Distr.  : UK - Norman/Piccadilly/
Style   : indie / post punk /

SPURGE  001 LP  SLAGHEAP                SLAGHEAP                        LP      11.2019

        01.     Power Shower
        02.     Horsey Girl
        03.     Nothing To Say
        04.     Love Island
        05.     Catherine's Pranging Out
        06.     Do I Do I Do I?
        07.     Me Me Me
        08.     Love Island (Phone Mix)

Slagheap are a feminist post-punk band from Bristol. The four women have built their
sound on making their point clearly and loudly, rather than relying on musical skill.
They are disturbed by what’s going on in the world but also revel in the joy of being
together to make a stand. This all comes across on their self-titled debut. If you’re
a fan of The Slits, X-Ray Spex, The Raincoats and Kleenex, then you should check out
SPRUNGE 003     SLUM OF LEGS            SLUM OF LEGS                    LP      03.2020

Side 1) 1/      Benetint & Malevolence
        2/      Slum Of Legs
        3/      I Dream Of Valves Exploding
        4/      RUTHE14ME 5/ In Yr Face
Side 2) 1/      Love's Not Enough
        2/      The Baader-Meinhof Always Look So Good In Photos
        3/      White Leather
        4/      Sasha Fierce
        5/      The Last Time

Slum of Legs are a self described queer noise - pop band who make danceable music
perfect for a night down Wharf Chambers. They come from Brighton (natch) and blend
a fragmented cut up approach to their music with a similar aesthetic to their artwork.
This is their debut full length which is as melodic as it is experimental and as
compassionate as it is furious with the ways of the world.