Owner   : La Roux
Distr.  : UK - Piccadilly
Style   : indie /

SC      001 LP  LA ROUX                 SUPERVISION                     LP      01.2020
                (Note : LP , white vinyl)
SC      001 CD  LA ROUX                 SUPERVISION                     CD      01.2020

        1       21st Century
        2       Do You Feel
        3       Automatic Driver
        4       International Woman Of Leisure
        5       Everything I Live For
        6       Otherside
        7       He Rides
        8       Gullible Fool

Grammy-winning and BRIT and Mercury-Prize-nominated artist La Roux returns with her
first new album since 2014’s ‘Trouble In Paradise’ is released on her own label
Supercolour Records. From the cover to the contents, this is unequivocally the album
Elly Jackson always wanted to make, a claim that with some artists might ring alarm
bells, but in this instance simply means that ‘Supervision’ sounds precisely,
unmistakably, gloriously like La Roux. So, if you're looking for shimmering synths,
bubblegum flavours, effortlessly cool vocals and exceptional pop songwriting, this
is your new jam.