Distr.  : UK - Norman
Style   :

STLP    016     GUM                     OUT IN THE WORLD                LP      08.2020
                (Note : LP/180 g. , baby-blue vinyl)

While not being involved in Australian outfits Tame Impala and Pond, Jay Watson has
released a string of impressive psychedelic rock albums under the alias GUM,
a reference to kids’ claymation series ‘Gumby’ which he loved as a kid. Out In The
World is his fifth such record, and ought to maintain his high critical acclaim.
STRDLXLP 025    POND                    9 (DELUXE ED.)                  2LP     05.2022

Side A: 1.      Song for Agnes
        2.      Human Touch
        3.      America’s Cup
        4.      Take Me Avalon I’m Young
        5.      Pink Lunettes
Side B: 1.      Czech Locomotive
        2.      Rambo
        3.      Gold Cup / Plastic Sole
        4.      Toast

Side C: 1.      Lights of Leeming
        2.      My Funny Serpentine
        3.      The TAB Took My Baby Away
        4.      Hang a Cross on Me
Side D:         (etched side)