SONS OD PIONEERS                        USA

Distr.  : US
          NE - Sonic Rendezvous/
Style   : punk / hardcore /

BCRSOPL 1       THE ODD NUMBERS         THE ODDYSSEY                    LP      01.2019
BCRSOPC 1       THE ODD NUMBERS         THE ODDYSSEY                    CD      01.2019

        01.     TEACH MYSELF
        02.     A DIFFERENT LIGHT
        03.     HOME
        04.     MIDWAY
        05.     WINDMILS
        06.     MOVIE ON
        07.     DAYZ
        08.     OLVIDAOS
        09.     THE ODDYSSEY
        10.     THIS OLD TOWN
        11.     PAISLEY GREY
        12.     USELESS THINGS
        13.     THE PIANO SONG

The Odd Numbers 5th LP and their first in 16 years "The Oddyssey" While not a concept
album it does tend to feel like ones listening to a story. And they are, the
continuous story of the Odd Numbers 30 year journey through rock n roll. The new
record covers a lot of ground old and new for the band. from the signature power pop,
duel Rickenbacker assault of "teach myself" and "a different light" to the more
acoustic grooves of "Home" and "Useless things". "Windmills" the records single has
a apocalyptic sound that is somewhere between the Clash and the Specials. then theres
the bands first ever instrumental "Midway", the spacey rock of "the Oddyessy" and
"Olvidados" and much much more! theres even a piano n sax driven track to end it all
out. Overall, the most diverse and quite possibly the bands best record to date!
BCRSOP  2       THE ODD NUMBERS         WINDMILLS                       7"      01.2019

        A       WINDMILLS
        B       WASTELAND

"Windmills" the first single off the Odd Numbers new LP the Oddyssey is a observation
of the state of things today. It paints a bleak picture of mass shootings, corrupt
politicians, global warming and nuclear meltdowns while looking for the solution to
it all. Ultimately its a song about change. the B-side is a cover of the Jam's classic
track "Wasteland"