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                                U S A


Distr. :
Style  : lo-fi/exper./electronica/alternative/

SF  001  CHRIS MILLS            Nobody's Favorite                       MLP
SF  002  BLAZING RAINS          Blazing Rains                           CD
SF  003  BIRDDOG                The Trackhouse                          CD
SF  004  WHEAT                  Medeiros                                LP.CD     .1997
SF  005  CHRIS MILLS            Every Night Fight For Your Life         CD
SF  006  JON LANGFORD           Skull Orchard                           CD
SF  007  SUNSET VALLEY          The New Speed                           LP.CD
SF  008  BIRDDOG                Ghost Of The Season                     CD
SF  009  DIANE IZZO             Winter Is Coming                        CD
SF  010  FAMILY OF GOD          We Are The World                        CD
SF  011  SCRAPS                 Photographs By Michael Galinsky         CD
         (Note : CD with book)
SF  012  BEULAH                 When Your Heartstrings Break            CD        .1999
         (Note : Elephant Six Rec. E6 016)
SF  013  WHEAT                  Hope And Adams                          CD
SF  014  SUNSET VALLEY          Boyscout Hero                           CD
SF  015  JUNIOR COMMUNIST CLUB  Freedom Of Speed                        CD        .2000
SF  016  BUSY SIGNALS           Headphone World / Too Much Togetherness 7"        .2000
SF  017  BUSY SIGNALS           Baby's First Beats                      CD      03.2000
SF  018  FAMILY OF GOD          Exiter                                  CD        .2000
SF  019  JACK DRAG              Soft Songs LP Aviating                  CD        .2000
SF  020  CHRIS MILLS            Kiss It Godbye                          CD        .2000
SF  021  ELF POWER              Winter Is Coming                        LP.CD   12.2000
SF  022  BUSY SIGNALS           Pretend Hits                            CD        .2001
SF  023  BUSY SIGNALS           Pure Energy                             CD        .2001