Distr.  : UK - Norman/Piccadilly/
Style   : boogie synth / disco /

STARGAZE  003   GALAXIANS               CHEMICAL REACTION               2x12"   08.2020

12"/1   A1.     Chemical Reaction
        A2.     Fight For Love
        B1.     Not The Money
        B2.     Don't Need U

12"/2   C1.     Heartbreaker
        C2.     Horizon
        D1.     Work It Out
        D2.     Heat Of The City

There's very little good news about at the moment so let us try to help you out by
announcing a new album from Leeds boogie synth collective Galaxians. The main thing
to note is the addition of powerhouse vocalist Emma Mason as a full time member of
the band and her voice becomes a vital cog in their productions which have become
sleekly stripped back as a result. Time to forget the troubles of the world and get
on the (virtual) dancefloor.