Distr.  : US - Midheaven/Forced Exposure/
          UK - Boomkat/Piccadilly/Norman/
Style   : soundtracks /

SD      001 LP  [soundtrack] JON MCCALLUM : SURF NAZIS MUST DIE         LP      08.2014

        1.      Once You've Caught The Wave
        2.      Opening Titles
        3.      Youth Of Tomorrow
        4.      After The Quake
        5.      Across The River
        6.      Visit To The Morgue
        7.      In The Church
        8.      Pushed Too Far
        9.      Nobody Goes Home
        10.     Mama Sends Her Love
        11.     Before The Fight
        12.     Chase Through The Boat Yard
        13.     The Last Wave
        14.     Promo Trailer
SD      002 LP  [soundtrack] ROBERT TOMARO : SLIME CITY (1988)          LP      08.2015
SD      003 LP  SSQ                     PLAYBACK                        LP      01.2017

        1.      Synthicide
        2.      Jet Town
        3.      Big Electronic Beat
        4.      Clockwork
        5.      The Model (exclusive bonus track)
        6.      Screaming In My Pillow
        7.      Anonymous
        8.      Walkman On
        9.      N'Importe Quoi
        10.     Tonight (We'll Make Love Until We Die) (exclusive bonus track)

LP PLayback originally released in 1983 by Engima/EMI America. Strange Disc presents
the album reissued in its original version with an exclusive bonus track added to the
end of each side of the LP and is available in two different colored vinyl variants,
as well as standard black vinyl.

                GREATEST HITS

A:      1 .     Do The Freddy
        2.      Dance Or Else
        3.      In The Midnight Hour
        4.      Donít Sleep
B:      5.      All I Have To Do Is Dream
        6.      Obsession
        7.      Wooly Bully
        8.      Down The Boiler Room
        9       Elm Street

Originally released in 1987 at the height of the Freddy craze, this record contains
nine tracks. The repertoire is a mixture of covers (from the likes of Wilson Pickett,
The Everly Brothers and Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs) and original songs including
instrumentals. The album is everything you expect it to be: screaming '80s drum
machines and distortion filled electric guitars being drowned out by synthesizers.
This audible oddity can be called the ultimate novelty album, mostly ignored upon the
time of its release and now ironically fetching big $$$ on the second hand market.
Black vinyl version.
SDLP    6       [soundtrack] SAM WAYMON : GANJA & HESS                  LP      04.2018
                (Note : LP , 1000 copies)
SDLP    7       [soundtrack] PAUL ZAZA : POPCORN                        LP      06.2018
SDLP    8       [soundtrack] PAUL MCCULLOUGH : NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD LP      10.2018

        1       Cemetery (Opening Titles)
        2       Farmhouse
        3       Tensionizer
        4       Twin Geeks
        5       The Pity of Angels
        6       Boarding School
        7       Talking Points
        8       Courage to Go
        9       Pump Run
        10      Zombies Win! Zombies Win!
        11      Passage to Normal/End Credits