Distr.  : NE - Shiny Beast
Style   : garage rock / beat / mod /

SN      1       SERGEANTS MESS : WELL THAT'S ANOTHER FINE MESS          7"      02.2018

On this limited 7" vinyl release of 300, the Mess provide two stormers, each in its
own parallel universe, giving two options of their mulit-tool. 'Couldn't I Be Yours'
gives a respectful nod to the garage output of the '60s, and 'Back In The Bag' is an
experimental, yet very well constructed and funked up Gorrilaz-esque wonder.
SN      2       THE NETTELLES           WE ARE...THE NETTELLES          7"      06.2018

The Nettelles are a garage punk band based in Edinburgh, Scotland, who make garage
influenced music and have also been known to cover songs by The Pandoras, The Brood,
Shadows of Knight and Sally Skull (of which two are ex-members). Limited hand numbered
7" vinyl release of 300. 'I'm Over You' is a garage-punk hit, with an intro that sucks
you in, swirls you around, and spits you out some three minutes later. 'We Are...' is
the answer to your question "Who are The Nettelles?", providing a sting or two with an
introduction to the band themselves.