Distr.  : NE - Shiny Beast
Style   : garage rock / beat / mod /

SN      1       SERGEANTS MESS : WELL THAT'S ANOTHER FINE MESS          7"      02.2018

On this limited 7" vinyl release of 300, the Mess provide two stormers, each in its
own parallel universe, giving two options of their mulit-tool. 'Couldn't I Be Yours'
gives a respectful nod to the garage output of the '60s, and 'Back In The Bag' is an
experimental, yet very well constructed and funked up Gorrilaz-esque wonder.
SN      2       THE NETTELLES           WE ARE...THE NETTELLES          7"      06.2018

The Nettelles are a garage punk band based in Edinburgh, Scotland, who make garage
influenced music and have also been known to cover songs by The Pandoras, The Brood,
Shadows of Knight and Sally Skull (of which two are ex-members). Limited hand numbered
7" vinyl release of 300. 'I'm Over You' is a garage-punk hit, with an intro that sucks
you in, swirls you around, and spits you out some three minutes later. 'We Are...' is
the answer to your question "Who are The Nettelles?", providing a sting or two with an
introduction to the band themselves.
SN      3       ANDRE M                 DODGED A BULLET                 7"      01.2019
SN      4       THEE GIRL FRIDAYS       THE LOVE WITCH                  7"      01.2009

Thee Girl Fridays are a lo-fi, high-class, garage twang combo from Edinburgh. Since
2016 they've had the dance-floors twistin'-and-a-shakin' at some of the UK's premier
garage, surf and beat events such as The Franklin Fest, Beatwave, the Blast-Off!
Festival - even King Salami's after-party!! The girls play rip-roaring rock'n'roll
that is guaranteed to Bewitch you... and watch out for the twang - it's not just from
their guitars!! They aim to bring big knickers back, and you may even be lucky enough
to catch a pair if you see them live.
SN      5       TREASURES OF MEXICO     THE LAST THING                  7"      04.2019
                (Note : 7" , 300 copies on black vinyl)
SN      5       TREASURES OF MEXICO     THE LAST THING                  7"      04.2019
                (Note : 7" , 200 copies on green vinyl)

        A       The Last Thing
        B1      Heart Pounding
        B2      Lost In This World

The Treasures Of Mexico feature Mark Matthews and Bob Collins from the legendary
UK band The Dentists. Hand-numbered edition of 300 copies.
SN      6       THE VOO-DOOMS           AND IT GOES LIKE THIS           7"      04.2019

SIDE 1: 1.      Voo-Doom Twist
        2.      Goin' Away Baby
SIDE 2: 1.      Diggin' My Own Grave
        2.      Another Teenage Dance Craze

Once again, Sgt. Von Doom (vocals and rhythm ghoultar), C.K. Doomsmith (axe-murdering
and back-breaking vocals), Doctor Voo (four and six-string bottom-gutters) and The
Prince Of Doom (jungle drums, screams and tambourine) have plumbed the depths and
hit pay-dirt with another clutch of blood-curdling tunes designed to send teenageres
everywhere crazy! Limited to 300 copies on black vinyl, but only few available!
SN      7       LINK QUARTET            SECRET SESSIONS                 LP      05.2019

Italy based The Link Quartet have produced a unique mix of funk, beat, rock and soul,
strongly tied to the glorious bands of the past, but fully looking forward towards the
future for a modern unmistakable touch. In 2018, the band spent time touring around
Italy, France, Spain, Belgium and Germany, working on new songs and building a new
strong and dynamic collective sound. It was at this time that the band decided on the
idea to release a live album recorded in the studio, during a three-day event.
The event took place in November 2018, at Tanzan Music Studio, resulting in a live
studio album, containing all the best tracks of the Iatalian combo performed live and
recorded as never before. All the energy of the quartet has been transferred on album
for the first time, and will give the listener a new and unique perspective of the
band's attitude. Limited to 300 copies.
SN      8       THE HURRICANES          LOOK OUT!                       7"      06.2019

        1       Look Out!
        2       Shake It!

The Hurricanes are a loud mod garage band bringing the sound of 1966 to now! Fusing
power pop, '60s garage, mod revival and boss British beat, these four gents have been
around the musical block, deciding to get it together to be the kind of band they'd
like to go and see themselves. Think The Who, The Creation and The Prisoners.
All notes taken from: www.shinybeast.nl