Distr.  : UK - Volcanic Tongue
          NE - Shiny Beast
Style   : metal / stoner / experimental / sound art /

STS     8       POWER OF JISM           YOUR SON DIED LAUGHING          CD      07.2011
STS     9       DMDN                    AGONISTES 1 & 2                 LP      10.2013
                (Note : LP , 260 hand-numb. copies)
STS     11      JACINTHEBOX             INCOMPLETE 84/86                LP      10.2018
STS     12      KUTTEKOP                TRANSVERSE TOXOSPUMOSIS         LP      02.2022

Very difficult, terminally strange and repellently peculiar noise oddity from the
Netherlands and UK, comprising mangled noisecore, harsh frenzy, dynamic noise,
industrial waste and bedraggled blotchings of badly decomposed and chemically
altered breakcore jazz junk spewing through 100% analog ascetics. A brain-smudge
of preternatural-pandemonium-pummelling. It's... it's... desperately weird and
replete with rare neurological disorders and freak accident - allllllllll the way!
Escaped convicts are Dennis van Geldrop from cult '90s no-skool-noyzcore titans
NEE! - '80s onwards harsh noise and industrial stalwart and psychological damage
specialist Sjak van Bussel a.k.a. DMDN, a grizzled mage and unapproachable drifter
of industrial noise and extreme electronics, and career-suicide blacklist supremo
Kikanju Baku on drums. Guys! Guys?!... we really cannot guarantee your safety
here!!! Limited to 300 copies!