Distr.  : NE - Clear Spot/Shiny Beast/
Style   : psychedelic / folk / progressive /

SG      1       AMOR                    THE TASTE OF POMEGRANATE        LP      04.2019
SGCD    1       AMOR                    THE TASTE OF POMEGRANATE        CD      04.2019

First ever official reissue of hard-to-find 1988 jazz-rock and fusion gem from
Uzbekistan. Contains extensive liner notes in English.
SG      2       AMOR                    TALLINN RECORDINGS              10"     04.2019

Never before released pre-album studio session by this jazzrock/fusion band from
Uzbekistan, recorded in Tallinn, Estonia in 1986.
SG      9       GUNESH                  I SEE EARTH                     LP      08.2018
SGCD    9       GUNESH                  I SEE EARTH                     CD      03.2019

Soviet Grail presents an extended and official reissue of the 1984 album 'I See Earth'
by the cult -and respected among the diggers- the Turkmen jazz-rock and fusion band
Gunesh, under the direction of Oleg Kimovich Korolev. The album is named after the
first human flight into space - Yuri Gagarin, and contains in the title part of his
legendary and historical phrase 'I see Earth! She is so beautiful'. It so happened
that the graphic design of the original cover was different from what the musicians
wanted to see. Oleg Kimovich, during another long conversation, asked for a small
favor: to prepare a new cover on which the view of the Earth would be opened from
the pothole of the spacecraft.
SG      10      GUNESH                  VIETNAMES                       7"      04.2019

Album version of the track backed with never before released original found in the
archieves of Gunesh bandleader.
SG      15      MIKHAIL CHEKALIN        A BATHROOM FOR ESTHETE          LP      04.2019

A collection of early jazz-rock, synth and experimental works by one of the undervalued
Moscow composers from 1976-1991, whose talent was admired by Frank Zappa and many
western journalists and critics. Contains extensive liner notes in English.
SG      21      FIRYUZA                 FIRYUZA                         LP      04.2019
SGCD    21      FIRYUZA                 FIRYUZA                         CD      04.2019

Official reissue of the rarest Turkmenian jazz-rock and folk-rock album with psych
influences. Contains extensive liner notes in English. Originally released in 1979.
SG      28      SATO                    LEGEND                          LP      09.2018

There is a general belief, that the surviving master tapes from the sound recording
studio of the giant Soviet Melodiya label is a myth. More so, this myth pertains to
the label's republican divisions. This is partially true, but not in the case of
Leonid Atabekov, the leader of SATO Ensemble. During the last days of the Soviet
Union's collapse, he showed up at the studio's doorstep and bought out master tapes
of the original recordings of his two albums 'Efsane' and 'Pass Around The Good'.
Since then he has treasured this purchase. Thanks to the owner's safekeeping, these
master tapes were identified on the insert's photo, thus enabling Soviet Grail to
prepare the first official reissue of this Oriental Jazz pearl of the Soviet era.
'Efsane' means 'Legend' in Uzbek language.
SG      34      (s) KOVALSKI : DEAD SYNCHRONICITY                       LP      04.2019

Original indie game soundtrack from a mystery band called Kovalski influenced by prog
rock and giallo movies.
SG      41      IDOS-MUKASAN            WEDDING SONG                    7"      04.2019

The most popular Kazakh song with early surf music vibes backed with two psych rock
SG      42      DOS-MUKASAN             DOS-MUKASAN                     LP      04.2019
SGCD    42      DOS-MUKASAN             DOS-MUKASAN                     CD      04.2019

Repress on gold vinyl. Soviet Grail presents the long-awaited, extended and official
reissue on limited edition vinyl of the selftitled album of the Kazakh vocal-instr.
ensemble Dos-Mukasan, which has become a holy grail for sophisticated diggers and
record collectors from all over the world. The average cost of the original record
on the secondary market is 500 euros. And it is no accident... After all, the album
is one of the few examples of exotic and psychedelic sound of the day where foggy and
beautiful vocal arrangements are interwined with fuzz guitars refs, and drum beats are
carried out in unison with their broken rhytms. The reissue from Soviet Grail provides
an excellent opportunity to finally enjoy this album from beginning to end in the best
and most accessible form.