STELLA FIVE                             Shrewbury
***********                             UK

Distr.  : UK - Probe Plus-Cartel/
Style   : new wave / indie / alternative / garage rock / post rock / blues rock
          / mod / goth rock /

STEL C  1       V / A                   BEST BEFORE OCT 88              CS        .1988

        A1      The Geekais             Head Hunting In Toytown
        A2      The Badgers             Blame
        A3      The Cheese Engineers    Short One
        A4      Lawrence                Tattered Wrappers
        A5      The Dandilions          King Of Pain
        A6      Thee Cybermen           You Say (I Want You)
        A7      Rockhoppers             She Sells Insurance
        A8      Chainsaw Gallery        More Power Needed
        A9      Mind Over Matter        Summer Slips Away
        A10     The Crisps              Stonethrowing
        A11     The Shergars            Very Very Sad Song
        A12     Sister JoJo & The Brothers Gretsch : Wasting A World
        A13     Kenneth Williams        Kenneth Williams
        B1      Peter Bamber : Sulphosuccinatedundecyclenicmonoalkylolomide
        B2      Mike Pratt              Moderna Catacan
        B3      Tell                    Looking For A River
        B4      Pete & Mary Lockerman   The Alternative Person's Polka
        B5      Everything But The Kitchen Cynic : Live It Before You See The Movie
        B6      Rob Stacey              By Order Of The Great Confusion
        B7      The Why Band            Torture Teacher
        B8      Coot                    KK
        B9      Des Butler              I Don't Want To Be American
        B10     The 'Bags               Dancing Around Our Handbags
        B11     L M Cool J              WZTT
        B12     Kuff Dam                What Are You Like?
        B13     The Dorothy Perkins Experience : Carol Carol

CS      Messenger Music MRF 9           1988    UK
STEL LP 1       THE GEEKAS              NINCOMPOOP                      12"       .1988

        A1      Head Hunting In Toytown
        A2      Finney County
        A3      Fool For All Seasons
        B1      Wicka!
        B2      Jittery City
        B3      Dance Of The Sperm
STEL T  1       THE HARDY BOYS          WONDERFUL LIE                   12"       .1989

        A1      Wonderful Lie
        A2      How Can You ?
        B1      Fifteen
        B2      Harbour Lights

12"     Firestation     FST 128         2015    GE