********************                    Victoria

Owner   : Jason Flower
Distr.  : CA - Scratch/La-Ti-Da/
          NE - Clear Spot
Style   : reissue - punk / proto punk / glam / power pop / new wave /

SE      01      V / A : Victim of Safety Pin: Polski Punk Underground   LP        .2003

        1       Rejestracja             Nowa Generacja
        2       Deuter                  Piosenka O Mojej Generacji
        3       Kryzys                  ¦więty Szczyt
        4       Dezerter                Burdel
        5       Brak                    Na Bliskim Wschodzie
        6       Deuter                  Nigdy I W Nic
        7       Tilt                    Pictures
        8       Deadlock                Am I Victim of Safety Pin
        9       KSU                     Złodziej
        10      Nocne Szczury           Pułapka Na Szczury
        11      Kryzys                  We're Blazers
        12      Tass                    Jestem Polakiem
        13      Poerocks                Ufo
        14      KSU                     Noc±
        15      TZN Xenna               Wodzowie
        16      Kult                    Warhead
        17      Walek Dzedzej           Nie Jestem Tym Czym Ty
                1987 - 1992

        1       Mshia - Hunger
        2       Mometsi Tsetskhli - (Give Me The) Fire
        3       Nu Matkueb - Don`t Lie To Me
        4       Me Movrbodi Shensken - I Was Running To You
        5       Modi Male - Come Soon
        6       Isev Muqdeba Morigi Ghame - Yet Another Night Gets Dark
        7       Nu Damtoveb Marto - Don`t Leave Me Alone
        8       Am Qalaqshi Dghes Mefoben Mglebi - Wolves Rein This City
        9       Nu Matkueb - Don`t Lie To Me
        10      Mshia - Hunger
SE      03      JERK WARD               TOO YOUNG TO TRASH              LP      03.2009

        A1      U.F.O.
        A2      Angry Salmons
        A3      Blind Hatred
        A4      Knowledge
        A5      Flesh & Bones
        A6      Millions Of Dead BMXers
        A7      Non-Human
        A8      Accident Prone
        A9      I Love The Girls
        B1      Death Inferno
        B2      Major Threat Part II
        B3      I Don't Wanna Fight
        B4      Inside My Mind
        B5      F.U. Quincy
        B6      Rot My Mind
        B7      I Wanna Be Ozzy Osbourne
        B8      Kill The Pongos
                (Note : LP , 300 copies)
SE      04      SPHEX                   TIME                            7"        .2012

        A       Time
        B       Leaving This Crazy City
                (Note : 7" + booklet)

7"      Marc Prod.      MP 39           1978    CA
SE      05      TWITCH                  TWITCH                          7"        .2012

        A1      Things
        A2      Pickup Is Illegal On 401
        B1      Sweet Thursday
        B2      Country Tune
SE      06      NORTHERN HAZE           SINNAKTUQ                       LP        .2012

        A1      Qailaurit
        A2      Qaina
        A3      Aiviq
        A4      Tukisi
        B1      Anivunga
        B2      Puigo
        B3      Nutaraq
        B4      Qailaurit
        B5      Quviasuk
        B6      Inusivut
        B7      Sinnaktuq
                (Note : LP , 430 black/227 blubber copies)

LP      CBC Northern Service WRC 1      1986    CA
SE      07      THE DISHRAGS            THREE                           LP      05.2014

        78-1    I Don't Love You
        78-2    Bullshit
        78-3    What Do You Want Me To Be?
        78-4    High Society Snob
        78-5    I Don't Wanna Walk Around With You
        78-6    Rebel Kind
        78-7    Tormented
        78-8    Double Checkin' Woman
        78-9    Quick Step
        78-10   Friday Night Date
        79-1    Past Is Past
        79-2    Tormented
        79-3    Love Is Shit (It’s Goodbye)
        79-4    Just Another Girl
        79-5    Sold Out
        79-6    Craven A...
        79-7    Public Enemy
        79-8    Bullshit
        79-9    I Don't Love You
        79-10   London's Burning
SE      08      MEXICAN POWER AUTHORITY : COLD NATURAL FACTS            LP      03.2014

        A1      The Creeper
        A2      Theme
        A3      His Father's Good Machine
        A4      Everyone Is Guilty
        A5      Bluffin' To The Top
        B1      Hemlock Shomes
        B2      Futurama Psychodrama
        B3      Rheumatiz
        B4      Cash Grab Police
        B5      Clouds
SE      09      TWITCH                  DARK YEARS                      LP      07.2015

        A1      Litany To Raise The Dead
        A2      I Am The Wizard
        A3      Satan's Blood
        A4      Sweet Judy C.T.
        B1      Vaseline
        B2      Roaring Drunk
        B3      Jessica
                (Note : LP , 550 copies; 1-500 numbered)
SE      10      TRITON WARRIOR          SATAN'S TRAIN                   7"        .2014

        A       Satan's Train
        B       Sealed in a Grave

7"      Vintage         SCV 1168        1972    CA
SE      11      TWITCH : Messin' With The Bull // Spunk                 7"      01.2016
                (Note : 7" , 500 hand-numb. copies)
SE      12      STUMPOWATER/RONNIE & NATALIE Split                      7"      01.2016

        A       Turn Me On Woman
        B       6 Times
                (Note : 7" , 500 hand-numb. copies)
SE      13      THE ZELLOTS             THE ZELLORS                     7"flx.  03.2017

        A1      On The Dole                                     2:03
        A2      Vampire Love                                    1:22
        A3      Let's Play House                                1:50
                (Note : 7" 1-sided flexi disc , 525 copies)

female Vancouver punk rock sensation The Zellots, dating back to 1979. Here are three
incredibly catchy and memorable songs with a high level of musicianship and witty
tongue in cheek lyrics sung by the phenomenal Heather Haley whom later formed the 
45s (with Randy Rampage of DOA, Brad Kent of the Avengers and Karla Duplantier,
ex-Controllers). This DMM mastered, silver label, custom round 7-inch comes housed
in a dust sleeve with a thick, deluxe closed-pocket cover and a booklet. An important
piece of punk herstory, limited 525 copies!
SE      14      VENDETTA                MODERN ROCKERS                  7"flx.  10.2017

        A1      Modern Rockers
        A2      I Wanna Be A Star

Wild moustache rockers playing punk in 1978! Barely even known by Canadian collectors,
this scarce Ottawa single is reissued (with remastered sound) for the first time ever.
'Modern Rockers' and 'I Wanna Be a Star' are both laden with shredding guitars,
vigorous singing and a high octane rhythm section that keeps the listener's attention
from start to finish. Do not fear the flexi! This beautiful DMM mastered, silver
label, custom round 7-inch comes housed in a dye-cut paper dust sleeve with a booklet
and a thick closed-pocket replica cover!

7"      Les Disques Star    STAR 2001       1978        CA
SE      15      THE STIFFS              THE STIFFS                      7"      04.2018

        A1      Fuck You
        A2      No Money
        A3      Homesick
        A4      Everyone Lies
        B1      Oh Canaduh
        B2      Dad's A Pig
        B3      21st Century

The Stiffs were supposed to have been Vancouver's first punk band to release a 7" back
in 1978, but it never got released. Canadian punk rock anthems 'Fuck You' and 'Oh
Canaduh' have been covered by so many bands that most people no longer know which
group originally composed them. The Stiffs were a first wave Vancouver punk rock group
with a short yet prolific existence that gave way to hardcore group Rabid and legendary
punks The Subhumans. Many of the songs made famous by The Subhumans were first
performed by The Stiffs. This EP features all three studio songs from The Stiffs'
unreleased single, three more from a rehearsal done at Chuck Biscuits' house (DOA),
and one from a demo recorded one day prior to the studio session. Fully restored from
the original master tapes with a 4 page booklet packed with photos and their story.
Limited to 500 copies , 33.3 RPM.
SE      16      WASTED LIVES            WASTED LIVES                    7"      04.2018

        A1      Wirehead
        A2      Divorce
        B1      Allegiance
        B2      Undercover

Vancouver punk holy grail! Unlike any of their Vancouver contemporaries, Wasted Lives'
music had an urgency about it - a vigorous hardcore edge meeting the progressive quirks
of post-punk. The result was angular, poetic, wild and perfectly short lived. Featuring
an all-star debut of musicians who made their mark in the Vancouver scene: Mary
Armstrong (Modernettes), Colin Griffiths (U-J3RK5), Andy Graffiti (DOA, Private
School, Modernettes, AKA, I Braineater), and mighty frontman Phil Smith (Corsage).
Their full studio recordings skillfully remastered by local punk icon Ron Obvious.
Includes generous booklet with individual members bios and images. Limited to
550 copies.
SE      17      TRITON WARRIOR          TATSI SOUND ACETATE             7"      04.2018

        1.      Satan's Train
        2.      Sealed In A Grave

One of the earliest dark/heavy rock recordings of the Canadian 1970s. From the
rediscovered one-copy-in-existence acetate of the original quartet recorded prior
to vocalist Joel Cohen joining. Guitarist David Fromstein sings lead vocals on this
haunting and eerie heavy rock smoker!! Proto-heavy metal all the way. Professionally
transferred and digitally restored audio. Includes replica original logo cover,
generous booklet with bio and images. Limited to 550 copies.
SE      18      KARRION                 FORSAKEN WORLD                  LP      07.2019

        A1      Forsaken World
        A2      Dream Of Death
        A3      Free In Death
        A4      Necro Nightmare
        B1      They Must Die
        B2      King's Exile
        B3      Slaughtered By The Undead

Karrion were forerunners of Vancouver, BC's early extreme metal scene, ft. guitarist
and main songwriter Shawn Pitts previously of Delta speed metal group Witche's Hammer.
Karrion hit the scene strong and headlined nearly every show they played, commanding
the audience with Duncan Stuart's scorching vocals over a relentless set of original
songs. The group's four song self titled and three song 'Free In Death' demos are
both carefully remastered for this release, packed in a striking heavy gloss sleeve
featuring the remarkable artwork of Estelle Ward, and an 8 page booklet with flyers,
photographs and their story. Vicious and extraordinary Canadian speed/death/thrash
intensity!! 500 copies.
SE   19.20      MISSION OF CHRIST       SILENCE IN GRAVE                LP+flx  05.2019

SE 19   A1      Nocturnal Serenade
        A2      To Oblivion
        A3      Skies Of Revelation
        A4      Disbelief
        A5      Lovelust
        B1      World Of Destruction
        B2      Crypts Of Darkness
        B3      Ashes Of The Earth
        B4      Never To Be
        B5      Nightmare Beyond
SE 20   C1      Day To Day
        C2      The Burning
        D1      Lost
        D2      The Scripture
                (Note : SE 20/33.3 RPM)
SE   21.22      PRIVATE SCHOOL          LOST IN ACTION                  2x7"    11.2018

        A1      Money Guns & Power
        A2      Fuck You
        A3      Rock And Roll Radio
        B1      I Wanna Know
        B2      Science Fiction

        C1      Bad
        C2      Stay Up

The complete 1979 studio recordings by Vancouver punk rock group Private School, feat.
greatly missed guitarist Dave Gregg. Members also went onto play in DOA, Magic Dragon,
The Flames, and Warsaw (CAN). Professionally remastered from original master tapes,
this combines their 'Lost In Action' 7" EP with 'Rock'n'Rock Radio' from 'Vancouver
Complication' onto a 7" vinyl EP with a bonus deluxe yellow 7" flexi featuring
unreleased songs 'Bad'/'Stay Up' making it a double EP! Punk rock, hardcore and even
psych and saxophone! Includes 12 page booklet with flyers, photographs and their
story. 500 copies.
SE      23      PLAN NINE               I AIN'T NO ROBOT                7"      12.2018

        A1      In Sympathy With Poland
        A2      Go
        A3      It Must Be Love
        B1      I Ain't No Robot
        B2      Fatal Femme
        B3      Page One

Canadian prairie punk by the three King brothers who moved out from Toronto in the
fall of 1980 to become one of Calgary's earliest on the scene! The late Bob King's
whitty and thought provoking socio-political lyrics transformed from bedroom acoustic
songs into a flurry of wild wah-wah fuzz and shredding guitars with over tones of
power-pop and hard rock. This carefully remastered mega-long EP reissues their
impossibly rare four song 7" EP from 1981 with two unreleased demo tracks from 1982.
Includes replica labels and sleeve plus a booklet with flyers, photographs and their
SE      24      REACTION                EAST END ROCKERS                7"      12.2018

        A1      The Kid's Arrived
        A2      Waiting In Line
        B1      Get The Rods Out
        B2      Trials In Error

Legendary first wave punk rock from Newfoundland! This mega-long EP featuring two
songs by each drummer, compiles the KBD wild screamer hit 'The Kid's Arrived' with
three more distinct faces of The Reaction. 'Waiting In Line' is a powerful melodic
rocker with journeys into psychedelia, 'Get The Rods Out' is a punk anthem about
setting up local gigs, and 'Trials In Error' is unique '70s underground. Includes
generous booklet with flyers, photographs and their story. A dynamic carefully
remastered EP! 500 copies.
SE      25      WITCHES HAMMER          WITCHES HAMMER                  7"      01.2019

        A1      Mortalas
        A2      Rise Above
        A3      Alien Jesus
        B1      No Limits
        B2      Thulsa Doom

The true hell-spawn of West Coast Canadian speed metal - second to none! Pioneers
of their genre, Witches Hammer played amidst the mid-'80s hardcore/crossover and
thrash scenes surrounding the suburbs of Vancouver and after two successful demos
decided to do a vinyl release. Recorded in 1987 at legendary Fiasco Bros studio and
originally issued by Subversive Productions in a tiny pressing on 12" with just
a paper sheet cover. Now carefully remastered and packed in a revised close-pocket
sleeve featuring original cover art and a 12 page booklet with flyers, photographs
and their story. A pinnacle moment for the group, wild Canadian speed metal. Thulsa
doom! 500 copies + 16 p. booklet.
SE      26      STICK FARM              REHARVEST                       LP      04.2022

Canadian teen crossover. A potent hybrid of metal-tinged hardcore drenched in
progressive thrash. Stick Farm from Victoria, BC secured a record deal before
performing live or entering a real studio, releasing two 7" EPs in a fast-paced,
two-year rise. From their humour-laden hardcore days, they quickly graduated to
more complex lyrics and arrangements. 'Reharvest' comprises 8 songs in 37 minutes
recorded 1990-91 by legendary punk rock producer/engineer Scott Henderson and
remixed from original reels by Cody Baresich. Large-format 12-page booklet with
photos, art, and the band's inside story. Two stickers. 475 copies.
SE      27      NEOS : THREE TEENS HELLBENT ON SPEED                    LP      07.2021

        A1      inTro
        A2      DeSTtrUct
        A3      tHey’ll deStroy tHemselves
        A4      (almost) TyPIcAL, oBlIgaToRy aNtI-GOvErnMeNt SoNg
        A5      AmBiTiOUS
        A6      WhErE DId YoU Go WrOnG???
        A7      jUsT LiKe aLL The ReSt
        A8      LoOK aRouNd IN dEspair
        A9      coNscripTs
        A10     JuNGlE BeAT-SO IT seEmS
        A11     oTher woRld
        A12     OpPositIon to aLL viOlence, eveN if cOmmiTted in sElf-deFense
        A13     DiE fOr ThE CaUsE
        A14     rIppeD off
        A15     SeXuAl ReVoLUutIoN
        A16     E’s
        A17     TV LoVE
        A18     nO tyMe 4 romance
        A19     LoOK aRouNd IN dEspair
        A20     lIfe sEnTEnce
        A21     WhErE DId YoU Go WrOnG???
        A22     rAcisT aCT
        A23     BoREd TO dEatH
        A24     sLeevE
        A25     S.I.P.
        A26     teAr ourSElvES aPaRT
        B1      iLlitErates
        B2      faSCist RUle
        B3      E’s
        B4      nO tyMe 4 romance
        B5      schOol pUnks
        B6      kill ThE burNoUts
        B7      cHuRchgoerS’ mOtive
        B8      gOodbye 4 lIfe / SCareD to dIE
        B9      rAcisT aCT
        B10     lIfe sEnTEnce
        B11     dOn't wAnt tO be
        B12     nO tyMe 4 romance
        B13     WhErE DId YoU Go WrOnG???
        B14     DiE fOr ThE CaUsE
        B15     (almost) TyPIcAL, oBlIgaToRy aNtI-GOvErnMeNt SoNg
        B16     oTher woRld
        B17     schOol pUnks
        B18     LoOK aRouNd IN dEspair
        B19     E’s
        B20     DeSTtrUct
        B21     rAcisT aCT
        B22     lIfe sEnTEnce
        B23     Crustaceous Beast
        B24     A.M. Song (The Use Of Trying)
        B25     sTupiD rOck BeGinniNg
        B26     CAtfooD

First pressing 1100 copies, opaque bright orange vinyl.
Includes large format 24-pg booklet with 22,000-word bio by Steve Bailey
  (guitar/vocals) + lyrics, 75+ photos, posters, art and more.                
SE      28      ARCFIEND                MORTIFIED WITH HATE             7" (m)  09.2019

        A1      Demogorgon                                      3:24
        A2      Arcane                                          4:50
        B1      Mortified With Hate                             4:50
        B2      All Hail The Word Flesh                         4:09

In the mid 1980s the Canadian West Coast erupted with a new wave of speed/thrash metal
and Victoria BC's most evil and extreme sounding group of the period was Arcfiend.
Led by visionary guitar/vocalist Quin McCulloch first as a trio playing a mix of
originals and covers and later evolving into a refined quartet, Arcfiend's unreleased
recordings echoed with greatness... but nothing ever materialized for them beyond a
few legendary shows. This carefully remastered mega-long EP collects 4 great songs,
the speed metal trio similar to 'Pleasure To Kill' era Kreator on A and the technical
death/thrash quartet reminiscent of Sepultura's 'Schizophrenia' on B. With a 12 page
booklet featuring vintage artwork by Quin McCulloch and the late Chris Stanley, plus
flyers, photographs and their story. Lo-fi Monophonic metal mayhem!! Demorgorgon!!!
500 copies.
SE      29      EXTROVERTS              YOU GOTTA LOSE                  7"      10.2019

        A1      Tactical Squad                                  2:07
        A2      Nobody Knows Nothing                            1:43
        A3      Just Another House                              2:37
        A4      You Gotta Lose                                  2:15
        B1      Sewers Of Paris                                 2:50
        B2      Brain Damage                                    2:08
        B3      Stiff Lip                                       1:05
        B4      Golden Rules                                    2:59

Behold! Regina, Saskatchewan's first ever punk rock group. Their earliest recordings
from 1979 showcasing the diversity of a young high energy group capable of multiple
tempos and moods, from upbeat punk anthems to early experimentations, always with
a pop sensibility. The Extroverts' unique brand of prairie punk was due to being one
of a kind in Regina - and this archival release fills yet another gap in the great
puzzle of Canadian punk rock history. This mega-long EP features 8 original songs
carefully remastered especially for this release. Comes with a generous 12 page booklet
featuring flyers, art, photographs and their story. Full of hooks and melody - an
instant classic! 500 copies. 33.3 RPM!
SE      30      DAYGLOW ABORTIONS : WAKE UP, IT'S TIME TO DIE           7"      12.2019

        A1      Bedtime Story
        A2      MK Ultra
        A3      Whiter Than Hitler
        A4      Proud To Be A Canadian
        B1      Argh Fuck Kill
        B2      Ronald McRaygun
        B3      Nuclear Supremacy

Canadian legends from the early 1980s Dayglow Abortions bring their unreleased
recording session on vinyl for the first time! Wild and obnoxious West Coast hardcore
laden with political satire. Seven remastered songs. Their early history and
controversial lyrics have been explained in a 12-page booklet with rare photos and
art packed in a bright neon orange cover. Limited to 500 copies. 45 RPM!
SE      31      ANTHEADS                THINK FAST                      7"      10.2019

        A1      Think Fast                                      2:32
        A2      Get A Gun                                       2:18
        A3      Fornicating No-Lobes                            1:23
        A4      Interstellar OD                                 1:59
        B1      Laurie                                          1:54
        B2      Moist And Easy                                  1:31
        B3      Commuter Blow Up                                2:09
        B4      Garlic Watches                                  1:45
                (Note : 7" , 33.3 RPM)

Fast melodic punk rock from Vancouver played at hyper hardcore speed! Featuring
ex-Active Dog members. Recorded summer of 1980 at Majestic Studio, Vancouver BC.
All songs previously unreleased.
SE      032     PINK STEEL              HERE WE GO AGAIN                7"      09.2020

        A1      Here We Go Again
        A2      Controlled Collapse
        A3      She's Not Mine
        B1      Some Of The Things That You Do
        B2      My Girl's Radioactive
        B3      Won't Come In Your Hand

Pink Steel were a staple of the Victoria BC music scene 1979-83, playing alongside
the Infamous Scientists, Neos, Nomeansno and more. Their sound was powerful, earnest
and original punk rock unlike other groups... they had seven members and showed great
dexterity with varied compositions. This carefully remastered mega-long EP contains
all 6 songs from their two 7"s reissued for the first time since 1981. Includes a
generous 16 page booklet full of photos and their story all housed in a deluxe close
pocket sleeve. 33.3 RPM!
SE      033     SUDDEN IMPACK           FREAKED OUT                     7"      11.2020

        A1      Cat's Life
        A2      Paint Fumes
        A3      Caught Up
        A4      Bent OK
        A6      Steamy Loafs
        B1      New Song
        B2      Drunk Driving
        B3      Freaked Out
        B4      Sudden Impact
        B5      Gonzo

Canada's largest city - Toronto was fertile ground for a burgeoning new hardcore
scene taking root in the early '80s with YYY and Direct Action leading the way.
Surrounding suburbs soon followed and a group of young skate-punks named Sudden Impact
emerged to become one of the greatest of all. Revered as a crown jewel of early TOHC,
this carefully remastered 10 song demo is on vinyl for the very first time. Fast and
furious skater hardcore from 1984! Includes a generous 16 page booklet full of photos,
art, and their story all housed in a deluxe close pocket sleeve. 500 copies. 45 RPM!
SE      034     DERANGED                PLACE OF TORMENT                12"     03.2021

        A1      Eminence Of Terror
        A2      Before Your Eyes
        B1      Coercion
        B2      The Burning

(Note : 12" , includes a generous 16 page booklet with interview, flyers, art,
        photographs & lyrics. Ferocious Canadian death/thrash metal. 500 copies)
SE      035     CULTURE SHOCK : FOR EVER + EVER (+ EVER)                7"      09.2020

        A1      Gonna Get You Girl                              2:05
        A2      Forever And Ever                                2:27
        A3      Stay Away                                       1:28
        B1      Arguments                                       1:45
        B2      Thought You Were A Friend                       1:52
        B3      It's Not True                                   2:11

Vancouver mod punks worshipping the Buzzcocks! Initially gigging as The Zoo back
in 1979, they changed their name to Culture Shock and issued one solemn 7" in 1983,
now one of the rarest in Canadian punk history. This carefully remastered deluxe EP
contains their entire 6 song Mushroom Studio session issued for the first time on
vinyl. Hearftelt melodic punk rock with an endearing underlying naiveté. Includes
a detailed 8 page booklet with rare photos and their story all housed in a deluxe
close pocket sleeve. 500 copies.
SE      036+037 PANDORA                 SPACE MAZON                     LP+7"   04.2021

LP      A1      Space Amazon                                    8:48
        A2      Daze Of Madness                                 4:01
        A3      Country Boy                                     6:40
        A4      Only Seventeen                                  4:22
        B1      Crack Your Skull                                4:15
        B2      Hot Rocker                                      6:29
        B3      You're My Woman                                 5:39
        B4      King Queen                                      6:17

7"      C       Don't Pity Me                                   7:39
        D       Leather Boys                                    5:26

Reissue of New York City's mysterious lost & found hard rock/ protopunk-metal
masterpiece from 1974. Ed of 700 copies with 16 p. booklet.
SE      038     NEOS                    FIGHT WITH DONALD               7"      02.2021

        A1      No Tyme 4 Romance
        A2      Conscripts
        A3      Just Like All The Rest
        A4      Racist Act
        A5      Oppostion To All Violence, Even If Commited In Self-Defense
        A6      Ripped Off
        A7      Destruct
        A8      Typical... Song
        A9      Don't Want To Be
        B1      Sleeve
        B2      Die For The Cause
        B3      Sexual Revolution
        B4      Other World
        B5      School Punks
        B6      Where Did You Go Wrong???
        B7      Churchgoers Motive
        B8      They'll Destroy Themselves
        B9      Fight With Donald (9/28/80)

(Note : 7"/33.3 RPM , housed in its original multi-panel fold-over cover which
        folds out into a 14" x 21" collage poster)
SE      039     MALEVOLENCE             APPARITIONS                     LP      09.2021

        A1      Mind's Eye
        A2      Cross Creation
        A3      Withdraw Into Silence
        A4      Sleepwalk
        B1      Bio Hazard
        B2      Tapping The Vein
        B3      Insult To Injury
        B4      Last Alliance
        B5      Race To Infinity

Classic Canadian thrash metal. Ed of 500 copies with 12-page full-color booklet
with photos, art, and bio.
SE      040     KRADLE                  STANDING ON THE EDGE            LP      01.2021

        A1      Lady Of The Evening
        A2      Say No More
        A3      Soul Stripper
        A4      Visions Of You
        A5      Living For The Thrill
        A6      Nitestorm
        B1      Hunger For Love
        B2      Heavy Metal Victory
        B3      Standing On The Edge
        B4      Love Hunter
        B5      Alone Without You
        B6      Loving You Bad

Canadian '80s heavy metal rock. Kradle ruled the Vancouver metal scene with
hits'n'hooks, heavy melodic rhythms, virtuoso guitars, and a charismatic frontman
adorned in leather and studs.
Includes large-format 12-page booklet with photos, art, lyrics, and bio. 450 copies.
SE      041
SE      042     THE NOSTRILE            UNDAUNTED                       7"      04.2022

Kick you in the head! High-energy, lo-fidelity, loud, snotty, melodic, sardonic
- The Nostrils emerged as the dawning light of Winnipeg's second wave of punk rock.
"Undaunted" collects 8 songs spanning the group's in-yer-face punk and hardcore
antics, including a celebratory cover of local greats Lowlife. Remastered from
40-year-old cassettes by vocalist Bruce Hallett with a meticulous upgrade by Audu
Obaje. 16-page booklet with photos, art, and an anarchy-A chronicle of these prairie
punks! Mega-long EP. Stickers. 550 copies.
SE      043     THE PHARAONS            EVIL WORLD                      LP      04.2022

        A1      The Peadophilia From Vatican
        A2      Bloody Red Book
        A3      DGDIE Are Gestapos
        A4      The Last Cargo From Hell
        A5      Ny Tenimpolin'ny Fanahy Ratsy
        B1      The Colonel's Assassination
        B2      Nagasaki
        B3      Stuka Attack
        B4      The Dark Side Of The Fire War
        B5      Metal Uprising
        B6      Soldiers Of The Final War

Pharaons from the island nation of Madagascar were quite possibly the first extreme
metal band from Africa. Influenced by early Sarcófago and Sepultura - with lyrical
themes on government corruption, church sex abuse, war and destruction. Malagasy
black/deathrash metal mayhem! 11 songs in 46 minutes recorded 1989-91 and carefully
remastered by Audu Obaje. Large-format 12-page booklet with photos, art, and their
incredible story. Two stickers. 550 copies.
SE      044     RIOT .303               RIOT .303                       LP      04.2022

Early '80s greats Riot .303 from Calgary features the ex-Sturgeons rhythm section
and future Beyond Possession vocalist. 17 punk rock anthems recorded 1981-83,
including their full studio output - four each from 1982's super-rare 'Crowd
Control' EP and Thrasher's 'Skate Rock Vol. 1,' plus 9 powerful unreleased songs.
eticulously remastered by Audu Obaje. 8-page booklet with photos, art, and full
band interview. Two stickers. 550 copies, colored vinyl.