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[From:] febr.6, 2016

SB      100     THE SILENT BLUE         TUNE IN                         LP        .1990

        A1      Long Way From Home
        A2      A Mind (Not Her Own)
        A3      Telephone
        B1      Same Old Lies
        B2      Coming Into Los Angeles
        B3      Give It Away
SB      200     MARKUS HOLLER           ACHIN' FOR SUMMER               CD        .2002

        1       Little Pretender
        2       Blind
        3       Couldn't Hurt Me
        4       Let Me Run
        5       I Don't Want To Live Here
        6       On My Cover
        7       Your Man
        8       Ways Of Love
        9       Forget About You
        10      Bolder
        11      Tell Me
SB      300     DUKES OF KENT : WELCOME TO THE OAST HOUSE               LP        .2012

        A1      Already Gone
        A2      Runaway
        A3      Limits Of The Truth
        A4      When I Needed You
        A5      Blue Turns To Red
        B1      Every Day Brings Something New
        B2      Lay My Burden Down
        B3      Water
        B4      Angels & Ghosts
SB      400     TROLLEY                 THINGS THAT SHINE AND GLOW      LP      05.2013

        A1      I Woke Up
        A2      My Obsession
        A3      The Calico Cat
        A4      Summer Long
        A5      In The End
        A6      Out Of Love
        A7      Ocean Sounds
        B1      'Til I'm Gone
        B2      I Can't Hide
        B3      She's The Kind Of Girl
        B4      Vanity's Song
        B5      Things That Shine And Glow
        B6      That Made Me Wanting You
        B7      Love The Way You Look
SB      500     ORGONE BOX              CENTAUR                         LP      01.2014

        A1      Anaesthesia                                     3:33
        A2      Mirrorball                                      3:28
        A3      Ticket With No Return                           3:36
        A4      Hello Central                                   3:27
        A5      Judy Over The Rainbow                           3:19
        B1      Disposable                                      3:28
        B2      World Revolz                                    3:48
        B3      Wethouse                                        3:27
        B4      Find The One                                    4:07
        B5      Bubble                                          3:28
                (Note : LP , 400 copies)

CD      Minus Zero      MZR 05          2001    UK
SB      600     THE JUNIPERS            PAINT THE GROUND                LP        .2014
SB      600     THE JUNIPERS            PAINT THE GROUND                LP      02.2017
                (Note : 2017 repress , 150 copies on brown vinyl)

        1       Look Into My River
        2       Dandelion Man
        3       Everywhere Was You
        4       In My Reverie
        5       Phoebus Filled The Town
        6       Antler Season
        7       Golden Fields In The Golden Sun
        8       Song To Selkie
        9       Willow & The Water Mill
        10      They Lived Up In Valley
        11      Pearly Home

CD      Junipers        JUNIOPERCD 001  2013    UK
SB      700     NICK PIUNTY             13 IN MY HEAD                   LP        .2014

        A1      13 In My Head                                   2:56
        A2      On The Way Out                                  3:50
        A3      Good Thing Going                                3:33
        A4      It All Comes Down                               2:32
        A5      We'll Be Together                               3:06
        A6      She's A Good Time                               3:18
        B1      Every Light On                                  3:00
        B2      Sleeping On The Pavement                        2:27
        B3      Reasons                                         3:25
        B4      Farewell Goodbye                                3:35
        B5      Quicksand
        B6      Believe It
SB      800     COSMIC ROUGH RIDERS     PANORAMA                        LP        .2014

        1       Revolution (In The Summertime?)                 3:30
        2       Have You Heard The News Today?                  2:54
        3       Brothers Gather 'Round                          1:13
        4       The Gun Isn't Loaded                            2:55
        5       Value Of Life                                   2:41
        6       You've Got Me                                   3:08
        7       Afterglow                                       4:39
        8       The Pain Inside                                 3:23
        9       The Charm                                       2:03
        10      I Call Her Name                                 2:46
        11      The Loser                                       1:52
        12      Can't Get Any Closer                            2:50
        13      To Be Someone                                   3:06
        14      Back Home Again                                 2:52

CD      Raft            RAFT 002         2000    UK
SB      900     THE DOWLING POOLE       BLEAK STRATEGIES                LP      07.2014

        A1      The Sun Is Mine
        A2      A Kiss On The Ocean
        A3      Hey Stranger
        A4      Saving It All For A Saturday
        A5      Paper, Scissors, Stone
        B1      Empires Building And Aquisitions
        B2      Where The Memories Fester
        B3      Twighlight Subplot
        B4      Getting A Licence
        B5      Clean
                (Note : LP , 400 black/100 green copies)


SB      7       NICK PIUNTI             13 IN MY HEAD                   LP      04.2014
                (Note : LP , black vinyl)

Now on vinyl and with an extra two tracks Sugarbush give this timeless album a physical
release on the format it should be heard. With the tight confines of powerpop (in
which a good writer can still do so much) its always easy to box artists together
without much thought. But Piunti genuinely is in the same league as recent progenitors
like The Shazam, Fountains Of Wayne and Cherry Twister. Red Kross, The Replacements
and Cheap Trick are also good pointers. This is powerpop with a modern rock edge,
informed by the mid-60s but produced in the same manner that led alt-rock to sell
millions in the 90s. Piuntis rough vocals stand out front like a young Rod Stewart
giving Paul Westerberg advice on how to front The Replacements as the Beatley massed
vocals later appropriated by Queen, 10cc, ELO and Jellyfish add needed sweetness to
the mix.
SB      011     THE GREEK THEATRE       LOST OUT AT SEA                 LP        .2014

        A1      Even You Will Find A Home My Son                3:24
        A2      August Streets                                  3:40
        A3      You And Your Brother                            1:33
        A4      Frozen Highway                                  7:24
        A5      Was It A Dream?                                 4:52
        B1      Overprotection Doesn't Work                     2:24
        B2      Mountains Meet Ocean Sand                       3:37
        B3      Close In My Arms                                3:59
        B4      Hold On                                         3:04
        B5      Sail Away                                       6:05
        B6      Stupid Constapleton                             1:11
SB      12      THE CAROUSELS : LOVE CHANGES LIKE THE SEASONS           LP        .2014

        A1      My Beating Heart
        A2      Drifting Back
        A3      Deep Mid Winter
        A4      Never Know What Love Is
        A5      Leaves In September
        A6      Where I Fall
        B1      Down The Line
        B2      Call Along The Coast
        B3      Sound Of My Own
        B4      Don't Get Me Wrong
        B5      Marianne
        B6      (I Hope I Never) Get You Off My Back

Limited repress of 125 copies on GREEN VINYL. The debut-album by this Scottish band,
recorded at home on vintage equipment, resulting in a distinct 1960s sound and feel.
The band recalls the sounds of BEAU BRUMMELS, BYRDS and BLUE THINGS, yet tinges its
music with a distinct Scottish flavour.
                MYSTERY AND SOUND

        A1      In A Sense
        A2      Call Me Out
        A3      She Belongs To Me
        A4      Don't Forget About Love
        A5      Doesn't Sound Like You
        A6      Everyday Girl
        A7      She'S Just Falling Out Of Love
        B1      I Can'T Quit Her
        B2      Consolation
        B3      I, Miss July
        B4      Oh Canada
        B5      Sunny Day
        B6      I Do Declare
                (Note : LP , black or yellow vinyl)

Chris Richards And The Sbtractions, long one of the unsung heroes of Midwest power
pop. A Smattering of Mystery and Sound - featuring tracks never before on wax from
2004's Mystery Spot and 2009's Sad Sounds of the Summer - including two newly recorded
tracks - In A Sense and Call Me Out (2014). Big guitars that jangle or roar on
command, a taut and energetic rhythm section that gives these songs the muscle and
drive they need, a dollop of harmonies that give the melodies just the right amount
of sweetness without losing the bite, and songs that have soaring melodies and killer
SB      14      DR. COSMO'S TAPE LAB : BEYOND THE SILVER SEA            LP      03.2015
SB      14      DR. COSMO'S TAPE LAB : BEYOND THE SILVER SEA            CD      03.2015

        A1      Something Else... (Narration Link)              0:53
        A2      City And The Stars                              2:39
        A3      The Silver Sea (Narration Link)                 0:31
        A4      In Lieu Of Something Better                     3:40
        A5      The Sense Factory (Narration Link)              0:53
        A6      The Mirrors Reflection                          3:03
        A7      The Underworld Surgery (Narration Link)         0:43
        A8      Face Of Another                                 3:03
        A9      Tricity (Narration Link)                        0:44
        A10     Time Enough For Love                            3:07
        B1      Omni-Reality (Narration Link)                   0:55
        B2      The Painted Birds                               2:21
        B3      The Bulcera Brothers (Narration Link)           0:47
        B4      Pie, Mash & Liquor                              1:50
        B5      Torn Out Of Time (Narration Link)               1:06
        B6      The Storehouse Of Fools                         2:52
        B7      Ever Changing Structure (Narration Link)        1:00
        B8      Dr Chester's Pleasure                           2:00
        B9      Universe Of Infinite Nonsense (Narration Link)  0:52
        B10     The Stars My Destination                        3:50
        B11     Unconscious Timeless Suspension (Narration Link)0:40
        B12     The Long Sleep                                  2:48
        B13     Space Dream                                     1:16
        B14     Beyond The Silver Sea                           1:59
                (Note : LP , 300 copies on grey vinyl)
SB      15      CADDY                   THE BETTER END                  LP      02.2016

        1       Here It Comes Again
        2       Fangblenny
        3       Something About Carina
        4       Into The Sun
        5       The Better End
        6       Wherever You Go
        7       Bring It Back
        8       Saint-cyr-sur-mer
        9       Chasing Clouds
        10      Beautiful Strange
        11      No Sudden Moves

CADDY features Tomas Dahl, known as the drummer of Turbonegro and The Yum Yums.
'The Bitter End' consists of catchy power pop tunes, influenced by bands as diverse
as The Beach Boys, Teenage Fanclub, The Shadows and Kraftwerk. The result is a
sophisticated summer album, with lush vocal harmonies, beautiful arrangements and
dreamy melodies. Limited to 300 copies, so order fast!
SB      16      THE GREEN PAJAMAS       DEATH BY MISADVENTURE           LP      01.2016

        A1      You Can't Look
        A2      Ring Around The Sun
        A3      The Universe Is Full Of Noise
        A4      Sky Blue Balloon
        A5      The Queen's Last Tango
        A6      Silk's Final Breath
        A7      The Queen Bee Is Dead
        B1      A Piece Of A Dream
        B2      Carrie
        B3      2nd To The Reward
        B4      Beat Me Sally
        B5      Christabel
        B6      The Spell
                (Note : LP , 250 copies on green transl. vinyl)

CD      Green Monkey    GM 1014         CD      2012
SB      17      DUNCAN MAITLAND : LULLABIES FOR THE 20TH CENTURY        LP      02.2016

        1       Your Century                                    4:03
        2       Terry The Toad                                  4:30
        3       Crash Position                                  3:57
        4       Handbirds                                       4:06
        5       Alien At Home                                   5:21
        6       Horror Stories                                  3:58
        7       Up To You                                       4:17
        8       Supermarket Dream                               3:44
        9       Lucky You                                       3:36
        10      Cry Me To Sleep                                 4:24
        11      Insect Under The Stone                          5:30
SB      18      THE DOWLING POOLE       ONE HYDE PARK                   LP      03.2016

        A1      Rebecca Receiving
        A2      Fight, Fight, Fight
        A3      When She Knows, She Knows
        A4      Vox Pops
        A5      Adam & Eve (A Secular Hymn)
        A6      Willing To Change
        B1      Hope And Glory
        B2      Bring Back The Glow
        B3      American Teeth (English Pride)
        B4      The Garden
        B5      Whatever
        B6      One Hyde Park

Another wonderful release of intelligent, well crafted pop by these masters of hook,
line and melody! Fans of bands as diverse as THE CARDIACS, XTC, WINGS, 10cc, SUPERTRAMP
and JELLYFISH should check out this LP. 'One Hyde Park' includes the single 'Rebecca
SB      19      THE ORGONE BOX          LONE PARK TAPES                 LP      02.2016

        A1      Bastard Angel Two
        A2      In The Right Hands
        A3      Hello Wonderland
        A4      Star
        A5      The Audition
        A6      Just Like A Woman Should Be
        B1      Barbican
        B2      My Reply
        B3      Storytime
        B4      Last Ride On The Jets
        B5      Hard For Me

A fantastic album of vintage 4-track demos from the early '90s. With many previously
unreleased and rare tracks this classic lo-fi LP nevertheless sounds like a lost gem
from the late '60s. Guitars jangle and phase, vocals and harmonies flange in and out
of range and the songs are some of the best Ric Corcoran ever wrote. So here are 12
tracks of amazing pop confectionary valiantly produced on a vintage 4-track cassette
recorder. Lo-fi or not, this is Pop Heaven to the max.
SB      20      8X8                     AZALEA'S ROOM                   LP      05.2016

        1       Ice Wings                                       1:58
        2       Azalea's Room                                   4:32
        3       Laws Of Attraction                              5:05
        4       I'm A Werewolf, Baby                            3:46
        5       Code Name Jacqueline                            4:28
        6       The Tie In                                      3:15
        7       Don't Forget To Raise A Glass                   2:33
        8       Dr. Winkler's Hands                             3:37
        9       Vindauga                                        5:09
        10      Azalea's Dream                                  4:10

This 2013 masterpiece, courtesy of USA's Lane Steinberg and Ukraine's Alexander
Khodchenko, is finally available on vinyl! A magical blend of Brian Wilson-esque
melodies fused with psychedelia. This is a very special album crafted by two incredibly
gifted musicians. It is by no means a '60s-only influenced album, there are elements
of '80s pop too and fans of XTC should definitely take note as well. Limited to 300
copies on red vinyl.
SB      21      PUGWASH                 ALMOND TEA                      LP      05.2016

        1       Missing The Point                               3:08
        2       Finer Things In Life                            3:02
        3       Darkness Makes Us Blind                         3:20
        4       Shine On Norvell Jefferson                      2:53
        5       Two Wrongs                                      3:39
        6       Getting Me Down                                 3:07
        7       Always Be                                       4:08
        8       Could It Be The Same                            2:52
        9       Nearly The Same As Before                       3:59
        10      Kings And Queens                                2:13
        11      Obvious                                         3:49
        12      Nonsense                                        5:07
                (Note : LP , 250 copies on brown vinyl
                             200 copies on white vinyl)

As long time fans will know, this is a wonderful album (originally from 1999) with
shades of ELO, BEATLES, THE MOVE and other luminaries.
SB      22      THE GREEN PAJAMAS       IF YOU KNEW WHAT I DREAMED      LP      06.2016

        A1      Claire's Knee
        A2      Planet Love
        A3      I Wait By The River
        A4      Jackie
        A5      Emma Is Crying
        A6      If You Knew What I Dreamed
        B1      If You Knew What I Dreamed
        B2      If Alison Were Here
        B3      Panda In The Rain
        B4      Where Have All The Geniuses Gone
        B5      Susanne
        B6      Little Dreams
                (Note : LP , 300 copies on translucent green vinyl)

This was previously released as a download only album with live-in-the-studio versions
of songs from Jeff Kelly's solo albums as well as a few of the band's oldies and two
new songs. The sound quality is incredible and this pressing sounds particularly
dynamic. The stripped-down production, always incredibly powerful, emphasizes the
power of Kelly's melodies, making this an album of understated beauty. Limited to
300 copies on translucent green vinyl.
SB      23      V / A                   GATHERED LEAVES                 LP      10.2016

SIDE 1: 1.      Dipsomaniacs            Consume
        2.      Hood                    For A Monent, Lost
        3.      The Green Pajamas       Emma Is Crying
        4.      Six Organs Of Admittance : Lament For Summer
        5.      Broken Dog              Will There Be Drinks?
        6.      Sharron Kraus           Seedless
SIDE 2: 1.      Damon & Naomi With Kurihara : Eye Of The Storm
        2.      The Bevis Frond         Silver
        3.      Saint Joan              December
        4.      Pat Orchard             Jacob
                (Note : LP , 200 copies)
SB      24      THE JUNIPERS            RED BOUQUET FAIR                LP      06.2016

        A1      Red Bouquet Fair
        A2      Follow Loretta
        A3      Dig Me Up
        A4      Burning Pages
        A5      Esmeranda
        A6      Here Come The Winds
        B1      Like A Merry Go Round
        B2      The Fisherman
        B3      Summer Queen
        B4      When The Bird Has Flown
        B5      The Old Man Mini Suite
        B6      Say Goodbye
                (Note : LP , 235 black/250 red copies)

Here is the second album by the amazing Junipers. The album is a fantastic collection
of '60s-tinged English psychedelic pop tunes. Although released in 2016, it has
"classic" written all over it and will in time be seen and heard as one of the finest
British guitar psych/pop albums of all time.
SB      25      NICK PIUNTI             BEYOND THE STATIC               LP      09.2019

        1       It's a Trap                                     3:27
        2       Heart Stops Beating                             3:41
        3       Time Machine                                    4:11
        4       Six Bands                                       3:19
        5       Head in the Clouds                              3:34
        6       Seven Days a Week                               2:55
        7       Anything But Easy                               3:07
        8       Something's Wrong                               3:01
        9       Fell For You                                    3:12
        10      Quicksand                                       2:50
        11      Red Tail Lights                                 2:55

'Beyond The Static' manages to be both a consummate power pop album and the distinct
work of a seasoned recording artist. If you somehow combined the best qualities of
Matthew Sweet, Tom Petty and Paul Westerberg into one songwriter, Nick Piunti would
be that guy. 'Beyond The Static' is a superb effort from a music lifer at the very
top of his game. If you're a power pop fan and have yet to discover all the amazing
sounds currently coming out of Detroit, stop reading right now and start listening.
Limited to 300 copies on blue vinyl.
SB      26      DOM MARIANI             HOME SPUN BLUES & GREENS        LP      09.2016

        1       Homespun Blues                                  3:41
        2       Yuri                                            4:18
        3       Out Of Reach                                    3:50
        4       At Full Speed                                   2:53
        5       Make The Leap                                   4:25
        6       Priest                                          3:29
        7       Prove                                           5:23
        8       Bus Ride                                        3:52
        9       Cold Cup                                        2:59
        10      Chinese Whispers                                4:42
        11      When It Ends                                    3:24

The solo-debut of the man behind bands like the STEMS, SOMELOVES and DM3 is a soulful
collection of rock and pop, touching on more personal themes. This edition is limited
to 300 copies on deep blue vinyl.
SBG     27      V / A                   A SPOONFUL OF SUGARBUSH         LP      02.2017
                (Note : LP , 150 copies on green vinyl)
SBG     27      V / A                   A SPOONFUL OF SUGARBUSH         LP      02.2017
                (Note : LP , 150 copies on red vinyl)

        1       Caddy : Stormy Skies And Starry NIghts
        2       Andy Reed               Darlin' You Don't Know
        3       Chris Richards          Take It From Me
        4       Markus Holler           Little Pretender
        5       The Hangabouts          Algernon
        6       The Orgone Box          Ticket With No Return
        7       The Silent Blue         Let me Run
        8       Maladaptive Solution    Ontology (Form And Content)
        9       The Green Pajamas       Copper Eyed
        10      The Dowling Poole       Strawman
        11      Future Harmonies        Whatever Happened To You
        12      Trolley                 Good Feelings
        13      Wall Of Orchids         Come Back To Me
SB      28      PUGWASH                 ALMANAC                         LP      10.2016
                (Note : LP , 250 copies on white vinyl)
SB      28      PUGWASH                 ALMANAC                         LP      10.2016
                (Note : LP , 250 copies on orange vinyl)

        1       Almanac
        2       Keep Movin' On
        3       Everything We Need
        4       Apples
        5       Sunrise Sunset
        6       The Season Of Flowers & Leaves
        7       Monorail
        8       Anyone Who Asks
        9       Element Of Fear
        10      Following Down
        11      Omega Man
        12      Weaker Man
        13      Fix Me For Today
        14      Emily Regardless

A reissue of the band's second album, originally released on CD only on Vélo Records
in 2002. For those who have never heard Pugwash, here's a snippet from one of the
hundreds of reviews the band has received: "Arranger Thomas Walsh doesn't like the
term "powerpop" and has said that he considers Beatles comparisons to be "lazy", but
it would be difficult to imagine that people who dig the powerpop genre or are
aficionados of the Fab Four wouldn't be the ideal audience for Pugwash". Limited
edition of 250 copies on ORANGE VINYL.
SB      29      THE GREEN PAJAMAS       TO THE END OF THE SEA           LP      11.2016

        A1      Will The Ships Go Down                          3:58
        A2      Si Sigues La Luna (If You Follow The Moon)      0:49
        A3      White Lighthouse                                1:26
        A4      Sea Of Secrets 1                                2:25
        A5      All Of The Starry Sky                           2:27
        A6      Who Is The Girl                                 1:23
        A7      Madness To Burn                                 1:07
        A8      When Juliet Smiles                              3:12
        A9      A Mouth Full Of Honey                           1:24
        A10     Sea Of Secrets 2                                3:09
        B1      Ten Million Light Years Away                    3:59
        B2      Anyone But Me                                   6:42
        B3      Got To Go Away                                  0:54
        B4      Big Black Storm (Dusk)                          1:53
        B5      (Dusk)                                          1:13
        B6      Why Did I Think I Could                         2:20
        B7      Over Here                                       2:07
        B8      Hasta Al Fin De La Mar (To The End Of The Sea)  2:09

The 33rd album by Seattle's post-psychedelic pop group The Green Pajamas! For this
album, head-Pajama Jeff Kelly returned to his roots, re-embracing his love of 1960s
pop. Featuring sound effects, backwards guitars, lots of vocal harmonies, violin,
cello and more, this work reminds of albums s.a. 'Strung Behind The Sun' and 'All
Clues Lead To Meagan's Bed'. Limited to only 350 copies on blue vinyl.
SB      30      8X8                     INFLORESCENCE                   LP      12.2016

        A1      Stop The Madman                                 2:32
        A2      My Summertime High                              4:00
        A3      The Essence                                     5:55
        A4      After All Is Said And Done                      3:10
        A5      Bubbles                                         3:06
        A6      Head, Heart, & Tail                             3:14
        B7      No More Second Chance                           3:49
        B8      The Six Fifty Three                             2:30
        B9      Between The Double Curtain                      3:05
        B10     Aftermath                                       2:06
        B11     Some Surreal Idea                               5:04
        B12     Perspective                                     4:50

A magical blend of Beach Boys and Beatles inflected pop tunes, but in a very
contemporary setting. Considering that this is a part time project, done on a very
small budget with only two persons making the music, one could state that this is
a mini-masterpiece of modern psychedelic pop music. This is 8x8's third album, and
the second one to appear on vinyl. The LP is pressed on translucent opal vinyl.
Ed. of 300 copies.
SB      31      THE HANGABOUTS          ILLUSTRATED BIRD                LP      11.2016

        1       Roman Forum                                     3:34
        2       November                                        2:47
        3       Cut Down                                        3:52
        4       Love Nothing                                    2:16
        5       Illustrated Bird                                2:25
        6       I'll Get Over It                                3:02
        7       She Hates You                                   3:06
        8       Dr. Dragon                                      3:12
        9       Right On Catherine                              1:17
        10      Missing In Action                               2:56
        11      I Wonder Why                                    1:37
        12      Forest For The Trees                            2:29
        13      Go To Sleep                                     3:22

The album 'Illustrated Bird' by the Hangabouts presents the gentle psych-pop side
of Detroit, a city usually associated with gritty urban toughness. This edition is
limited to only 300 copies on see-through orange vinyl.
SB      32      TROLLEY                 CAUGHT IN THE DARKNESS          LP      12.2016

        1       Caught In The Darkness
        2       Thursday Girl
        3       Step Into The Clear
        4       Crying All The Time
        5       She Has It All
        6       All The Way
        7       I'll Stand In Line
        8       She Helps Me Celebrate
        9       Losing That Madly In Love With Her Feeling
        10      We All Fall Down
        11      The Kids All Sing
        12      Take My Love

The second album by the amazing Trolley offers a truly excellent combination of psych
-pop, garage, powerpop and moptop jangle. This edition is limited to 250 copies on
orange sorbet coloured vinyl.
SB      33      THE GREEK THEATRE       BROKEN CIRCLE                   LP      02.2017
                (Note : LP , 300 copies)

        A1      Fat Apple (At About Noon)                       6:57
        A2      Paper Moon                                      5:24
        A3      Still Lost Out At Sea                           4:32
        A4      Stray Dog Blues                                 3:12
        B1      1920                                            2:18
        B2      Broken Circle                                   5:40
        B3      Ruby-Khon                                       2:31
        B4      Kings Of Old                                    6:09
        B5      Now Is The Time                                 5:46

The long awaited second album by Sweden's premier west-coast influenced psych act.
SB      34      THE BRERETONS           KEEP YOU SAFE                   LP      02.2017
                (Note : LP , 200 copies on blue vinyl)
SB      34      THE BRERETONS           KEEP YOU SAFE                   LP      02.2017
                (Note : LP , 200 copies on green vinyl)

        A1      Keep You Safe                                   2:51
        A2      When We Were Young                              4:22
        A3      Skin I Live In                                  2:56
        A4      Love It                                         3:10
        A5      Sweet Release                                   3:39
        B1      Locked Up                                       5:00
        B2      Fake                                            3:56
        B3      I Think I May                                   3:00
        B4      Boat Made Of Sand                               4:28
        B5      Beast                                           4:57

Led by a Kent-based brother and sister duo, The Breretons release a great debut-album.
SB      35      KONTIKI SUITE           ON SUNSET LAKE                  LP      04.2017

        A1      Down By The Lake                                3:13
        A2      See You In The Morning (Elwood's Theme)         3:27
        A3      Hollywood                                       4:06
        A4      In My Head                                      3:47
        A5      Part Of You                                     3:05
        A6      Open Up & Smile                                 1:42
        A7      She Gets High                                   3:23
        B1      Watching Over Me                                2:58
        B2      Autumn Fields                                   4:14
        B3      Music Man                                       4:00
        B4      Magic Carpet Ride                               8:26

Kontiki Suite's critically acclaimed 13-track debut album, 2012's 'On Sunset Lake',
wowed fans of melodic country-rock and folk with a psychedelic twist.
Ed. of 300 copies on yellow vinyl.
SB      36      WELLGREEN               SUMMER RAIN                     LP      02.2017

        A1      Summer Rain
        A2      Maybe It's The Pressure Of The City Life That's
                Tearing Us Apart
        A3      Jennifer
        A4      Sunday
        A5      Don't Give My Number Away
        A6      Secret Footprints
        B1      Grin And Bear It
        B2      She's The Greatest
        B3      Remember
        B4      The Circle
        B5      Dreams Are Made For Dreamers
        B6      Impossible Love

The material on 'Summer Rain' is like an amalgam of the best works that artists such
as Emitt Rhodes, Blue, Bread, Big Star and Paul McCartney made in the early to mid
'70s. Wellgreen is a contemporary Scottish band with its feet firmly planted in the
melodic guitar pop sounds of the early '70s. Ed. of 200 copies on green vinyl.
SB      37      THE CAROUSELS           SAIL ME HOME ST. CLAIR          LP      04.2017

        A1      Josephine
        A2      Lord Speed My Hurricane
        A3      Silvio
        A4      Wishing Well
        A5      Lake Eloise
        A6      Little Darlin'
        B1      By Your Side
        B2      New Morning
        B3      Here In Time
        B4      Like A Loaded Gun
        B5      Man Out Of Me

Second album by this Scottish band who are invoking the spirits of Gene Clark, Gram
Parsons and 'Sweetheart'-era Byrds. This second LP carries on where the first one
left off with another excellent clutch of songs. Ed. of 483 copies.
SB      38      THE PRIMARY 5           NORTH POLE                      LP      05.2017

        A1      Comin' Home
        A2      I'll Lay You Down
        A3      Mailman
        A4      Everybody Knows It Hurts
        A5      Without You
        B1      Easy Chair
        B2      What Am I Supposed To Do?
        B3      Happy
        B4      Shine On
        B5      Field Of Dreams
                (Note : LP , red vinyl)

A vinyl reissue of a classic British pop gem by this fantastic band led by Paul Quinn
(ex-Soup Dragons and Teenage Fanclub). When originally released on CD (and only on CD)
in 2005, this album sold a staggering 30.000 copies worldwide, including masses of
sales in the USA and Japan. This is a top notch album which was years ahead of its
time. Shades of Buffalo Springfield, The Byrds, The Hollies, Gram Parsons, The Flamin'
Groovies all melt together in a quite unique work that is simply stunning.
SB      39      KONTIKI SUITE : THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH              LP      06.2017

        A1      Bring Our Empire Down                           5:13
        A2      My Own Little World                             4:23
        A3      Free From Sound                                 3:08
        A4      Here For You Now                                3:39
        A5      Under The Rug                                   6:59
        B1      Pages Of My Mind                                3:37
        B2      Keep Up With My Old Self                        2:43
        B3      All I Can Say                                   4:19
        B4      Burned                                          8:09
        B5      Years Roll On                                   3:38

Kontiki Suite's critically acclaimed 13-track debut-album (2012), 'On Sunset Lake',
wowed lovers of melodic country-rock and folk with a psychedelic twist. For fans of
The Byrds, Beachwood Sparks, The Jayhawks and Wilco, the eagerly anticipated second
album, 'The Greatest Show On Earth', sees the band take its craft to another level.
"A bumper thirteen tracks of Byrdsian jangle, late '60s folk-rock vocal harmony and
West Coast haze." Limited to 300 copies.
SB      40      THE GREEN RAY           HALF SENTENCES                  LP      09.2017

        A1      Planes Crashing Into Birds                      10:04
        A2      State Of Grace                                  4:31
        A3      Halfway                                         5:03
        B1      Strange Bargains                                6:18
        B2      On Our Way To The Sun                           4:56
        B3      Rays Of Light                                   3:09
        B4      Silent River Ride                               6:44
        B5      Half Sentences0                                 1:02
                (Note : LP , gren vinyl with insert)

Limited to only a few hundred copies on green vinyl, this LP is sure to become a 
collector's item. Featuring Simon Whaley and co-featuring Ken Whaley (Help Yourself,
Man, Tyla Gang), 'Half Sentences' effortlessly incorporates West Coast trippiness,
recalling the best of Quicksilver, Jefferson Airplane and Grateful Dead, albeit the
more rural and laid-back side of these bands. With guitars abound and songs stretching
out to gentle meandering jams, this is a really nice album.
SB      41      GREEN PAJAMAS           SUPERNATURAL AFTERNOON          LP      10.2017

SIDE 1  1.      January Girl
        2.      Big Black Storm (Single version)
        3.      Who Is The Girl (Version 2)
        4.      Supernatural Afternoon
        5.      The Jailer's Song
SIDE 2: 1.      Kill The Power
        2.      Red Bird (Single version)
        3.      Ancient Lake
        4.      The Red, Red Rose
        5.      Raise Ravens

Collecting singles from the late 1990s through the 2010s, here's is a fine compilation
of the highly rated American psychedelic/baroque pop band. This edition is limited
to 300 copies on purple vinyl.
SB      42      TRAPPIST AFTERLAND      AFTERLANDER                     LP      09.2017

        A1      Lucifer Mosquito
        A2      Saint Peter And The Rainbow
        A3      Where The Willows Weep
        A4      Jessie's Root (Isaiah 11:1-10)
        B1      A Jar On Mystics
        B2      Black Dog Coast
        B3      Feathers
        B4      The Psalms Remain The Same (Psalm 31)
        B5      Hillsong Leeches
                (Note : LP , 200 copies on black vinyl)

Melbourne based psych folk artists Trappist Afterland have been quietly but
consistently releasing some of the most outstanding and distinctive albums in
underground circles over the last four years or so. Consisting effectively of
the trio of Adam Cole, Phil Coyle and Nick Albanis along with various friends
and musical accomplices their use of unusual instrumentation and unique sound
marks them out as one of the most important and visionary bands currently working
in the psych scene. They ably suggest a dark mysticism and esoteric sound whilst
also maintaining a tight, rhythmic and controlled mastery of their song craft,
similar perhaps to contemporaries such as Stone Breath, Six Organs Of Admittance
or James Blackshaw. Fans of the afore mentioned bands, acid folk acts such as the
Incredible String Band and COB and also of Michael Gira's work with Angels Of Light
will find much to adore here. Liner notes by David Tibet (Current 93).

LP.CD   Sunstone            SSLP.CD 003     2015        UK
SB      43      TRAPPIST AFTERLAND      GOD'S GOOD EARTH                LP      11.2017

        A1      God Botherings Part 1 And 2
        A2      Sungirl
        A3      Parasites (The Angel And The Wasp)
        A4      Goodbye Joseph Merrick
        A5      No More Summer Caravans
        B1      Chosen
        B2      Sundog
        B3      Treehouse By The Shore / Afterlander
        B4      God Botherings Part 3
        B5      Gods Good Earth

This isn't easy listening, this is intense participatory bordering on hallucinatory
songwriting, not a million miles from the seminal and highly stoned 'Moyshe McStiff'
by COB, upon which much of the resurgent acid-folk scene would regard as a touchstone
The Active Listener. Originally released in 2016 by Sunstone. Limited to 200 copies
on green vinyl.

LP.CD   Sunstone            SSLP.CD 1006     2016        UK

        1       Five Wounds Of Francis Minor                    4:06
        2       The Psalm Remains The Same (Psalm 140)          3:24
        3       Stars Of The Wraith                             9:35
        4       The Pine Mouth Cup                              4:24
        5       Blackouts                                       4:15
        6       Chain Of Ponds                                  4:01
        7       Five Wounds (reprise)                           1:36

Reissue on vinyl of the third album by Trappist Afterland, originally relassed in 2013
as CDR only. Recorded at home and featuring a very plaintive and stripped sound yet
resplendent with weird backwards guitars and vocals which disturb and intrigue at the
same time. With shades of Comus, Roky Erickson and outsider folk private press artists.
Limited to 200 copies on yellow vinyl.
SB      45      TRAPPIST AFTERLAND      ROUND DANCE OF THE CROSS        LP      01.2018

        1       Whores Of Gommorah
        2       Round Dance Of The Cross
        3       Goodbye Captain Bell, Farewell Ricky Boys
        4       The Seed Hatched A Sparrow
        5       Trappist Afterland / The Hermit Monk Of Osbome
        6       Atlantis Return (How Ricky Got His Wings)
        7       On The Cross
        8       King & Swine / He Cut Himself With Stones

Originally released as a CD-R in 2011, now on vinyl, this album by the Australian
psychedelic folk band/project will excite fans of Comus, Incredible String Band and
even 13th Floor Elevators alike. Ed. of 200 copies on black vinyl.
                OF NOD

        A1      Burrowing To Light                              9:19
        A2      Father = Sun Itself                             5:52
        A3      Patron Saint Of Gypsys                          4:07
        B1      The Crystal Wood / I'm Not An Owl, I'm A Man    5:25
        B2      Spirit's Tongues                                5:06
        B3      My Own Light Divine                             4:00
        B4      Leaving The Land Of Nod                         3:36

Originally released as a CD-R in 2012, now on vinyl, this album by the Australian
psychedelic folk band/project will excite fans of Comus, Incredible String Band and
even 13th Floor Elevators alike. Ed. of 200 copies on black vinyl.
SB      47      DOM MARIANI & THE MAJESTIC KELP : HI SEAS               LP      04.2018

        A1      The Spider And The Sailor
        A2      Sliver Of Gold
        A3      Blue Olive
        A4      Angel Angeline
        A5      Hi-Seas
        B1      Song For The Boatmen
        B2      Freeway Ace
        B3      Francisco Street
        B4      Sweet Dee
        B5      Walking On The Ocean (hi-seas reprise)

Taking its cue and influence from soft '60s surf sounds Dom Mariani's 2018 album also
incorporates elements of Lee Hazlewood, Jack Nitzsche and sounds of exotica. Always
prevalent, however, is Dom's twangy reverb drenched guitar. What makes this album
stand out are the superb arrangements and an overwhelming air of mystery and wonder.
Some of the tracks are so laid back as to be almost soporific but keep the listener
hooked and awaiting the next surprising twist. The album is almost completely
instrumental with a few vocals added here and there. Limited to 300 copies.
SB      48      THE GRIP WEEDS          HOUSE OF VIBES                  LP      04.2018

        A1      Out Of Today
        A2      Salad Days
        A3      Close Descending Love
        A4      Realize
        A5      Someone
        A6      Embraces
        B1      Always Come
        B2      Don't Belong
        B3      Haunted
        B4      Realize
        B5      Before I Close My Eyes
        B6      Walking In The Crowd

Their classic debut 2004 album repressed on high quality 140 gram audiophile vinyl,
limited to only 400 copies with a full colour insert. The New Jersey band's raucous
blend of Cheap Trick's power chords, The Byrds' ethereal jangle and CSNY's airy
harmonies was different, half a decade too early for the New York-based garage revival
of the early '00s, and a decade or so too late to be in sync with the West Coast's
Paisley Pop movement. No wonder this self-recorded, self-released gem of the power
pop art fell on mostly deaf ears, lauded by a few Jersey visionaries, hailed in
Germany but completely ignored by commercial radio and MTV.
SB      49      THE GREEN PAJAMAS       STRUNG BEHIND THE SUN           2LP     10.2018

LP 1    1.      The Elusive Dr. D (Remaster)                    02:20
        2.      Dr. Dragonfly (Remaster)                        05:46
        3.      Tomorrow Will Bring Rain (Remaster)             05:24
        4.      Graduation Day (Remaster)                       04:13
        5.      Song For Andrew And Paul/The Brain I Realize
                (Remaster)                                      05:23
        6.      Secret Day (Remaster)                           04:39
        7.      Three-Way Conversation (Remaster)               03:46
        8.      When The Summer Said Goodbye (Remaster)         04:39
        9.      Tumbledown Tess (Remaster)                      02:50
        10.     Glass Tambourine (Remaster)                     04:56

LP 2    11.     Dying to Love You (Remaster)                    03:17
        12.     We're Flying (Remaster)                         03:42
        13.     The Elusive Dr. D (Third Verse) (Remaster)      01:00
        14.     Scarlet Song (Remaster)                         06:59
        15.     Sandy (Remaster)                                08:03
        16.     Non E Gran Causa (Remaster)                     00:40
        17.     Lavender Tin Voices (Remaster)                  03:58
        18.     Song For Tess (Remaster)                        04:55
        19.     Scarlet Song (Strung Out Version) (Remaster)    07:14
        20.     My Dark Hour (Remaster)                         04:46

Green Pajamas legendary and highly rated 1997 album as a vinyl issue for the very
first time! It's an expanded 2LP set, with extra tracks, housed in a beautiful and
higly detailed deluxe gatefold sleeve. Pressed on virgin 140 gram vinyl and placed
inside a polylined anti-static inner sleeve for added protection. This amazing album
sounds stunning on vinyl. Over 80 minutes of incredible music!. 300 pressed with
only 250 commercially available, so be fast!
SB      50      NICK PIUNTI             TEMPORARY HIGH                  LP      06.2018

        A1      Temporary High                                  3:57
        A2      You're Perfect And I'm Not                      2:55
        A3      You Invented Hell                               3:41
        A4      If This Was Right                               3:12
        A5      No Return                                       2:38
        B1      Deep Freeze                                     4:04
        B2      Blameless                                       3:46
        B3      Contagious                                      3:54
        B4      Keep Me Guessing                                3:43
        B5      Headphones                                      3:33

Nick's fourth album offers another dose of heavy guitar based powerpop with songs to
die for and a huge production as ever. Big choruses, hooks galore and crunching guitars
make this a stand out record of the highest order. This LP is pressed on 140-GRAM

        A1      Moongazing Hare         Fine Horseman
        A2      Trappist Afterland      Restless Day
        A3      Trappist Afterland      Sleep On The Tide
        A4      Moongazing Hare         Stars Of The Wraith
        A5      Trappist Afterland      Opel
        A6      Moongazing Hare         1 John 4 16
        B1      Trappist Afterland      Traps Of Gold
        B2      Moongazing Hare         Your Drink
        B3      Trappist Afterland      Penitents Rail
        B4      Trappist Afterland      Father = Sun Itself
        B5      Moongazing Hare         Sundayland Lights
        B6      Trappist Afterland      Goodbye Joseph Merrick

An eight-track split-LP faturing Moongazing Hare and Trappist Afterland, offering
acid folk moods, Indian raga mosaics, lots of mystery and other far-out tripperies.
SB      52      SCHIZO FUN ADDICT       EL SHOEGAZE BOSSA NOVA          LP      06.2018

        A1      Day Alive
        A2      Shadow Bossa
        A3      A Plan For Love
        A4      51 Second Encounter
        A5      Window Pain
        B1      Voltage Alert
        B2      Alone At Makaha
        B3      Seagulls
        B4      Window Pain Reprise
        B5      Angels Are Marching

Cult band Schizo Fun Adict serves up a delicious cocktail of elegant bossa nova
stylings and fuzzed up shoegaze, and even blends in some stronger psychedelic flavours
on Side 2. This edition is limited to 300 copies!
                WAS ALIVE 

        A1      The Penitents Rail
        A2      Come To Me
        A3      The Golden Bough
        A4      He Opened Not His Mouth (Isiah 53.9-12)
        A5      Gardening In Lure
        B1      Leprous Ships, Leprous Buildings
        B2      Stripes (Isiah 53.3-9)
        B3      Like A Bruised Reed (Isiah 53.1-3)
        B4      The Hoarder Stows
        B5      Beehive
        B6      Like A Bruised Reed Live

A limited edition repress, including two bonus tracks, on DELUXE AUDIOPHILE VINYL.
Any fan of mind altering acid folk and late '60s pop music at its purest will love
this album. 'Like A Beehive, The Hill Was Alive' was originally released in 2017.
SB      54      TRAPPIST AFTERLAND      INSECTS IN AMBER                LP      05.2019

        A1      Insect On A Wire
        A2      God's Dream
        A3      Crippled Cross
        A4      God's Food
        A5      Within A Dream
        B1      I Will Not Ask
        B2      GodDog
        B3      Bishop Of Armagh
        B4      Song of The Pipis (A Jar On Mystics Pt 2)
        B5      Heirlooms In the Mist

8th album by Trappist Afterland, limited to 300 copies. Trappist Afterland was formed
in 2010 and is the psychedelic folk project fueled by the religious ruminations of
songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Adam Cole (oud, guitar, lute, tanpura, bodhran,
vocals). The band also features Phil Coyle (tabla, frame drum, vocals), Nicholas
Albanis (bell citern, hammered dulcimer, bowed psaltery) and Lachie Henderson (acoustic
SB      55      CADDY                   TEN TIMES FOUR                  LP      11.2018

        A1      Miracle Turn
        A2      Somewhere Beautiful
        A3      Secret Hiding Place
        A4      Contagious
        A5      In the Basement
        B1      Not The One
        B2      Safe Travels
        B3      Reverie
        B4      Avoiding Me, Avoiding You
        B5      Roadblocks
        B6      The Good Ones

Caddy features Tomas Dahl, known as the drummer of Turbonegro and The Yum Yums.
Another very fine selection of fantastic songs, this really is the last word in
powerpop, influenced by bands as diverse as The Beach Boys, Teenage Fanclub, The
Shadows and Kraftwerk. With fantastic production, a killer cut and a fantastic
sound, this 140 gram pressing is housed in a PVC lined inner for added protection.
Only 300 copies pressed, this is expected to sell out very quickly.
SB      56      TRENT MILLER            TIME BETWEEN US                 LP      01.2019

        1       Time Between Us
        2       How Soon Is Never
        3       Moonlight Cafe
        4       Motel Rooms Of Ocean Blue
        5       Lady Margaret Street
        6       Bonfires Of Navarino Road
        7       Days In Winter
        8       Hearts Forever Changing
        9       After The Great Betrayal
        10      Since You've Gone
        11      Lament Of The Sea
        12      She's Leaving This Place For Good

'Time Between Us' carries on the trajectory set by its predecessor, the acclaimed
'Burnt Offerings' (2014), which saw Trent Miller emerging from the darkness that
overshadowed his first two albums 'Cerberus' (2009) and 'Welcome To Inferno Valley'
(2011), towards a hopeful glimmer on the horizon and a new maturity in songwriting.
It's not all sweetness and light though: the past four years have seen Miller
navigate his way through a difficult divorce, as well as conquering his various other
demons, and this is reflected in the lyrics. Musically, the album is considerably
richer, its sonic timbres sighted midway between the melodic folk-pop of The Byrds
and the ethereal shimmer of the Cocteau Twins. A fusion of folk, rock, goth and
americana that continues to attract a growing following.
SB      57      HELP YOURSELF           5                               LP      03.2019

        A1      Light Your Way
        A2      Cowboy Song
        A3      Monkey Wrench
        A4      Romance In A Tin
        A5      Grace
        A6      Martha
        B1      Monkey Wrench (Reprise)
        B2      The Rock
        B3      Willow
        B4      Alley Cat
        B5      Duneburgers

This is a very special release. Legendary and much loved UK band Help Yourself's
"lost" album '5' is finally released on vinyl. Remastered and with a redesigned Rick
Griffin cover this is one fine album by this great band, with links to Man as well
as the latter day Green Ray.
SB      58      WITCH HAZEL             OTHERWORDLY                     LP      02.2019

        A1      Ghost & The Fly                                 3:59
        A2      Otherworldly                                    5:27
        A3      Midnight Mist                                   4:56
        A4      Meat For The Beast                              4:57
        A5      Drinking For A Living                           4:46
        B1      Zombie Flower Bloom                             7:03
        B2      Bled Dry                                        4:01
        B3      Devastator                                      11:03

One of the finest ever hard rock/stoner metal abums of all time, released in a tiny
quantity of only 300 copes on vinyl, s bound to be a massive collectors' item. From
the opening notes this killer album by this Pennsylvania group does not let up.
Amazing fuzz guitars envoking the finest ever hard rock.
SB      59      THE GREEN PAJAMAS : ALL CLUES LEAD TO MEAGAN'S BED      2LP     04.2019

LP 1    A1      The Secret Of Her Smile
        A2      Death By Poisoning
        A3      When She Comes
        A4      Shock Of Blonde
        A5      Queen Of Sunshine
        B1      Sweet Sorrow
        B2      Egyptian Snowflake
        B3      Morning In Myra's Room
        B4      Rattlesnake Kiss
        B5      Waiting For The Night To Fall
        B6      Dear Jane

LP 2    C1      Happy Again
        C2      The Laughing Horseman
        C3      Pastel Summer
        C4      Deep Blue Afternoon
                Bonus Tracks
        C5      The Fall (Mix 1)
        D1      These Are The Best Times
        D2      Vampire Crush
        D3      Egyptian Snowflake (Orig. Version)
        D4      The Ravenna Witch No. 2
        D5      Ballerina (Orig. Version)
        D6      Just A Breath Away (Alternative Mix)

Following on from their 1997 "return from the wilderness" album 'Strung Behind The
Sun', the Green Pajamas return with arguably their strongest album to date in 'All
Clues Lead To Meagan's Bed'. There is no innocence here, the concerns are as often
dark and ambiguous as they are elevated and joyous. On the flip side of delirious,
celebratory treats like 'The Secret Of Her Smile' and 'Queen Of Sunshine' you'll find
tales of obsession, psychic disturbance, madness and addiction like 'Death By
Poisoning', 'Rattlesnake Kiss' and 'The Laughing Horseman'. The glowing mysticism of
'Morning In Myra's Room' rises in the East like a pole star, eyes focussed inwards
as infinity wheels around it, a drone symphony of guitars, keys, sitar and tabla,
and yet another signifier of quiet greatness. Limited to 250 copies.
SB      60      DOM MARIANI             GARAGE SALE COMPENDIUM          LP      09.2019

        A1      Hourglass (Extended Unedited Mix)
        A2      Monsters Ft. Brad Shepherd
        A3      Before You Go
        A4      Find Out
        A5      Snapshot
        A6      Rock And Roll Ghost
        B1      How Ya Feelin'
        B2      Too Late
        B3      Little Town Crier
        B4      Making Time
        B5      Sweet Hitch-Hiker
        B6      Dial 04 Josephine

A vinyl-only sampler based on the original CD series from some years ago, this is
classic guitar-based power-pop by Aussie garage/power pop legend Dom Mariani.
Tracks include killer originals as well as choice cover versions. Beautifully mastered
to bring out the power of the recordings and pressed, as ever, on virgin 140 gram
SB      61      JEFF KELLY : BENEATH THE STARS, ABOVE THE RIVER         LP      10.2019

        A1      The Initial Kiss                                4:52
        A2      The River Rain 1                                0:48
        A3      If Only                                         2:41
        A4      Julianna Of The One-Man-Scanner Station         3:01
        A5      Senor, Senor                                    4:12
        A6      Todo Por La Gitana                              5:43
        B1      Hush Of The Southern Night                      2:20
        B2      Moon Over Granada                               3:44
        B3      The Lisbon Vampire                              3:37
        B4      My Lily                                         2:41
        B5      Douro River Wind                                3:39
        B6      Kiss The Moon Hello                             2:45
        B7      The River Rain 2                                0:44
        B8      Alleys Of Madrid                                4:24

The influence of Spain and Portugal asserts itself from the opening notes of Jeff
Kelly's (The Green Pajamas) album, 'Beneath The Stars, Above The River'. The lead
track 'The Initial Kiss' is not a traditional folk song as such, but the rhythm and
melody reflect Jeff's fascination with fado music. Spain too, and flamenco notes
are woven throughout the album. It isn't solely the music of these countries, but
the landscapes and people, the rivers and the wine, the stories and the flavors that
are interpreted through Jeff's eyes and songs. The whole album was fully realized
after traveling to both countries with his wife Susanne in 2017 and 2018. Limited
to 300 copies.
SB      62      THE GREEN PAJAMAS : POISON IN THE RUSSIAN ROOM          LP      10.2019

        A1      The Lonesome End Of The Lake
        A2      Poison In The Russian Room
        A3      Any Way The Wind Blows
        A4      Cristina Dancing
        A5      This Angel's On Fire
        A6      Mr. Ivan
        A7      Queen Of Broken Hearts
        B1      Song
        B2      The Fairy Queen 1
        B3      Who's That Calling
        B4      Some Pleasure Unknown
        B5      Open Your Eyes
        B6      The Fairy Queen 2
        B7      Poison In The Russian Room (Reprise)

This amazing long lost previously CD-only cult album by Seattle's amazing Green Pajamas
is out finally on vinyl. Limited to 300 copies on green vinyl.
SB      63      THE GREEN RAY           FIVE POINTS OF LIGHT            LP      10.2019

        A1      Sangsare Shanty
        A2      On A Sixpence
        A3      Small Springs
        B1      Clouds Away Tomorrow
        B2      Before The Fall
        B3      Five Points Of Light
        B4      Closer ( To Afar)

The second album by the legendary Green Ray featuring members once in Help Yourself
and Man. A lovely album full of stinging and psychedelic San Francisco-tinged guitar
work that John Cippolina would have been proud of. This is one incredible UK/West
Coast hippie-psych gem. Limited to 300 copies.
SB      64      THE GREEK THEATRE       WHEN SEASONS CHANGE             LP      12.2019

        A1      Twin Larks
        A2      Lawrence Of Laurel Canyon
        A3      The Post-factual Jam
        A4      Old Jawbone
        A5      Bible Black Mare
        B1      Open Window
        B2      Streets You Hold
        B3      The Caboose
        B4      A Different Place
        B5      Sail Away (Part Two)

Released in a strictly limited edition of only 300 copies on vinyl, Sweden's finest
purveyors of guitar and Fender Rhodes-laden dreamy West Coast psychedelia return with
their third album for Sugarbush Records.
SB      65      THE GRIP WEEDS          GIANT ON THE BEACH              LP      01.2020

        A1      Astral Man                                      4:33
        A2      Realities                                       4:10
        A3      Give Me Some Of Your Ways                       2:35
        A4      I Believe                                       3:36
        A5      Infinite Soul                                   3:21
        A6      Gone Before                                     3:19
        A7      Once Again                                      3:41
        B1      Midnight Sun                                    4:38
        B2      Waiting For A Sign                              4:27
        B3      Sight Unseen                                    3:48
        B4      Closer To Love                                  3:14
        B5      Telescope                                       5:48
        B6      Get By                                          4:59

Reissue of their classic 2004 album, limited to 300 copies. This New Jersey band plays
the kind of jangly, space-age rock perfected by bands like the Zombies, Love, and the
Quicksilver Messenger Service.
SB      66      BALDUIN                 LOOK AT ME I'M YOU              LP      02.2020

        A1      The Shadows Of Your Mind
        A2      Camera Obscura
        A3      Rainbow Eyes
        A4      A Simple Chime
        A5      Autumn Almanac
        A6      Four Elements
        A7      People Without Faces
        B1      Count The Clouds
        B2      Mr. Abernathy
        B3      Sassy Sauce
        B4      Little Girl
        B5      The Pinhole
        B6      Norman Stanley James St. Clair
        B7      The Jack

Limited to only 300 copies on vinyl, this is the latest psychedelic masterpiece from
Switzerland's psych genius Balduin.
SB      67      THE GREEN PAJAMAS       THIS IS WHERE WE DISAPPEAR      2LP     06.2020

        1.      This is Where We Disappear                      05:06
        2.      Softly Elizabeth                                05:09
        3.      The Moorland Ghost                              04:32
        4.      Secret Circle                                   02:42
        5.      French To Japanese                              03:54
        6.      Matilida                                        04:13
        7.      Would You Even Say Hello                        03:30
        8.      Something's Gone Wrong                          04:35
        9.      Spinning Away                                   02:42
        10.     The Waitress At The Old White Lion              03:01
        11.     Sweet 16                                        04:44
        12.     Sweet Moth-36 Envelopes                         05:50
        13.     Wild Desire                                     07:19
        14.     Downslide                                       04:48
        15.     The Wave (It's Becoming Very Clear)             02:13
        16.     Uncle Silas                                     05:55
        17.     Madam Crowl's Ghost                             03:19
        18.     Green Tea                                       03:37
        19.     Carmilla                                        04:04
        20.     Laura Silver Bell                               05:13

Remastered 2020 "Disappear" with "In A Glass Darkly" EP on side 4. All new cover from
Susanne Kelly.
2LP reissue for the first time of this legendary Green Pajamas album. Originally
released on CD only on the Woronzow label in 2001. Limited to 250 copies only.
Time appears to have little relevance for The Green Pajamas. The Seattle-based band,
which remains virtually unknown after 19 years of recording, is just as likely to
draw inspiration from 18th century literature as Syd Barrett era Pink Floyd. 'This
Is Where We Disappear' is a concept album that weaves references to ghosts, religion,
lust, and love into compelling pop music.
SB      68      COTTON MATHER           KONTIKI                         LP      04.2020

        A1      Camp Hill Rail Operator
        A2      Homefront Cameo
        A3      Spin My Wheels
        A4      My Before And After
        A5      Private Ruth
        A6      Vegetable Row
        B1      Aurora Bori Alice
        B2      Church Of Wilson
        B3      Lily Dreams On
        B4      Password
        B5      Animal Show Drinking Song
        B6      Prophecy For The Golden Age
        B7      She's Only Cool
        B8      Autumn's Birds

CD      Copper              CPR 2249            1997        US
SB      69      THE ORGONE BOX          CONFECTIONARA                   LP      12.2020

        A1      Hello Central ... Give Me Ganymede              3:49
        A2      Anaesthesia                                     3:31
        A3      Bubble                                          3:17
        A4      There'll Always Be Attitudes                    2:21
        A5      Disposable                                      3:19
        A6      World Revolves                                  4:02
        B1      Find The One (Ballroom Mix)                     4:03
        B2      Guilt Trip                                      3:36
        B3      The Song Formerly Known As Mirrorball           4:17
        B4      Noddyland                                       3:25
        B5      Judy Over The Rainbow                           3:38
        B6      Ticket With No Return (Orgone Friendly Mix)     3:35

Available again in small quantities after 2019's black vinyl micro pressing sold out
in two weeks or so. This issue is on gorgeous translucent green vinyl! So much has
been written about this classic album which was originally released in Japan in 1996.
Sheffield native Rick Corcoran, after playing in Sugarbush Records' band The Silent
Blue from 1990 to 1991 took off on his own and formed Orange who had a hit in 1994
with the classic Britpop jangler 'Judy Over The Rainbow'. This was the first album
as Orgone Box.

CD      TDK Records         TDCN 5600       1996        JA
SB      70      PUGWASH                 THE GOOD THE BAD THE PUGLY      LP      07.2020
                (: Vestiges from the Vaults Volume One)

        A1      Apples (alternate mix - 2001)
        A2      Two Wrongs (unplugged version - 2003)
        A3      Always Be (original acoustic demo - 1998)
        A4      Biggles Dictates a Letter (shed demo - 1992)
        A5      Kings and Queens of the Land (shed demo - 1992)
        A6      Sunrise Sunset (alternate 'no strings' mix - 2001)
        B1      Lucy Oh Lucy (birthday song - 2004)
        B2      Fall Down (acoustic demo - 2010)
        B3      It's Nice to be Nice (strings and keyboards mix - 2004)
        B4      You're Like Manchester (2003)
        B5      All Day (shed demo - 1993)
        B6      FIre in my Belly (Apples' B-side)

A fabulous collection of outtakes, demos and alternative versions of much-loved songs
by Ireland's finest band. This is very limited and will be sure to sell out fast.
SB      71      THE GREEN RAY           LIVE AT SOL PARTY               LP        .2020

        A1      Strange Bargains
        A2      Before The Fall
        A3      Swedish Detective
        B1      Planes Crashing Into Birds
        B2      State Of Grace
        B3      Swain's Green
                (Note : LP , 120 copies)
SB      72      JEFF KELLY : WHEN THE WORLD WAS YOUNGER                 LP        .2020

        1       Of Missingness
        2       Black Eyes
        3       Juliana of the One-Man-Scanner-Station
        4       Autumn in Lisbon
        5       If You Go
        6       Portugal [Summer's Here] (A Memory)
        7       Only Endless Tomorrow
        8       The Lisbon Vampire
        9       Moon Over Granada
        10      The Wishing Well
        11      Espaco Porto Cruz
        12      Cristina Dancing
                (Note : LP , 100 copies)

The latest solo outing from Seattle's Green Pajamas mainman is another classic album.

CD      Green Monkey        GM 1069         2020        US
sb      73      THE GREEN RAY           THE GREEN RAY                   LP      08.2020

        A1      Morning Song
        A2      Float
        B1      Night Train To...
        B2      Black-Eye Bean
                (Note : LP , 120 copies)
SB      74      8x8                     NEW DATA, NEW DAY               LP      10.2020

        A1      Papa's Garage                                   3:00
        A2      New Data New Day                                5:26
        A3      Racing To Sun                                   2:55
        A4      Nightbirds                                      4:40
        A5      Absolutely Hypnotized                           5:37
        B1      Bye Bye Landslide                               2:47
        B2      International Hallucination Day                 3:16
        B3      Bernard's Dilemma                               3:54
        B4      Shipwreck Tomb                                  4:57
        B5      Hidden In Plain Sight                           3:21
                (Note : LP , 100 copies)
SB      75      PUGWASH                 JOLLITY                         LP+7"   11.2020
                (Note : LP+7" , black vinyl)
SB      75      PUGWASH                 JOLLITY                         LP+7"   11.2020
                (Note : LP+7" , 250 copies on coloured vinyl)

        1       It's Nice To Be Nice
        2       Black Dog
        3       A Rose In A Garden Of Weeds
        4       I Want You Back In My Life
        5       This Could Be Good
        6       Poles Together
        7       Even I
        8       Something New
        9       Waltz #714
        10      Lullaby #1
        11      Anchor
SB      76      THE GREEN PAJAMAS       TEN WHITE STONES                LP      11.2020

        A1      The Cruel Night                                 5:44
        A2      Blue Eyes To Haunt Me                           2:35
        A3      Mrs. Cafferty                                   4:03
        A4      She's Still Bewitching Me                       3:40
        A5      If You Love Me (You'll Do It)                   6:48
        B1      Holden Caulfield                                3:35
        B2      For S                                           11:36
        B3      Lost Girls Song                                 8:23
                (Note : LP/140 g. , 250 copies)

Finally this classic (previously CD-only) 2004 album is released on vinyl. Featuring
a brand new sleeve with a vintage 1965 Michael Dailey painting and pressed on lovely
140 gram vinyl, this - once again - is a wonderful new release on Sugarbush.
SB      77      DROPKICK                THE BEST OF DROPKICK            2LP     02.2021

LP 1    A1      Until I Fall Away
        A2      Out of Tune
        A3      Feeling Never Goes Away
        A4      Too Much To Say
        A5      Slow Down
        A6      Obvious
        A7      Style
        A8      Red Kite
        B1      Only For Yourself
        B2      It's Still Raining
        B3      I Wish I Knew
        B4      Annabelle
        B5      Hold On
        B6      Can't Help It
        B7      Good Vibes

LP 2    C1      Choose
        C2      Breakdown
        C3      Come Home
        C4      Figure It Out
        C5      Let Down Again
        C6      I'm Over You, Goodbye
        C7      Don't Dream of California
        C8      Back Door Key
        D1      Nowhere Girl
        D2      Into The Background
        D3      Come Around
        D4      Going Where You're Going
        D5      Dog and Cat
        D6      Give It Back
        D7      Where I'm From

A fabulous deluxe 2LP set of 30 tracks. Comes with colour booklet. 140 gram 2LP set
limited to only 300 copies. Scotland's Dropkick have been around making fantastic pop
albums since 2000! For fans of Wilco, Teenage Fanclub and The Jayhawks.

        A1      Morgue Itch
        A2      Complicated View
        A3      Ways Around It
        A4      While You Consider This
        A5      Ramshackle Paranoia Stomp
        A6      Seconds Of Your Time
        B1      Walk On Glass
        B2      My Sacred Treetops
        B3      Emily Barratt's Dead
        B4      Ride Pillion
        B5      Minefield Baby
        B6      Drawing Moons

A long overdue vinyl pressing (145 copies only!) of this amazing 2006 album, prior
only available on CD! Norwegian pop maverick Oyvind Holm's band laid down this - their
very first album - with a hell of a lot of gusto and passion. Spanning '70s glam
rock, psychedelia and intelligent art-pop this is one of the most interesting releases
on Sugarbush. Ed of 145 copies.

CD      Big Dipper          BDRCD 067       2006        Norway
SB      79      BHOPAL'S FLOWERS        ALSTROEMERIA                    2LP     06.2021
                (A Journey On Earth & Beyond)

LP 1    A1      (5 am) Enjoy Your Life On Earth
        A2      (7 am) Napolean Candy Sweet
        A3      (9 am) Hail To Her Sun
        A4      (11 am) The Wedding Bells
        B1      (1 pm) When The Sinner Becomes A Saint
        B2      (3 pm) 1221 Jasmin street
        B3      (5 pm) Cosmic Reflector
        B4      (6 pm) Mysteries Of Love

LP 2    C1      (7 pm) Tomorrow's Heroes
        C2      (9 pm) Love In Fall
        C3      (11 pm) What About You ?
        C4      (12 pm) Midnight Girl
        D1      (1 am) A Night At The Devachan
        D2      (2 am) Moon - Earth - Jupiter
        D3      (3 am) Eastern Star
        D4      (4 am) I Feel Free
                (Note : double LP , 200 copies)
SB      80      INSEKT LIFE CYCLE       SPECTACLE OF DREAMS             LP      03.2021

        A1      Unicycle Monologue                              5:27
        A2      Schizodelia                                     6:43
        A3      Dreams Unrecalled                               6:17
        B1      Sleepcrawler                                    4:05
        B2      Forbidden Earth Dance                           4:41
        B3      Insekt Circus                                   5:26
        B4      Tristful Ecstasy                                4:52

Out of the Phillipines this is a psychedelic, progressive and hard rock instrumental
group which has made this incredible album. For fans of Bevis Frond, Guru Guru,
Hawkwind, Can and any modern guitar psych private pressing, this is pretty much
essential. This is their first full vinyl release after a few CDs as well as acetate
only albums which have been released to great acclaim over the past few years. With
shades of Savage Resurrection, Zappa, Blue Cheer but also with a few surf and jazz
influences this is a really interesting and excellent album. Limited to 200 copies
on swamp green vinyl.

CD      Mega Dodo           DODOCD 19           2017        UK
SB      81      THE GREEN PAJAMAS       INDIAN WINTER                   2LP     11.2021
                (A Collection Of Singles And Unreleased Songs Recorded

LP 1    A1      Kim The Waitress
        A2      Peppermint Stick
        A3      Jennifer
        A4      Sister Anne
        A5      Emily Grace
        B1      If I Lived In A Picture
        B2      Streets Of London
        B3      My Photographs
        B4      I Remember Love
        B5      I Have Touched Madness

LP 2    C1      Song For Christina
        C2      Gothic Funk
        C3      Emma Is Crying
        C4      Any Time Of Day
        D1      She's Had Enough
        D2      London Sundays
        D3      Dreams Of Rhonda
        D4      In A Lonely Way
        D5      Autumn Leaves

This incredible first-time-ever-on-vinyl double album set comes in deluxe gatefold
cover with extensive liner notes and rare photographs. This vinyl-only edition
also expands the original CD issue with one extra complete side of rare or
previously unreleased songs such as 'London Sundays'/'She's Had Enough' 45 only
and the 'Autumn Leaves' radio version among others. This amazing set is limited
to only 250 copies.

        A1      Just A Breath Away
        A2      She's Still Bewitching Me
        A3      Riverfull Of Reasons
        A4      My Visit With Magpie
        A5      She Doesn't Love You Anymore
        A6      Brontë Moon
        A7      Swans And Butterflies
        B1      Planet Love
        B2      Anna Day
        B3      Still, Never Away
        B4      Seven Fathoms Down And Falling
        B5      High Waving Heather
                (Note : LP , dark green vinyl)

First ever vinyl reissue of this classic Green Pajamas album! Of all their great
albums, this one may be the best stand-alone album, if only because it's got their
greatest moment, the deliriously heart-warming love song 'She's Still Bewitching
Me.' It's a haunting (literally), jangly pop delight, begging to be included on
every mixtape you'll ever make. Other highlights include opening track 'Just
A Breath Away,' with its buzzing psychedelic guitar sounds; the folk-psych
'My Visit With Magpie,' sounding like the Strawbs crossed with late-period
XTC/Dukes of Stratosphear; the insistent and catchy 'Bronte Moon'; and the
Beatlesque psychedelia of 'Planet Love.' This amazing set is limited to only
250 copies. Originally released on Woronzow WO 036 in 1999.
SB      83      SLITHEY TOVE            BIG TOP                         LP        .2021

        A1      Amazing Place                                   4:44
        A2      Bearded Man                                     5:09
        A3      Carnival                                        4:00
        A4      Pure Apple Juice                                4:22
        A5      Bobble-hat                                      4:26
        B1      Raw Chicken Ordeal                              3:00
        B2      Fixing                                          4:08
        B3      The Crunch                                      2:20
        B4      Cosmic                                          3:33
        B5      Grasshopper                                     4:00
        B6      Road                                            5:09
                (Note : LP , 150 copies)

Released on vinyl for the first time is this great Green Ray offshoot album by much
loved festival psychsters Slithey Tove. Featuring Simon Whaley from the band this
is a fantastic mix of psych and progressive and a must for fans of English bands
such as Caravan and Soft Machine. Only 150 pressed but with copies going to the band,
only 99 copies will be for sale to the public making this as rare as any private
pressing! On coloured vinyl with an exclusive insert.
SB      84      PUGWASH                 ELEVEN MODERN ANTIQUITIES       LP      09.2021
                (Note : LP , 250 copies on black vinyl)
SB      84      PUGWASH                 ELEVEN MODERN ANTIQUITIES       LP      09.2021
                (Note : LP , 250 copies on splatter vinyl)

        A1      Take Me Away
        A2      Cluster Bomb
        A3      Here
        A4      It's So Fine
        A5      Song For You
        B1      My Genius
        B2      Limerance
        B3      Your Friend
        B4      The Cannon And The Bell
        B5      At The Sea
        B6      Landsdowne Valley

'Eleven Modern Antiquities' is a perfect power pop album, with a dazzling array of
guest musicians, including Andy Partridge and Dave Gregory of XTC (Andy co-writes
two tracks with leader Thomas Walsh), Neil Hannon of The Divine Comedy, Michael
Penn, Jason Falkner, The Section Quartet and Nelson Bragg of The Brian Wilson
Band. The result is an amazingly awesome pop sound and best described by reviewer
Alan Haber, "Walsh is a pop pundit who fuels his ideas with his deep-seated love
of the pop form, whose admiration of the classic pop sound brought forth by bands
like the Move and the Electric Light Orchestra and XTC knows no bounds..." 
(Powerpopaholic review).

CD      1969 Rec.       nice 0014           2008        Ireland

2021 album by Seattle's legendary Green Pajamas! The astonishing 'Sunlight Might
Weigh Even More', destined to be a landmark in their impressive discography,
lands in the tradition of their classic trio of albums from the 1990s, 'Strung
Behind The Sun', 'All Clues Lead To Meagan's Bed' and 'Seven Fathoms Down and
Falling'. 'Sunlight Might Weigh Even More' is full of the PJ's trademark memorable
melodies, exotic instruments, vocal harmonies and ringing electric guitars, with
the occasional analogue synthesizer, birdsong, backwards girls' choir or London
rain storm thrown in for good measure. And though there is that occasional thunder
cloud and the rather dark encounter between two goth girls walking across a soccer
field at dawn, the vibe here leans heavily to the sunny psych-pop that the Green
Pajamas remain most associated with, even after 25 albums of remarkable diversity.
Limited to 200 copies on coloured vinyl.



SB      89      SUMMIT OF THE BIG LOW : THIN AIR                        LP      03.2022

Wonderful melodic vives from this superb Kent band/studio project. Shades of Nick
Drake, Elliott Smith, Zero 7 and even David Gates/Bread, this is a lovely album full
of melodic inventiveness, amazing songs and a trippy atmosphere. One to chill out
to, this great record blends folky compositions with lush arrangements and even
hints of electronica. File next to Smoke Faires or The Breretons, this album is
a must for lovers of melodic soft pop. Limited to 245 copies on purple vinyl.








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