SPAZZ RECORDS                           NETHERLANDS

Distr.  : NE - Shiny Beast
Style   : surf / instrumental / garage punk /

SPAZZ   1       PIG FRENZY              I DON'T NEED YOU                7"      09.2018

        A       I DON'T NEED YOU
        B       ORAL MORAL

This Rotterdam (NL) four piece met up to start a post-punk band, but gloriously
failed. What came out was a raw mixture of garage, punk and surf served with vulcanic
violence. An eruption of musical perversity and fury.
SPAZZ   2       LA TRINIDAD             LAS VENAS                       7"      09.2018

        A       'Las Venas'
        B       'Ay Tus Ojos'

Debut 7-inch of Málagan garage-punk-pop band La Trinidad. The band bears the name
of the old working class neighborhood of Málaga, the hometown of the band. The period
that marks the end of the regime of general Franco to the transition into democracy
is a great source of inspiration for La Trinidad. From the subversive poets to the
ultra-violent and sex driven Quinqui film movement. Intelligent and dark lyrics
with touches of black humor and a sound and attitude that's shaped by national bands
such as Biznaga, Parálisis Permanente, Futuro Terror and international bands such as
Ty Segall, Iggy & The Stooges and various '77 punk bands.
SPAZZ   3       NEW VOGUE : BIRDCAGE (SLAP YOURSELF FREE)               7"      10.2018

        B       SPACE JUNK

New Vogue is the project of Max and Chance (ex-Sonic Avenues). All songs written,
recorded and produced by Max and Chance under the influence of Talking Heads,
The Fall and Swell Maps.
SPAZZ   4       LES ROBOTS              DO THE ROBOT                    7"      11.2018

        A       DO THE ROBOT!

Les Robots are programmed masterminds D.V.R. and R-JoHN backed up by their live
assisting bots Pete-R and C.A.S.E. Who programmed these robots? That's officially
unknown and unofficially classified, though people do speculate that it might be
legendary producer Joe Meek. Whoever or whatever programmed these mechanical men
does have a soft spot for mental earthlings like The Shadows, The Ventures, Terry
Terauchi, Booker T & The MG's, Link Wray and various composers of sixties cinema