STRANGETOWN RECORDS                     Cardiff
*******************                     Wales


Found   : Cian Ciaran (Super Furry Animals) & The Peth members
Distr.  : UK - Piccadilly/SRD/
Style   : indie /

STR     001     THE PETH                THE GOLDEN MILE                 CD        .2008

Half A Brain / Shoot On Sight (Flock Of Zeighells) / Let's Go Fucking Mental / 69 Fanny
Street / Honey, Take A Bow / Turbotank / Sunset Veranda / Stonefinger / Last Man
Standing / Golden Mile
STR     004     THE EARTH               Rubbish Man // 2 High           7"      12.2012
STR     007     THE EARTH               OFF ON ONE                      CD        .2013

        1       How The West Was Won
        2       Operator
        3       I Deserve U
        4       Elektricity
        5       How Come
        6       Careful What U Wish 4
        7       Last Orders
        8       Tell On U
        9       Rotten 2 The Core
        10      Rubbish Man
        11      2 High
STR     009 LP  CIAN CIARAN             THEY ARE NOTHING WITHOUT US     LP      09.2013
STR     009 CD  CIAN CIARAN             THEY ARE NOTHING WITHOUT US     CD      09.2013

5c Cotton 40c Beef / 43.000000 / Sewn Up / [1/2/69] / Sleepless Nights / No More /
Bee My Baby / Shape Control / Down River / Peaked / You Are What You Breath / Silver
Sea / Pachamama

(Note : keyboard player from Super Furry Animals)
STR     017     THE EARTH               KELTIC VOODOO BOOGALOO          CD        .2014

        1       Liberty Rd.
        2       Quick Fix
        3       Baby Bones
        4       Sea Of Subterfuge
        5       I Don't Fit In
        6       Supersticious Now
        7       Rear View Mirror
        8       Anything?
        9       Can't Have It All
        10      The Earth Beats The Machine
STR     019 B   THE PALE BLUE DOTS      LOTS OF DOTS                    LP      02.2022

Side A  1.      Tokyo Hotel Silence
        2.      Slow Reaction
        3.      Devastation
        4.      Reach For The Keys
        5.      Thermos
Side B  6.      Silent Tokyo Hotel
        7.      No Motivation
        8.      Aquarium
        9.      Look Into My Eyes
        10.     Nebraska

(Note : LP/180g pale blue vinyl LP on Strangetown Records. Matte outer sleeve with
        a high gloss finish to the album artwork. Insert designed by Mark James Works)

First delivered to the world as a digital-only release in 2014, ĎLots Of Dotsí - an
album by Super Furry Animalsí Huw Bunford and Hotel Limaís Richard Chester under
the name The Pale Blue Dots - is now available physically via Strangetown Records.
A short, sweet exploration of indie-pop, Bay Area psychedelia and generally eclectic,
SFA-esque alternative rock.
STR     023 CD  ZEFUR WOLVES            ZEFUR WOLVES                    2LP+MP3 04.2015
STR     023 CD  ZEFUR WOLVES            ZEFUR WOLVES                    CD      04.2015

LP 1    A1      Fading Out
        A2      Sin Fronteras
        A3      Accept What You Feel
        B1      Let Us Be
        B2      Troubled Soul
        B3      Santi's Eclipse

LP 2    C1      Alhambra
        C2      Your Days Are Numbered
        C3      Wake Up
        D1      Too Late
        D2      Native
        D3      Secret Song
        D4      This One's For You

CD      1       Fading Out
        2       Sin Fronteras
        3       Accept What You Feel
        4       Let Us Be
        5       Troubled Soul
        6       Santi's Eclipse
        7       Alhambra
        8       Your Days Are Numbered
        9       Wake Up
        10      Too Late
        11      Native
        12      Secret Song
        13      This One's For You
STR     030     SUPER FURRY ANIMALS     BING BONG                       12"     06.2016

        A       Bing Bong                                       5:18

Limited to just 1000 copies. One sided 12Ē with etched flip side and artwork by Pete
BING BONG features all five members of Super Furry Animals: Huw ĎBunfí Bunford
(guitar/vocals), Cian CiarŠn (keys/bleeps/vocals), Dafydd Ieuan (drums/vocals) Gruff
Rhys (vocals/guitars) and Guto Pryce (bass).
STR     031 CD  FFUG                    FFUG                            CD      02.2017

        01      Love Is Stupid                                  02:01
        02      Are U With Us                                   02:13
        03      Byth Yn Stopio                                  04:38
        04      Speedboat Dreaming                              04:13
        05      Lamp (To Make Me Miss You)                      01:59
        06      Alcoholic Anerexic                              02:46
        07      Mandala                                         04:04
        08      Tywydd Garw                                     03:33
        09      Time Takes Lives                                02:44
        10      Upside Down                                     05:49

Ffug is the first full length album by the teenaged group FFUG. From Crymych in
Pembrokeshire, FFUG consist of Iolo Selyf on vocals, Billy Morley on guitar, Henry
Jones on bass, and Joey Robbins on drums.
STR     032 CD  BABY QUEENS             BABY QUEENS                     CD      11.2016

        1       Tired Of Love                                   4:21
        2       Melodi                                          3:58
        3       Had My Heart                                    5:29
        4       Hear Me                                         3:07
        5       You And I                                       3:07
        6       By The River                                    3:47
        7       It Feels Like                                   3:37
        8       Forever                                         3:21
        9       Spiritualize                                    3:36
        10      Unite                                           5:01
        11      Red Light                                       4:36
        12      Samsara                                         6:00
        13      Star Light                                      5:42
        14      Life Goes By                                    3:20
        15      So Real                                         9:14

Baby Queens - Cara, Estelle, Monique, Ruth and Vanity - are five girls from Cardiff.
Two sisters, two cousins and their adopted sister - each equal parts songwriter,
musician and music lover.


STR     035 LP  EL GOODO                BY ORDER OF THE MOOSE           LP      09.2017
STR     035 CD  EL GOODO                BY ORDER OF THE MOOSE           CD      09.2017

        A1      I Sit And Wonder                                2:55
        A2      It Makes Me Wonder                              3:15
        A3      September                                       2:59
        A4      Sail The Ocean                                  2:25
        A5      So It Goes                                      3:37
        A6      5 In The Morning                                4:37
        B7      Heavy On My Mind                                3:16
        B8      Susan & Bill                                    2:27
        B9      When                                            4:03
        B10     It's All Over                                   2:01
        B11     Lay It On My Honey                              2:30
        B12     As You Said Your So Longs                       3:18

Welsh psych-pop band El Goodo return with their long, long awaited third album By
Order Of The Moose, due out on Cian Ciaranís (Super Furry Animals) Strangetown Records.
STR     036     CIAN CIARAN             RHYS A MEINIR                   CD      12.2017

        1       Rhys a Meinir                                   4:08
        2       Agor i mi fel y mor                             5:47
        3       Mwydryn yn mynd am adre                         2:29
        4       Haul o rywle'n tywynnu                          4:07
        5       I'r golwg drwy'r golau
        6       Golau'n y gwyll                                 1:10
        7       Safodd yn stond                                 2:59
        8       Meinir yn un a minnau                           2:00
        9       Marwydos                                        2:34
        10      Gwe arian                                       0:47
        11      Swn neithio                                     2:24
        12      Roeddwn i'n gyfan                               2:00
        13      Rhedeg                                          3:02
        14      Eiliadau'n fwledi                               1:37
        15      Cuddio                                          1:21
        16      Dal i gyfri                                     1:56
        17      Gwyfyn i'r fagddu                               1:04
        18      A 'nghydwybod yn ebil                           2:43
        19      Sefyll yn dawel                                 1:03
        20      Cof yn codi cyfog                               1:58
        21      Alltud                                          2:56
        22      Twrw'r daran drwy'r deri                        2:58
        23      Ffawd                                           1:52
        24      Yno i mi fel y mor                              2:51
STR     037     EL GOODO                AS YOU SAID YOUR SO LONGS       CDR       .2017

        1       As You Said Your So Longs                       3:18
                (Note : CDr , promo only)
STR     043 LP  ZEFUR WOLVES            TRUTH IS IN THE STARS           LP      03.2019
                (Note : LP , coloured vinyl)
STR     043 CD  ZEFUR WOLVES            TRUTH IS IN THE STARS           CD      03.2019

        1)      Truth Is In The Stars
        2)      Flying High
        3)      Letting Go
        4)      Contact High
        5)      Friend Of Mine
        6)      Under Waves
        7)      The Polygon
        8)      Revenir A Vous
        9)      Sunset In Mendocino
        10)     Strada Del Paradiso
        11)     Stars Of Omaha

After a break of two years, Zefur Wolves return with a brand new album, beating a path
to the promised 2019 follow up to their acclaimed debut. The three-pieceís distinct
brand of languid, emotive, alt-rock takes the commanding role with Truth is in the
Stars, released on Strangetown Records on Friday 29 March. 
The band have once again teamed up with M h of human consciousness and empathetic
resistance to injustice. r. Kobo who hasn't disappointed with the beautiful and
intricate sleeve artwork and lovingly presented by Mark James Works. For the
audiophiles the gorgeous deep berry coloured vinyl will be a feast for the eyes as
well as the ears.

Studio sessions helmed by producer and former live band member, Super Furry Animalís
Cian CiarŠn, have driven the band to greater intricacy and an audible sense of
playfulness, toying with compositional and recording technique. Having crafted their
debut album in California, evocative of their cited inspirations including
Spiritualized and Beach House, the upbeat trailblazing first single Flying High,
recorded at Strangetown Studios in Caridff, suggests new and fertile creative ground
has been found to Ďone upí an already glinting reputation.
STR     044 LP  SUPER FURRY ANIMALS : AT THE BBC                        4LP     11.2018
STR     044 CD  SUPER FURRY ANIMALS : AT THE BBC                        2CD     11.2018

    Mark Radcliffe session, recorded 1st April 1996
    A1) God! Show Me Magic
    A2) Frisbee
    A3) Hometown Unicorn
    A4) Focus Pocus/ Debiel
    Evening Session, recorded 10th April 1996
    B1) Something For The Weekend
    B2) Hanginí With Howard Marks
    B3) If You Donít Want
    Me To Destroy You B4) God! Show Me Magic

    Evening Session, recorded 11th August 1997
    C1) The International Language Of Screaming
    C2) Torra Fy Ngwallt Yn Hir
    C3) Play It Cool
    C4) Demons
    C5) Calimero 
    John Peel Session, recorded 24th March 1998
    CH1) The Teacher
    CH2) Phire In My Heart
    CH3) The Turning Tide
    CH4) Y Teimlad
    Evening Session, recorded 2nd June 1999
    D1) Night Vision
    D2) Some Things Come From Nothing
    D3) Fire In My Heart
    D4) Blerwytirhwng?
    John Peel Session, recorded 1st March 2000
    DD1) Dx Heaven
    DD2) Ymaelodi A R Ymylon
    DD3) Y Gwyneb Iau
    DD4) Charge
    Evening Session, recorded 29th May 2001
    E1) (Drawing) Rings Around The World
    E2) Fragile Happiness
    E3) The Warmth
    Of The Sun E4) Run!Christian, Run!
    Live At Peel Acres, recorded 12th July 2001
    F1) (A) Touch Sensitive
    F2) Zoom
    F3) Nythod Cacwn
    F4) Run! Christian, Run!
    F5) Fragile Happiness

    Additional tracks on the CD version:
    SFA Mash Up The CIA, recorded 20th December 1999
    FF1) Wherever I Lay My Phone (Thatís My Home) FF2) Bad Behaviour FF3) God! Show
    Me Magic

STR     045 V   DAS KOOLIES : IT'S ALL ABOUT THE DOLPHINS               12"     02.2020

        A)      Itís All About The Dolphins
        B)      100%

Das Koolies come from the disco hotbed of Cardiff and their aim here seems to be to
get the party started. This 12" contains two examples of their high octane beach pop
with nods to psych, electro and pop. Indeed the band feature members of Super Furry
Animals, a collective who are always looking for that elusive good time.


STR     048 LP  EL GOODO                ZOMBIE                          LP      08.2020
STR     048 CD  EL GOODO                ZOMBIE                          CD      08.2020

        1)      Things Turn Around
        2)      Home
        3)      I Canít Leave
        4)      Forever Casting Shadows
        5)      The Grey Tower
        6)      Itís Been A While
        7)      You Let Me Down
        8)      In A Daze One Sunday Morning
        9)      The Baneswell Blues
        10)     Fi N Flin
        11)     Oh My
        12)     Sounds Good To Me Man
        13)     The Coast Is Clear

Welsh band El Goodo take their name from a Big Star song and have been putting out
some fab harmony-laiden, folk-pop-country-rock-psych type stuff - pretty much under
the radar - for the past 20 years. Zombie is the bandís fourth album, named after
the late dog belonging to producer Tim Lewis (you may know him as Julian Cope
collaborator Thighpaulsandra.) What was intended to be a double album became a tight
set of 13 songs and a high quality, all-killer, no filler-type single album.
STR     052 LP  EL GOODO                COYOTE                          LP      02.2022

        01.     FEEL SO FINE                                    3:55
        02.     AREN'T YOU GRAND                                2:34
        03.     DON'T WORRIE MARIE                              2:06
        04.     I SAW HER TODAY                                 3:16
        05.     INFORMATION OVERLOAD                            3:00
        06.     TALKING TO THE BIRDS                            4:36
        07.     PETE                                            3:36
        08.     I CAN'T MAKE IT                                 3:06
        09.     BE MY GIRL                                      3:01
        10.     OH, TO SLEEP                                    2:48
        11.     I ONLY DREAM2                                   3:21