Medley
        7       Gospel Medley II
SP      1022    RL BOYCE                AIN'T THE MAN'S ALRIGHT         LP        .2013

        A1      Gonna Boogie
        A2      Jumper On The Line
        A3      Going Away
        B1      Going Down South
        B2      Ain`t The Man`s Alright
        B3      Child Of God
SP      1023    PEG LEG HOWELL : THE LEGENDARY PEG LEG HOWELL           LP      01.2014

        A1      Blood Red River
        A2      John Henry
        A3      Uncle Sam Blues
        A4      Jack Rabbit Blues
        A5      Worried Blues
        B1      Jelly Roll Blues
        B2      Jo Jo Blues
        B3      Skin Game Blues
        B4      Coal Man Blues
        B5      Let Me Play With Your Yo-Yo
                WILLIAM FLOYD DAVIS

        A1      Waiting For My Baby
        A2      I'm In Jail Again
        A3      The Girl I'm Loving
        A4      Going Down South, Carry My Whip
        A5      Diving Duck Blues
        A6      The Sun Rose This Morning
        B1      Get Right, Church
        B2      Amazing Grace
        B3      Jesus Gonna Make Up My Dying Bed
        B4      Where Could I Go (But To The Lord)?
        B5      The Lord Will Make A Way
        B6      Keep Your Lamp Trimmed And Burning
        B7      When The Saints Go Marching In

SP      1030    V / A : WHICH WAY DOES THE BLOOD RED RIVER FLOW         LP        .2013

        A1      Elijah Brown            Pearline
        A2      Fred McDowell           Amazing Grace
        A3      Eddie Lee Jones*        She's Mine, She's Yours
        A4      Jack Owens              Jack Ain't Had No Water
        A5      Jimmie Tarlton          Low Bonnie
        A6      Peg Leg Howell          Blood Red River
        B1      Fred McDowell           Get Right Church
        B2      Elijah Brown            Windin' Ball
        B3      Jimmie Tarlton          Banks Of The Ohio
        B4      Jack Owens              Must Have Been The Devil