Boutique music label publishing & promoting the best in synth-based electronica,
actual & imagined soundtracks from talented new composers.

Distr.  : UK - Norman/
Style   : ambient / dark ambient / synthwave / soundtrack / psychedelic /
          electro / synthpop / theme / score / Italo disco / synth wave /
          darkwave /

SOS     001     BRYCE MILLER            CITY DEPTHS                     CS+DL     .2016

        A1      Stillness
        A2      Wander
        A3      Dusk
        A4      Haze
        A5      Descend
        A6      Shadow (Bonus Track)
        B1      Midnight
        B2      Depths
        B3      Intruder
        B4      Dawn
        B5      Missing
        B6      Void
        B7      Pursue
        B8      Moon (Bonus Track)
                (Note cassette , 100 numb. copies)
SOS     002     REPEATED VIWING         STREET FORCE                    CS+DLc  07.2016

        A1      Family (With Alessandro Cassini)                5:02
        A2      Tension Headache                                3:10
        A3      Looking For Jeffries                            3:30
        A4      Pursuit                                         2:48
        A5      Doubt (Bonus Track)                             3:16
        A6      Street Force (Bonus Track)                      5:51
        B1      Dance Chat                                      2:44
        B2      Searching                                       3:15
        B3      Night Loving                                    3:17
        B4      Free And Easy (Bonus Track)                     3:16
        B5      Running                                         4:47
        B6      The Original Sin                                5:37

(Note : split colour red & black tape shell cassette. Edition of 100)
SOS     003     STEVE NOLAN             SOLIDIUM PARTY                  CS      05.2016
                (Note : cassette , 100 hand-numb. split coloured copies)
SOOCLP  001     STEVE NOLAN             SOLIDIUM PARTY                  LP+DLc  08.2018

        A1      The Beginning                                   3:06
        A2      Green Arena                                     5:01
        A3      Wondermental                                    2:25
        A4      Sodium Theme                                    3:15
        A5      Assembly                                        3:12
        A6      The Walking Day                                 1:25
        A7      The Trip                                        2:12
        A8      Red Dress                                       1:22
        B1      Drift                                           4:02
        B2      The Walk At Night                               2:03
        B3      The Cold Trap                                   5:11
        B4      Party Bench                                     2:08
        B5      The Bathroom                                    3:16
        B6      Funeral                                         2:41
        B7      The Dance                                       4:08

(Note : black vinyl LP on Spun Out of Control. Limited edition of 300 hand-numbered
        copies with Japanese-style obi strip. Mastered for vinyl by Antony Ryan)
SOS     004     OGRE AND DALLAS CAMPBELL : ALL HALLOWS'                 CS+DLc  07.2016

        A1      Beginnings Of Decay (Prologue)
        A2      Last Rays Of Daylight
        A3      Tomorrow's Headline
        A4      Anonymous Letter
        A5      Woodland Path
        A6      Sigils
        A7      Demented Mantra
        A8      Followed
        B1      Lockstep
        B2      Of Terror
        B3      Silhouette
        B4      Rabbit Run
        B5      Carve
        B6      End Credits
        B7      Today's Headlines
        B8      All Hallows' (Epilogue)
                (Note : cassette , 100 copies)
SOS     005     REPEATED VIOEWING       ART IMITATES                    CS+DLc  08.2016

        A1      Preparation For The Descent                     3:20
        A2      A Country Trip                                  4:22
        A3      Night Thoughts                                  4:56
        A4      Deep In A Well                                  3:34
        A5      Clawed Back To The Earth                        2:53
        B1      Chase Bass                                      4:28
        B2      Bar Room Shuffle For Love                       4:25
        B3      MTXAOM                                          4:00
        B4      Unveiling                                       4:40
        B5      Trial By Error                                  2:21
                (Note : cassette , 100 hand-numb. turquoise copies)
SOS     006     BRYCE MILLER            W A S P                         CS+DLc  09.2016

        A1      The 1991 Report                                 04:06
        A2      Södermalm                                       03:02
        A3      W A S P                                         06:35
        A4      Respect and Trust                               05:02
        A5      74774 [Idiotic_Table]                           04:13
        A6      Everyone Has Secrets                            02:34
        A7      Millennium                                      03:20
        B1      Blomkvist                                       04:23
        B2      All The Evil                                    03:45
        B3      No Compromises                                  09:32
        B4      Just Company                                    04:35
        B5      Exposed Secrets (Bonus Track)                   04:28
                (Note : cassette , 100 hand-numb. copies)

        A1      John Carpenter                                  4:29
        A2      Post Apocalyptic                                3:39
        A3      Horror                                          2:32
        A4      Electro Groove                                  4:52
        A5      Krautrock                                       4:56
        A6      Francois De Roubaix                             4:10
        A7      Minimal Synth                                   2:47
        B1      Stelvio Cipriani                                2:55
        B2      Erotische                                       3:42
        B3      Afro Beat                                       5:19
        B4      Turkish Psych                                   3:21
        B5      Vampyros Lesbos                                 3:25
        B6      French Gainsbourg                               3:27
        B7      Giallo                                          3:01
                (Note : cassette , 100 hand-numb. copies)
SOS     008     WOJCIECH GOLCZEWSKI     DARK SOULS                      C60     02.2017

        A1      Dark Souls                                      1:57
        A2      Johanna                                         2:12
        A3      Morgue                                          1:37
        A4      At Morten's                                     3:03
        A5      Couple                                          2:49
        A6      Brainscan                                       1:02
        A7      What Have You Done To Her?                      1:21
        A8      Sewers                                          1:37
        A9      30 Days 02:47                                   2:47
        A10     Crime Scene                                     1:43
        A11     Ordinary Day                                    4:24
        A12     It Was Him                                      1:08
        A13     The Chase                                       1:58
        B1      The Witness                                     4:26
        B2      A Favour                                        0:51
        B3      Substance                                       1:13
        B4      Poor Bastard                                    1:08
        B5      Johanna Attacks                                 1:28
        B6      Awaken                                          2:55
        B7      Askestad's Death                                5:06
        B8      In Hiding                                       1:38
        B9      Feeding                                         3:27
        B10     Factory                                         2:40
        B11     One Makes Two                                   0:50
        B12     End Credits                                     2:20
                (Note : cassette , 100 hand-numb. copies)
SOS     009     REPEATED VIEWING        THE THREE SISTERS               CS      12.2016

        A1      Three Sisters (Main Titles)                     06:32
        A2      Heartbeat                                       02:32
        A3      Alone At Midnight                               03:40
        A4      She Hears Him                                   03:36
        A5      Gunter's Sympathy                               02:34
        A6      He's Here                                       02:29
        A7      Vein Surfer (Bonus Track)                       02:26
        A8      Resistance                                      03:12
        A9      Childhood Fantasy                               03:31
        A10     Victimised (Bonus Track)                        03:41
        B1      The Escape                                      07:28
        B2      The Creator                                     04:27
        B3      Three Sisters (Umberto Remix)                   04:09
        B4      Gunter's Sympathy (Vercetti Technicolor Remix)  04:58
        B5      He's Here (Antoni Maiovvi's None More Cosmic Rx)06:56
        B6      Resistance (Night Sequels Remix)                05:13
SOS     010     MAINE                   IV                              CS+DLc  02.2017

        A1      Never Speak, Never Teach
        A2      Sauvette
        A3      The Landscape Has Changed
        A4      The Place No One Knew
        A5      Journal D'un Siecle
        A6      L'illusioniste
        A7      Doon
        A8      Sorciere Déesse Du Boulevard De Magenta
        B1      Les Amants Du Pont Neuf / Field Song
        B2      On Le Pleure Mort
        B3      Uncommon Places
        B4      Calcite
        B5      La Riviére Rouge
        B6      For Eugéne
        B7      The Landscape Has Changed (Bonus Mix)
                (Note : cassette , 100 hand-numb. copies)
SOS     011     worriedaboutsatan       BLANK TAPE                      CS      10.2017

        A1      A Way Out
        A2      The Violent Sequence
        A3      The Tower And The Steward
        A4      This Restless Wing (feat. Vincent Cavanagh)
        A5      Forward Into Night
        A6      Lament (feat. Face + Heel)
        B1      Nice To Meet You
        B2      Ravel
        B3      Blank Tape
        B4      From A Dead Man (Part II)
        B5      This Restless Wing (Bonus Alternative Mix)
                (Note : cassette , 150 copies)

CD      This Is It Forever  TIIF 031        2016        UK
SOS     012     WOJCIECH GOLCZEWSKI     400_DAYS                        CS+DLc  07.2017

        A1      400 Days
        A2      The Hatch
        A3      The Ship
        A4      Take Off
        A5      Time
        A6      Delusions
        A7      We Are Moving
        A8      You And I
        A9      Poisoned
        A10     Oxygen
        A11     The Thing
        B1      The Creature Is Gone
        B2      Exploring The Area
        B3      Tranquility
        B4      Zell
        B5      I'll Be Your Host
        B6      Bug's Vision
        B7      Slaughterhouse
        B8      I Wanted To Tell You
        B9      It's Time To Leave
        B10     Final Fight
                (Note : cassette , 250 hand-numb. copies total)
SOS     013     CORRELATIONS            NIGHT ACQUISITIONS              CS      08.2017

        A1      Night Acquisitions
        A2      High Tide
        A3      Misty Morning
        A4      Downtown Comedown
        A5      Unsafe Space
        A6      They Live
        A7      Journey To The Light
        A8      Fade Out
        A9      Lines
        A10     The Runner
        B1      Cuba
        B2      Open Mind
        B3      Looking In
        B4      Signs
                (Note : cassette , 125 hand-numb. copies)
SOS     014     STEFAN BACHMEIER : ANOMALY ON MEADOW LANE               CS      10.2017

        A1      Foreshadowing
        A2      Quiet Suburban Town
        A3      The Hermit
        A4      A Late Night At The Library
        A5      Anomaly On Meadow Lane
        A6      Something Came Out Of The Well
        A7      Quantum Teleportation
        B1      Boltzmann Brain
        B2      Leylines
        B3      The Day It Rained Toads
        B4      At The Observatory
        B5      Phosphorescence
        B6      The Government Investigation
        B7      One Road Out
        B8      Black Helicopters

(Note : limited ‘translucent tentacle orange’ cassette shell tape. Ed. of 150 copies)
SOS     015     MAINE                   V                               CS      10.2017

        A1      La Pluie
        A2      Trajection Lure
        A3      Ventoux
        A4      The World Without
        A5      L'autome
        A6      Below the Landslide (feat Nina)
        A7      L’autome (Cassette Bonus Mix)
        B1      Now We Rise and We Are Everywhere
        B2      Cadence
        B3      There and Then
        B4      Walk Again
        B5      I Never Wanted to Write These Words Down for You
        B6      Chaque Étoile est un Soleil Qui se Couche
        B7      Cadence (Cassette Bonus Mix)
                (Note : cassette , 125 hand-numb. copies)

        A1      Gomorrah (Theme From The Streets Run Red)       04:10
        A2      Superbowl                                       01:23
        A3      Murder And Self Defence                         03:27
        A4      The Robbery                                     01:32
        A5      Flesh                                           00:35
        A6      Fifth One This Year                             05:16
        A7      Dude Is Deadly                                  01:21
        A8      Hard On                                         01:59
        B1      A Midnight Stroll                               01:45
        B2      Coal                                            03:06
        B3      Kinky                                           02:54
        B4      Disneyland                                      01:22
        B5      Open Sesame                                     01:36
        B6      Django Out                                      02:26
        B7      Encrypted Or Complete Bullshit                  03:55
        B8      The Morning After                               00:57
        B9      Eureka                                          01:52
        B10     The Streets Run Red Closing Titles              03:27
                (Note : cassette , Edition of 150 copies with artwork
                by Eric Adrian Lee)
SOS     017     [soundtrack] REPEATED VIEWING-STREET FORCE II           CS+DLc  01.2018

Side A  1       Back To The Streets                             3:50
        2       Marcia From The 4th Floor                       5:28
        3       Followed In The Park                            3:49
        4       Downpour                                        1:47
        5       The Night Owl Returns                           3:14
        6       Back Alleys                                     3:15
        7       Fever Dream                                     2:03
        8       Can't Sleep                                     6:37
        9       Over The Fence                                  1:20
        10      The Hunt (What Have I Done?)                    3:17
Side B  1       Street Trash                                    4:03
        2       Dawn Regrets                                    3:51
        3       Justice                                         3:57
        4       Vengeance                                       6:53
        5       Burning Buildings/Target Practice               4:31
        6       Marcia From The 4th Floor (Polypores Remix)     5:21
        7       Back Alleys (Ubre Blanca Remix                  6:12
                (Note : cassette , Edition of 150 copies with artwork
                by Eric Adrian Lee)
SOS     018     JAN BORRÉ               WHERE THE SKIN LIES             CS      03.2018

        A1      Opening Sequence
        A2      Champagne
        A3      Edward Dies
        A4      Landline
        A5      Ray Gets Stitches
        A6      You Figured This Out
        A7      Better Than Therapy
        A8      Combined Love
        B1      Why Is He Still Here?
        B2      Cutting
        B3      Beads
        B4      Shining
        B5      Chase
        B6      Beth
        B7      The Storm
                (Note : cassette , 150 hand-numb. copies total)
SOS     019     SUNSET GRAVE            THE INEVITABLE END              CS+DLc  03.2018

        A1      Lovr
        A2      Reclucifer
        A3      Descents
        A4      Threads
        A5      Solace
        B1      Crepuscular
        B2      Savagery
        B3      Capitals
        B4      Woke (Bonus Track)

(Note : limited 'Sunset Red' reddish/orange translucent cassette tape on Spun Out
        Of Control. Edition of 150 copies. Includes download code)
SOS     020     COLLINS                 SUZY WENT MISSING               CS      07.2018

        A1      Crawlspace                                      00:58
        A2      Secret Polaroid                                 05:28
        A3      Toybox                                          03:13
        A4      Hero Complex                                    07:05
        A5      Silo 17                                         04:53
        A6      Forever Fourteen                                02:58
        B1      Beneath A Red 'X'                               08:31
        B2      Modus Operandi                                  05:08
        B3      Ladyface                                        06:48
        B4      Suzy's Lament                                   04:20
                (Note : cassette , 150 copies total)
SOS     021     TRUQUOISE MOON          MIDNIGHT DEMON                  CS      06.2018

        1       The Arrival (Main Titles)                       02:57
        2       Aurora Over LA                                  02:44
        3       Prowling For The Flesh                          03:13
        4       The Investigation                               02:50
        5       I Had Her In My Sights                          02:15
        6       Dark Hearts Breed                               03:22
        7       Coming To A Realisation                         03:04
        8       Streetlights Through The Blinds                 02:06
        9       The Birth Of Death                              03:42
        10      My God, What Have I Done?                       03:09
        11      Embrace The Wind                                02:53
        12      Epilogue (End Titles)                           02:19
SOS     022     STEFAN BACHMEIER        THE INFERNAL MACHINE            CS      11.2018

        A1      Out Of Place Artefacts                          2:36
        A2      The Professor Finds The Antique Clock           2:32
        A3      The Colour Of Time                              6:19
        A4      Basement Electronics                            2:56
        A5      Unsolved Equations                              5:30
        A6      Moneyspider                                     2:21
        A7      The Shape Of Time                               3:33
        A8      A Series Of Experiments                         3:13
        B1      The Professor's Revelation                      1:42
        B2      Klaus Meets Himself                             3:52
        B3      Increasingly Erratic Behaviour                  4:41
        B4      The Portal                                      2:52
        B5      That Infernal Machine                           5:53
        B6      The Underside                                   4:16
        B7      Destroying The Bridge                           3:32
        B8      A New Timeline                                  2:49
                (Note : cassette , 160 copies total)
SOS     023     HERESIE                 SISTERS OF THE BARE GODDESS     CS      12.2018

        A1      Main Theme
        A2      Something In The Wind
        A3      Memories 1
        A4      Kanchi's Lust
        A5      It's This Place
        A6      Kanchi's Love
        B1      Get Away (Before Something Happens)
        B2      Voyeur
        B3      Red Lips
        B4      The Escape
        B5      Encounter At The Ledge
                (Note : cassette , 150 hand-numb. copies total)
SOS     024     CORRELATIONS            HIDDEN SCENES                   CS      12.2018

        A1      Before The After
        A2      Lost At Sea
        A3      Past We Forget
        A4      Ultra Vivid Visions
        A5      Amity Of Suzanne
        B1      Winding Road
        B2      Treasure Island
        B3      The Creeper
        B4      Burial At The Rock
        B5      Ascension
        B6      Driving 101
        B7      Saints Peter & Paul
        B8      By The Shore
        B9      Golden Dragons Golden Gates
        B10     Riverman
                (Note : cassette , 150 hand-numb. copies total)
SOS     025     SIMON JAMES             COSMIC SURGERY                  CS      04.2019

        A1      The Waiting Room
        A2      Going Under
        A3      The Procedure
        A4      Nanoparticle Filtration
        A5      Subliminal Sound Pulses I
        A6      Coming Round
        B1      Be Who You Want To Be
        B2      Obsessive Gaze
        B3      Face Interface
        B4      More Than Just Skin Deep
        B5      Subliminal Sound Pulses II
        B6      Recovery
                (Note : cassette , 150 copies total)

Cosmic Surgery on cassette features Alma Haser’s photography/origami on a specially
commissioned cover, plus label artwork by Eric Adrian Lee.
SOS     026     NICHOLAS LANGLEY AND DARK HALF : REBEL CONVOY           CS      04.2019

        A1      We Found The Armoury
        A2      Siege
        A3      Twilight
        A4      Lone Star (Piano)
        A5      Binocular View
        A6      Convoy Begins
        A7      Beach Silhouettes
        A8      Two On Night Watch
        B1      Convoy Reprise
        B2      Lone Star Theme
        B3      Creepers
        B4      The Dream
        B5      Mistakes Cost Lives (Sabotage)
        B6      Dust Clears
        B7      Now We Light Up The Night
        B8      Convoy Ends
        B9      Rebel Convoy Main Theme
                (Note : cassette , 150 copies total)
SOS     027     STEVE NOLAN             FROM WATER AND REAM             2CS     06.2019

CS 1            From Water
        A1      The Choice
        A2      Sunday Sherman
        A3      A True Story
        B1      Meeker
        B2      Empty
        B3      Horse
        B4      Sink

CS 2            Ream
        C1      Tip
        C2      The Ghost
        C3      Approaching
        C4      Reamer
        C5      There's Goats Now
        D1      Waterway
        D2      Birth
        D3      Bouncer
        D4      The Five
        D5      Identification
                (Note : cassette , 160 numb. copies)
SOS     028     TURQUOISE MOON          MIDNIGHT DEMON 2                C30     08.2019

        A1      Alone Out Here
        A2      It's A Life
        A3      At Night, She Preys
        A4      Follow Me, Find Me, Kill Me
        A5      Back On The Case
        A6      I Know Who You Are
        B1      The Stakeout
        B2      Rooftop Faceoff
        B3      Sunset Decision
        B4      So Sorry, You Have To Die
        B5      Countdown
        B6      The Purge Of LA

(Note : pink & blue dual-coloured tape shell. Edition of 160 copies)
SOS     029     THE RELATIONS           NIGHT'S PRELUDE                 CS      07.2019

        A1      She Only Wanted To Be With You
        A2      All Things Pass And It's Alright
        A3      In Search Of Balek Moulin
        A4      Tripping With The Dancer
        A5      Journey Of Time
        A6      Tree Of Joy
        A7      You Can't Stop The Rain, You Can't Stop Our Love
        B1      While You Sleep
        B2      Riverboat On The Senne
        B3      The Bloody Tower
        B4      Days, Weeks, Months, Years
        B5      Fading Into Darkness (Night Acquisitions)
                (Note : silver or pink cassettes shell ed.)

The Relations are led by Neal Hale of Brighton-based electronic duo Correlations.
Night’s Prelude is inspired by a wide range psychedelic and retro-futuristic music
and architecture such as the Velvet Underground, Bob James and BBC Radiophonic
Workshop, ‘70s crime thriller soundtracks and the Atomium structure in Brussels.
SOS     030     (s) ANTONI MAIOVVI : WHERE DREAMS GO TO DIE             CS      09.2019

        1       Your Dress
        2       Model Citizen
        3       Where Dreams Go
        4       An Encounter With A Friend With Sharp Teeth
        5       Childhood Home
        6       Delimited Guild
        7       Sour Candy
        8       Curiosity
        9       Hereditary Sickness
        10      Letting Go

(Note : black & white dual-coloured tape shell. Edition of 180 copies)

Antoni Maiovvi takes inspiration from the music of Bernard Herrmann (Citizen Kane,
Psycho, Taxi Driver), and the novels of Stephen King. His new soundtrack, Where Dreams
Go To Die, sees the Italian electronic musician mixes some aggressive synth work with
mournful piano passages, part scary as hell, part rather beautiful.
SOS     031     HATTIE COOKE            THE SLEEPERS                    CS+DLc  11.2019

        A1      Lies
        A2      Evacuation
        A3      Run
        A4      Red Silk
        A5      Chamber
        A6      Safe Arms
        B1      Ladders
        B2      Riot
        B3      Emerging
        B4      Something's Watching You
        B5      Survival
        B6      Main Theme

(Note : limited edition dual colour sable green and pink cassette. Artwork by Eric
        Adrian Lee)
SOS     032     REPEATED VIEWING        NATURE'S REVENGE                CS      12.2019

        A1      Nature's Revenge
        A2      Up The Valley
        A3      The Black Peak
        A4      The Watcher
        A5      Hunt The Outsider
        A6      Magic Is All Around You
        B1      In Shadows
        B2      Groundswell
        B3      Fell Runners Embrace The Void
        B4      Follow The River
                (Note : cassette , 180 hand-numb. copies)
SOS     033     STEFAN BACHMEIER        DOPPEL                          CS      10.2019

        A1      The Process
        A2      Disorientation Video
        A3      Hidden Rooms Within The Facility
        A4      The First Trip
        A5      Pins On The Map, Names On A List
        A6      Unmarked Test Tubes
        A7      Multiplication
        A8      The Delusions Of A Sick Man
        B1      Copies of Copies
        B2      On The Other Side Of The Vast Unblinking Eye
        B3      Meet The Author
        B4      You Are Not The Original
        B5      Moonchild
        B6      Doppel
        B7      Epilogue - Sedated And Safe
                (Note : cassette , 200 hand-numb. copies)
SOS     034     JAN BORRÉ               GRAYSON                         CS      10.2019

        A1      Count To Zero
        A2      The Southern Bow
        A3      Blue Five
        A4      The First Star Of Emptiness
        B1      The Northern Claw
        B2      The Unarmed Gatherer
        B3      Hamam Shines Brighter
        B4      Head Of The Ram
                (Note : cassette , 180 hand-numb. copies total)
SOS     035     RUPERT LALLY            THE PROSPECT                    CS      12.2019

        A1      Edge Of The Union
        A2      Mountains
        A3      My Brother's Flesh
        A4      Hallucinations
        A5      Dead Man's Clothes
        B1      Prospect
        B2      Recovery
        B3      Outlaws
        B4      Sacrifice
        B5      No Prospect (End Titles)
                (Note : cassette , 180 hand-numb. copies total)
SOS     036     ANDY FOSBERRY           DEATH SHIP 2047                 CS      05.2020

        A1      A Decaying Orbit Around Neptune
        A2      Ex Inferis
        A3      Proxima
        A4      Eyes To See
        A5      Infinite Space
        B1      Meatgrinder
        B2      The Dark Inside
        B3      It Shows You Things
        B4      Infinite Terror
        B5      Blood And Wires
        B6      I AM Home
                (Note : cassette , 200 hand-numb. copies total)

Death Ship 2047 by electronic composer (and high jumper?) Andy Fosberry was inspired
by the 1997 space horror movie Event Horizon. It is very dramatic and full of dark
synth textures which recall the tense horror of the movie. The album took shape as
it was announced that another branch of the Event Horizon story was being made. It
got Fosberry thinking about how much he loved the original. Available on cassette
in two different colour ways.
SOS     037     STEVE NOLAN & GREY FREQUENCY : INTERCEPT                CS1+DLc 05.2020
SOS     037     STEVE NOLAN & GREY FREQUENCY : INTERCEPT                CS2+DLc 05.2020

        A1      Firster
        A2      Been
        A3      The End Or The Exit
        A4      The Paddler
        B1      Pipe
        B2      Blimped
        B3      Not So Distant
        B4      Liquidate
        B5      In Private

CS 1    Limited edition tape on Spun Out Of Control. Screen Static (blue glitter)
        cassette shell edition.
CS 2    Limited edition tape on Spun Out Of Control. Blue Foil cassette shell edition.

On the ever collectable Spun Out Of Control label, this is a collaboration between
composer Steve Nolan and electronic artist Grey Frequency (Gavin Morrow). 'Intercept'
is a score for a film inside your mind. It's spectral radio transmissions and
blackened glitchy electronic atmospheres will likely appeal to listeners of dark
cinematic works from Jóhann Jóhannsson, the abyssal drones of Sunn O))) and some of
Geoff Barrow's score work. Limited edition tape in two variants. 
SOS     038     HEINRICH DRESSEL        SHAPESHIFTING                   CS      12.2020

        A1      MacReady Rescue Team
        A2      The Thing In Disguise
        A3      Attempt To Escape
        A4      Shapeshifting Creature
        A5      Nether Bay
        B1      Strangers
        B2      OB6 Research Station
        B3      There Is Still Some Light Out There
        B4      Hypothermia
        B5      Who Goes There?
SOS     039     GAVINO MORRETTI         GIRL ZERO                       CS      07.2020

        A1      Production Line                                 3:28
        A2      The Arena                                       5:32
        A3      Breakout                                        2:30
        A4      An Endless Wasteland                            4:22
        A5      Kerez                                           5:25
        A6      Mercenaries Assemble                            4:05
        B1      Hostile Action                                  2:58
        B2      Lost In The Ruins                               3:53
        B3      Dreaming For The First Time                     3:37
        B4      Battle                                          2:58
        B5      Fury And Sacrifice                              3:45
        B6      Self Destruct                                   0:43
        B7      Never Forget                                    1:45
        B8      Girl Zero (End Credits)                         6:11
        B9      Epilogue (System Restart)                       0:52

(Note : tape on Spun Out Of Control. 'Cyborg Cerise' (clear pink/mauve with black
        liner) edition of 90 copies)

Girl Zero is the new cassette by Gavino Morretti. It is the Italian synth supremo’s
first for Spun Out Of Control. Death duels between robotic cyborgs is the central
theme for this album. It sees Moretti channeling masters of sci-fi sound such as
Vangelis, John Carpenter and Brad Fiedel, sounding like something they may have cooked
up in the late ‘80s.
SOS     040     RUPERT LALLY            WHERE THE DARK SPEAKS           CS+DLc  10.2020

        A1      The Marsten House (Salem's Lot) 1975
        A2      The Overlook Hotel (The Shining) 1977
        A3      Gatlin, Nebraska (Children Of The Corn) 1978
        A4      Frank Dodd's Room (The Dead Zone) 1979
        A5      The Shop (Firestarter) 1980
        A6      Darnell's Garage (Christine) 1983
        A7      The Indian Burial Ground (Pet Cemetary) 1983
        B1      Tarker's Mills (Cycle Of The Werewolf) 1983
        B2      Bridgton (The Mist) 1985
        B3      Derry (It) 1985
        B4      Haven (The Tommyknockers) 1987
        B5      Room 1408 (1408) 2002
        B6      Roof O' The World (Doctor Sleep) 2013
        B7      The Institute (The Institute) 2019

'Firestarter' smoked cassette shell tape on Spun Out Of Control. Edition of 125
hand-numbered copies.

SOS     040     RUPERT LALLY            WHERE THE DARK SPEAKS           CS+DLc  10.2020

'Tommyknocker’ green cassette shell tape on Spun Out Of Control. Edition of 125
hand-numbered copies.
SOS     041     HAWKSMOOR               METHODS OF DREAMING             CS      10.2020

        A1      Into Algeria
        A2      Strict Parallels
        A3      Methods Of Dreaming
        A4      La Peste
        A5      Paneloux
        B1      AES
        B2      Wishbone
        B3      Seraphim
        B4      The Liminality
SOS     042     ANDY FOSBERRY           BLAIR, MARYLAND                 CS      10.2020

        A1      Blair, Maryland
        A2      Hand Me Down Stories
        A3      It's Like An Indian Burial Ground
        A4      Figures In The Woods
        A5      Three Piles Of Rocks
        A6      The Same Log
        A7      Blood Bundle
        A8      I Am So, So Sorry
        A9      In The House
        B1      BMS I
        B2      BMS II
        B3      BMS III
        B4      BMS IV
        B5      BMS V
        B6      BMS VI
SOS     043     MONOCHROME ECHO         MOONKEEPER                      CS      12.2020

        A1      Moonkeeper
        A2      Europa Outpost
        A3      The Visitation
        A4      Bridge Of Light
        A5      Into The Darkness
        A6      Freefall
        A7      The Disappearance
        B1      A Race Against Time
        B2      Intercept Course
        B3      The Stalker
        B4      Nova
        B5      Escape Velocity
        B6      Haven At Callisto
        B7      Afterburner
SOS     044     RUPERT LALLY            MANIAC'S ALMANAC                CS+DLc  03.2021
                (Note : cassette , 200 copies total)

LP      "Traffic Cone" orange vinyl LP on Spun Out Of Control. Remastered for
        vinyl and includes bonus track + obi strip. Ed. of 350 hand-numbered copies.
CS/1    Cassette on Spun Out Of Control. Shattered Windscreen (silver glitter/clear
        shell) edition of 100 copies.
CS/2    Cassette. Brutalist Breezeblock grey shell edition of 100 copies.

nspired by J. G. Ballard’s novel of the same name, "Concrete Island" is
a collaborative album between James McKeown’s Hawksmoor and Jonathan Sharp’s
The Heartwood Institute. Their dystopian, electronic post-punk is angular and
brutalist in many places, but with strains of melody and beauty poking through
the slate-grey atmosphere.

SOOCLP  1       STEVE NOLAN             SODIUM PARTY                    LP+DLc  10.2018

        A1      The Beginning                                   3:05
        A2      Green Arena                                     4:58
        A3      Wondermental                                    2:23
        A4      Sodium Theme                                    3:14
        A5      Assembly                                        3:11
        A6      The Walking Day                                 1:22
        A7      The Trip                                        2:09
        A8      Red Dress                                       1:22
        B1      Drift                                           3:56
        B2      The Walk At Night                               1:45
        B3      The Cold Trap                                   5:07
        B4      Party Bench                                     2:00
        B5      The Bathroom                                    3:04
        B6      Funeral                                         2:39
        B7      The Dance                                       3:41
                (Note : LP , 300 numb. copies with obi strip)
SOOCLP  2       CORRELATIONS            AFTERMATH                       LP+DLc  11.2018
SOOCLP  2       CORRELATIONS            AFTERMATH                       11FLAC  11.2018

        A1      Aftermath
        A2      Resistance Is Underground
        A3      Elevator Scene
        A4      Good Grace (Gates Of Paradise)
        A5      Redwood (In The Muir)
        A6      Luv To Haight
        B1      Cosmic Club (Starck Reality)
        B2      Fort Point
        B3      Angeles
        B4      Driving 80
        B5      An Exercise In Restraint
                (Note : LP , 300 hand-numb. copies on blue vinyl)

300 hand numbered units on coloured ‘Sky Blue’ vinyl complete with Japanese-style obi
strip/band, the second ever vinyl release on London label Spun Out Of Control is an
album of beautifully cinematic electronica in which layers of buzzing synths weave
epic earworm melodies for the listener. Specially commissioned cover and label artwork
by designer Eric Adrian Lee.
SOOCLP  3 CREAM BRYCE MILLER            MONOCHROME DAYDREAM             LP      12.2019
                (Note : LP , 150 copies no cream-white vinyl)
SOOCLP  3 BLUE  BRYCE MILLER            MONOCHROME DAYDREAM             LP      12.2019
                (Note : LP , 150 copies no light-blue vinyl)
SOOCLP  3 BLUE  BRYCE MILLER            MONOCHROME DAYDREAM             13FLAC  12.2019

        A1      Silhouette                                      2:25
        A2      Visionline                                      4:51
        A3      Drift Pt. 1                                     2:48
        A4      Into The Mist                                   2:42
        A5      Sinking Spiral                                  3:58
        A6      Abyss                                           2:33
        A7      Signals                                         2:33
        B1      Spectral Drift                                  2:28
        B2      Timewarp                                        4:02
        B3      Within Shadow                                   3:19
        B4      Monochrome                                      4:15
        B5      Drift Pt. 2                                     1:38
        B6      Infinite                                        4:13

CREAM   Limited edition 'Godzilla Claw Cream' coloured vinyl LP on Spun Out Of
        Control. Cover design and visuals by Eric Adrian Lee. Includes obi strip.
BLUE    Limited edition 'Blade Runner Blue' coloured vinyl LP on Spun Out Of Control.
        Cover design and visuals by Eric Adrian Lee. Includes obi strip.
SOOCLP  4       TRURQUOISE MOON         THE SUNSET CITY                 LP/1    09.2020
SOOCLP  4       TRURQUOISE MOON         THE SUNSET CITY                 LP/2    09.2020
SOOCLP  4       TRURQUOISE MOON         THE SUNSET CITY                 13FLAC  09.2020

        A1      Skyscraper Moon
        A2      Sidewalks Of Gold
        A3      Cherry Cola
        A4      HSD
        A5      She's In Motion
        A6      Surface Streets
        B1      Morning Surf
        B2      Marina Blue
        B3      Broken City
        B4      Ocean Swallows Sun
        B5      On LAX Time
        B6      Midnight Hearts
        B7      The Neon Drive

LP 1    150 copies on transparent turquoise 'Turquoise Moon'. All numbered.
LP 2    150 copies on yellow & orange swirl 'LA sunset Fireball'. All numbered.
SOOCLP  5       PROTO DROIDS            CYBERNETIC WORLD                LP      10.2020
                (Note : LP , 500 numb. copies on multicoloured splatter)
SOOCLP  5       PROTO DROIDS            CYBERNETIC WORLD                LP      10.2020
                (Note : LP , 500 copies on green and black, mirroring
                the cover, or multi coloured splatter)

        A1      Pleasure Mode                                   4:36
        A2      A Number Of Games                               4:45
        A3      Heat Map                                        4:35
        A4      Functioning                                     3:51
        A5      Hall Of Mirrors                                 1:32
        B1      Roboterwerke                                    0:36
        B2      Model 700                                       4:14
        B3      Porsche 928 Ocean Drive                         3:54
        B4      Drooged Doper                                   7:41
        B5      German Version                                  2:41
SOOCLP  6       STEFAN BACHMEIER:The Strange Worlds of Stefan Bachmeier LP      12.2020

        1.      Foreshadowing                                   03:24
        2.      The Shape Of Time                               03:37
        3.      Phosphorescence                                 05:36
        4.      Klaus Meets Himself                             03:53
        5.      Hidden Rooms Within The Facility                03:28
        6.      The Professor's Revelation                      01:43
        7.      Destroying The Bridge                           03:48
        8.      Delusions Of A Sick Man                         03:00
        9.      One Road Out                                    04:15
        10.     The Colour Of Time                              06:22
        11.     Inside The Mind Of God                          03:28

(Note : LP , 350 copies worldwide on tentacle red vinyl, exclusive to this first