SQUAMA                                  GERMANY

Distr.  : GE -
          US - Forced Exposure
Style   : experimental / noise / beats /

SQM     001     FAZER                   NADI                            CD      04.2019

        01.     Pop Up
        02.     Atuo
        03.     Blitzer
        04.     Lina
        05.     Harlesden
        06.     Twin Drum
        07.     Jetty
        08.     Wasi

Munich quintet Fazer release their second album, Nadi. Nadi follows the underground
success of their self-released debut Mara (2018), which quickly sold out and became
one of the most-streamed jazz records of the year. Moving freely between composition
and improvisation, the band's spacious, organic sound pitches lyrical melodies from
guitar and trumpet over double-drummer polyrhythmic grooves and dub-like basslines.
The album title Nadi references a term rooted in traditional Indian medicine. Nadis
are channels that connect points of intensity within the body. This reflects the
band's feeling while playing of moving as one body. Contrary to the creation of Mara,
both the writing and recording sessions for Nadi were completed in relatively short
periods of time.
SQM     002     LAYLA                   POPP                            LP      07.2019

        1       Lilac
        2       Manate
        3       Ulam's Spiral
        4       Partially Ordered
        5       Kali
        6       Yerba
        7       Salbnub
        8       AIHO