SPAGHETTY TOWN RECORDS                  P.O.Box 18343
**********************                  Atlanta, GA 30316


Distr.  : US -
          NE - Sonic Rendezvous/
Style   : punk / hardcore / r&r / 

Formed in 2015 (while recovering from a shattered leg and on a lot of pain killers)
former major label jerk, sleaze rock connoisseur and eMusicLive guy, Teddy Spaghetty,
had a moment of clarity and thought, "There are a lot of great bands out there that
need a proper record release".  And Spaghetty Town Records was formed.

Uruguay's Motosierra had just starting playing shows again and later down the line
Spaghetty Town Records released their first single , the "Buzo Nuevo / La Marcos"
7 inch.  Motosierra's first North American release.    The rest is fuzzy and
questionable history. june 30, 2018

{m}     mono format

STR     001     MOTOSIERRA              BUZO NUEVO                      7"        .2016

        A       Buzo Nuevo
        B       La Marcos
                (Note : 7"/45 RPM , 500 copies)
STR     002     THE SWEET THINGS        LOVE TO LEAVE                   7" (m)    .2017
                (Note : 7" , 300 copies on black vinyl)
STR     002     THE SWEET THINGS        LOVE TO LEAVE                   7" (m)    .2017
                (Note : 7" , 300 copies on pink vinyl)

        A       Love To Leave                                   4:25
        B       Cocaine Ass Licker Blues                        4:20
STR     003     MERDA                   DESCARGA ADRENERGICA            10"       .2017

        A1      Bipolar
        A2      Eu Nao Frequento
        A3      Crise dos 40
        A4      Jamais
        A5      Turbulencia
        A6      Timeline
        A7      Virou Coxinha
        A8      7 x 1
        A9      Existencia Desprezível
        A10     Armário do Merda
        A11     You're Not A Man
        B1      Descarga Adrenérgica
        B2      Cachorro É Massa
        B3      Roqueiro Reaça
        B4      Máquina do Tempo
        B5      Hangover Depression
        B6      O Diabo Está Sempre Ao Meu Lado
        B7      Odeio Tudo
        B8      A Bolha
        B9      Uma Guerra
        B10     Velho, Bobo, Bebado E Tatuado
        B11     Observe Suas Fezes

10"     Laja                    LAJA 192        2017    Brazil
CD      Laja                    LAJA 191        2017    Brazil
STR     004     THE SWEET THINGS        SLATHER                         7"        .2017

        A1      Slather
        B1      Dustianne
STR     005     DR. BOOGIE              SHE'S SO TUFF                   7"        .2017

        A1      She's So Tuff
        B1      Peanut Butter Blues

7"      White Zoo               WZ 015          2018    IT
STR     006     FAZ WALTZ               JULIE                           7"      01.2018

        A       Julie
        B       I'm Bleedin'
                (Note : 7" , black, white or red vinyl)

7"      Contra Records          CR 279          2018    GE
7"      Tongue Records          TR 002          2018    IT
STR     007     CRIMINAL KIDS           CRIMINAL KIDS                   7"      07.2018

A.      01.     TAKIN' IT BACK
        02.     LITTLE BITCH
        03.     NIGHT
B.      04.     OUTCAST
        05.     VANITY
        06.     LIFE
                (Note : 7" , cleas-splatter vinyl)

Trying to figure out how to kick your summer into full throttle, Chicago's Criminal
Kids have your elixir. Kickin' out the thrash someplace between Zeke and Supersuckers
... punk and/or thrash lyrics can be cheap if not silly. CM, on the other hand, uses
the art of blatant songwriting flawlessly in crafting this blistering commentary.
STR     008     FAZ WALTZ               DOUBLE DECKER                   LP        .2018

        A1      Shakin' Like A Hooligan
        A2      Julie
        A3      Right On
        A4      Oh Penny
        A5      Come On And Squeeze Me
        B1      Dancin' On My Shoes
        B2      Sleepy Head
        B3      Millionaire
        B4      Is This The Way
        B5      Jive Jive

LP      Contra Records          CR 284          2018    GE
LP      Gods Candy Records      SUGARFIX 010    2018    CA
STR     009     RAVAGERS                DROWNING IN BLOOD               7"        .2018

        A1      Drowning In Blood
        B1      Suzi (Has And Uzi)
                (Note : 7" , 200 copies on black vinyl)

7"      Gods Candy Rec.         SUGARFIX 013    2018    CA
7"      No Front Teeth          NFTR 224        2018    UK

        01.     A GOOD PROBLEM
        02.     A BAD DAY
        03.     GOOD KILL
        04.     BAD MEANS GOOD
        05.     THE GOOD GESTAPO
        06.     BAD THINGS
        07.     GOOD GUYS OF THE WEST
        08.     BAD DECISIONS
        09.     GOOD FUCK
        10.     BAD PENNY
        11.     GOOD DAY TO DIE
        12.     BAD MEMORY

He Who Cannot Be Named has been playing punk rock for almost 30 years, most of that
time with the legendary "Dwarves". An original member of this San Francisco based
combo, he wrote or co wrote many of your favorite tunes from the early Sub Pop albums
"Blood Guts and Pussy", and "Thank Heaven For Little Girls". "The Good, The Bad, and
The Brutal" will be HeWho's fourth solo release. Keith Mueller again appears on lead
guitar with the addition of drummer Eric Borst and bassist Bobby Ramone. This album
is a collection of songs, half with the word "Good" in the title and half with the
word "Bad". It also features guest vocal appearances by Spike Slawson (Me First and
the Gimme Gimmes), Chris Barrows (Pink Lincolns) Sean Wheeler (Throw Rag) and Nick
Oliveri (Dwarves, Mondo Generator, Queens of the Stone Age).

STR     12      PALE LIPS               AFTER DARK                      LP      01.2019

        A1      Some Sort of Rock n’Roll
        A2      I’m A Witch
        A3      Hanky Panky Franky
        A4      You’re A Doll
        A5      That Old Ghost Don’t Lie
        A6      All My Baby Brought Back Was The Blues
        B1      The Kids
        B2      Johnny
        B3      Hiding From The Moon
        B4      Show Me Another Way To Your Heart
        B5      Doo-Wop Showaddywaddy
        B6      Cosmic Love

LP      Alien Snatch!       SNATCH! 092         US      2019
LP      Gods Candy          SUGARFIX 024        US      2019
CD;     Waterslide          WS 189              JA      2019

STR     014     V / A : DOWN SOUTH SPAGHETTY ACCIDENT                   LP      01.2019

        A1      RMBLR                   Next Time
        A2      Dirty Fences            M.O.N.E.Y.
        A3      BBQT                    Savage 512
        A4      Sick Bags : If You Can’t Join ‘Em (Beat ‘Em Up)
        A5      Pine & Tolliver         Somethin’ More
        A6      Fixed Faces             The Call
        A7      Mama                    Sugar Burn
        B1      Trouble Boys            Ricky (Teenage Rampage)
        B2      Dinos Boys              Ready When You Are
        B3      Ravagers                They Live
        B4      Criminal Kids           Run From The Police
        B5      The Uppers              Bulldozer
        B6      Bad Sons                Hammers
        B7      Cheap Tissue            Up My Sleeve



        01.     LIQUOR LIGHTNING
        02.     DEAD OR WORSE
        04.     ALMOST FADED
        05.     DR CRAZY GIRL
        06.     DRAINED
        07.     COKE'N
        09.     FIX TO KICK
        10.     FEED MY DOG