Distr.  : UK - Piccadilly/Norman/
Style   : bass music / soul /

SHNT    001     JORDAN RAKEI            GROOVE CURSE                    12"     05.2016

        A1.     Street Light (feat. Gwen Bunn)
        A2.     Shaclackclack The Puppet
        B1.     A Tribe Called Government
        B2.     Alright
        B3.     Add The Bassline
SHNT    002     JORDAN RAKEI            CLOAK                           2LP     11.2018

LP 1    A1.     Midnight Mischief
        A2.     Snitch (feat. Remi)
        A3.     Blame It On The Youth
        A4.     The Light
        B1.     Talk To Me
        B2.     Still (Interlude)
        B3.     Rooftop
        B4.     Lost Myself
        B5.     Toko (feat. Richard Spaven)

LP 2    C1.     Cupid's Cheese (feat. Ngaiire)
        C2.     Theta State
        C3.     Sworn Enemy
        C4.     Tawo
        D1.     Lost Myself
        D2.     Still
        D3.     Tawo
SHNT    003     SAMPOLOGY               NATURAL SELECTIONS              12"     10.2016

        01      Natural Selections
        02      Friends And Fam
        03      Thicker Than Water (feat. Tiana Khasi)
        04      Be There (feat. Noah Slee)
        05      Different Star (feat. Laneous)
        06      Bats

SHNT    005     TIANA KHASI             MEGHALAYA                       12"     05.2019

        A1.     Meghalaya
        A2.     They Call Me
        A3.     Georgia’s Track
        A4.     Bitterness
        B1.     Nuketown
        B2.     Whole Lotta Shine
        B3.     Good Things
SHNT    006 LP  LANEOUS                 MONSTERA DELICIOSA              LP      05.2019
SHNT    006 CD  LANEOUS                 MONSTERA DELICIOSA              CD      05.2019

        A1/1.   Introduction/Overture
        A2/2.   Terms
        A3/3.   My Song
        A4/4.   Hard For You
        A5/5.   Wanna Be Your Girl
        B1/6.   Not Quite Right
        B2/7.   Waves of Nightingales
        B3/8.   Hold My Hand
        B4/9.   Trouble In Paradise
        B5/10.  Modern Romance
        B6/11.  Outroduction/Underture

Australian vocal jazz with an inevitably Giles Peterson co-sign from Brisbane's
Laneous. The project belongs to Lachlan Mitchell who has been showing off his soulful
falsetto for years. On Monstera Deliciosa he gets together with a number of incredibly
talented musicians, including a couple from Hiatus Kaoiyote for an album as smooth
as silk.