SOUFFLE CONTINU                         Paris
***************                         FRANCE

New label arm of revered Parisian record shop.

Distr.  : FR -
          NE - Shiny Beast
          UK - Boomkat/Norman/
Style   : reissue-electronic / indie / alternative / psychedelic / 40's-70's /
          / jazz / avant jazz / avantgarde /

FFL     001     SCHIZO                  LE VOYAGEUR                     7"      07.2014

        A.      Le Voyageur
        B.      Torcol
                (Note : 7" , 700 copies on clear vinyl)
FFL     002     HELDON                  SOUTIEN A LA RAF                7"      07.2014

        A.      Bader-Meinhof Blues
        B.      O.D.B. (Omar Diop Blondin)
                (Note : 7" , 700 red/700 peach copies)
FFL     003     HELDON                  PERSPECTIVES                    7"      09.2014
                (Note : 7" , 700 copies on orange vinyl)
FFL     004     RED NOISE               SARCELLES-LOCHERES              LP      01.2015
                (Note : LP , 700 black/300 clear-blue copies)
FFL     004     RED NOISE               SARCELLES-LOCHERES              CD      01.2015
FFL     005     MAHOGANY BRAIN          WITH                            LP      01.2015
                (Note : LP , 300 copies on clear-purple vinyl)
FFL     006 LP  SEMOOL                  ESSAIS                          LP      02.2015
                (Note : LP , 700 copies on black vinyl)
FFL     006 LTD SEMOOL                  ESSAIS                          LP      02.2015
                (Note : LP , 300 copies on clear vinyl)

(Note : originally released in 1971. This LP is the third in Souffle Continu's series
        of ten reissues from the catalog of the cult French label Futura Records, fully
        licensed by Futura founder Gérard Terrone. Semool was a trio of Philippe
        Martineau, Olivier Cauquil, and Rémy Dédé Dréano. They recorded Essais between
        1969 and 1971; under the underground, it's a foggy lo-fi psychedelic alien with
        echoes of Pink Floyd and Black Sabbath drowned in oceans of heavy delay and
        acid guitars)
FFL     007     HELDON                  LIVE IN PARIS 1975              LP      04.2015

(Note : LP , pressed on mixed purple and white vinyl; presented in 350g sleeve with
        obi strip. Limited to 1000 copies)
FFL     008     HELDON                  LIVE IN PARIS 1976              LP      04.2015

(Note : LP , pressed on mixed purple and white vinyl; presented in 350g sleeve with
        obi strip. Limited to 1000 copies)
FFL     009     JEAN GUERIN             TACET                           LP      08.2015

(Note : LP , presented in a 350-gram reverse-printed gatefold sleeve with obi strip.
        Limited to 500 copies + 200 copies on grey vinyl)
FFL     010     BERNARD VITET           LA GUEPE                        LP      09.2015

(Note : LP , presented in a 350-gram reverse-printed gatefold sleeve with obi strip.
        Limited to 500 copies + 200 copies on white vinyl)
FFL     011     TRIODE : ON N'A PAS FINI D'AVOIR TOUT VU                LP      01.2016

        1.      Magic Flower                                    05:32
        2.      Misomaque                                       02:58
        3.      Moulos Grimpos                                  04:06
        4.      Blahsha                                         04:20
        5.      Lilie                                           04:50
        6.      Ibiza Flight                                    04:49
        7.      Adeubis                                         02:45
        8.      Come Together                                   04:45
        9.      Chimney Suite                                   08:05

A reissue on BLACK VINYL (500 copies)+200 orange copies of the instrumental psych/prog
LP with jazzy undertones by French unit Triode, originally dating from 1971. Triode
combined the fascinating flute playing of Michel Edelin, the psychedelic guitar sound
of Pierre Cherez (also of Ys and Bernard Szajner's companion) and the groovy rhythm
section of Didier Hauck and Pierre-Yves Sorin. This album originally appeard in the RED
series of the famous Futura label.
FFL     012     TRAVELLING              VOICI LA NUIT TOMBEE            LP      01.2016
RED     06

Reissue on BLACK VINYL, limited to 500 copies + 200 YELLOW copies. Originally issued by
the French Futura label (as part of the RED series) in 1973, this keyboard dominated
album is often described as the French answer to the UK's progressive Canterbury
movement. Side 1 consists of the side-long tour de force 'Voici La Nuit Tombée', which
echoes Soft Machine, Caravan and Dutch band Supersister. Side 2 offers five shorter
FFL     013     HORDE CATALYTIQUE POUR LA FIN : s/t                     LP      01.2016

        1.      Gestation Sonore 1                              12:48
        2.      Gestation Sonore 2                              03:54
        3.      Gestation Sonore 3                              04:05
        4.      Gestation Sonore 4                              19:24

Edition of 500 copies on BLACK VINYL + 200 copies on RED. A reissue of the sole album
by this French avant-garde unit, originally released in Futura's RED series in 1971.
This is an intriguing improv work, performed with instruments coming from Western,
African and various Asian cultures. The LP was included in Nurse With Wound's famous
(and somewhat snobbish) list of influences.
FFL     014     BIRGE GORGE             AVANT TOUTE                     LP      06.2016

        01      Bolet Meuble                                    14:37
        02      CXLII                                           08:32
        03      Un Coup De Groutchmeu                           05:50
        04      La Corde Lisse                                  17:31

(Note :  LP includes an insert with photos and liner notes by Jean-Jacques Birg‚
        and Francis Gorg‚. 700 copies on black and white vinyl, and packaged in
        heavy reverse sleeves with obi strips)
FFL     015     BARNEY WILEN            MOSHI                           2LP+DVD 02.2017

LP1     A1      Moshi
        A2      Giulde's Song To Binkirri
        B1      Gardenia Devil
        B2      14 Temps
        B3      Bamako Koulikaro
        B4      Afrika Freak Out

LP2     C1      Zombizar
        C2      El Hadji
        C3      Chechaoun
        D1      Tindi Abalessa
        D2      El Hadji
        D3      Balandji In Bobo
        D4      Sannu Ne Gheniyo
        D5      El Hadji

(Note : deluxe, remastered reissue 2LP + DVD + 20-page booklet on Souffle Continu
        Records. Edition of 1000 copies)
FFL     016     PATRICK GAUTHIER        BEBE GODZILLA                   LP      04.2016

        01      B‚b‚ Godzilla                                   05:35
        02      Le Grand MaŒtre-Orient                          02:19
        03      Mixtur-Tautonium                                02:53
        04      Benoit et les Riverboppers                      04:09
        05      Heldon                                          04:26
        06      Riding on White Horses                          01:37
        07      En Passant par la Transylvanie                  04:53
        08      N”r                                             08:16
                (Note : LP , 1000 copies on clear-blue vinyl)

Patrick Gauthier (known as the keyboardist in famous French progressive bands s.a.
Heldon, Magma and Weidorje) recorded his 1981 debut album 'Bébé Godzilla' with an
impressive cast of guest musicians including Richard Pinhas (guitar, moog, mix),
Christian Vander (drums), Bernard Paganotti (electric bass), François Auger (drums)
and Didier Batard (electric bass)
FFL     017     ANNE MARIE COFFINET : LE VAMPIRE                        7"      04.2016
                (Note : 7" , 500 copies)
FFL     018     RICHARD PINHAS & JOHN LIVENGOOD : CYBORG SALLY          2LP     04.2016

                Disc 1
        01      Intro : Hyperion                                01:54
        02      Cyborg Sally                                    09:37
        03      Derita (toward a creepy afternoon)              07:20
        04      Rock Machine : Red ripe Anarchy                 05:02
        05      Gilles Deleuze : Beyond Hyperion                10:06

                Disc 2
        06      Nuke (the ultimate ® interface ¯ interstellar
                part)                                           08:42
        07      Moira                                           05:22
        08      Wag (variation sur les quatre notes fondatrices
                de Parsifal)                                    07:10
        09      Tales from Hyperion                             04:46
        10      Ritournelle part 1 - part 2                     10:42

'Cyborg Sally', inspired by Norman Spinrad's novel 'Rock Machine', marked the return of
French pioneering electronic guru Richard Pinhas (Heldon) at the forefront of the
French underground scene in 1994. This impressive work, the result of a two year
collaboration with John Livengood (Red Noise, Spacecraft), achieved new summits of
sophistication and maturity in the realms of electronic music. This first ever vinyl
edition is limited to 1.000 copies on solid red vinyl.

        01      Aventures Terrestres Et Aquatiques              07:50
        02      Asia Minor                                      03:25
        03      Soupir                                          03:51
        04      Tarpotom                                        02:57
        05      Hippotigris Zebra Zebra (Terrestre)             00:25
        06      Callompin' Bambin                               06:35
        07      For Paule                                       01:22
        08      Silences / La Marche de Satan                   03:33
        09      Lude / Panama Red                               04:50
        10      Hippotigris Zebrazebra (Aquatique)              00:27

Edition of 700 copies. Deluxe reissue with high definition remastered audio. 12-page
booklet on 200gsm art paper including liner notes & rare pictures. First ever vinyl
reissue since original release Gatefold LP - Obi Strip.
The LP was originally released in 1971.
FFL     020     THE COHELMEC ENSEMBLE   NEXT                            LP      03.2017

        01      Teotihuacan (Ou Encorre Le Tambourinaire Des
                Limbes)                                         06:51
        02      Nadine â Sort / Colchique Dans Les Pr‚s         03:53
        03      ... !                                           00:33
        04      Desert Angel                                    04:41
        05      Culculine D'ancone                              04:40
        06      Le Tic-Tac Des Sapopitheques                    01:00
        07      Danse Finlandaise                               01:31
        08      ... ?                                           00:12
        09      Le Passeur                                      02:39
        10      Boa Constrictor: Le Boa Constrictor / Le H‚ron
                Chagrin‚ / L'ours Qui Frappe Du Pied / Ligeia's
                Alabaster Azalea                                08:08
        11      Fouchtra                                        02:07
        12      Anti-Blues Coarazien                            03:40

Next' (originally from 1972) is even more audacious than its 1971 predecessor
'Hippotigris Zebra Zebra'. Relatively brief tracks follow hot on the heels of
one another, bolstered by a poly-instrumentality which stands out even more than
in the past, giving the album the feel of a contrasting suite. Limited to 700
copies in a gatefold sleeve with an obi.
FFLLP   021     THE COHELMEC ENSEMBLE   5 OCTOBRE 1974                  2LP     03.2017

                Disc 1
        01      Cohelmec 20 H 45                                04 :47
        02      Les Cloches De Montoinou                        10 :41
        03      La Croix Fry 1                                  00 :16
        04      Teotihuacan 1                                   06 :29
        05      Teotihuacan 2                                   09 :04

                Disc 2
        01      Saturations                                     09 :35
        02      The Alpaca Cassok                               05 :53
        03      "parpiller Sa M‚moire Dans Une Fureur D'Aveux" 07 :18
        04      Cohelmec 21H50 -- La Croix Fry 2 -- Fouchtra    09 :18

Edition of 500 copies, Deluxe reissue with high definition remastered audio. 12-page
booklet on 200gsm art paper including liner notes & rare pictures. First ever vinyl
reissue since original release Gatefold 2LP - Obi Strip.
Originally released in 1974.
FFL     022     MAHJUN                  MAHJUN (1973)                   LP      11.2016
FFL     022 LTD MAHJUN                  MAHJUN (1973)                   LP      11.2016
                (Note : LP , orange vinyl)

First time vinyl reissue of the eponymous classic debut album by Mahjun, one of the
most innovative French prog underground bands, on the productive Saravah label in 1973.
Their music, as you can hear on tracks such as "Les Enfants Sauvages" or "Chez Planos",
is a subtle mix of spiritual jazz, pop music, folk and avant-garde reminiscent of Full
Moon Ensemble, Brigitte Fontaine or the Theatre du Chene Noir. Standard black vinyl LP
version is in an edition of 500. Comes in 350 gram, gatefold sleeve with an obi strip
and matte printing.
FFL     023     MAHJUN                  MAHJUN (1974)                   LP      11.2016
FFL     023 LTD MAHJUN                  MAHJUN (1974)                   LP      11.2016

        1       Fils A Colin-Maillard
        2       Denise
        3       Bourree
        4       La Ville Pue
        5       Fin
        6       Janvier
                (Note : LP , blue vinyl)

Mahjun's second eponymous album released by Saravah in 1974, percussionist Nana
Vasconcellos joined the line up on the nearly 14 minute long track "La Ville Pue"
and "Fin Janvier". Their politico folk-prog sound moved to an ethnic flavored
psychedelic fusion. First time reissue of this classic and influential album.
Standard black vinyl LP version is in an edition of 500. Comes in 350 gram sleeve
with an obi strip, insert and matte printing.
FFLLP   24      EMMANUELLE PARRENIN     MAISON ROSE                     LP      04.2017

        01      Ce Matin A Fr‚montel...                         02:49
        02      Plume Blanche, Plume Noire                      03:07
        03      Liturgie                                        03:11
        04      Thibault Et L'Arbre D'Or                        04:03
        05      Ritournelle                                     02:29
        06      L'charpe De Soie                               01:57
        07      Topaze                                          06:39
        08      Belle Virginie                                  01:36
        09      Ballade Avec Neptune                            03:05
        10      Maison Rose                                     02:33
        11      Apres L'Ond‚e                                   03:03
        12      Le Reve                                         01:43

A DELUXE vinyl reissue of this classic French acid-folk LP, originally released in
1977 and including traditional as well as experimental elements. This remastered ed.
(700 copies) comes on PINK VINYL, including a 4-page booklet and an obi strip.
FFLLP   25      EMMANUELLE PARRENIN     PERELANDRA                      LP      04.2017

        01      Perelandra                                      04:33
        02      Sur Tes Levres                                  01:41
        03      Nomade                                          03:13
        04      Apres L'Ondee                                   01:42
        05      Jacques                                         03:39
        06      Phosphene                                       02:39
        07      Parasomnie                                      00:37
        08      Celeste Et Les Nuages                           04:16
        09      Mouche                                          00:49
        10      Le Sablier                                      04:12
        11      Halil Djerene                                   01:32

Prev. unissued experimental acid-folk recordings from French cult-artist Emmanuelle
Parrenin. Featuring highly rated musicians including pianist Jacques Denjean
(ex-Double Six) and Didier Malherbe (Gong a.o.), most of these tracks were written
in the '70s for modern dance choreographies. This magical and spiritual universe,
created with f.i. spinet dulcimer, flute, hurdy-gurdy and other-worldly vocals, is
suitable for fans of Trees Community, Heron and Robin Williamson, Meredith Monk, etc.
This edition is limited to 700 LP's on GREEN VINYL, including a 4-page booklet and
an obi-strip.

        1.      No Man's Land                                   09:12
        2.      Une Plage De Bling                              02:50
        3.      La Barre D'Etel                                 03:03
        4.      Dr. Livingstone I Presume                       01:18
        5.      Gloire A L'A‚ropostale                          05:30
        6.      Une Plage De Blang                              02:51
        7.      Christophe Colombe                              11:42

Recorded by Jean-Fran‡ois Pauvros (guitar, but not only...) alongside Gaby Bizien
(drums, percussion, aquatic trombone, marimba, bird calls), and, of course, produced
by the audacious Jef Gilson. LP with obi strip. Edition of 500 copies.
FFL     27      JEAN-FRANCOIS PAUVROS & GABY BIZIEN : PLAYS NOIR        LP      09.2017

        1.      Gris Nez Et Blanc Nez                           09:03
        2.      Au Pays Noir                                    10:03
        3.      La Deule                                        02:04

Previously unreleased, the three tracks on 'Pays Noir' come from recording sessions
held at the same time as those for the cult album 'No Man's Land' produced by Jef
Gilson in 1976. single-sided LP with etched B-side and obi strip. Ed. of 500 copies.
FFL     28      JAC BERROCAL            LA NUIT EST AU COURANT          LP      09.2017

        1.      Cafe Slavia                                     02:22
        2.      Et Du Givre Aux Pyl“nes                         04:09
        3.      Early Reflection                                02:32
        4.      Chambre Ouest / Chambre Est                     03:23
        5.      Lidice                                          05:07
        6.      Palmyre                                         02:25
        7.      Tel Un Effondrement                             03:17
        8.      La Nuit Est Au Courant                          10:14
        9.      Automne Perdu                                   01:42
        10.     Frh In Berlin                                  00:41
        11.     Warszawa                                        08:00
        12.     Sans Titre                                      01:15
                (NOte : LP + 4 p. booklet , 700 copies)
FFL     29      CAMIZOLE                CAMIZOLE                        2LP     11.2018

Taped at various occasions and places in France, throughout 1977, this DOUBLE-LP
offers essential live recordings from the French underground cult act that started
off as an avant-garde unit of sorts, but then developed in a Berlin School influenced
direction. Released in an edition of 500 copies, the LP's come with an obi strip and
an 8-page booklet.
FFL     30      CAMIZOLE/LARD FREE : LIVE IN MONTAGNAC JULY 30TH, 1978  LP      11.2018

Dating back to 1978, these are live recordings of two legendary French underground
acts. Camizole blended free jazz with a touch of Klaus Schulze, whereas Lard Free
was known for its brand of psychedelic/progressive jazz rock, not unlike Soft Machine.
This is a vinyl edition of 500 copies, coming with an obi strip.
FFL     31      FREE JAZZ WORKSHOP      INTER FREQUENCES                LP      10.2017

        1.      Inter Fr‚quences                                15:35
        2.      Ode a Ion Chaney                                08:45
        3.      Sphinx                                          06:17
        4.      Sirene                                          08:50
        5.      Air Perdu                                       08:35

The Free Jazz Workshop was founded back in 1967, but the first album, 'Inter
Fr‚quences', didn't appeared 'til 1973. Right from this first album it was clear
that the group would function as a collective with no designated leader. The legacy
and influence of American free jazz can be heard throughout, including influences
s.a. Albert and Don Ayler, Ornette Coleman, Don Cherry, Cecil Taylor, Gary Peacock,
Barre Phillips, Sunny Murray, Milford Graves and the Art Ensemble Of Chicago. 'Inter
Fr‚quences' definitely is one the masterpieces of French (and European!) free jazz.
This reissue is limited to 700 copies, coming with an obi.

        1.      La Chasse De Shirah Sharibad                    15:39
        2.      Pain Et Poup‚es                                 03:41
        3.      Jorda                                           09:11
        4.      Telie                                           08:50

The Free Jazz Workshop became the Workshop De Lyon in 1975, due to the arrival of
clarinetist-saxophonist Louis Sclavis. Still a source of joy, this lyrically feverish
second album maintains a narrative dimension, while subtle textures develope through
the contrasting collective improvisations. This reissue is limited to 700 copies,
coming with an obi.

        1.      Chant Pour Les 103 Du Plateau
        2.      Le Vert (Ou L'intox)
        3.      Paradis Des Oiseaux
        4.      Duchesne Pere Et Fils
        5.      Suivi De La Marche Noire
        6.      Je Cherche Une Enveloppe
        7.      L'aveugle Et Les Marchands (Ou Des Coups De Canne Dans
                Les Vitrines)
        8.      Tango A Bascule
        9.      Nobody Know You When You Are Down And Out
        10.     Tiens ! Les Bourgeons Eclatent...

Here's a vinyl-reissue of the third album by the Workshop De Lyon, originally issued
in 1978. This work perfectly showcases how the group sounded around the time of its
release, revealing a certain universal dignity which tips its hat to influences s.a.
Albert Ayler and The Art Ensemble Of Chicago, transfigured with a new and exciting
aesthetic approach. Irresistible! This edition is limited to 500 copies, presented
with an obi.
FFL     034     HELDON : UN REVE SANS CONSQUENCE SPCIALE              LP      12.2017

        A1.     Marie Virginie C
        A2.     Elephanta
        B1.     MVC II
        B2.     Toward The Red Line

Reissue of Heldon's fifth album, originally released in 1976 on the Cobra label.
Intense, violent, bitter, abrasive, uncompromising: this recording is in keeping with
the four predecessors, prefiguring both industrial- and post-rock, showing once again
that the early references to "guerrilla electronics" (and to William S. Burroughs)
were not in vain! Listening to this album it is easy to understand why Merzbow, Wolf
Eyes and Oren Ambarchi, in the 2000s wanted to record with Richard Pinhas! It must
also be noted that the often-made comparison between Heldon/Richard Pinhas and King
Crimson/Robert Fripp, while still pertinent, is insufficient, as 'Un Reve Sans
Cons‚quence Sp‚ciale' breaks much new ground beyond those horizons. Limited to
700 copies on clear purple vinyl.
FFL     035     HELDON                  HELDON, 6. INTERFACE            LP      12.2017

        A1.     Les Soucoupes Voltanes Vertes
        A2.     Jet Girl: Part I: In New-York Or Paris, Equivalent
                /Part II: In South Bronx
        A3.     Le Retour Des Soucouples Voltanes
        A4.     Bal-A-Fou
        A5.     Le Fils Des Soucoupes Voltanes (Vertes)
        B1.     Interface

Originally released in 1977. Limited to 700 copies on swamp green vinyl.
FFL     036     HELDON                  STAND BY                        LP      12.2017

        A1.     Bolero
        B1.     Une Drole De Journee
        B2.     Stand By

In 1979 when 'Stand By' was released, the press had already labeled Heldon as the
first electric punk group. There is nothing silly in that, Heldon having quickly
moved away from the spacey German influences which were not to Richard Pinhas' taste.
Limited to 700 copies on sea blue vinyl.
FFL     037
FFL     038     DHARMA QUINTET          MR. ROBINSON                    LP      03.2018

        1.      Augure
        2.      Jerkologie
        3.      Balada Y Tres

In an interview with Jazz Magazine in the early 1970s, Dharma, as a collective voice,
outlined their method: "we try to reach, within free jazz, the same sort of rhythmic
cohesion as in bop, a cohesion based not exactly on tempo, but something which feels
like tempo. A kind of underlying pulse". Evidence of these ideas can be heard
immediately on listening to 'Mr. Robinson', the first album by the Dharma Quintet,
for whom community living seemed obvious, in order to add to the aforementioned
cohesion. Through this, the group members played together on a daily basis, trying
out things which were worked on day in, day out. They were also listening to a lot
of records, with of course a preference for free jazz, but not forgetting Miles Davis
in his electric period, notably for the keyboards of Keith Jarrett and Chick Corea.
To which should be added esthetical-political concerns based on a refusal of hierarchy,
and a desire to escape from a restrictive academic approach. First ever reissue of
this classic recording from 1970. Includes a 12-page booklet.
FFL     039     DHARMA TRIO             SNOOPY'S TIME                   LP      03.2018

        1.      Minton's Memory
        2.      End, Starting
        3.      Enafrito
        4.      Leon Smirglub Von Bischmouk
        5.      Glouglou's Mood
        6.      Snoopy's Time

Dharma (as they were simply known at the time when they were still playing) englobed
all the incarnations of the group: trio, quartet (essentially as a live band) and
quintet. It was built around the stable core of pianist and bassist Patricio Villarroel
and Michel Gladieux. 'Snoopy's Time' is their second album, concentrated on the rhythm
section including the ever-faithful Jacques Mahieux on drums. It was recorded three
months after 'Mr. Robinson', the first album made as a quintet. First ever reissue of
this classic recording from 1970. Includes a 12-page booklet.
FFL     040     DRARMA QUINTET          END STARTING                    LP      03.2018

        1.      Tormilina
        2.      Tonton SFP
        3.      End Starting
        4.      Cirrus

For G‚rard Marais, guitarist with Dharma (the quintet), Albert Ayler's instruction
to play your own music was the detonator. This did not fall on deaf ears, and was
particularly appropriate as it would have been difficult, even for a musician
attracted to free jazz, to make something of his own from the esthetic and political
direction taken by Cecil Taylor, Archie Shepp or Sun Ra. First ever reissue of this
classic recording from 1971. Includes a 12-page booklet.
FFL     041     DHARMA                  ARCHIPEL                        LP      03.2018

        1.      Hauts Plateaux De Lla Tierach
        2.      Koan
        3.      Nichi Nichi Kore Ko Nichi 1
        4.      La Ballade Du Borgne
        5.      Nichi Nichi Kore Ko Nichi 2
        6.      Sylvacane
        7.      Mara
        8.      Histoire Sans Paroles
        9.      Octopus
        10.     Dhyana

Like its predecessor 'End Starting', 'Archipel' is a constructed album, mixing free
rock and European free jazz in a series of collective explosions based on abrupt and
contrasting improvisations. For much of the time, piano, guitar and saxophone
intertwine over intense rhythms, with everything and anything being electrified.
Retrospectively, such remarkable timbral combinations, evoking sometimes the freer
passages of 'Cinemascope' by Joachim Khn with Toto Blanke, make the demise of Dharma
in 1974, even more regrettable. First ever reissue of this classic recording from
1973. Includes 12-page booklet.
FFL     042     NU CREATIVE METHODS     NU JUNGLE DANCES                LP      11.2018

        01.     Nu Creative Methods     Nu Jungle Folies
        02.     Nu Creative Methods     Trumpeter Bullfinch
        03.     Nu Creative Methods     Brikhebana
        04.     Nu Creative Methods     Dervanis Kamela

The classic 1978 masterpiece by the French abstract, experimental and improvisational
underground unit, reissued on vinyl in an edition of 500 copies. The LP's come with
an obi strip and a 4-page booklet.
FFL     043     ARESKI                  UN BEAU MATIN                   LP      04.2018
FFL     043     ARESKI                  UN BEAU MATIN                   CD      04.2018

        1.      Un Beau Matin                                   02:25
        2.      Le Dragon                                       02:25
        3.      Libert‚                                         01:54
        4.      Bali                                            03:50
        5.      80 A                                            04:05
        6.      Chanson Pour Sa Mere                            02:30
        7.      Nous Avons Tant Parle                           02:27
        8.      80 A.B.                                         01:51
        9.      A Chaque Tournant                               01:28
        10.     Comme Avant                                     03:08
        11.     Le Brouillard                                   03:24

First ever reissue of this classic French underground record by Brigittie Fontaine's
partner in life Areski. Inspired, poetic, in one word essential: 1970's 'Un Beau Matin'
is one of the best albums of the French underground. Produced by Pierre Barouh for his
label Saravah, alongside those by Maurice LemaŒtre, Catharsis, Claude Yvans, Mahjun,
Barney Wilen, Cohelmec Ensemble et Michel Roques. Limited to 1000 copies on clear
vinyl, including obi strip.
FFL     044     JEAN COHEN-SALAL        FLUTES LIBRES                   LP      07.2018

        1.      Concerto Cyclique                               09:00
        2.      Raga Du Matin                                   03:58
        3.      Matiere                                         02:25
        4.      Quelqu'un                                       17:06
FFL     045     JEAN COHEN-SALAL        CAPTAIN TARTHOPOM               LP      07.2018

        01.     Captain Tarthopom
        02.     Ludions
        03.     Ab Hoc Et Ab Hac
        04.     Intime Panique
        05.     Mémoires D'Un Ventricule
        06.     Fossette Surprise

Souffle Continu Records present the first ever reissue of Jean Cohen-Solal's Captain
Tarthopom, originally released in 1973.
Licensed from Jean Cohen-Solal. Includes eight-page booklet. Clear vinyl; Obi strip;
Edition of 700.
FFL     046     JEAN-CHARLES CAPON      L'UNIVERS-SOLITUDE              LP      03.2019

        1.      Changez A Strasbourg-St Denis
        2.      Lamento Du Bidonville
        3.      Terrain Vague
        4.      Mauvaises Rencontres
        5.      Tout Seul (Cello)
        6.      La Pause Café
        7.      Sommeil Urbain
        8.      Reve D'Oasis
        9.      Tout Seul (Percussions)
        10.         Perdu Dans La Cité
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)
FFL     047     PHILIPPE MATE+DANIEL VALLANCIEN : S/T                   LP      01.2019

        01.     Philippe Mate/Daniel Vallancien : Cambodge 70
        02.     Philippe Mate/Daniel Vallancien : Bateke Bojo
        03.     Philippe Mate/Daniel Vallancien : Endophonie
        04.     Philippe Mate/Daniel Vallancien : Sax Hi-Fi
        05.     Philippe Mate/Daniel Vallancien : Cyclothimie
        06.     Philippe Mate/Daniel Vallancien : Sanza Sallée
        07.     Philippe Mate/Daniel Vallancien : Campus
        08.     Philippe Mate/Daniel Vallancien : Osakaphonie

Although discrete, the career of saxophonist Philippe Maté includes several
indispensable albums. As for the man in the background, Daniel Vallancien, a sound
engineer rarely featuring on the sleeves, the collection Actuel on the BYG label
owes much to him (he is at the controls behind Anthony Braxton, Don Cherry, Sonny
Sharrock or Steve Lacy). Behind this collaboration was the idea of creating music
which was free, direct and spontaneous, while having also a minimum of advance
FFL     048     MICHEL ROQUES           CHORUS                          LP      03.2019

        01.         Le Temps
        02.         Le Vent
        03.         Monsieur Chimpanzé
        04.         Les Petits Enfants Morts
        05.         Le Cri
        06.         Jazz

Although his albums are full of the same qualities as those of many other star
saxophonists/flutists playing spiritual jazz, Frenchman Michel Roques is often
classed as a "supporting artist" or a "musicians' musician", forever in the background,
and often left out of the reference books.
                (LA GIRAFE A LA MER)

        01.     Cécile
        02.     Position Stagnante De Réaction Stationnaire
        03.     Enlevez Les Boulons, Le Croiseur Se Désagrege
        04.     Mahagony Extraits
        05.     Qu'ils Se Fassent Un Village, Ou Bien C'est Nous
                Qui S'en Allons
        06.     Aussi Long Que Large
        07.     Quiet Days In Prison
        08.     De D.C. Par J.T.
        09.     Virginie Ou Le Manque De Tact
        10.     N.G.A.
        11.     Aussi Large Que Long
        12.     Quand Le Son Devient Aigu, Jeter La Girafe A La Mer
        13.     Marche
        14.     A Suivre

First ever vinyl reissue including 16 page booklet with unpublished photos an an essay
by Jean Rochard. Licensed from Futura/Margean. This album from 1971 by French jazz
drummer Jacques Thollot is an extraordinary sonic collage, created from discrete
re-recordings and using just a handful of instruments including drums and piano.
The result is a miracle, though the economy of means the production technique succeeds
in putting the spotlight on the oddly elaborate compositions under an enigmatic but
well-chosen title, borrowed from poet Henri Michaux.

        01.     Accordéon Jo
        02.     Personne Ne S'en Sert Maint'nant
        03.     La Belle Et Le Manouche
        04.     L'amour Au Couteau
        05.     La Femme Panthere Et L'homme Sandwich
        06.     Marie-Musette, Marie-Putain
        07.     Dionnette
        08.     La Grande Truanderie
        09.     Canal Saint-Martin
        10.     Ivresses
        11.     La Derniere Rumba De Django
        12.     La Valse Hindoue
        13.     Syldave Ou Bordure
        14.     Ménage A Trois, Spooky Scat
        15.     Nous Sommes Seules
        16.     Sur Le Toit
        17.     Ton Manteaux Gris
        18.     C'est La Goutte D'or Qui Fait Déborder La Valse
        19.     Le Dernier Musette
        20.     Chanson Pour Louise Brooks
        21.     Kid Chocolat
        22.     La Java Viennoise
        23.     La Valse Chinoise
        24.     Maldita Noche
        25.     Portrait D'un 78 Tard

Presented as a limited edition (1.500 sets) DOUBLE-LP, here's a collection of
recordings from this collective with a passion for the French 'valse musette' genre,
which can roughly be described as a sort of pre-war swing waltz. Though in the core
inspired by Paris during the 1920s, these muscians also don't mind to throw in some
gypsy jazz, tango, blues or paso doble... Dominic Cravic & Les Prinitifs Du Futur
recorded four albums since 1986, all with sleeves drawn by the famous Robert Crumb.
This release also comes with cover art by Crumb. And it includes a 20-page booklet
with all of Crumb's previous artwork for the band, plus unseen photos!
FFLLP   051     PERCEPTION              PERCEPTION                      LP      10.2019

        01.     Chirato
        02.     Pheno Barbital
        03.     Debora
        04.     Enitram Narcisse

A ground breaking free jazz unit, Perception consisted of Hungarian saxophonist
Yochk'O Seffer, German pianist Siegfried Kessler, French bassist Didier Levallet
and Franco-Vietnamese drummer Jean-My Truong. This vinyl-reissue of Perception's 1971
debut-LP, originally out on the French label Futura, comes with remastered audio and
a 4-page booklet featuring unpublished photos and an essay by Didier Levallet.
FFLLP   052     PERCEPTION              PERCEPTION AND FRIENDS          LP      10.2019

        01.     Colima
        02.     Adeqxi
        03.     Le Horla
        04.     The Outsider
        05.     Mamelai

A ground breaking free jazz unit, Perception consisted of Hungarian saxophonist
Yochk'O Seffer, German pianist Siegfried Kessler, French bassist Didier Levallet
and Franco-Vietnamese drummer Jean-My Truong. This vinyl-reissue of Perception's
1973 full-length 'Perception & Friends', originally out on the French label A.D.M.I.,
comes with remastered audio and a 4-page booklet featuring unpublished photos and
an essay by Didier Levallet.
FFLLP   053     PERCEPTION              MESTARI                         LP      10.2019

        01.     Trabla Air
        02.     Chott Djerid
        03.     Mestari

A ground breaking free jazz unit, Perception consisted of Hungarian saxophonist
Yochk'O Seffer, German pianist Siegfried Kessler, French bassist Didier Levallet and
Franco-Vietnamese drummer Jean-My Truong. This vinyl-reissue of Perception's 1973
full-length 'Mestari', originally out on the French label Le Chant Du Monde, comes
with remastered audio and a 4-page booklet featuring unpublished photos and an essay
by Didier Levallet.
FFL     054     PERCEPTION              LIVE AT LE STADIOUM             CD      10.2019

        01.     Un coq d'Amailloux
        02.     Stadium exchanges
        03.     Adexqi
        04.     Ville d'Avril
        05.     Chott Djerid

An archival 1977 live recording of the boundary pushing, France-based free-jazz unit,
issued on CD!
FFL     055     ALFRED PANOU & THE ART ENSEMBLE OF CHICAGO : JE SUIS    7"      04.2019

        1.      Je suis un sauvage
        2.      Le moral nécessaire

single from 1969, little known outside of collectors' circles, gets reissued on 7-inch!
Here French actor Alfred Panou, with Beninese-Togolese roots, is backed by the Art
Ensemble Of Chicago for some notable, funky, poly-instrumental jungle fantasy outings
in the poetry vein of (but pre-dating!) The Last Poets and Watts Prophets!
FFL     056     BAROQUE JAZZ TRIO       BAROQUE JAZZ TRIO               LP      07.2019
FFL     056     BAROQUE JAZZ TRIO       BAROQUE JAZZ TRIO               CD      10.2019

        01.     Baroque Jazz Trio       Delhi Daily
        02.     Baroque Jazz Trio       Terre Brulée
        03.     Baroque Jazz Trio       Chandigardh
        04.     Baroque Jazz Trio       Latin Baroque
        05.     Baroque Jazz Trio       Zoma
        06.     Baroque Jazz Trio       Cesar Go Back Home

Originally released in 1970 by the French label Saravah, the highly regarded,
self-titled album by the Baroque Jazz Trio (which comprised 3/5 of the Bach Modern
Quintet) offers a unique mixture of baroque music, free jazz, pop and world music.
This wonderful reissue on vinyl comes with remastered audio and reproduced artwork.
FFL     057     BAROQUE JAZZ TRIO       ORIENTASIE/LARGO                7"      07.2018

        A       Orientasie
        B       Largo

Blending free jazz, baroque music and exotica in a delightful way, this single by
the Baroque Jazz Trio was originally released in 1970 by the French Saravah label.
Copies of that edition nowadays are almost impossible to find, so this is a more than
welcome reissue, presented with remastered sound!

        1.      Ramasse                                         01:40
        2.      D'Ici A La                                      06:00
        3.      Secoue Le Flipeur                               06:45
        4.      Miettes                                         01:25
        5.      La Capitale De L'Ennemi                         06:00
        6.      Nucleaire                                       02:25
        7.      Fin De Semaine Dans Un Parc D'Attraction        07:15

        1.      Contrechant Magnetique
        2.      Que Dit Le Chef?
        3.      Latex
        4.      Clair Et Net
        5.      Dans Le Dedale
        6.      Musique Pour Residences Secondaires
        7.      Page De Magazine
        8.      Poubelles
        9.      Le Petit Herisson Jaune
        10.     Pas De Service Apres Vente
FFL     060     THEATRE DU CHENE NOIR : AURORA                          LP      06.2020
FFLCD   060     THEATRE DU CHENE NOIR : AURORA                          CD      06.2020

        01.     Arrivée De La Terre Et De Ses Enfants: L'aurore
        02.     Le Bonheur
        03.     La Vieillesse Et La Mort
        04.     Le Conte De La Terre Et De Ses Enfants Et La Premiere
                Apparition Des Hommes Oiseaux
        05.     La Fascination Des Enfants De La Terre Par Les Hommes-Oiseaux
        06.     Vivre

LP      First vinyl reissue. Souffle Continu Records present a reissue Le Théâtre
        du Chene Noir's Aurora, originally released in 1971. In 1972
        Remastered from the master tapes. Licensed from Futura / Marge.
CD      CD version includes two bonus, unreleased tracks from the Miss Madona EP.
FFL     061     THEATRE DU CHENE NOIR : MISS MADONA                     7"      04.2020

        1       Le Chant Du Cirque
        2       Le Numero De Miss Madona La Ballade De La Bete
FFL     062     STEVE POTTS             MUSIQUE POUR LE FILM D'UN AMI   LP      10.2020
FFLCD   062     STEVE POTTS             MUSIQUE POUR LE FILM D'UN AMI   CD      10.2020

First ever reissue of impossible to find French soundtrack by Steve Potts. Mixing
elements of spiritual jazz, free funk and dirty grooves, the album was mixed by Jef
Gilson. In 1975, Steve Potts left Steve Lacy for a time to compose 'Musique Pour Le
Film D'un Ami' following the proposition from the film's director Joaquín Lledo.
With guest musicians from varied horizons (Ambrose Jackson, Jean-Jacques Avenel,
Frank Abel, Elie Ferre, Christian Escoude), the saxophonist recorded a soundtrack
ranging from modal jazz to free funk and from dirty grooves, to java wah-wah with
disconcerting elegance. Rather than blaxploitation, Potts and his group offer us
their mixploitation made in Paris which would be recognised way beyond the boundaries
of La Defense.
FFL     063     ALAIN BELLAICHE         SEA FLUORESCENT                 LP      10.2020
FFLCD   063     ALAIN BELLAICHE         SEA FLUORESCENT                 CD      10.2020

First ever reissue of highly sought after French jazz funk fusion nugget from Alain
Bellaiche featuring Jerry Goodman (Mahavishnu Orchestra), John Hicks (Strata-East)
and Fabiano (Fabiano Orchestra). Alain Bellaiche was born in Tunis and spent his
childhood in Cannes, France. He studied at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris, and
he gave his first folk concerts in youngsters' houses and clubs. Then, in 1973, he
left for the States. Bellaiche would settle there for around ten years, and he
recorded two albums: 'Metropolitain', which was the result of his collaboration
with the Heldon guitarist Alain Renaud, and 'Sea Fluorescent'.
FFL     064     JEF GILSON              LE MASSACRE DU PRINTEMPS        LP      12.2020

        01.     Le Massacre du Printemps
        02.     L'Imagination au Pouvoir
        03.     Les Cigales
        04.     Tournant Décisif
        05.     N'y a qu'a
        06.     Faut qu'on

First ever vinyl reissue of this highly sought after French experimental jazz record.
by the legendary Jef Gilson. In 1971, the day after the death of Igor Stravinsky, Jef
Gilson and his Unit (Pierre Moret and Jean-Claude Pourtier) made this curious homage
to classical music. It is jazz, contemporary and electroacoustic music that the trio
interrogate through a wild 'noise' session evoking as much John Cage as Pierre Henry,
John Coltrane as the Percussions de Strasbourg, the Art Ensemble of Chicago as the
Tacet by Jean Guérin.

        1.      Mirage I
        2.      La Marche Dans Le Desert (Orcha Damidbar)
        3.      Les Touches Noires
        4.      Mirage II

First ever vinyl reissue of this French free jazz nugget recording by Sahib Shihab
+ Gilson Unit. Paris, February 1972. A few months after having released 'Le Massacre
Du Printemps', Jef Gilson was back behind his keyboards for a completely different
experience. Heading up his Unit, he was joined by Sahib Shihab, ex-partner to
Gillespie, Monk and Coltrane, for a brief stroll in the desert. For three-quarters
of an hour, the caravan passes by, evoking, one after the other, Pharoah Sanders and
Alice Coltrane, Pierre Henry and Karlheinz Stockhausen... Oh yes, and one other thing,
we forgot to mention that Shihab's saxophone is... amplified.
FFL     066     MALAGASY/GILSON         MALAGASY                        LP      08.2021

        01.     Malagasy/Gilson - A Tana
        02.     Malagasy/Gilson - Avaradoha
        03.     Malagasy/Gilson - Chant Inca
        04.     Malagasy/Gilson - Sodina
        05.     Malagasy/Gilson - The Creator Has a Masterplan
        06.     Malagasy/Gilson - Malagasy

FFL     068     JEF GILSON              MALAGASY AT NEWPORT-PARIS       LP      08.2021

        01.     Jef Gilson - Newport Bounce
        02.     Jef Gilson - Salegy Jef
        03.     Jef Gilson - Solo Frank
        04.     Jef Gilson - Buddah's Vision
        05.     Jef Gilson - Veloma Lava
        06.     Jef Gilson - Valiha Del
        07.     Jef Gilson - Requiem pour Django
        08.     Jef Gilson - Dizzy 48
        09.     Jef Gilson - "1973
FFL     069     MICHEL PORTAL           ALORS!!                         LP      03.2022

        01.     Michel Portal - OO Bam Ba Deep
        02.     Michel Portal - Billie The Kid
        03.     Michel Portal - Yes, Oh Yes, You Wonderous Sun Kissed Maiden!
        04.     Michel Portal - Ça Boom?
        05.     Michel Portal - Y En A Marre
        06.     Michel Portal - Undercurrent
        07.     Michel Portal - New Peace
        08.     Michel Portal - Ça Boom !

Souffle Continu Records present a reissue of Michel Portal's Alors !!!, originally
released in 1970.  Carefully remastered from the master tapes. Licensed from Futura
/ Marge. 180 gram vinyl.
FFL     070     TED CURSON              POP WINE                        LP      03.2022

        01.     Ted Curson - Pop Wine
        02.     Ted Curson - L.S.D. Takes A Holiday
        03.     Ted Curson - Song Of The Lonely One
        04.     Ted Curson - Quartier Latin
        05.     Ted Curson - Flip Top

Souffle Continu Records present a reissue of Ted Curson's Pop Wine, originally
released in 1971. Carefully remastered from the master tapes. Licensed from Futura
/ Marge. 180 gram vinyl.
FFL     071     JACQUAS THOLLOT         WATCH DEVIL GO                  LP      11.2021
FFLCD   071     JACQUAS THOLLOT         WATCH DEVIL GO                  CD      11.2021

        01.     Jacques Thollot - Kanephoros
        02.     Jacques Thollot - Up-Down
        03.     Jacques Thollot - Watch Devil Go
        04.     Jacques Thollot - In Extenso
        05.     Jacques Thollot - Go Mind
        06.     Jacques Thollot - Tryptique Pour La Foire des Ténebres
        07.     Jacques Thollot - Le Ciel Manque de Généalogie
        08.     Jacques Thollot - Kamikaze's Nightmare
        09.     Jacques Thollot - Entre Java et Lombok
        10.     Jacques Thollot - Eddy G, Always Present
        11.     Jacques Thollot - Before In
        12.     Jacques Thollot - Eleven
        13.     Jacques Thollot - La Dynastie Des Wittelsbach
        14.     Jacques Thollot - 1883-1945, Heavens
        15.     Jacques Thollot - Au Stylo Feutre, Un Paysage
        16.     Jacques Thollot - Canéphore

Pay attention, this record is completely crazy. After releasing a first album on
Futura in 1971, Jacques Thollot was back, four years later, this time on the Palm
label run by Jef Gilson, but still with the same surrealist poetry to his jazz.
In thirty-five minutes and a few seconds the French drummer and composer, who had
been on the jazz scene since he was thirteen, allows himself to do whatever he wants,
and more. Delicately crazy suspended time, wild explosion of the brass section,
hallucinatory improvisation of the synthesisers, tight writing, bordering on
classicism, and in the middle of all that, a hit, the title track, that Madlib would
one day find and end up sampling.

        01.     Capon/Mate/Morris/Rahoerson - Spanish Cake Walk
        02.     Capon/Mate/Morris/Rahoerson - Blues For Guy Labory
        03.     Capon/Mate/Morris/Rahoerson - Orly - Ivato
        04.     Capon/Mate/Morris/Rahoerson - Complainte
        05.     Capon/Mate/Morris/Rahoerson - Mode De Fa - Salegy Drums Solo

In 1976, Jef Gilson suddenly had the opportunity to reunite once more his partner,
cellist Jean-Charles Capon, with, Malgache musician Serge Rahoerson, in Paris for
a few days. They had met a few years earlier in Tananarive to record what would
become the album 'Malagasy'. The rhythmic structure was laid down in a few hours,
saxophonists Philippe Maté and Butch Morris would record their parts later. That
being said, this untitled album is a real marvel of avant-garde jazz, with an
authentic, contagious emotion, as if it had been born of the instant communion of
four musicians absorbed by their art.
FFL     073     FRANCOIS TUSQUES        PIANO DAZIBAO                   LP      04.2022

        1.      Mister Don Cherry Comprit Que Leur Esprit Était
                Abattu Et Répéta D'Une Voix Musicale Quelques
                Blagues Réservées Pour Les Temps De Détresse    08:12
        2.      Sunny, Archie, Clifford, Meme Combat            02:47
        3.      Que 100 Fleurs S'Epanouissent                   04:27
        4.      La Révolution Est Une Transfusion Sanguine
                Voila La Mer, Voila La Vie                      02:29
        5.      La Bourgeoisie Périra Noyée Dans Les Eaux
                Glacées Du Calcul Egoiste                       06:23
        6.      Libérez Michel Le Bris !                        03:16
        7.      Vie Et Mort De L'Alexandrin                     01:25
                (Note : LP , black vinyl)
FFL     074     FRANCOIS TUSQUES        DAZIBAO NO.2                    LP      04.2022

        1.      Georges Jackson Assassiné Par Les "Pigs" D'une
                Balle Dans Le Dos                               03:34
        2.      Attica 71                                       20:27
        3.      La Zone Des Tempetes                            25:17
                (Note : LP , black vinyl)










SON     04      JEAN GUERIN             TACET                           LP      09.2015

(Note : LP , first official vinyl reissue in over 40 years and easily one of the finest
        archival discoveries of the year. Housed in gatefold jacket)
FFLBOX  007     HELDON                  1976-1979                       3LP+7"  01.2018

(Note : originally released in 1978. Includes 20-page booklet with rare photos and
        an essay by Philippe Robert. Edition of 300)