Distr.  : NE - Clear Spot/Shiny Beast/
Style   : reissue / 60's / 70's / psychedelic / prog. rock /

SLR     1       RAY HARLOWE             FIRST RAYS                      LP      01.2009

Although released in 1978, as a private pressing, 'First Rays' has all these late
'60s-early '70s vibes. Psychy, hippie, folkie even groovy and trippy at places.
An almost unknown US album that deserves attention and soon will have a limit-up in
the record collecting market. Included in the Acid Archives book.
SLR     2       PROBE                   DIRECTION                       LP      11.2015

Extremely rare, US 1969 album with tons of heavy guitar & organ works and lots of wah
-wah and phaser effects. Hard progressive, heavy blues rock, some post-psychedelic
tinges and complex rhythms allover. 6 original and energetic tunes, an excellent Steve
Miller's 'Livin' In The USA' version and a magnificent rework of the traditional 'Rock
Me'. Note: The original pressing of Probe LP was a little bit noisy but SLR guys did
their best to improve its sound quality. So the final result is superb with partial low
noise on a couple of tracks and only at the low music passages. Although it's not for
the collector who searches only for the high fidelity records, it's a keeper reissue.
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