STRAWBERRY RAIN RECORDS                 Toronto
***********************                 Ontario


Owner   : Jason Connoy
Distr.  : CA/US - Darla/Forced Exposure/
          UK - Norman/
          NE - Sonic Rendezvous/Clear Spot/
Style   : reissue - garage rock / psychedelic / prog. rock / blues rock / hard rock
                    funk / afro-funk / 

SR      001 1   AKA                     HARD BEAT                       2LP.CD  05.2011

LP 1    A1      Do What You Like
        A2      Glenmore
        A3      Reflection
        A4      We've Gotta Work It Out
        B1      Cruel Side
        B2      Groovy
        B3      Suez War

LP 2    C1      Mr. Bull Doc
        C2      Shake Me
        C3      Only One Man
        D1      Crazy Joe
        D2      Skip Away
        D3      Open Doors
        D4      Sky Rider
                (Note : fist anthology from Indonesia's psych. & prog.-funk band)
STRAW   002 A   BENNY SOEBARDJA         BENNY SOEBARDJA & LIZARD        LP      06.2012

        A1      18 Years Old
        A2      Come Closer
        A3      Crime
        A4      In 1965
        B1      Sunny Day
        B2      Junky & How to Live
        B3      Cynthia
        B4      Candle Light
        B5      Loosing Time

STRAW   002 B   BENNY SOEBARDJA         GIMME A PIECE OF GUT ROCK       LP      06.2012

        A1      The Advantage of Music for Me
        A2      End of the World
        A3      Pensive
        B1      Circle of Love
        B2      Gut Rock
        B3      Young Widow

STRAW   002 C   BENNY SOEBARDJA         NIGHT TRAIN                     2LP     06.2012

LP 1    A1      Wise World
        A2      Night Train
        A3      In 1973
        B1      Stroll-On
        B2      18 Years Old II
        B3      Woman of Desire

LP 2    C1      Talked About My Girl
        C2      Struggle for Life
        D1      Calls Himself a Rider
        D2      Looking for Peace & Freedom
        D3      A Signal From Outer Space
STRAW   002     BENNY SOEBARDJA         THE LIZARD YEARS                2CD     05.2012

CD 1    1.1     18 Years Old
        1.2     Come Closer
        1.3     Crime
        1.4     In 1965
        1.5     Sunny Day
        1.6     Junky & How to Live
        1.7     Cynthia
        1.8     Candle Light
        1.9     Loosing Time
        1.10    Same Sun
        1.11    The Advantage of Music for Me
        1.12    My Dear Suzanne
        1.13    Circle of Love
        1.14    The End of the World
        1.15    Pensive
        1.16    Some Day

CD 2    2.1     I'm Still in Luv' With Ya'
        2.2     Gut Rock
        2.3     Young Widow
        2.4     Wise World
        2.5     Night Train
        2.6     In 1973
        2.7     Stroll On
        2.8     18 Years Old II
        2.9     Woman of Desire
        2.10    Talked About My Girl
        2.11    Struggle for Life
        2.12    Calls Himself a Rider
        2.13    Looking for Peace & Freedom
        2.14    A Signal from Outer Space 

(Note : LP A-B & LP-C , 500 copies each/double CD + 36 p.booklet)

        1       Ouverture
        2       Theme du Génie
        3       Theme de la Drogue
        4       Theme du Policier
        5       Prosper's Reggae
        6       Theme de L'Aveugle
        7       Theme de la Bagarre
        8       Flashes
        9       Départ du Génie
        10      Theme de la Guerre
        11      Christelle
        12      Vendanges
        13      Melanger Tout Ca
        14      Aujourd'Hui Tu T'En Vas
        15      Ernesto Massoud

LP      KO              81.0201         1981    CA
STRAW   004     BLO                     PHASE II                        LP      12.2012

        A1      Blo
        A2      It's Gonna Be A Good Day
        A3      Native Doctor
        B1      Do It, You'll Like It
        B2      Don't Take Her Away From Me
        B3      Whole Lot Of Shit
        B4      Atide

LP      Afrodisia       DWAPS 18        1974    CA
STRAW   005     CARAVAN                 MAN & BUFFALO                   LP.CD   12.2012
STRAW   006     CARAVAN                 AMERICAN ANTARAI                CD      07.2013
STRAW   007     KELOMPOK KAMPUNGEN      MENCARI TUHAN                   LP.CD   08.2013

        A1      Bung Karno
        A2      Mereka Mencari Tuhan
        B1      Ratna
        B2      Hidup Ini Seperti Drama
        B3      Aku Mendengar Suara
STRAW   008     BLIND OWL               BLIND OWL                       LP      01.2014

        1.      Nova Scotia Morning
        2.      Happy To Be Alive
        3.      Spring Rain
        4.      Hooked On You
        5.      Open Your Window
        6.      The Old Man
        7.      Roads
        8.      Some Tears You Have To Cry
        9.      Song To The Wind
        10.     Lingering Dreams

(Note : one of the rarest Canadian private press records ever made at 100 copies,
        2014 ed. of 500 copies)
STRAW   009     SALTY DOG               SALTY DOG                       LP+7"   06.2013
STRAW   009     SALTY DOG               SALTY DOG                       CD      07.2013

LP      A1      Fast
        A2      Mama
        A3      See the Storm
        A4      Down in My Shoes
        A5      Try a Little Harder
        B1      Tisauke
        B2      Sunshine in My Hair
        B3      Have You Got It
        B4      Doggy Rock
        B5      Lullaby

7"      C Sunday Morning Sunshine
        D Down in My Shoes
STRAW   010     LEONG LAU               DRAGON MAN                      LP      01.2014

        1.      The Atlas Revolution
        2.      Ghost Drum
        3.      Rhythm Pounding
        4.      Dragon Man
        5.      Soul Baby
        6.      Deep In The Jungle
        7.      Love Poem

(Note : Leong Lau has remained something of an anomaly in the record collecting scene.
        A fantastic LP loaded with wah guitar, fuzz solos, flute solos,and wild vocals.
        A truly impressive offering, it's amazing that an album of this quality still
        remains unknown to so many collectors and dealers. Extremely rare and hardly
        ever available (even in Australia where it was made), we are proud to finally
        bring this one to the world with Leong's full approval+includes poster insert)
STRAW   011     KELOMPOK KAMPUNGAN      EP                              10"     07.2014
                (Note : 10" , 500 copies)
STRAW   012     MAR VISTA               VISIONS OF SODAL YE             LP      07.2014

(Note : LP limited to 300 copies, reissued with old-style paste on sleeves, including
        insert/photos pasted on the front and back cover to mimic the homemade jackets
        from ’76)
STRAW   013     SIMON JONES             MELANIE & ME                    CD      03.2014

        1       Melanie and Me
        2       Nine to Five
        3       You by Me
        4       Relax
        5       Welcome
        6       Goodbye
        7       Melanie and Me [Reprise]

(Note : Melanie & Me was a promotional tool used for a movie shot by director Chris
        Fitchett in Australia in 1975. Pressed in an edition of 100 copies, it was
        handed out to people who partook in the film, and who attended the only
        screening to date in Sydney)
STRAW   014     SURVIVAL                SIMMER DOWN                     CD      05.2014
SR      015 LP  KEITH MLEVHU            THE BAD WILL DIE                LP      09.2015

        1.      The Law Must Change
        2.      Dzikolino ni Zambia
        3.      The Bad Will Die
        4.      Work Hard for Yourself
        5.      The Rich and the Poor
        6.      Love and Freedom
        7.      I am your Warrior
        8.      It's a Beautiful Song
        9.      I Don't Love Nobody
        10.     I Gotta Move
        11.     I Can Fight you all Alone
                (Note : LP , 500 copies , pasted jacket)
STRAW   016     JULIEN GRYCAN           POST-ATOM                       LP      03.2016
                (Note : LP , 246 copies in paste on sleeve-tip-on jacket)
STRAW   017     ABBHAMA                 ALAM RAYA                       CD      06.2014
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)
STRALP  019     BOB THEIL               SONGS FROM THE MARGIN           LP      01.2016
STRACD  019     BOB THEIL               SONGS FROM THE MARGIN           CD      01.2016

        01.     IT'S A SHAME
        02.     COME LAY BESIDE ME
        03.     THERE WASN'T TIME
        04.     D DAY, C DAY
        05.     END GAME
        09.     BORDER RETREAT
        10.     DESERTED SHORES
        11.     HOLY LOCH
        12.     TIME (REPRISE)

SR      22      BLACKFOOT               MILLIE                          LP      12.2017

The scorching 1975 debut-LP by Zambia's highly regarded garage-psych unit Blackfoot
sees a welciome reissue on vinyl! The album was originally released on the private
Goodson label with the title 'Youth Power', and later picked up by Zambia Music Palour
and put out as 'Millie'. The 2017 edition of this true Zamrock classic is limited to
500 copies, presented in tip-on jackets.
SR      23      BLACKFOOT               FOOT STEPS                      LP      12.2017

The 1978 full-length by Zambia's garage-psych legends sees a most welcome reissue.
This essential Zamrock document offers plenty of incredible songs, including 'Lonely
Highway', 'Send Me The Flowers', 'Mwe Bafyahi', 'When I Needed You' and many more.
With the sound taken from the original master reels, this edition is limited to 500
copies, all packaged in nice tip-on jackets.