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SUDI    001     NASS EL GHIWANE         NASS EL GHIWANE                 LP      02.2019

Formed in 1971, Nass El Ghiwane's five members first performed in the avant-garde
of Morocco's underground theater scene. Ed. of 500 copies
SUDI    002     LES FRERES MEGRI : MAHMOUD, HASSAN ET YOUNES            LP      02.2018

A reissue of Les Freres Mégri's Mahmoud, Hassan Et Younes, originally released in
1974. Les Freres Mégri was a Moroccan rock band formed in Oujda, Morocco in the late
1960s. Ed. of 500.
SUDI    003     NASS EL GHIWANE         NASS EL GHIWANE                 LP      04.2022

This reissue of their second LP, fully re-mastered, featuring exact repro of the
original cover from 1973 is one of the most in-demand LPs in their legendary
discography. Edition of 500.