Distr.  : UK - Norman/Boomkat/
Style   : disco / electro pop / boogie / funk /

STUDIOMULE  1   V / A                   MIDNIGHT IN TOKYO               2LP     01.2018
STUDIOMULE  1   V / A                   MIDNIGHT IN TOKYO               CD      01.2018

LP 1    a1      nobuo yagi              mi mi africa
        a2      nobuyuki shimizu        silver spot
        a3      piper                   samba night
        b1      haruko kuwana           akogareno sundown
        b2      aru takamura/koi wa saikou(iím in love)
        b3      hitomi tohyama          love is the competition
        b4      honma express           what the magic is to try

LP 2    c1      colored music           colored music
        c2      shohjo-tai & red bus st project : electric city
        c3      yumi murata             krishna
        d1      eri ohno                live hard,live free
        d2      minnie/rocket 88 d3 shoody : tokyo melody
STUDIOMULE  2   ATLAS                   BREEZE                          LP      02.2018
STUDIOMULE  2   ATLAS                   BREEZE                          CD      02.2018

        1/      mediterranean breeze
        2/      simpatia
        3/      after brunch with you
        4/      summer breeze
        5/      never come into your eyes
        6/      indige
        7/      breeze for siesta
        8/      Walkin' Around In Summer Sand
        9/      Love Beach
        10/     Madrigl
STUDIOMULE  003 STUDIO MULE             CARNAVAL                        12"     03.2018

        01.     Carnaval (feat. Miyako Koda) (Dance Edit)
        02.     Carnaval (feat. Miyako Koda) (Extended Edit)
STUDIOMULE 004  IKUE ASAZAKI            YOISURA BUSHI                   12"     06.2018

        01.     Yoisura Bushi
        02.     Yoisura Bushi (Kuniyuki Remix)

STUDIOMULE 006  V / A                   MIDNIGHT IN TOKYO VOL.2         2LP     07.2018

        01.     Genji Sawai             Hikobae
        02.     Today's Latin Project   Danza Lucumi
        03.     Shigeru Suzuki          On The Coast
        04.     Air Suspension Club Cand : In The Hot City
        05.     Yasunori Soryo & Jim Rocks : So Long America
        06.     Jugando                 Twisty
        07.     Kingkong Paradise       Samarkand
        08.     Katsutoshi Morizono With Bird's Eye View : Imagery
        09.     Om                      Windmill
        10.     Parachute               Mystery Of Asian Port
        11.     Yuji Toriyama           Bay Sky Provincetown 1977
        12.     Keiichi Oku             Heat Wave
        13.     Safari                  Day Dream At The Bob's Beach
STUDIOMULE 007  STUDIO MULE : Shinzo No Tobira feat Miyako Koda         12"     07.2018

        1.      Shinzo No Tobira (Extended Edit)
        2.      Shinzo No Tobira (Dub Edit)
STUDIOMULE 008  MOTOHIKO HAMASE         INTAGLIO                        LP      08.2018
STUDIOMULE 008  MOTOHIKO HAMASE         INTAGLIO                        CD      08.2018

        1.      Circlet
        2.      Rain Calls For Bird
        3.      Lung
        4.      Symptom
        5.      Elan Vital
        6.      Aboriginel
        7.      Intagliol

Thereís a resurgence in japanese electronic, jazz and new age music going at the
moment. This has shone new light on the underrated bass player, Motohiko Hamase
leading to the reissue of his ambient/new age album, Intaglio. Hamase was a reliable
session player with acts such as pianist Tsuyoshi Yamamoto and maverick guitarist,
Kazumi Watanabe as well as being a member of the Isao Suzuki Sextet playing modern
STUDIOMULE 009  STUDIO MULE : FACE TO FACE FT. MIYAKO KODA              12"     10.2018

        1.      Face To Face (Extended Edit)
        2.      Face To Face (Ambient Version)
STUDIOMULE 010  MOTOHIKO HAMASE         REMINISCENCE                    LP      10.2018
STUDIOMULE 010  MOTOHIKO HAMASE         REMINISCENCE                    CD      10.2018

        01.     Childhood
        02.     Intermezzo
        03.     Tree
        04.     Reminiscence
        05.     Water Meadow
        06.     Doll
        07.     Na Mo Che
STUDIOMULE 011  MITSUAKI KATAYAMA TRIO : FIRST FLIGHT                   LP      12.2018

        a1      unknown point
        a2      arizona high way
        a3      itís over
        b1      louis
        b2      first flight
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)
STUDIOMULE 012  V / A                   MIDNIGHT IN TOKYO VOL.3         2LP     02.2019
STUDIOMULE 012  V / A                   MIDNIGHT IN TOKYO VOL.3         CD      02.2019

        1/a1    yoko hatanaka/more sexy
        2/a2    masumi hara/kimi no yume
        3/a3    yuki nakayamate/silhouette call
        4/a4    atsuo fujimoto/theme of high school student
        5/b1    mari kaneko/get to paradise
        6/b2    tomoko aran/hannya
        7/b3    masako miyazaki/fantasy
        8/c1    junko sakurada/watashi no koukoku
        9/c2    kangaroo/sunshine bright on me
        10/c3   maiko okamoto/strangerís night
        11/c4   the fad/singing lady
        12/d1   the eastern gang/magic eyes
        13/d2   rinda yamamoto/crazy baby
        14/d3   tomoko aran/iím in lov
STUDIOMULE 013  EIJI NAKAYAMA           AYA'S SAMBA                     LP      02.2019

        01.     Eiji Nakayama           Aya's Samba
        02.     Eiji Nakayama           Yellow Living
        03.     Eiji Nakayama           See Sea Town
        04.     Eiji Nakayama           Far-Away Road
STUDIOMULE 014  YOSHIMI UENO            TAIKO NO UMINARI                LP      01.2019

        1       sea sound
        2       tsuchi ningyo
        3       my spirit
        4       skip
        5       k.bluse
        6       uzushio
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)

        01.     It's Over
        02.     A Boy Named Charlie Brown
        03.     The One I Love Belongs To Some Body
        04.     Come Rein Or Come Shine
        05.     Where Can I Go Whit Out You
        06.     Bye Bye Black Bird
        07.     What Kind Of Fool As I
        08.     The Wooden Gong Dreamy
        09.     All Of Me
        10.     Fly Me To The Moon
        11.     You Be So Nice To Come Home To
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)

Studio Mule present a reissue of Mayumi Sonoda with Kichiro Sugino Trio's Gogo Sanji
No Aki, originally released on Johnny's Disk Record in 1982.
STUDIOMULE 016  KING KONG PARADISE      ATSUMA MO SAMUSAM               LP      03.2019

        1       fujiyama 
        2       kyokaisen 
        3       atsusa mo samusamo 
        4       reggae voodoo 
        5       omaeha heart breaker 
        6       kikiaki 
        7       secret track

Up until now the partnership that has been forged between Studio Mule and Johnnyís
Disk Record has produced a slew of superb Japanese jazz reissues. However, for the
latest edition the Mule Musiq offshoot have opted to re-press an LP that is something
of an anomaly in the JDR catalogue. Atsuma Mo Samusam, a super-duper-rare 1984 record
from King Kong Paradise, has just as much reggae, Balearia and new-wave in it as it
does the jazz-fusion of King Kong Paradise's other albums. Think Second Circle and
Beats In Space.
STUDIOMULE 017  DOCTOR UMEZU DIVA       DIVA                            LP      04.2019
                (Note: LP , 500 copies)

Doctor umezu diva is a japanese sax player kazutoki umezuís one off project which
he invited two female artists, one is a legendary marimba player midori takada and
one more is a vocalist & pianist and half of japanese newwave band colored music in
the end of 80ís.
This album was one of the best kept secret jazz album from Japan.
This album is a unique mixture of modern classical sound and avant-garde jazz which 
s kind of similar with strata east or nimbus.
STUDIOMULE 018  STUDIO MULE             BGM                             LP      04.2019
STUDIOMULE 018  STUDIO MULE             BGM                             CD      04.2019

The album cover is by the increasingly popular hotshot photographer Kota Shouji.