Distr.  : UK - Cargo/Theespc/
Style   : acoustic / garage blues / punk / / folk / blues /
          pub rock /

WCMF    001     V / A                   WHAT'S KICKIN' VOL.1            CD        .2006

                ALAN TYLER & THE LOST SONS OF LITTLEFIELD:Ladder Of Years
                THE SNAKES              I'll Be Around
                THE HIGH-CLASS FAMILY BUTCHERS : Two-Lane Blacktop
                CLARKE COUNTY           Floorboard George
                CATWEEZEL               Sweet Jesus
                CAM PENNER              Rye Whiskey
                CUSACK                  Audrey Hepburn
                RICK OLIVER             Fell In Love With The Wrong Girl
                JASON RINGENBERG        Honky-Tonk Maniac From Mars
                ONIONS                  The Hills Have Eyes
                THE LOVING CUP          Candyman
                THE TAILTORS            Your Voice Brings Me To Life
                THE DEL PARKER BAND     Mavistoi
                MARTIN STEPHENSON       Sweet Temptation
                JASON LEWIS             Happy All The Time
WCMF    002     ONIONS                  THE OLD STRAIGHT TRACK          CD        .2007

Onion Peelings / Everybody Knows Her Name / One Way Out / Deep Blue / The Old Straight
Track / The (Other) Huills Have Eyes / Watkinson Road Breakdown / What You Don't Know /
Johnny Boy / Nights In The Stone Cave / The Life
WCMF    003     V / A                   WHAT'S KICKIN' VOL.2            CD      05.2007

                THE BROKEN FAMILY BAND  You Broke My Fucking Heart
                LEEROY STAGGER & THE SINKING HEARTS : Lay Down Your Guns
                DAN RAZA                There's Nothing Left Here For Me
                THE SMOKE FAIRIES       Troubles
                THE ROSINATORS          Little Sadie
                DANIEL WYLIE            Keep It To Yourself
                ALAN TYLER & JASON MCNIFF : Guns
                ATTIC LIGHTS            Bring You Down
                FOGHORN LEGHORN         Madeleine
                THE DIALS               Lonely Boy
                PETE MOLINARI           God Dam Lonesome Blues
                THE SURGENS             Mean Cheatin' Man
                STEVE ROBERTS & THE BANK OF ENGLAND : The Ballad Of Alaska
                MIKE GIBSON & THE CITY FARMERS : Goodnight And Good Luck
                BLIMUS                  Penultimate Slacker Anthem
                REDLANDS PALOMINO CO.   She Is Yours
WCMF    004     MARTIN STEPHENSON       HIGH 7 MOON 5                   CD      08.2007

Teardrops In My Tequila / Time Changes Everything / Once I Loved A Sailor / Ballad Of
The English Rose / Hungry Hush House / Tynemouth Sands / Mountainous Spring / Joy That
U Give / High 7 Moon 5 / Soloman / The Hangman / Old And Grey
WCMF    005     V / A                   WHAT'S KICKIN' VOL.3            2CD     06.2008

        CD 1    THE LOVING CUP          Bring Along Your Lovers
                NORTON MONEY            Finest Virginia
                THE CURST SONS          Hope Need Want
                SOUTHERN TENANT FOLK UNION : Won't You Let Me In
                HAYMAN,WATKINS,TROUT & LEE : Hotter Than Mojave
                MYSTERIOUS BENEFACTORS  Josephine
                GARETH ROWAN WITH BJ COLE & DEKE MARTIN : Black Candle
                THE FAMILY              Falling For You
                THE DUBLO               Cock Crow Blues

        CD 2    SOME DOGS               Jackson
                HILLBILLY & THE BONFIRE : Crash Hat
                GREEN PEPPERS           The Long Road
                THE EPSTEIN             Hudson
                CUSACK                  Frioends Like Me
                THE SHIVERS             Sweet Lil' Chaet
                THE FABULOUS PENETRATORS : Dixiefied
                RYAN O'REILLY           Nightmares
                WALKING WOUNDED         What's Kickin'
WCMF    006     V / A                   WHAT'S KICKIN' VOL.4            CD      07.2009

                SMOKEY ANGLE SHADES     Don't Leave Me
                THE LUCKY STRIKES       Morning Light
                LORD ROCHESTER          Deathbed
                QUIET LONER             If Your Lips Move You're Lying
                DAN RAZA & THE SHROUDS  Stay Away
                THOMAS DENVER JONSSON   Willing Night Plants
                WOLF PEOPLE             Mercy II
                THE DANKOS              Walk With Me Now
                OLD LOST JOHN           Smooth Lover
                JEREMY GLUCK            Buried Not Dead
                THE UGLY GUYS           Fragnance On The Wind
                THE BLAZING ZOOS        Do You Have A Sister ?
                KING SALAMI & THE CUMBERLAND 3 : Shake It Wild
                MR.PLOW                 This Is Trouble
                GHOST TOWN SHOWDOWN     Little Glass Of Wine
                GRAHAM LARKBEY & THYE ESCAPE COMMITTEE : Take It As Read
                THE HENRY BROTHERS      No Home , No Place To Pillow My Head
                TIMOTHY VICTOR'S FOLK ORCHESTRA : Louise
                THE MILDSENSATIONS      Mildsensations
WCMF    007     WALKING WOUNDED         WAITING ON THE OUTSIDE          CD      06.2009

Vino Ulije Rakija / [Hackney Central/Murder Mile] / Pictures / Talking Evolution / Now
/ Evening News / Angels At Dawn / Time Of Our Lives / Carnations & Pearls / Growing Old
Disgracefully / [Betwixt & Between/Saturday Night Down The Balls Pond Poad] / Waiting
On The Outside

The Chronicles Of Solomon Quick / Morning Light / Second Act (Funeral) / Going Out West
/ When The Lemon Juice Runs Down Your Leg / Eyes On You / One Eyed Sam / Franklin's /
Greenwood Mississippi / Sunlight Blues / Revelations / One Way Down / Sweet December
WCMF    009     THE LUCKY STRIKES : GABRIEL , FORGIVE MY 22 SINS        CD      01.2011

The Boxer , The Bribe And A Father / Easily , Easily Until It's Done / The Road /
Gabriel / Snake In The Grass / Slowly The Night Fades / Bel & The Dragon / The Fight /
Man With The Golden Arm / Codeine / Romans / We Are Waves