Distr.  : UK - Norman/Piccadilly/
Style   : reissue - punk / psychedelic / folk /

SUNSTONE  003   THREE DIMENSIONAL TANX : I Am Ho // Loose Id Syd        7"      03.2014
                (Note : 7" , 300 copies)
SSLP    1001    BALDUIN                 ALL IN A DREAM                  LP      10.2014

Side 1  1.      Love Is You
        2.      Which Dreamed It *
        3.      Autumn
        4.      Kite Come Back
        5.      Glamour Forest
        6.      Prisma Colora
        7.      You Can Never Pipe My Fancy From My Dear **
        8.      Father
Side 2  1.      Mirror, Mirror
        2.      The Labyrinth
        3.      Pretty Size!
        4.      Change
        5.      The Music
        6.      Through The Snow
        7.      Waves, Stars & Moon
        8.      I Can Hear You
                (Note : LP , 500 copies, coloured vinyl, gatefold sleeve)
SSLP    1002    MOTH EFFECT             CROCODILIANS                    LP      04.2015

        A1.     Look Nicely
        A2.     Hot Slides!
        A3.     Fingerbobs
        A4.     Otomadrone
        A5.     Roll It Back Up
        B1.     She Likes Her Sleep
        B2.     Ninety-Nine Seems Fine
        B3.     Golden Tips
        B4.     Ghosts Afraid Of The Dark
        B5.     Sleepless & Beatless
                (Note : LP , blue vinyl)
SSLP    1004    KONTIKI SUITE : THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH              LP+DLc  02.2016
SSCD    1004    KONTIKI SUITE : THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH              CD      02.2016
SSLP    1006    TRAPPIST AFTERLAND      GOD'S GOOD EARTH                LP+DLc  11.2016

        1.      God Botherings (Parts 1 & 2)                    07:10
        2.      Sungirl                                         02:53
        3.      Parasites (The Angel & The Wasp)                03:23
        4.      Goodbye Joseph Merrick                          03:43
        5.      No More Summer Caravans                         02:32
        6.      Chosen                                          03:41
        7.      Sundog                                          02:32
        8.      Treehouse By The Shore/Afterlander              05:46
        9.      God Botherings (Part 3)                         02:40
        10.     God's Good Earth                                02:38
SSLP    1007    GARDEN GATE             DARK HARVEST                    LP+DLc  11.2016

        1.      Spiral Staircase                                02:50
        2.      Moonchild                                       03:08
        3.      Hidden Place                                    03:46
        4.      Ten Of Swords                                   04:04
        5.      Secret Passage                                  01:09
        6.      Pest House                                      02:46
        7.      Ghost Train                                     02:23
        8.      Water Witching                                  03:07
        9.      Lunar Barque                                    03:22
        10.     Broken Mirror                                   02:29
        11.     House Of Learning                               02:19
        12.     Candelabra                                      02:32
        13.     Dark Harvest                                    03:47
SSLP    1008    LAURIE SHAW             FELTED FRUIT                    2LP     12.2016

LP 1    A1      Juice
        A2      Voodoo Subtraction
        A3      She's A Lady
        A4      Garden Of Eden
        A5      Marry Me
        A6      The Squall
        A7      Digits//By Digits Fall
        B1      Ego Out Of Focus
        B2      Tropical Wizard
        B3      Faith Healer
        B4      Rights For The Natives
        B5      Double Denim
        B6      Lizards Will Be...
        B7      Oh Mnemosyne!
        B8      Little White Cat

LP 2    C1      For...When The Game Is Up
        C2      Dashed Hopes
        C3      What Went Down In Tiahuanaco
        C4      Communicator
        C5      Walk Down The Street
        C6      Copenhagen
        C7      Sun Headaches
        D1      The Honest Nest
        D2      Mountain Girl
        D3      Round & Round
        D4      Jealousy Hymn
        D5      Y U Always
        D6      Sarcophagus Song
        D7      ...So Last Year
        D8      M/T/W/T
SSLP    1009    LORDS OF THYME          PELLETS                         LP      10.2017

Lords Of Thyme's 'Pellets' is without doubt set to be one of the finest British folk
rock records released by one of the finest British folk rock bands today. Influences
range from The Byrds to Fairport Conventiion, and from Nick Drake to Pentangle, with
a modern feel added.
SSLP    1010    SIR PLASTIC CRIMEWAVE   FEATHERED SERPENTS              LP      06.2017

Side 1  1.      "Feathered Serpents"                            (2:36)
        2.      "Howling Light"                                 (3:35)
        3.      "SG Song"                                       (2:54)
        4.      "A Dreem You See"                               (3:05)
        5.      "Gossamer Wings"                                (4:00)
Side 2  1.      "Another Jurney By Carpet"                      (2:40)
        2.      "I'll Be Back In Your Days Again"               (2:59)
        3.      "Butterfly & Moth"                              (7:45)
        4.      "Fancy That"                                    (5:26)
SSLP    1011    BALDUIN                 BOHEMIAN GARDEN                 LP      10.2017

        1       Bohemian Garden
        2       Leave To Seek The Light
        3       Cap Fr‚hel
        4       I Am Here And You Are There
        5       St. John's Shop
        6       Your Own
        7       Libelle
        8       Madrigal
        9       A Song For The Moon
        10      Teeny Weeny Queen
        11      Mr. Bat
        12      Rondo Vampyros
SSLP    1012    PILL FANGS              PILL FANGS                      LP      07.2017

        1       Bison Grass                                     1:35
        2       Friends In High Places                          2:09
        3       St. Français                                    1:44
        4       Cruel To Be Kind                                2:19
        5       Surface                                         8:07
        6       Mary Rose                                       2:55
        7       I Turned A Corner                               4:07
        8       Material Girl                                   2:24
        9       AX & Luggage                                    4:13
        10      Tower Of Song Written By – L. Cohen             3:33
        11      Year Of The Hole: Exodus (Part 1)               4:21
        12      Year Of The Hole: Exodus (Part 2)               2:42

A cool LP of New York '76/Lou Reed-type mono madness, though comin' outta North-West
England. So you like fuzz pedals, mono records'n'junk? Only 20 copies available, so
pick this one up ASAP!
SSES    1005    HALEIWA                 WALL OF BLUE SKY                7"      02.2015

        A       Wall Of Blue Sky
        B       Harbour
                (Note : 7" , 99 copies)
SSES    1006    WHITE CANDLES           MONOLITH                        7"      11.2014

        1.      Monolith
        2.      Tire-moi De Mes Reves
        3.      Astral Projections
                (Note : 7" , 300 copies)
SSES    1007    BRONCO BULLFROG         MARMALADE                       7"      10.2015
SSES    1008    GREEK THEATRE           SUNNIEST DAY EP                 7"      10.2016

Side A  1       The Sunniest Day
        2       Stray Dog Blues
Side B  1       Paper Moon
SSLP    1009    LORDS OF THYME          PELLETS                         LP      04.2018

        1.      Bruton Town
        2.      George Collins
        3.      The Bird It Sang
        4.      Morning Game
        5.      Coming Down
        6.      Fine Falling Rain
        7.      Freight Train To Rainham
        8.      Keep On Travelling
SSLP    1010    SIR PLASTIC CRIMEWAVE   FEATHERED SERPENTS              LP      08.2017

The first solo-LP by Sir Plastic Crimewave a.k.a. Steve Krakow, creator of the long
-running underground psychedelic magazine Galactic Zoo Dossier and member of Plastic
Crimewave Sound, Moonrises and Plastic Crimewave Syndicate. Recorded over the span
of over 15 years (!), a folky, atmospheric, cosmic vibe prevails. Guests include Judy
Dyble (Fairport Convention, Trader Horne), Kaleidoscope's Peter Daltrey, Bobbie and
Jon Seagroatt of legendary pagan-folkers Comus, members of Acid Mother's Temple and
wunderkind Ryley Walker.
SSLP    1011    BALDUIN                 BOHEMIAN GARDEN                 LP      10.2017
                (Note : LP , black vinyl)
SSLP    1011    BALDUIN                 BOHEMIAN GARDEN                 LP      10.2017
                (Note : LP , clear vinyl)

'Bohemian Garden' reflects Balduin's travels over the past three years. There are
homages to Japanese psychedelia (think The Mops), the glissendo Italo-sounds of
Goblin, Alessandro Alessandroni and Ennio Morricone, and the soaring pop arrangements
of The Beatles, Beach Boys and early ELO.
SSLP    1012
SSLP    1013    SHARRON KRAUS           JOY'S REFLECTION IS SORROW      LP      06.2018

Modern folk connoisseurs Sunstone Records (Kontiki Suite, Moth Effect) present the
latest LP from Sharron Kraus. It's a typically eerie set of songs from Kraus, taking
in English and Appalachian traditions as well as influences from magick and Gothic
literature. With her acoustic guitar and send-shivers-up-your-spine voice front-and
-centre, Krauss incorporates everything from droning electronics to flutes across
these eight entries. Reminiscent of Chelsea Wolfe.
Edition of 200 copies on clear-frosted vinyl.
SSLP    1014    TRAPPIST                AFTERLAND SEVIIEN               LP      03.2018

A.      1       The Blood In The Wood
        2       1 + 1 = 3
        3       Knot In Wood
        4       Burning Bushes
        5       Elm & Bracken 
B.      1       Song For Sundog
        2       Stickboy
        3       Trace Your Root
        4       Forest Mass
        5       This Clock Tick, Tock

Trappist's finest hour - progressive, hypnotic, lysergic. Superlatives and comparatives
are no longer relevant. De-robe, smear that moss into every corner of your mind, body
and soul, join the forest floor and adapt. 300 only.
SSLP    1015    PILL FANGS              PF2                             LP      03.2019

'PF2', which sees Dan Haywood joined again by Simon Fletcher (bass), Richard Turner
(guitar) and Rob Daniels (drums), was recorded live in a small studio, without any
frills, at maximum volume, and it has a heavier sound than the debut album, at turns
with a VU like primitive drum and bass beat backing up the two guitars clash.
As a side project it's beginning to sound like one hell of a band. Whilst musically
it is infused with the heady, sneering, paranoid visions of NY in the '70s, lyrically
it is bang up to date with songs like 'Migrant Crisis' with its blistering drums and
the guitars playing at odds with each other, and the withering 'Mushrooms In
Maastricht'; a wonderful withering attack on Blair and his part in the Iraq war.

Three Dimensional Tanx (3D Tanx) from Lancaster, England play high-energy garage-rock
with hints of psych, krautrock and both proto and post-punk. Buzzcocks go Neu! or
Stereolab at the wrong speed! Their fifth album features 15 tracks in less than 40
minutes, there are two free-form psychedelic jams at the end of each side of the album.
Elsewhere, short, infectious stabs of pop-inflected modern garage-rock abound. Stripped
back to a 4-piece for this album (guitarist Pete is on sabbatical playing with Crass
legend Steve Ignorant), everything is tight-but-loose. Largely live in sound, the songs
are occasionally fleshed out with additional analogue synths, and acoustic piano.
Highlights include opener 'His Latest Apparatus' with hints of Neu!, Wire, Devo, the
VU-meets-Can-inflected reverie of 'Dwam', and the Syd Barratt-era Pink Floyd-esque
'Racing Car #9'. Elsewhere, the rhythms are taut, and almost breathlessly relentless.
It's a speedy trip.
SSLP    1017    SUSAN JAMES             SEA GLASS                       LP      04.2019

By her own description, the music on Susan James' 2015 album 'Sea Glass' (originally
self released on Susan James Music on CD only) is "postmodern folk-rock," which is
as good a way as any to delineate how the L.A.-based singer-songwriter casts aside
the more obviously American roots-tinged colors and melodies of her previous work for
an almost (but not quite) baroquely ornate, new-pop tapestry. It marks a new and
logical creative course for her... a highly accessible one, too. If you dig Joni,
Judee Sill, High Llamas and Nancy Priddy then this is your thing for sure.
SSLP    1018    TRAPPIST AFTERLAND      SEASIDE GHOST TALES             2LP     11.2020

        1)      Serpents Isle
        2)      Calling Of The Quarters
        3)      Paperboat
        4)      The Unquiet Grave
        5)      Death Becomes Gold
        6)      Allegory Of Stars
        7)      Golden Neighbourhood/ Closing Of The Quarters
        8)      Calvary Hill, Kiama
        9)      Twelve Sparrows (in the infancy og God)
        10)     The Man Who Bended Time
        11)     Travellers In The Mind Of God
        12)     Godbotherings (Part 4)
        13)     How Ricky Got His Wings
        14)     Last Trip To The Sun
        15)     Sacred Geometry
        16)     God Is A Black Dog

Trappist Afterland are an Australian acid folk band led by Adam Geoffrey Cole.
Seaside Ghosts is the band’s final album from their ten year career. The album’s
themes centre on grief, following the death of Cole’s father, and growing up in an
Australian seaside town.  The songs are delivered with a droning, anxious unease
in a similar vein to previous albums ‘Afterlander’ (2015) and ‘Se(VII)en’ (2018).
SSCD    005     TRAPPIST AFTERLAND      AFTERLANDER                     CD      12.2015
                (Note : CD , 50 numb. copies)