Sub label of Discrepant Rec.

Distr.  : UK - Norman/Bleep/
          US - Forced Exposure
Style   : world /

SOUK    02      ROMPERAYO               QUE JUE?                        LP      02.2019

        A1.     Que Jue?
        A2.     Maquino Landero
        A3.     Ay Que Pulguita
        A4.     Estudio Corto Para Sintetizador En Cumbia Gene´rica
        A5.     Machuca, Millo y Caja
        B1.     1938
        B2.     La Caseta Del Negrito
        B3.     La Gallina De Erasmo
        B4.     El Tombo Volador
        B5.     Alegria De No Tener Pension

Romperayo is Pedro Ojeda from Colombia. Pedro is primarily a drummer, but on second
Romperayo album Que Jue? he also picks up a bunch of samplers and instruments in
order to go it alone.
SOUK    03      GRUP SES AND ETHNIQUE PUNCH : DELI DIVAN                LP      03.2019

        01.     PESREV
        02.     KULUSTUR
        03.     KATASTROF
        04.     DUZKONTAK
        05.     DELIDIVANE
        06.     ARA (INTERLUDE)
        07.     DELIDIVAN
        08.     HAYDA
        09.     KONTROL (INTERLUDE)
        10.     DELIBAS
        11.     BENG-U BADE
        12.     VESAIRELER
        13.     INKAR
        14.     MISKINATLAR
        15.     PESREV
        16.     KULUSTUR
        17.     KATASTROF
        18.     DUZKONTAK
        19.     DELIDIVANE
        20.     ARA (INTERLUDE)
        21.     DELIDIVAN
        22.     HAYDA
        23.     KONTROL (INTERLUDE)
        24.     DELIBAS
        25.     BENG-U BADE
        26.     VESAIRELER
        27.     INKAR
        28.     MISKINATLAR

"Deli Divan" its a two-part record with incredibly crafted beats that tell a different
story depending on the version you chose to listen. A side captivates by its voracity.
Hi-tech and fierce beats drop with the sharp voice and flow of Ethnique Punch,
delivering 14 - yes, f-o-u-r-t-e-e-n - short and punchy tracks. The diggin liveliness
of Grup Ses is well present in the samples used, manufacturing beats that serve well
the fast paced and nocturnal voice of Ethnique Punch. The first part of "Deli Divan"
is pretty much a straight story. A good one. But then comes the surprise. The other
side. The same fourteen tracks without voice, just the beats. And here "Deli Divan"
tells a completely different story. It loses the emergency, darkness and robustness
of the A side, specially because the beats float on a limbo without a voice. But that
limbo reveals the straightforwardness of the beats created by Grup Ses for this record.
Theres a hidden narrative here, without the voice the short tracks connect like an
outer world radio broadcast. But theres no narrator. Just time-travelling beats that
interlink past, present and future, synthetizing complex ideas in short bursts of
1 or 2 minutes. A Deli-Delight this is.
SOUK    04      CHUPAME EL DEDO         NO TE METAS CON SATAN           LP      03.2019

        1.      No Te Metas Con Satan                           05:18
        2.      Metalero                                        03:46
        3.      Peos                                            03:41
        4.      Mi Ancestro Berraco                             04:41
        5.      Alexandra Candelaria                            07:16
        6.      Amo a Mi Familia                                03:38
        7.      Me Duele                                        03:49
        8.      Bolillo Cafre                                   05:01

Back in 2014 when we first released the self-titled Chupame El Dedo we werent sure
if people could hold their mojitos while banging to their music. In 2019 we seriously
advise to keep your hands free while listening to their second album. Formed by psych
cumbia master Eblis Alvarez (Meridian Brothers) and Pedro Ojeda (Romperayo), the man
that found the perfect cocktail mix for acid + folk + tropical beats, Chupame El Dedo
are ready to mess around with Satan. "No Te Metas Con Satan" its a humorous title for
music that expels cartoonish metal-vibes mixed with tropical rhythms.