STONED CIRCLE                           UK

Distr.  : UK -
          US - Forced Exposure
Style   : reissue / raga /

STCCD   3001    ONE                     COME                            CD      05.2015

The bare principles of unparalleled hippie euphoria; a climax of communal head-sounds
with disturbing Indian vibes in a deranged marriage of ambient absurdity and financial
hallucinations. Spearheaded by Reality D. Blipcrotch, this San Francisco bunch of
longhairs and friends of Jefferson Airplane realized their potent raga potential in
1972 with the extraordinary debut album Come. Exploding B-sides, whistling teapots, and
pop-up marijuana leaves only form half the story... welcome to the world of 1. Digit.
remastered from the original recording; includes informative background liners and rare
archival photos.
STCCD   3002    THE BERMUDA JAM         THE BERMUDA JAM                 CD      05.2015

The Bermuda Jam's only known contribution to the 1960s music scene was released by
Dynovoice Records in 1969, a self-titled psychedelic mod/soul crossover jamboree that,
contrary to its detractors, holds delightfully unexpected highlights
STCCD   3003    V / A                   FIRST CHIPS                     CD      05.2015

Privately pressed album was issued in 1972 in a quantity of 500 copies.
STCCD   3004    ONE                     ONE                             CD      08.2015
STCCD   3005    THE SHEEP               WAR BABIES                      CD      04.2016

On May 27, 1973, Britain's top rock venue, the Rainbow Theatre in Finsbury Park,
London, put on a concert to a sold-out throng of 2,700 people. The main attraction on
the bill was a bunch of longhairs who looked like archetypal Californian hippies, but
in fact emanated from Milwaukee. Clearly taking their musical influences from bands
like Jefferson Airplane while dedicated to a full-on declaration of gospel truth, The
Sheep would take the Christian rock scene by storm. With two albums and a rock opera
soundtrack, The Sheep had arrived in a world that seemed ripe for salvation. Armed with
fuzz guitars, Hammond organ, and the leading talents of Greg Nancarrow, they were set
to launch their own love revolution on the world via Nazi sympathizers and an estranged
cult. Stoned Circle takes a precarious leap into psychedelic Christian rock and invites
you to an alternative heavy sabbath. Professionally remastered original sound record.
with informative liners, interviews, and rare archival photos.
STCCD   3006    LUCIFER                 DANCE WITH THE DEVIL            2CD     08.2015

From the dark abyss of British underground rock comes the near-mythological Lucifer.
The anarchist antichrist has remained an enigma since his recordings appeared in the
underground press in 1971. It was not until the 1990s that the true identity of Lucifer
was revealed as filmmaker, musician, and all-around electronics whiz-kid Denys Irving,
a close friend of the enigmatic Howard Marks, with whom he attended the University of
Oxford in the late '60s. Irving's short films have now been salvaged, restored, and
appraised, to help celebrate the work of a truly inspired and iconic genius. Dance with
the Devil contains all of Irving's known Lucifer recordings, combining his all of his
privately-pressed rarities for the first time. The debut Lucifer album, Big Gun, was
originally released in 1972 and the ultra-rare second work, soundtrack album Exit,
followed later that year. Dance with the Devil also collects the four Lucifer singles,
originally released between 1971 and '73. This edition also boasts original artwork,
numerous pieces of rare archival memorabilia and photos, and a detailed account of the
man behind the music. For lovers of demonic rock, early electronica, or plain fuzz
-driven proto-punk, this is a unique opportunity to sample the devil at work.
Professionally remastered original recordings.

Leland Yoshitsu's eponymous self-financed debut vinyl outing in 1976, interest in his
recordings has stirred and grown on a worldwide scale. A long-out-of-print reissue of
his super-rare debut album from 1976 appeared on Contempt records in 1978, titled This
Is My World with the accompanying text "A Self-Taught, Decathlon, Hard Rock Musician,
" a profound statement that earns its place as the title to this retrospective edition
of the multi-instrumentalist's work. This expanded reissue, the first since the 1978
release, includes the caped-crusading psychedelic pioneer's self-titled debut plus his
1979 follow-up, Live At Mabuhay Gardens, S.F. Digitally remastered; includes background
liners and rare archival photos.
STCCD   3008    CONTINUUM               CONTINUUM                       CD      11.2015

Continuum was an ambitious recording project conceived in Holland by Hungarian multi
-instrumentalist Yoel Schwarcz in 1967. Released in 1970, Continuum's first album is a
confident statement of not only visionary ambition, but also a gifted and spiritual
determination. Similar in style to ELO's early work with its heavy cello, phased
strings, and overall dramatic swamp, and with such celebrated guests as Richard Hartley
and Patric Standford, Continuum is a truly inspired production of ethereal progressive
rock that remains triumphant. Stoned Circle's intrepid venture into the progressive
rock undergrowth unveils a criminally overlooked chapter in British popular music. This
professionally remastered original recording also boasts insightful liner notes and
interviews together with rare archival photos.
STCCD   3009    JACKSON'S DILEMMA : J.J.J.J. JACKSON'S DILEMMA          CD      07.2016

American R&B singer J. J. Jackson was a pioneer and much more than simply a soul
artist. He wrote, produced, and arranged for an array of jazz and soul artists in
America and was undoubtedly a revered figure within those communities. His UK residency
inspired a hit for The Pretty Things and admiration from progressive rockers IF, who,
in late 1969, joined Jackson to record his debut album as J.J. Jackson's Dilemma.
Jackson's ambitious crossover of soul, jazz, and progressive rock was a hedonistic
fusion that forged a momentary but engaging collaboration. It resulted in two albums
and helped in the making of Brother Jack McDuff's 1970 album for Blue Note.
STCCD   3010    PURPLE IMAGE            PURPLE IMAGE                    CD      06.2016

Cleveland's Purple Image faced an uphill climb in an era and country that expected
"negro" music from its "negroes": In a Hendrix landscape, young, black bands had
slowly started to emerge from the soul neighborhoods and R&B backdrop. Purple Image
traded on a thumping, harder-than-Parliament psychedelic noise fortified by powerful
group vocals and the twin guitar attack of Ken Roberts and Frank Smith. Aside from
their singles and super rare album, they managed only a few profile gigs with the likes
of Steppenwolf and Country Joe as a local support act. However, along with bands such
as Black Merda, Fugi, Pure Hell and Death, Purple Image would inevitably lay the
foundations for future black crossover acts such as Fishbone, Bad Brains, Living
Colour. Stoned Circle proudly presents the intoxicating head sounds of Cleveland's
psychedelic upstarts. Equipped with the essential period quota of fuzz, wah-wah and
organ, their sound could best be described as: "purple with yellow flashes".
Professionally re-mastered original sound recording with expansive liners and rare
archival photos.
STCCD   3011    BEAT OF THE EARTH       BEAT OF THE EARTH               CD      06.2016

After being discovered by fans of '60s underground psychedelia in the late 1980s, the
sole self-titled 1967 album by Orange County band Beat Of The Earth has grown into
a classic within the field, in spite of its rarity. The improvisational music on the
album cannot be easily categorized, but most would agree that it represents a unique
link between mid-1960s California and the droning acid rock of the later era. From
a preternatural surf-era 45 and a local b-movie soundtrack, Phil Pearlman's ascent
(or descent) presents a fascinating slice of music history for anyone to chew on.
Unbeknown to Pearlman and friends, they had unleashed a primal head record that
astounds still. Recorded in 1967 in Hollywood with legendary producer Jim Sidore,
Beat Of The Earth's legacy remains as fresh and inventive today as it did in 1967.
Stoned Circle proudly presents a collision of vision and artistry. Professionally
re-mastered original sound recording with expansive liners, interviews and rare
archival photos.
STCCD   3013    THE OPEN WINDOW         THE OPEN WINDOW                 CD      11.2015

The Open Window has been described by reviewers as a chamber-rock jazz trio, a classic.
ensemble, and a folk-rock-raga group, and all the names fit, except that they leave out
the honky-tonk piano rolls and the Russian chants. These three musicians take it all
apart and when they put it all back together again, it's something new; a batch of
songs, non-songs, and sort-of-songs that will engage your mind and your toe and
anything else you leave exposed to it. Stoned Circle happily presents the inspired and
remarkable world of theoretical and classical composers Peter Schickele, Stanley
Walden, and Robert Dennis, reissued for the first time. Their momentary collision with
psychedelic rock music in 1970 laid waste to any musical divisions and boundaries that
may have existed. Caught in the act in 1970, the collaborative Open Window transcended
popular culture and defined an era of music with an open mind and freedom of thought.
Step inside for a colorful surprise and meet the psychedelic sound of The Open Window.
Professionally remastered original recording with background liners and rare archival
photographs. Includes two bonus tracks.
STCCD   3014    MARIAN HENDERSON        CAMEO                           2CD     04.2016

"Her singing was exceptional. Wonderful breathy phrasing and clear enunciation married
a husky, beautiful voice that was as comfortable with jazz as folk music." --folklore
collector and cultural historian Warren FaheyVirtually ignored outside her native
Australia, Marian Henderson (1937-2015) provided folk fans worldwide with a brief, but
inspired soundtrack. Her jazz background also drew profound accolades from numerous
musicians, but for all the applause, Henderson's recorded legacy remains sadly short.
Her 1970 LP Cameo reveals a simplicity and depth that deserve far greater recognition
than she received during her career. Alongside valuable interpretations of Sandy
Denny's "Fotheringay," Leonard Cohen's "The Stranger," and The Incredible String Band's
"First Girl I Loved," this set offers a sublime collection of numerous traditionals to
which Henderson gives new life. Stoned Circle very proudly presents the first-ever
reissue of the astounding Cameo, Marian Henderson's sole album. Accompanying a fully
remastered Cameo, the second disc includes a remastered collection of her other rare
recorded appearances from the 1964 Pix magazine EPs and the compilations the The 
Restless Years and Old Botany Bay. Includes background liners and rare archival photos.
STCCD   3015    RICHMOND                FRIGHTENED                      CD      07.2016

Frightened (1973) is another chapter in the enchanted forest of obscure acid folk.
Stoned Circle's prestigious overview of Richmond's recorded legacy provides more than
enough for fans of early 1970s British folk rock. For the first time ever, Frightened,
Richmond's sole album, receives a fully remastered treatment combined with various
related recordings that predate the album, including rare sides from Richmond's output
as Shillingford Mill and non-album singles on the Dart label covering their 1971-1974
lifespan. Professionally remastered original sound recording with archival photos and
comprehensive liners.
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