SQUAMA                                  GERMANY

Distr.  : GE -
          US - Forced Exposure
Style   : experimental / noise / beats /

SQM     001     FAZER                   NADI                            CD      04.2019

        01.     Pop Up
        02.     Atuo
        03.     Blitzer
        04.     Lina
        05.     Harlesden
        06.     Twin Drum
        07.     Jetty
        08.     Wasi

Munich quintet Fazer release their second album, Nadi. Nadi follows the underground
success of their self-released debut Mara (2018), which quickly sold out and became
one of the most-streamed jazz records of the year. Moving freely between composition
and improvisation, the band's spacious, organic sound pitches lyrical melodies from
guitar and trumpet over double-drummer polyrhythmic grooves and dub-like basslines.
The album title Nadi references a term rooted in traditional Indian medicine. Nadis
are channels that connect points of intensity within the body. This reflects the
band's feeling while playing of moving as one body. Contrary to the creation of Mara,
both the writing and recording sessions for Nadi were completed in relatively short
periods of time.
SQM     002     LAYLA                   POPP                            LP      07.2019

        1       Lilac
        2       Manate
        3       Ulam's Spiral
        4       Partially Ordered
        5       Kali
        6       Yerba
        7       Salbnub
        8       AIHO
SQM     003 LP  PAUL BRANDLE            SOLO                            LP      03.2020
SQM     003 CD  PAUL BRANDLE            SOLO                            CD      03.2020

        01.     Paul Brandle            Brainwave
        02.     Paul Brandle            Sail
        03.     Paul Brandle            Nowish
        04.     Paul Brandle            Mito
        05.     Paul Brandle            Barry
        06.     Paul Brandle            Matches
        07.     Paul Brandle            Danny Boy
        08.     Paul Brandle            Lina
        09.     Paul Brandle            Verano

After releasing two records with the quintet Fazer, German guitarist Paul Brändle
presents his solo debut on Squama Recordings. Paul's minimalist compositions move
in slow-motion between straight-ahead jazz, folk, and blues, only subtly disclosing
their musical origins. The album was recorded in Vienna during the annual "Hundstage",
a period in the summer during which the whole city succumbs to the humid heat. Short
on oxygen, but not on ideas, Paul created nine tracks of soothing excellence that
are worth calming down for.
SQM     004
SQM     005     CARLOS CIPA/MARTIN BRUGGER/SIMON POPP : RUNDEN          LP      09.2020

Runden is a collaboration by Martin Brugger (bass) and Simon Popp (drums), both of
contemporary jazz quintet Fazer, and neo-classical pianist Carlos Cipa. Their debut
LP is a conceptual record reflecting on minimal music, Afrobeat, and dub techno of
the late '90s/early 2000s. While Cipa's solo works build on clear harmonies, for the
recordings of Runden he prepared the piano to make it sound like a faintly tonal
percussion instrument and his mechanical patterns contrast the syncopated drum
grooves of Popp and the deep and sparse basslines of Brugger. The musicians explore,
over the course of seven tracks, the concept of circular music. Each piece is based
on a four-bar-motif played in a loop and varied subtly but steadily over time,
creating a sense of eternal recurrence and timelessness. This makes Runden a meditative
but demanding record, that only grows with every listen.
SQM     006     MARTIN BRUGGER          MUSIC FOR VIDEO STORES          LP      12.2020
SQM     007     FAZER DRUMS             SOUND MEASURES                  12"     12.2020
SQM     012     MATTHIAS LINDERMAYR     TRIPTYCH                        LP      01.2022

        01.     Matthias Lindermayr - Sanctuary
        02.     Matthias Lindermayr - Triptych
        03.     Matthias Lindermayr - Lola
        04.     Matthias Lindermayr - Simmering
        05.     Matthias Lindermayr - February 19th
        06.     Matthias Lindermayr - First Steps
        07.     Matthias Lindermayr - A Long Day Out
        08.     Matthias Lindermayr - Farewell
                (Note : LP/180 gram vinyl; printed inner sleeve)
SQM     013     DAMIAN DALLA TORGE      A HAPPY FLOATING                LP      04.2022

        01.     Damian Dalla Torre - 7:23
        02.     Damian Dalla Torre - Alles Neu
        03.     Damian Dalla Torre - heyheyhey
        04.     Damian Dalla Torre - Bolzano
        05.     Damian Dalla Torre - Where To Go
        06.     Damian Dalla Torre - 8:45
        07.     Damian Dalla Torre - Plastic Air
        08.     Damian Dalla Torre - SO
SWMFAZ  001     FAZER                   MARA                            LP+DLc  10.2020