SPANKING HERMAN                         P.O.Box   2927
***************                         Brighton
                                        Sussex  BN1  3SX

Distr. : UK - Plastic Head/
Style  : punk / new wave / psychobilly / pub rock /

SPANK   001     V / A               ADOPT THIS BABY                     7"        .1996

                Baby Side
        A1      Not Bit Of Wood         Godspeed
        A2      Not Bit Of Wood         Saltlick
        A3      No Legs                 If I Was Hard I'd Kick Your Ass
                Void Side
        B1      No Legs                 I Am Big Chief Kung Fu Pessary
        B2      Turbocat                Tom Grant's Theory
        B3      Anal Beard              SheepShagger
        B4      Anal Beard              Drugs Are Clever
                (Note : 7! , 33.3 RPM)
                PEOPLE THERE EP

        A1      The Fish Brothers       Toilet Lady             3:20
        A2      The Fish Brothers       The Melk                2:11
        A3      The Fish Brothers       Lobster Song            1:53
                The Fish Brothers       Super Sushi Medley      (1:28)
        A4.1    Lobster Song
        A4.2    Ying Dicka Dicky
        A4.3    The Melk
        A4.4    Elephant's Bottom
        A4.5    Brief History Of The World
        B1      Anal Beard              Fanzine Nerd            2:04
        B2      Anal Beard              Cleft                   0:44
        B3      Anal Beard              Bird On The Blob        1:55
        B4      Anal Beard              Ugly                    1:07
        B5      Anal Beard              Bus Pass                1:55
SPANK   003
SPANK   004
SPANK   005
SPANK   006     V / A                   NO NEED FOR WISEGUYS            7"        .1998

        A1      Griswalds               The Kids Are All Bored
        A2      Fett                    Missing Link
        A3      Chester                 Aliens Abroad
        B1      Chester : Don't Go Swimming With An Anvil On Your Back
        B2      Fett                    Chinese Burn
        B3      Griswalds               I Don't Believe In You
        B4      Jack Chimp And The Ackroyds : She Fell Over
                (Note : 7"/33.3 RPM , red vinyl)
SPANK   007     ANAL BEARD              GO! STOP!                       10"       .1998

        A1      No Escape From The Anal Beard
        A2      Agent Against The State
        A3      UFO Scraphology
        A4      Thats Rich (Comin` From You)
        A5      Biscuit
        A6      (I Have) No Idea (What I`m Doing Out Of) Bed (Today)
        B1      Mrs Dave (Belly Machine)
        B2      Fucking Cat
        B3      Clucker
        B4      Hussein In The Membrane
        B5      Bed Of Muck
        B6      Cheesy Mattress
SPANK   008     V / A: THE NEW WAVE OF CHAS AND DAVE                    CD        .1999

        1       Bus Station Loonies     The Sideboad Song
        2       Chester                 Margate
        3       Eastfield               Turn That Noise Down!
        4       The Blue Minkies        Bored Stiff
        5       Age Of Chaos            Ain't No Pleasin' You
        6       Wat Tyler               Rabbit
        7       Anal Beard              Gertcha!
        8       The Norma Jeans         Harem
SPANK   009     THE PROPAGUMBHIS        HOW TO BOMB EVERYTHING          CDEP      .1999

        1       Today
        2       Good Guys
        3       Toothache

CD      Fuxony              FUX 001         1999        UK
SPANK   010
SPANK   011     ANAL BEARD : Bungles,Grumbles & A Game Of Bowls         7"      04.2000
                THE BLUE MINKIES : Dirty Cat

        A1      Anal Beard              My Names Bungle, I Like Big Fun
        A2      Anal Beard              Finding New Ways To Grumble
        A3      Anal Beard              A Game Of Bowls
        A4      Anal Beard : White Trash Blues (Peroxide Mullet)
        B1      The Blue Minkies        Boyfriend In A Box
        B2      The Blue Minkies        Jump Jump Jump
        B3      The Blue Minkies        Hopelessly Devoted To You
        B4      The Blue Minkies        Dirty Shaky Love

(Note : 7"-33.3 RPM , 500 copies , double sided wraparound sleeve)
SPANK   012     POPEYE'S DIK            COUNTRY SMOKIN' BLUES           CDEP      .2000

        1       Smokin' Marijuana
        2       What A Life
        3       Go Doo
                CHESTER/ANAL BEARD : SLOW COMFORTABLE SHOE              CD        .1999

        1       Chester                 Bug Hat
        2       Chester                 Atom Bomb
        3       Anal Beard              Mrs Dave
        4       Anal Beard              Bus Pass
        5       Chester                 Aliens Aboard
        6       Chester                 Tony Blair
        7       Anal Beard              UFO
        8       Anal Beard              Wot A Result
        9       Chester                 Anvil
        10      Chester                 Billy Bunter
        11      Anal Beard              Fucking Cat
        12      Anal Beard              Bungle
        13      Chester                 Cherry Bombs
        14      Chester                 Looking For You
        15      Anal Beard              Biscuit
        16      Anal Beard              Fanzine Nerd
        17      Chester                 Lime & The Coconut
        18      Chester                 Ridiculous
        19      Anal Beard              Hussein In The Membrane
        20      Anal Beard              Cheesy Mattress
        21      Chester                 Song About Nothing