Distr.  : UK - Piccadilly/
Style   : indie / noise /

SSHR    0005    HOT SHORTS              HOT SHORTS                      LP      05.2017

Side A  01      You Left Me In The Disco
        02      Scared Of Fighting
        03.     Carol, Take Your Coat Off
        04.     Do The Crab
        05.     My Phone Is A Fucking Piece Of Shit
        06.     It's Complicated
Side B  07      I THink I'm Going To Delete Myself From The Internet
        08.     I'm Confused
        09.     I Don't Want To Do My Job Any More
        10.     Do You Like Me (Sexually)?
        11.     I Don't Want To Go Home
        12.     Just Trollin'

Noisy, snarling and insubordinate, but candy covered and easy to swallow skater punk
/ poppy hardcore here from Hot Shorts. Started in 2013 by founder members Chris Killen
(author of In Real Life and The Bird Room), Peet Earnshaw (Polytechnic, Driver Drive
Faster, Butcher the Bar) and Rich Pratt, there have been a couple of line-up changes
with Lara Williams (formerly of PINS and author of short story collection, Treats)
replacing Rich on drums, and Joel Nicholson (Butcher The Bar and the rather dashing
young chap from Vinyl Exchange across the road!) joining on guitar. Two cult cassette
releases proceed this, building their reputation making online videos and playing
shows with the likes of Ezra Furman, Kiran Leonard, Trust Fund and The Lovely Eggs,
as well as stand-out sets at Sounds From The Other City and Carefully Planned festival.
SSH     0006    EASTER                  MEANDER LINES                   LP      04.2018

        1       I Lost My Pen
        2       Open Grave
        3       Suicidal Kiss
        4       Pixel Princess
        5       My Dreams Were Dead
        6       Never Open Up
        7       How You Spend Your Time
        8       Useless Now
        9       In Bloom
        10      New Clothes

Manchester indie rockers Easter returned this year with their second album, Meander
Lines, released in April on Super Smash Hit Records.