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          NE - Sonic Rendezvous/
          US - Forced Exposure/
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KES     01
KES     02      COWBOY FLYING SAUCER/MAGOO : SPLIT                      7"      11.2018

        A       Heavily Sedated NOW!
        B       Sons And Daughters Of Disaster
KES     03      COWBOY FLYING SAUCER    TRAVEL LODGE                    LP      03.2019

        1)      Heavily Sedated Now!
        2)      No Cover At All
        3)      Mushrooms & Leather
        4)      Travelodge Wedding
        5)      Camouflage
        6)      Theme From Cowboy Flying Saucer
        7)      Crack Grandma
        8)      Space Town Lovers
        9)      I Want More

Sparrowhawk proudly present the second album by Walthamstow psych dad-rockers Cowboy
Flying Saucer (comprising likely lads BK13, Spanna, Johnny Ven and Dave B), whose
sound falls somewhere between Happy Mondays, The Fall and Spacemen 3. Named for the
dependable hotel chain, Travel Lodge was recorded at The Sickroom in Norfolk.