STRANGE FAMOUS RECORDS                  P.O.Box 2509
**********************                  Providence, RI 02906
(Strange Fafous Inc.)                   USA


Start   : 1996
Owner   : Sage Francis
Distr.  : US -
          CA - Scratch
Style   : hip hop / abstract / conscious hiphop / east coast hiphop
          boom bap / political hip hop / jazz rap / abstract hip hop
          / indietronica / experimental hip hop / UK hip hop / spoken

The Strange Famous record label is owned and run by its founder, Sage Francis. SFR
is independently financed which means we are not indebted to anyone except for the
fans who have supported us through the years. Integrity is a key element to our
success so we expect to be held to high standards and ethical practices.

SFR began in 1996 when Sage Francis decided to stop waiting around for a label to
“discover him.” He took matters into his own hands and began bootlegging his own
recordings. It started with blank cassette tapes and the “high speed dub” function
of one overworked tapedeck. Then came CDR burning technology (about 1 CD every
10 minutes.) Thousands of tapes and CDRs later, enough product was sold to invest
in professional printing and label expansion.

SFR Staff:
Sage Francis (
Label Manager
Storm Davis (
Mailroom and Multi Media Monster
Hugo Lopez
Artwork Guru
Pat Jensen
Customer Service
Conglomerate Carl (
Web Developer
Danny Brown may 21,2019

SFR     011     BUCK 65                 SITUATION                       2LP.CD  12.2007
SFR     012     BERNARD DOLAN           THE FAILURE                     CD        .2007
SFR     013     B.DOLAN                 LIVE EVEL                       12"EP     .2008
SFR     014     PROLYPHIC REANIMATOR    ARTIST GOES POP                 12"       .2008

SFRLP   052     EPIC MEN : THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE FUN                  LP      06.2019