STRANDED RECORDS                        Stranded
****************                        1055 Valencia Street
                                        San Francisco, CA 94110

                                        Stranded East
                                        4929 Telegraph Avenue
                                        Oakland, CA 94609


Superior Viaduct sub-label.

Distr.  : US - Midheaven
Style   :

We are excited to announce that Stranded has opened a new storefront in the former
location of Aquarius Records. Stranded is the retail arm of the archival label Superior
Viaduct. Some of our releases include Suicide, The Fall, Tony Conrad, Devo, Charles
Mingus, Alice Coltrane and many more.
Those of you who have been regular AQ customers will be happy to know that the same
folks who helped run this SF institution for many years are still here  behind the
counter and laptops.
The new shop brings with it a fresh coat of paint, custom-made furniture, a lot of
new and used records and a re-designed website. Continuing in AQ's tradition, we're
going to review as many titles each week as possible.

PRIM    01
PRIN    02      HOLY SHIT               STRANDED AT TWO HARBORS         LP      06.2014