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Distr.  : SP -
          UK - Piccadilly/Norman/
          NE - Shiny Beast/Clear Spot/
          US - Forced Exposure/
Style   : reissue -

SOMM    001     STONEFIELD TRAMP        DREAMING AGAIN                  LP      03.2016

Extremely rare 1974 British album, first time ever reissued. Lovely amateurish folk and
folk- rock, including the 9 minute psych- folk track ?Bitter world? as well as some
other stand out songs like the trippy ?Oh mothers tell your children. 180g vinyl with
unbeatable remastered sound. Includes a big insert with lyrics and photos. 500 copies
only pressing.
SOMM    002     DANDO SHAFT             AN EVENING WITH ...             LP      05.2011
                (Note : leg.Brit folk-rock band ; 500 copies)

1970 debut album by legendary British group. An essential, all acoustic folk- rock disc
that stands up there with the top classics of the genre. 500 copies only, 180g vinyl
and insert with liners by Andy Morten. 

LP      Youngblood      SSYB 6          1970
SOMM    003     DANDO SHAFT             DANDO SHAFT                     LP      05.2011

LP      RCA Neon        NE 5            1971
SOMM    5       KILLING FLOOR           OUT OF URANUS                   LP      03.2016
SOMM    5       KILLING FLOOR           OUT OF URANUS                   LP      12.2020

The second and best of the albums released by this British group, originally on Larry
Pages Penny Farthing label in 1970. The impressive opening track ?Out of Uranus? kicks
off this great album, filled with acid- rock and blues- rock with an aggressive
production and in- your- face guitar riffs all over. Also features a couple tracks more
into psych- pop, all pretty well executed.
SOMM    006     ELIAS HULK              UNCHANED                        LP      07.2011
                (Note : blues-rock band , 500 copies)                           03.2015

A classic in the collecting circuit since ages, the sole release by UK group Elias Hulk
was out in 1970 on the Youngblood label. Raw hard- rock, adding some Eastern and blues
- rock elements as well. First ever licensed vinyl reissue, 180g vinyl in a one- off
500 copies pressing. Insert with photos and extensive liners by Andy Morten. Repro of
the original poster.

LP      Youngblood      SSYB 8          1970
SOMM    007     DULCIMER                ROOM FOR THOUGHT                LP      03.2016

Largely known for their fantastic album ?As I turned as I had turned as a boy? from
1971, a true folk- rock delight, British group Dulcimer had also recorded a second
album to make it released that same year, but for some reason it went unreleased. So
heres finally the first ever vinyl release of this lost UK folk- rock album, and its
taken from the original mastertapes. Limited to 500 copies in nice artwork and
backflapped old- style covers, and 180g vinyl.
SOMM    008     PLASTIC PENNY           TWO SIDES OF A PENNY            LP      04.2012

        01.     EVERYTHING I AM
        02.     WAKE ME UP
        03.     NEVER MY LOVE
        04.     GENEVIEVE
        06.     SO MUCH OLDER NOW
        07.     MRS. GRUNDY
        08.     TAKE ME BACK
        09.     I WANT YOU
        10.     ITS A GOOD THING

First ever vinyl reissue of the debut album by this UK psych- pop group, combining
soft- pop with heavier mod- psych- pop tracks. Originally released in 1968 on Page One,
now marketed again in limited vinyl pressing, with HQ carton cover, 180g vinyl and
insert with extensive linernotes by British pop connoisseur Andy Morten.

LP      Page One        POL(S) 005      1968    mono+stereo
SOMM    009     PLASTIC PENNY           CURRENCY                        LP      04.2012

        01.     YOUR WAY TO TELL ME GO
        02.     HOUND DOG
        03.     CURRENCY
        04.     CALEDONIAN MISSION
        05.     MACARTHUR PARK
        06.     TURN TO ME
        07.     BABY YOU?RE NOT TO BLAME
        08.     GIVE ME MONEY
        09.     SOUR SUITE
        10.     SHE DOES

Never reissued on vinyl before, the 1969 album by the British was their last effort and
was including some previously 45 released tracks plus some new ones. From psych- pop to
hard- rock, this is their most powerful work. This limited reissue includes the bonus
track ?She does? which is arguably the best track they ever recorded.

LP      Page One        POLS  014       1969    stereo
SOMM    010     NITE PEOPLE             P.M.                            LP      07.2012

        01.     P.M.
        02.     ROCK ISLAND LINE
        03.     TRAIN AND A RIVER
        04.     REACH OUT I?LL BE THERE
        05.     FUNKY HOE
        06.     SEASON OF THE RAIN
        07.     NATIVE LAND
        09.     DELILAH
        10.     PEACHES EN REGALIA
        11.     LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE

First ever vinyl reissue of the sole album by this UK band, originally issued in 1970
on the collectable Page One label and being one of their rarest releases. Progressive
/ psychedelic sound dominated by Hammond organ / guitar with cool jazz- funk and rare
- groove touches, including the mod- club classic ?P.M.?, the superb instrumental .
Funky Hoe? and a top cover of Frank Zappas ?Peaches en Regalia? among others.This 500
limited reissue includes one bonus track, ?Love Love Love Love Love?, a terrific
mod- psych number taken from a non- album 45. HQ carton sleeve, 180g vinyl, and
original first pressing UK artwork.

LP      Page One        POLS 025        1970    UK
SOMM    011     MOUSE                   LADY KILLER                     LP      07.2013

        01.     GOING OUT TONIGHT
        02.     YOU DON?T KNOW
        03.     ELECTRIC LADY
        04.     ALL THE FALLEN TEEN
        05.     ANGELS
        06.     ASHER BESHER
        07.     WE CAN MAKE IT
        08.     EAST OF THE SUN
        10.     SUNDAY
        11.     JUST CAME BACK

Leaded by legendary prog- fusion / session guitarist Ray Russell (John Barry Seven,
Graham Bond, Georgie Fame, Running Man) and bass player Jeff Watts (Steel Mill), Mouse
released their only album in 1973 for the short- lived Sovereign label. An eclectic mix
of progressive sounds, hard- rock, psych, blues and glam with stunning acid lead
guitar. Includes their celebrated cover of Medicine Heads All the fallen teen- angels.
Heres the first ever legit vinyl reissue of this sought- after album. Remastered sound,
original artwork in gatefold sleeve just like the original, insert with liner notes and
pictures, 180gr vinyl.

LP      Sovereign       SVNA 7262       1973    UK
SOMM    012     SANDROSE                SANDROSE                        LP      11.2013

        01.     VISION
        02.     NEVER GOOD AT SAYIN? GOOD
        03.     BYE
        05.     OLD DOM IS DEAD
        06.     TO TAKE HIM AWAY
        07.     SUMMER IS YONDER
        08.     METAKARA

Sandroses only album, released in 1972, is without doubt one of the crown jewels from
the European progressive / psychedelic scene. This French band evolved from legendary
psychedelic group Eden Rose, featuring the legendary guitar player Jean- Pierre
Alarcen. Long tracks full of mindblowing guitar, powerful femme vocals, mellotron,
keyboards?File next to Julians Treatment, Earth & Fire, Affinity. Remastered sound,
original artwork in gatefold sleeve just like the original, insert with liner notes and
pictures, 180gr vinyl.

LP      Polydor         2480 137        1973    UK
SOMM    013     NIGEL MAZLYN JONES      SHIP TO SHORE                   LP      10.2013
SOMM    013     NIGEL MAZLYN JONES      SHIP TO SHORE                   LP      03.2018

        01.     A SINGULARY FINE DAY
        02.     TAKE ME HOME
        03.     THE MAN AND THE DEER
        04.     FOLLOW EVERY SUNSET
        05.     HOW HIGH THE MOON
        06.     REALITY
        08.     SHIP TO SHORE

Stunning debut album from 1976 by this legendary / cult UK folk musician. Originally
issued as a private pressing, ?Ship To Shore? combines 6 and 12 string acoustic guitars
with electric textures, effects and unusual soundscapes, culminating on the haunting
progressive- folk 11 minute title track. A folk- rock / acid- folk masterpiece highly
recommended to anyone into John Martyn, Nick Drake, Michael Chapman, Bob Theil, Pink
Floyd?Mastertape sound, insert with photos and extensive liner notes by Richard Allen

LP      Isle Of Light   IOL 666/1       1976    UK
SOMM    014     ORANG-UTAN              ORANG-UTAN                      LP      07.2014
SOMM    014     ORANG-UTAN              ORANG-UTAN                      LP      12.2020

        01.     I CAN SEE INSIDE YOUR HEAD
        02.     SLIPPING AWAY
        03.     LOVE QUEEN
        04.     CHOCOLATE PIANO
        05.     IF YOU LEAVE
        06.     FLY ME HIGH
        07.     COUNTRY HIKE
        08.     MAGIC PLAYGROUND

(Note : Orang-Utan were in fact a London-based band called Hunter, featuring vocalist
        Terry "Nobby" Clarke (of psych-pop legends Jason Crest), guitar player Mick
        Clarke, drummer and songwriter Jeff Seopardi and bass player Paul Roberts. They
        recorded their sole album in 1971 at DeLane Lea studios. In a bizarre twist of
        events, their producers/managers ran with the tapes to the U.S., where they
        placed the album on Bell Records under a new band name: Orang-Utan)
SOMM    015     FREEDOM                 THROUGH THE YEARS               LP      03.2014

(Note : founded by ex-members of Procol Harum, Freedom were a legendary British psych.
        hard-rock band. This is their fourth album, originally released for the
        collectable Vertigo label in 1971)

        01.     GERMAN CASTLES
        04.     MUSIC IN THE NIGHT
        06.     THE H.S.B SONG
        07.     YESTERDAY WAS SUMMER
        08.     RAIN
        09.     THE CASTLE
        10.     OUT OF THE FIREGLOW
        11.     THE KEEPER OF THE TOWER
        12.     THE PHOTOGRAPH
        13.     AFTER TIME
        14.     AFTERMATH
        16.     FAT OLD ENGINE
        17.     FAMILY LAUGHTER
        18.     JUST AN ILLUSION
        19.     KLOK
        20.     DAMASCUS
        21.     GRASSHOPPER
        22.     YOUR NOT BEING THERE
        24.     AFTERSONG
        25.     VILLAGE VESPERS

(Note : psych-pop, pastoral folk and Caravan-styled prog-rock. Includes a 16-page
        LP-sized booklet with photos and detailed liner notes. Remastered from the
        original master tapes; 1975/6)
SOMM    017     WINDY CORNER            THE HOUSE AT WINDY CORNER       LP      08.2014

        01.     SONG FROM THE VERY NORTH
        02.     BLINKERED MAN
        03.     STARING FACE

Formed in Amsterdam in the late 60s, Windy Corner were a psychedelic folk- rock band
who rarely played live. Using self- made instruments and amplifiers, they recorded long
sessions at their rehearsal space in a cottage. In 1973, they released their first
album, 'The House At Windy Corner', a 100 copies custom pressing on the collectable
Deroy label.Underground progressive / psychedelic folk- rock with charming home- made
sound and fragile atmosphere. Dreamy vocals, organ, acoustic / electric guitars, bass
and drums, similar at times to other obscure lo- fi psych bands like A- Austr or
Ithaca, Agincourt... First ever reissue. Remastered sound, original artwork, insert
with liner notes and rare photos.'Something of an enigma in the collector's circle,
their ambitious and intricate long instrumental passages remind me of the British
underground group Sindelfingen and the more understated and meditative improvisations
of the San Francisco- bands Mad River (first album) and Grateful Dead (1968- 70). Windy
Corner's home recordings were generally quite strange and highly rewarding?' - Dag Erik
Asbjornsen, Scented Gardens Of The Mind
SOMM    018     OBERON                  A MIDSUMMER'S NIGHT DREAM       LP      12.2014
SOMM    018     OBERON                  A MIDSUMMER'S NIGHT DREAM       CD      01.2015

        01.     NOTTAMUN TOWN
        02.     PEGGY
        03.     THE HUNT
        04.     SYRINX
        05.     SUMMERTIME
        06.     TIME PAST, TIME COME
        07.     MINAS TIRITH
        08.     EPITAPH

First ever legit reissue of one the rarest psych- folk albums from the UK, originally
released in 1971 as a private edition of 99 copies. Oberon consisted of seven young
musicians who met while studying at Radley College in Oxford. Influenced by Fairport
Convention, Pentangle, King Crimson, Incredible String Band, Sandy Denny and such, they
created this stunning piece of progressive folk. Fantastic sound and recording quality,
killer flute, guitar, violin, haunting vocals and medieval atmosphere.Digitally
remastered by band member / sound engineer Jeremy Birchall, sounding better than ever.
Fold- out insert with extensive liner notes and rare pictures.
SOMM    019     CAIR PARAVEL            SOME OTHER MORNING              LP      02.2015

        01.     JUST A BEGINNER
        02.     SEPTEMBER NIGHT SONG
        03.     A SONG FOR JUDAS
        04.     LONGER AND LONGER
        05.     SOME OTHER MORNING
        07.     SAND IN MY SHOES
        08.     SUMMERS END
        09.     WINTER LADY
        10.     BETTER DAY
        11.     LOOK TO YOU

Related to Paradise Square, Cair Paravel was the second project of singer / songwriter
Pete Ryder, a key player on two of the most rare and sought- after private folk albums
from the UK. This time, the band recorded at a real studio and the result was 'Some
Other Morning', released in 1976 on the Koala label as a tiny edition of 250 copies
(four stars rating in the Pokora book). Gorgeous, atmospheric folk with ethereal
male- female vocals and magical atmosphere. Includes a superb cover of 'Hill climbing
for beginners', originally by Water Into Wine Band. First ever reissue of this top
rarity with remastered sound, repro of the original lyrics insert plus new liner notes
by Richard Allen (Shindig!).'Beautiful delicate British progressive folk featuring
lovely female lead singing alternating with fragile male vocals that are imperfect yet
charming. This is an exceptional record, on equal footing with classics like Presence
and Caedmon' - Ken Scott (Archivist)
SOMM    020     PARADISE SQUARE : NEVER THOUGHT I'D SEE THE DAY         LP      02.2015

        02.     FREEDOM
        03.     BIRD IN A CAGE
        04.     ROSEMARY'S SONG
        05.     ASK ME WHO I AM
        06.     LORRAINE
        07.     A SONG FOR JUDAS
        08.     WINTER LADY
        09.     THE LORD JESUS SAID
        10.     SPACES
        11.     LEAD ME TO JESUS
        12.     LULLABY
        13.     DAY SINKS

Singer/songwriter Pete Ryder was a key player on two of the most rare and sought- after
private folk albums from the UK: Paradise Square and Cair Paravel. Paradise Square was
his first project, a group formed at Sheffield University's Christian Union in the
early 70s. In 1974, the band released their only album as a private pressing of 100
copies (five stars in the Pokora book). Fragile, homemade lo- fi psychedelic folk with
acoustic guitars, violin, delicate male- female vocals, Xian overtones and hints of
Incredible String Band or Dando Shaft. Remastered sound, repro of the original insert
plus liner notes by Richard Allen (Shindig!).
SOMM    021     BEAU                    CREATION                        LP      03.2015

        01.     NINE MINUTES
        02.     THERE ONCE WAS A TIME
        03.     SPIDER
        04.     APRIL METEOR
        05.     IS THIS YOUR DAY
        06.     CREATION
        07.     BLIND FAITH
        08.     FERRIS STREET
        09.     RELEASE
        10.     REASON TO BE
        11.     SILENCE RETURNS
        12.     THE SMOKE OF EDEN
        13.     SKY DANCE (TAKE ONE)

(Note : originally released in 1971 on John Peel's Dandelion Records, Creation is the
        second album by underground folk troubadour Trevor "Beau" Midgley. Influenced
        by Tom Paxton, Lead Belly, and Dylan, Beau started to write his own songs in
        the late '60s. After trying to secure a contract with Elektra Records with no
        success, he was approached by Clive Selwood (Elektra) and Peel as they were
        launcing Dandelion Records. Beau signed with them and released his eponymous
        debut album in 1969. For his second effort, Beau decided to experiment with a
        more folk-rock sound and add to the mix some avant-garde influences. Jim Milne
        (lead guitar and bass) and Steve Clayton (drums) from Dandelion stablemates The
        Way We Live/Tractor were the perfect backing band for him. Creation is a
        brilliant psych/acid folk offering with superb 12-string guitars, heartfelt
        vocals, studio effects, and occasional acid-fuzz guitar. Beau's avant-garde
        influences come to the fore on the title-track, which verges into White Noise
        territory. The album closes with "Silence Returns," featuring one of the most
        ear-splitting fuzz assaults ever committed to wax, courtesy of Jim Milne. This
        first vinyl reissue includes two previously unreleased bonus tracks from 1972
        (featuring Tractor as backing band), recorded for aborted third album High
        Mass. Also includes four-page insert featuring the first cover design (which
        was never used), plus detailed liner notes by Beau himself and lyrics. Master
        tape sound.)
SOMM    022     LITTLE FREE ROCK : NIRVANATING NERVESOUNDS              LP      04.2015

(Note : psychedelic hard rock featuring the explosive fuzz-wah guitar of Peter 
        Illingworth (ex-David John & The Mood). Little Free Rock were an underground
        British power trio that evolved from heavy-mod-psych band Purple Haze. In 1969,
        the band released their only album, on Transatlantic Records)

LP      Transatlantic TRA 608           1969    UK
SOMM    023     PIG RIDER               BLOODY TURKEY SANDWICHES        LP      07.2015

        01.     CONCERT ON THE COAST
        02.     SHINE ON
        05.     WHICH WAY TO THE EXIT?
        06.     WOMBAT
        07.     SOUTH COAST EXPRESS
        08.     PUS IN OUR TIME
        09.     WORLD'S GREATEST LOVER
        10.     BLUE HAIR AND CARROTS
        11.     ODE TO AN AARDVARK
        17.     BIG JOE

Bloody Turkey Sandwiches'' is another ultra- rarity by British psychedelic folk band
Pig Rider: only six copies were originally privately pressed by custom label Deroy in
1974. The music here is much in the same vein as their famous ''Heterophonies'' album
but even more crazed. Some of the tracks bring to mind the more experimental side of
Olivia Tremor Control / Black Swan Network or even They Might Be giants ?but only 20
years before those bands existed! Electric acid folk with stoned homemade atmosphere,
lo- fi sound, bizarre & funny lyrics, effects, backward bits, surreal humour, psych.
skiffle and old- timey music hall parodies, brilliant folk- rock- pop and titles like
''Interdrive Overstella'', ''Be Glad For The Song Has An Ending'', ''Pus In Our Time''
and ''Have you seen your neighbour in the bath''. Recommended if you like: Incredible
String Band, Bonzo Dog Band, Syd Barrett, R. Stevie Moore?
SOMM    024     PIG RIDER               HETEROPHONIES                   LP      07.2015

        01.     BEYOND THE PAIL
        02.     THE INSECT SONG
        03.     DRACULA
        04.     OLD JOHN BRADDLEHAM
        05.     AYLEEN MAY
        07.     SHEEPSTEALER
        08.     HEAD BASHING SONG
        11.     SOMETHING VERY NASTY
        12.     KROPOTKIN'S LAMENT
        13.     THE SOLICITOR'S LAY
        15.     DIRT CITY 'LIVE'

Although nearly 60 people have played in Pig Rider or its various offshoots over the
years, there have only been two ever- present members, Colin Kitchener and John Mayes,
who founded the band at Sevenoaks School in Kent, England in the late 60s. They met
when they were 12, and not long after began haunting the music rooms at the school to
hammer out current three- chord pop songs on pianos. After a number of other names
(including D Jabferg Flossyakkit and Bob Scratch and his Country and South Eastern
Spring Blues Band) they settled on 'The Pig Rider Robinson Heterophony' to perform
under. After an attempt to build a seven- foot robot bassist called Peregrine Robinson
to front the band failed the name was finally abbreviated to its current form. Pig
Rider's music has been described as 'joke folk / mock rock' and although they claim
that their minds were only altered by lot of beer drinking, there's a real psychedelic
element to it. Also, they should be regarded as pioneers of the DIY movement which
would came a few years later. They recorded at home with rudimentary equipment, they
used handmade modified instruments ('orgasmatron', 'banjelele', 'torture machine',
'aquaphone', 'swanee bicycle pump'?) and they self- released a series of acetate only
albums housed in primitive, handmade sleeves.'Heterophonies' was originally pressed by
the custom label Deroy as a private edition of five acetates in 1975. The music is an
amazing mix of psychedelic electric folk, acid folk and twisted pop with funny/bizarre
lyrics, tape experimentation, effects and homemade / stoned atmosphere.
SOMMCD 023.4    OBERON/PIG RIDER                                        2CD     03.2016
SOMM    025     BAZAR                   DRABANTBYROCK                   LP      05.2015
SOMM    025     BAZAR                   DRABANTBYROCK                   CD      05.2015

        01.     DRABANTBYROCK
        02.     KJARE, LILLE DEG
        03.     UNSET
        04.     DET SISTE STIKK
        05.     BETONG, STAL OG GLASS
        06.     OM DU VAR EN FISKER
        07.     DU OG JEG OG SIPO
        08.     VI BLIR FLER OG FLER
        09.     OLAV A.L 10. CM JAM

(Note : Bazar was one of the hardest-working progressive bands from Scandinavia. This
        is the first reissue of their killer second album from 1974. Wah-wah-fuelled
        guitar action, organ, flute, melodic vocals, and radical lyrics. Drabantbyrock
        combines heavy numbers, West Coast guitar jams, and dreamy moments, featuring
        the superb guitar playing of Bent Patey. Kick-ass psychedelic/progressive hard
        rock from Norway, highly recommended for those into Swedish hard rock bands
        such as November. 24-bit remastering. Includes insert with liner notes by
        Klemen Breznikar (It's Psychedelic Baby!) and photos. Features original artwork
        in gatefold sleeve)
SOMM    026     BARE SOLE               FLASH                           LP      11.2015
SOMMCD  026     BARE SOLE               FLASH                           CD      11.2015

        02.     WOMAN- A- COME
        03.     AIN'T NOBODY HERE
        04.     JUNGLE BEAT
        05.     SOLE BLUES 06. WOMAN- A- COME

The English coast town of Hull produced a couple of highly regarded bands/artists,
including Mick Ronson, Robert Palmer and The Hullaballoos. The city also was home to
BARE SOLE, a heavy psychedelic rock and blues band that toured US air bases in Germany
and supported bands s.a. Family, Status Quo, The Move and Small Faces in 1969-1970.
Unfortunately the guys never released an album and vanished into obscurity. They did
however record a really fine demo tape (rejected by Decca) which now sees the light of
day as an official release. So if you're into seductive garage/blues/psych with
explosive doses of fuzz, wah-wah and Farfisa organ, don't hesitate! Liner notes are
SOMM    027     WHITE LIGHT             PARABLE                         LP      02.2016
SOMM    027     WHITE LIGHT             PARABLE                         CD      02.2016

        01.     PRODIGAL
        02.     MIGHTY BIG GOD
        03.     WHERE DID I BELONG
        04.     AWAITING ON YOU ALL
        05.     NOW I REALISE
        06.     IN MY FATHER'S HOUSE

First reissue; licensed from the original band members. Remastered sound. Incl. liner
notes and photos. Formed in Glasgow in the early '70s, White Light were not an ordinary
Xian rock band; influenced by the explosive sound of The Who, the hard blues of John
Mayall's Bluesbreakers, and even Black Sabbath, their live performances across the
country featured heavy rock sounds, howling feedback, phased lighting effects, and
commitment to the real enjoyment of rock music. They were formed not to play in
churches, but to take the message to the rock generation in loud clubs, halls, and big
rock venues. In 1972, they were finalists in a national rock competition organized by
Melody Maker magazine. This event encouraged the band to enter the studio for the
recording of their first album. The ultra-obscure Parable was originally released as a
private pressing in 1974 (it's featured in Hans Pokora's 7001 Record Collector Dreams
book with the maximum rarity rating). Housed in a mysterious cover, the music is Xian
hard psych straight from the garage with lots of raw fuzz guitar and Vox Continental
organ. Combining hard rock with heavy blues and dreamy moments, it features the monster
sidelong track "Prodigal," which has to be heard to be believed.
SOMM    028     PROYECTO A : PROYECTO A + PROYECTO B                    2LP     01.2016
SOMM    028     PROYECTO A : PROYECTO A + PROYECTO B                    CD      01.2016

        01.     A MARTE
        02.     A NEPTUNO
        03.     A JA§PITER
        04.     A MERCURIO (HERMES)
        05.     A SATURNO (CRONOS)
        06.     A VENUS
        07.     A URANO
        08.     A PLUTAN
        09.     LISTEN MY WISHES
        10.     SOMOS TRES
        11.     LIVE FOR LOVE
        12.     GIRL, WHERE DO YOU COME FROM
        14.     DIRTY MONEY
        15.     SEARCHING
        16.     DAJALA
        17.     SWEET LOVE
        18.     RITMO ES LO QUE QUIEREN

Cosmic acid-psych-soul-funk-prog extravaganza from Spain, 1971. Proyecto A was the
brainchild of the great Frank Dubé from Barcelona. What can one say about him? A truly
fascinating character -- a pioneer of rock and roll and twist in Spain during the late
'50s and early '60s, an accomplished accordion player, a showman, comedian, a psycho
aesthetics master -- but he should also be considered one of the first psychedelic
pioneers in Spain due to his groundbreaking work on the Proyecto A album.
SOMM    29      KAY HOFFMAN             FLORET SILVA                    LP      03.2016

Master tape sound. Includes four-page insert with detailed liner notes by Richard Allen
and photos.
SOMM    30      S TO S                  S TO S                          LP      05.2016

An obscure hard-rock/proto-metal beast from Belgium, originally released in 1978
as a private edition of 300 LP's. Expect a dangerous and aggressive sound, with
wall of fuzz guitars and manic speed drumming. Highly recommended to anyone into
'Raw Power'-era Stooges, 'Back In The USA'-era MC5, Pink Fairies, early Motrhead,
Hawkwind, Acid Archives US obscurities like White Boy & The Average Rat Band, early
NWOBHM bands and compilations a la 'Bonehead Crunchers'.
SOMM    031     ERTLIFF                 ERTLIFF...PLUS                  2LP     04.2017

        01.     TRY MAKING IT EASY
        02.     TRAIN OF TIME
        03.     YOURE NOTHING AT ALL
        04.     THERE IS ONLY TIME TO DIE
        05.     THE SONG
        06.     HIGH AND DRY
        07.     WALPURGIS
        08.     CLASSICAL WOMAN
        09.     TELL ME NO LIES
        10.     WALPURGIS (DEMO VERSION)
        11.     FLYING IN THE SKY
        12.     THE ECHO BLUES
        15.     PLASTIC QUEEN

Ertlif was formed in 1970 by two ex-members of Egg & Bacon, lead guitarist Dany Andrey
and bass player Teddy Riedo.
SOMM    032     ERTLIFF                 RELICS FROM THE PAST            LP      04.2017

        01.     FIGMENTS OF MY MIND
        02.     CAMARGUE
        03.     DISTORTED DREAMS
        04.     EDGAR FLEE

Previously unreleased 74-75 homemade recordings by Swiss prog /psych legends Ertlif.
Raw, in-your-face hard-progressive sound with ultra-loud fuzz-wah guitar plus Hammond,
Mellotron, synths, powerful (English) vocals... A great find for anyone into under
ground psychedelia.
SOMM    033     FUSIOON                 DANZA DEL MOLINERO              LP      02.2017

        01.     DANZA DEL MOLINERO
        02.     YA SE VAN LOS PASTORES
        03.     SES PORQUERES
        04.     PAVANA ESPANOLA
        05.     NEGRA SOMBRA
        06.     EN EL PUERTO DE PAJARES
        07.     RIMA INFANTIL
        08.     EL CANT DELS OCELLS

Sommor Records present a reissue of Fusioon's Danza Del Molinero, originally released
in 1972. This is the first album by these Catalan psych-progsters. Traditional Spanish
songs receive a psychedelic/progressive/jazz-rock treatment with a tremendous rhythm
section (drum breaks galore), fuzz-tone guitar, Hammond and analog keyboards, piano,
and occasional string arrangements. Master tape sound. Original artwork in gatefold
sleeve; Comes with an insert with rare photos and detailed liner notes in English
SOMM    034     FUSIOON                 FARSA DEL BUEN VIVIR            LP      02.2017

        01.     FARSA DEL BUEN VIVIR
        02.     CONTRASTES
        03.     TRITONS
        04.     DIALOGOS
        05.     CONCERTO GROSSO

 Farsa Del Buen Vivir, originally released in 1974. This second album by Fusioon is
 one of the masterpieces from the '70s Catalan/Spanish psychedelic and progressive
 scene. Produced by the great Josep Llobell, you'll find here plenty of Hammond, Moog,
 effects, a solid rhythm section, distorted lead guitar, and highly inventive
 arrangements. Master tape sound. Original artwork; Comes with an insert with rare
 photos and detailed liner notes in English/Spanish/Catalan.
SOMM    035     RUPTURE                 ISRAEL SUITE                    LP      05.2017

        01.     ISRAEL SUITE
        02.     MES HISTORIES BLEUES
        03.     VOYAGE SOUS LA MER
        04.     ALICE AUX MIROIRS
        05.     TRACK 5
        06.     ENTRE SES CILS

Impossible to find Spiritual Jazz / Funk / Groove / Psych rarity from France, 1973.
Rupture was born when famous French songwriter Boris Bergman (France Gall, Dalida, etc)
decided to record a conceptual album about the history of Israel. He approached ace
drummer and singer Sylvain Krief (Airto Fogo, Michel Fugain, Aznavour, Clark Terry,
Bud Powell, etc) and soon, other musicians joined: Jean-Franois Jenny-Clark (Don
Cherry, Steve Lacy, etc) on bass, Georges Locatelli (Total Issue) on guitar, Jean
-Pierre Mas (piano, organ, guitar, vocals.) In resume, Rupture was a kind of super
group featuring some of the best musicians from the Euro jazz / progressive / fusion
scene. It also included collaborations by Michel Fugain and Nicole Croisille. The
album was recorded over a period of three months and the result was released as a very
limited private pressing with help from the Futura label. Arranged by Sylvain Krief
and Jean-Pierre Mas, "Israel Suite" included a side-long suite on side A and shorter
songs on Side B. An incredible mix of vocal / spiritual jazz, funk, progressive,
jazz-pop, psych.
SOMM    036     ARAGORN                 NIGHT IS BURNING                LP      07.2017

        01      Black Ice                                       03:36
        02      Noonday                                         02:57
        03      The Night Is Burning                            02:30
        04      Make Me Believe                                 02:37
        05      You Changed My World                            04:26
        06      Hellriser                                       03:56
        07      Run Like The Wind                               02:33
        08      Radar Love                                      05:00
        09      We'll Fight Back                                03:31
        10      Love Set Me Up                                  02:52
        11      Midnight Hour                                   02:08
        12      Rest In Peace                                   03:49
        13      Moving                                          00:58
        14      Tickets On The Wall                             03:00

There are few bands who can claim to have built their reputation on one single, but
such is the situation for Aragorn, formed in Chesire in 1978. They were one of the
first acts to sign to Neat Records as the new wave of British heavy metal erupted.
But fate conspired to ensure that they only ever released one single, the killer
Black Ice/Noonday (1981), which has definitely become something of a cult 45 among
aficionados of the genre. Here it is, along with 12 tracks taken from a then unreleased
album from 1982-83. A must for anyone into obscure, '70s styled hard-rock, and early
metal. RIYL: New wave of British heavy metal, Angel Witch, Motrhead, Witchfynde,
Black Sabbath. Remastered sound; Insert with liner notes and photos.
SOMM    037     CLAUDE LOMBARD          CHANTE                          LP      07.2017

01      Petit Frere                                             02:24
02      Polychroms                                             02:30
03      Les Enfants Perle                                       02:24
04      Midi                                                    02:45
05      Mais                                                    02:26
06      La Coupe                                                03:32
07      Sleep Well                                              03:46
08      L' Usine                                                02:42
09      Les Vieux Comptoirs                                     02:56
10      Les Musiciens                                           03:27
11      L'Arbre Et L'Oiseau                                     03:08

LP version. Sommor Records present the first reissue of Claude Lombard's Chante,
originally released in 1969. Presented in the original French edition gatefold artwork.
Produced by Roland Kluger (Chakachas, Free Pop Electronic Concept), arranged by Willy
Albymoor and recorded at the legendary Madeleine Studios in Brussels. Insert with liner
notes by pop connoisseur Don Sicalptico. RIYL: Stereolab, Broadcast, White Noise,
Delia Derbyshire, Astrud Gilberto, Roger Webb Sound."If you know the 1968 Eurovision
song, or the TV kids cartoons tunes which Claude Lombard sang, it will be hard to
believe what's happening there... Beautiful pop songs sung in French by this Belgian
maverick (who worked with Luciano Berio) swirling upon wonderful '60s abstract
expressionism orchestrations: chimes and ondes Martenots among lovely dream basslines
and organ drifting, with a dreamy use of echoes, reverbs and sometimes electronics.
There are incredibly beautiful songs here, and probably one of the unique examples
of French songs with really gorgeous, untypical sound work, closer to some UK and
US proto-psychedelic orchestration in pop world. It was by the time a complete
commercial flop... A shame of course considering the quality of compositions offered 
here by Claude Lombard herself, who have no shame to feel if one compares the elegance
of her work to an inspired and electronic version of Michel Legrand... Any serious
fan of Broadcast or Stereolab will fall in love forever with this true secret gem,
to say the least... And no need to mention the kaleidoscopic design of the cover,
mesmerizing and perfectly illustrating the content. Masterpiece here? Hell yes! And
you can forget about the cartoon tunes of your lazy childhood..."
Emmanuel Holterbach
SOMMOR  038     KEDAMA                  LIVE AT SUNRISE STUDIOS         LP      09.2017

        01.     OUVERTURE
        02.     FINALE
        03.     OUR POWER
        04.     ZUGABE

Sommor Records present a reissue of Kedama's Live At Sunrise Studios, originally
released in 1976. Swiss heavy-prog/kraut monster, originally released as a private,
hand-made edition of 200 copies. Long instrumental/experimental tracks fueled by
mellotron, Hammond, MiniMoog, ripping distorted guitar, and heavy drums. Kedama came
from St. Gallen in the north-eastern corner of Switzerland, near the Bodensee -- only
a few kilometers from Germany and Austria. Ed. of 500 copies.
SOMM    039     CATCH UP                VOL.1                           LP      05.2018

        A1.     Catch Up
        A2.     Bordun
        A3.     Onkel Joe
        A4.     Moonlight On A Baldhead
        A5.     Lydia
        B1.     Blues For The Kaiser
        B2.     A Night Without Dreams / The Little Things That Makes Us Happy
        B3.     Spinning Wheel

Sommor Records present a reissue of Catch Up's Vol. 1, originally released on Calig
in 1975. One of the best jazz-funk-fusion albums from the '70s Euro scene, featuring
such giants as Charly Antolini (famous for his MPS recordings) on drums, Max Greger Jr.
on electric piano, Moog, Hammond, and Mellotron, and Milan Pilar on electric bass.
Top-notch jamming and soulful funky-jazz sound with some kraut-prog touches, recorded
at the legendary Studio 70 in Munich. Includes the rare-groove classic "Onkel Joe"
and more. Original artwork and master tape sound.

One of the best Jazz-Funk-Fusion albums from the 70s Euro scene, featuring such giants
as Charly Antolini (famous for his MPS recordings) on drums, Max Greger jr. on electric
piano, Moog, Hammond, Mellotron and Milan Pilar on electric bass. Top notch jamming
& soulful funky-jazz sound with some kraut-prog touches, recorded at the legendary
Studio 70 in Munich and originally released in 1975 on the Calig label.
SOMM    040     BRIDGE                  OVERDRIVE - ROCK/JAZZ PARTY     LP      02.2018

The German exploitation label Tempo released some truly notable beat records during
the '60s, sometimes great and always odd. Here's a reissue of another excellent Tempo
release, originally from 1972. The music on the LP is a great blend of kraut, jazz-funk
/rare grooves and easy listening that will make fans of library music go wild! Among
the players are Yugoslavian trumpeteer Dusko Goykovich, drummer Joe Nay and keyboardist
Kristian Schulze.
                SPANNA EN BAGE

        01.     BATTRE LYSS             Gta Lejon
        02.     BATTRE LYSS             Emma
        03.     BATTRE LYSS             Vidsel-Sthlm, Enkel
        04.     BATTRE LYSS             Anna
        05.     BATTRE LYSS             Sagan Om Viggen
        06.     BATTRE LYSS             Drmflickan
        07.     BATTRE LYSS             Vapnet
        08.     BATTRE LYSS             Tredje Riket
        09.     BATTRE LYSS             Ansvaret
        10.     BATTRE LYSS             Cha Ga
        11.     BATTRE LYSS             K-E Andersson

The first ever reissue of this rare Swedish psychedelic hard-rock and prog album from
1975, originally self-released. Expect powerful guitar and organ parts, and great
melodic vocals. The band featured ex-LIFE member Anders Nordh on guitar.
SOMM    042     ELECTRIC FUNERAL        THE WILD PERFORMANCE            2LP+DLc 08.2019
SOMM    042     ELECTRIC FUNERAL        THE WILD PERFORMANCE            CD      05.2019

        01.     Electric Funeral        People
        02.     Electric Funeral        War Funeral Song
        03.     Electric Funeral        Black Pages
        04.     Electric Funeral        Rock Ba Rock
        05.     Electric Funeral        To Be One
        06.     Electric Funeral        We're Gonna Change The World
        07.     Electric Funeral        Fly Away
        08.     Electric Funeral        My Destiny
        09.     Electric Funeral        I Don't Know
        10.     Electric Funeral        You Can Help
        11.     Electric Funeral        To Be One (Alternate Version)

Ear-splitting hard-rock/proto-doom-metal from the early '70s, Electric Funeral were
a pioneering Swiss hard-rock band who sadly never registered any studio recordings
at the time. Formed in the late '60s by Edi Hirt (drums), Pierrot Wermeille (bass),
Alain Christinaz (guitar), and Dominique Bourquin (vocals), they were influenced by
bands like Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, and Led Zeppelin. Famous for their loud (they
played behind giant stacks of Marshall amps) and powerful shows, their sound was too
heavy-sounding for a regular label to offer them a contract. The Wild Performance is
made of private live and rehearsal tapes recorded in 1970-very raw and lo-fi-but
it's the only testimony of their brutal sound. First released in 1991 as a limited
LP, this is an expanded edition with newly remastered sound and four killer bonus
tracks, taken from reels and tapes recently found in the band's archives. These
tracks were also recorded in 1970 except for "My Destiny", which dates to 1973.
The sound is still lo-fi but slightly better than the original tracks, especially
on the killer "You Can Help" (proto-punk  la Electric Eels), "My Destiny" and the
alternate version of "You Can Help".
SOMM    043     BENOIT WIDEMANN         TSUNAMI                         LP      11.2018

        01.     DES ILES
        02.     CECILE
        03.     FIFTEEN FOR ME!
        04.     THE PROUD MONGOL
        05.     LETS GO, KIDS OF THE DRUM
        06.     TSUNAMI

The second solo-album by French keyboard wizard Benoit Widemann (ex-Magma), originall
out in 1979, is now available as a fine vinyl reissue. Also featuring Jean-Pierre
Fouquey (ex-Magma), Jean-Pierre Grasset (Verto) and Jean-Paul Ceccarelli among others,
the music is a mixture of electronics, jazz-fusion, prog, avant-garde and minimal
music. The LP comes with remastered sound and an insert offering liner notes and
SOMM    044     FLIBBERTIGIBBET : WHISTLING JIGS TO THE MOON            LP      12.2018
SOMM    044     FLIBBERTIGIBBET : WHISTLING JIGS TO THE MOON            CD      01.2019

        01.     The Blackleg Miner
        02.     Little Roving Sailor
        03.     Mariner Blues
        04.     The Black Cap
        05.     An Suisin Ban (The White Blanket)
        06.     Medley: The Rose Tree / The Chanter's Song / Humours Of Whiskey
        07.     Blackberry Bush / Blackberry Blossom
        08.     Whistling Jigs To The Moon (The Dancing Master's Reel)
        09.     The Brisk Young Widow (Sheffield Hornpipe)
        10.     Seafarer
        11.     Shepherd O Shepherd / Linnen Hall
        12.     The Green Cockade
        13.     Four Drunken Maidens (Rolling In The High Grass)
        14.     Episodes

LP version. Includes insert with lyrics, liner notes, and photos. Sommor Records
present a reissue of Flibbertigibbet's Whistling Jigs To The Moon, originally released
in South Africa in 1978. Whistling Jigs To The Moon is not only a very rare and
sought-after album but also a wonderful collection of traditional and original folk
tunes with a strong Celtic influence. Featuring Alison O'Donnell and David Williams
from psych-folk legends Mellow Candle. In 1974, following the break-up of Mellow
Candle, Alison and David arrived to South Africa. Once there, they met a couple of
fellow expat musicians, Barrie Glenn and Jo Dudding, forming Flibbertigibbet in a
niche folk and traditional circle of immigrant and local musicians, building up
a repertoire of tunes and songs both original and traditional. They appeared at
evenings held in communal houses, at folk nights and the Boksburg Folk Club.
Producer David Marks offered to release their album and launch it in a series of
concerts at the renowned Market Theatre. They enlisted the help of a number of fine
musicians on the recording, namely classical first violinist Francesco Cignoli, jazz
bassist Denis Lalouette, Nippy Cripwell on string bass, Colin Shapiro on flute, and
Dave Lambert on fiddle. Whistling Jigs To The Moon saw the light in 1978.
Master tape sound; includes insert with lyrics, liner notes, and photos.

        01.     Mandrake Paddle Steamer - Pandemonium Shadow Show
        02.     Mandrake Paddle Steamer - Solitair Husk
        03.     Mandrake Paddle Steamer - Stella Mermaid
        04.     Mandrake Paddle Steamer - The World Whistles By
        05.     Mandrake Paddle Steamer - Upminster Windows
        06.     Mandrake Paddle Steamer - Doris The Piper
        07.     Mandrake Paddle Steamer - The Doorway To January
        08.     Mandrake Paddle Steamer - Simple Song
        09.     Mandrake Paddle Steamer - The October Country

Previously unreleased recordings from 1968/1970 by British quintessential psychedelic
/progressive band Mandrake Paddle Streamer/Mandrake, culled from the band's archive
of reel tapes and acetates. Pure late '60s UK psychedelic sounds with early prog
moves, plenty of Hammond, fuzzed out guitar and powerful vocals. Including such lost
gems as the Barrett-Floyd sounding 'The World Whistles By', killer psych-rockers like
'Pandemonium Shadow Show' or 'Doris The Piper', the mellotron fuelled 'October Country'
and more! 'Pandemonium Shadow Show' collects studio recordings registered during 1968
/1970. Some of the tracks had been previously included on several bootleg albums and
others have remained unreleased until now.
SOMMLP  046     VOX DEI                 JEREMIAS PIES DE PLOMO          LP      05.2019

        01.     JEREMIAS PIES DE PLOMO
        02.     DETRAS DEL VIDRIO, PARTE 1
        03.     DETRAS DEL VIDRIO, PARTE 2
        05.     SIN SEPARARNOS MAS
        09.     POR AQUI SE TE ECHO DE MENOS

Third album, originally released in 1972, by Argentinean power-trio VOX DEI. Solid
hard-rock / heavy-blues with cool folky/acoustic touches, killer guitar leads and
vocals. Master tape sound and poster. Formed in Buenos Aires in 1967, Vox Dei were
one of the leading 70s rock band from Argentine. Originally born as a quartet, they
soon mutated into a wild power-trio (Ricardo Soule on guitar, Willy Quiroga on bass
and Ruben Basoalto on drums). "Jeremias, Pies de Plomo" was released on the Disc
Jockey label just after their legendary concept album "The Bible".
SOMMLP  047     MCPHEE                  MCPHEE                          LP      04.2019

        01.     THE WRONG TIME
        02.     SUNDAY SHUFFLE
        03.     SOUTHERN MAN
        04.     INDIAN ROPE MAN
        05.     SUPERSTAR
        06.     I AM THE WALRUS
        07.     OUT TO LUNCH

One of the rarest albums from Australia, originally released in 1971 on the Violets
Holiday label. Acid-rock / prog-psych with jam / club live feel: long tracks, powerful
female / male vocals, prominent Hammond and hard guitar. Wild covers of Spooky Tooth,
Beatles, Neil Young... plus a couple of killer originals. *Master tape sound, insert
with liner notes by Ian McFarlane.
SOMMLP  048     SECOND SIGN             SECOND SIGN                     LP      07.2019

        01.     GOLDEN AGE
        02.     FEEL THE NIGHT
        03.     FLEET STREET
        04.     VICIOUS CHEEKS
        05.     DON'T TAKE IT FOR GRANTED
        06.     MAD RIVER
        07.     GRAND BRITTANIA
        08.     HARD TO GET ALONG WITH

Mid-70s UK hard/progressive/psychedelic band in the vein of Narnia, Saturnalia or
Fruupp with connections to doom outfit Warlord. Featuring female vocalist Irene
Menasche. This is the first ever vinyl release of their 1975 studio recordings. Music
ranges from ultra-raw hard-rock to folk-rock, culminating in the 9-minute epic psych
prog masterpiece "Golden Age". Extensive new liner notes by Pete Sarfas of Audio
SOMMLP  049     ARGUS                   ARGUS                           LP      07.2019

        01.     FRIEND OF MINE                                  5:24
        02.     ROAD OF LIFE                                    3:26
        03.     SAME OLD STORY                                  4:03
        04.     TWENY-FOUR HOURS                                6:08
        05.     SUPERSTITION                                    3:44
        06.     77 ST. THOMAS ROAD (PART 1)                     5:15
        07.     77 ST. THOMAS ROAD (PART 2)                     3:26
        08.     JUBILEE SHUFFLE                                 3:09
        09.     FUNK SONG                                       6:05

Argus were an obscure British outfit with connections to Rare Amber and Julians
Treatment. Their sound was hard-hitting bluesy hard-rock, similar to Hackensack or
Killing Floor. In 1973, they recorded a five-track demo with the intention of securing
a record deal which sadly never arrived. It is included here along with a few live
tracks from post-Argus underground psych-prog outfit Anaconda. First time on vinyl.
SOMMLP  050     THREE-HEADED DOG        HOUND OF HADES                  LP      07.2019

        01.     SLICK SOLUTION                                  4:09
        02.     BUTTERFLY                                       5:18
        03.     CERBERUS                                        9:16
        04.     25 TO 6 TO 4                                    12:08
        05.     GONE BLUE                                       4:20
        06.     JUST GOTTA PLAY                                 4:36

Mysterious three-piece from Birmingham, Three-Headed Dog played underground hard-rock,
clearly influenced by early Judas Priest and Wishbone Ash. Before disappearing in the
mist of time, they left behind an ultra rare demo tape - recorded in 1973 - which
included a couple of cover versions from Wild Turkey and Edgar Broughton Band along
with self-penned material. This demo was handled to Norman Hood, manager of other Brum
bands such as Necromandus and Flying Hat Band, who was involved in promoting Three
-Headed Dog at the time.  First time on vinyl.
SOMMOR  51      CHARGE                  CHARGE                          LP      09.2019

        02.     TO MY FRIENDS
        03.     ROCK MY SOUL
        04.     CHILD OF NATIONS

First ever legit vinyl reissue of this impossible to find private psychedelic hard-rock
album from 1973. Remastered sound, colour insert with rare photos and liner notes by
David Wells. Includes digital download coupon. Charge were a British power-trio born
from the ashes of local South Coast heavy-blues bands Baby Bertha and Sweet Poison.
Comprised of Dave Ellis (guitar), Pete Gibbons (drums) and Ian Mclaughlin (bass),
they played heavy rock influenced by Hendrix, Cream, Free and Peter Green's Fleetwood
Mac. In 1973 they cut a demo album of which 99 copies in blank covers were pressed
and later distributed between family and friends, with a few of them also shipped to
record companies in what proved to be an unsuccessful attempt at earning a recording
contract. The music is raw hard-rock with unrestrained guitar, Lemmy-esque vocals and
heavy psyche progressive touches.

First ever vinyl reissue of this fabulous French/West Indies Afro-jazz-funk-Caribbean
-fusion album from 1976, originally released on the Moshe-Naim label by poet/singer
/painter Franck Valmont, accompanied by multicultural progressive jazzrock band
Synchro. Remastered and includes original artwork and insert.

Impressive jazz-rock-fusion with progressive, funk, Afro-Caribbean and Zeuhl elements
courtesy of multi-cultural French band Synchro, featuring drummer Steve McCall (Air,
Cecil Taylor), Jo Maka (Intercommunal Free Dance Music Orchestra) on saxophone,
Jean-Yves Rigaud (ZAO) on violin, Gerard Curbillon (Speed Limit) on guitar,
Georges-Edouard Nouel (Noel McGhie & Space Spies) on piano and Louis Xavier (Ladja)
on bass. Originally released on the Moshe-Naim label in 1976, this is the first ever
vinyl reissue, expanded to a double album including some essential bonus tracks taken
from the recording sessions.
SOMMOR  054     THE FOX                 FOR FOX SALE                    LP      11.2019

Sommor Records present the first vinyl reissue of The Fox's For Fox Sake, originally
released in 1970. Sounding more akin to something released in '67-68, For Fox Sake is
a superb example of UK psych, highly recommended if you're into Apple, Koobas, Zombies,
Octopus, Skip Bifferty, Spencer Davis Group, Rubbles... Formed in Brighton in 1968
with roots to the mod-soul scene, The Fox consisted of Steve (Stephen) Brayne on lead
guitar and vocals, Winston Weatherill (ex-Gary Farr & The T-Bones) on lead guitar and
sitar, Alex Lane on keyboards and vocals, Tim Reeves on drums, and Dave Windross on
bass. During their brief existence they supported The Herd and opened for David Bowie.
Their sound was loud and righteous with great vocal harmonies, tight rhythm section
and wonderful keyboard/guitar solos. After getting signed to a London management,
they recorded their only LP in one session and they had it released in the UK on the
Fontana label and on the USA on Crewe, featuring a different cover. Sadly, the band
broke up following year and since the inclusion of "Butterfly" in one of the Rubbles
comps several decades later, they've become a cult group among psych collectors.
Remastered sound; Includes insert with photos/memorabilia, plus liner notes by band
member Steve Brayne. Includes original UK artwork.
SOMMOR  055     LUCIFER WAS             UNDERGROUND AND BEYOND          LP      11.2019

        01.     Lucifer Was - Teddy's Sorrow
        02.     Lucifer Was - Scrubby Maid
        03.     Lucifer Was - Song For Rings
        04.     Lucifer Was - Out Of The Blue
        05.     Lucifer Was - The Green Pearl (The Mountain King
                / Fairy Dance / Belongs To The Sky / Pearl Hall)
        06.     Lucifer Was - Tarabas
        07.     Lucifer Was - Fandango
        08.     Lucifer Was - The Meaning of Life
        09.     Lucifer Was - Light My Cigarette
        10.     Lucifer Was - In The Park
        11.     Lucifer Was - Asterix

LP version. Sommor Records present a reissue of Lucifer Was's debut album Underground
And Beyond, originally released in 1997 as a picture disc LP. Killer hard psych-prog
from Norway, Underground And Beyond from cult proto-metal band Lucifer Was, contains
songs written in 1971-72, but not recorded until 1997. Established in 1970 in Oslo,
Lucifer Was were a powerful psychedelic hard-rock/hard-prog band that lasted until
1975. During those years, they gigged locally and played at some big festivals but
they never got the chance to register any recording. The band hibernated until 1996
when they reunited again for a live concert. The chemistry was still there so they
entered a recording studio and recorded in just 18 hours their first ever album,
Underground And Beyond, featuring songs written in 1971-72. Their line-up included
two flute players plus bass, drums and the killer lead guitar of Thore Engen. Fully
'70s analog -- a powerful sound with devastating distorted lead guitar and flute.
Imagine a cross between Jethro Tull, Black Sabbath, and Atomic Rooster. Remastered
sound; includes color insert with liner notes by Klemen Breznikar (It's Psychedelic
Baby) plus rare photos.

Complete recordings by The Beatstalkers, 1963-69, the legendary band from Glasgow.
Fabulous mod-beat, wild R&B, and pop-psych, including all their 45 sides for Decca
and CBS plus early demos. Formed in Glasgow in 1962 during the early beat boom by
Alan Mair and Eddie Campbell, their line-up also included Davie Lennox, Tudge'
Williamson (replaced by Jeff Allen) and Ronnie Smith.
Remastered sound; includes color insert with rare photos and detailed liner notes
by Lenny Helsing (Ugly Things).
SOMMOR  57      ALACRAN                 ALACRAN                         LP      01.2020

Powerful hardrock with West Coast, psychedelic, prog and Latin-rock touches from Spain,
released in 1971.
SOMMOR  58      LEVEE CAMP MOAN         LEVEE CAMP MOAN                 LP      02.2020

In 1969 Bracknell based blues rock outfit Levee Camp Moan released what was destined
to become one of the most sought after UK private pressings of the period. Issued on
the County Recording Services label (SVVS 132), a small run of discs was pressed up
and sold locally at gigs as well as being handed out to friends. Housed in an
obligatory custom built sleeve that had a snapshot of the group pasted onto the front,
this LP marked out their status as one of the most exciting bands to emerge out of the
thriving local underground scene in the Bracknell Delta.
SOMM    59      GRIT                    GRIT                            LP      08.2020

Previously only existing in an edition of two acetete LP's (maximum rarity scale in
the Pokora collectors' books), an excellent psychedelic hardrock album by a London
based group (featuring ex-members of Merlyn) gets released on vinyl! This edition
comes with two lo-fi rehearsal bonus track and a download for the complete album plus
further bonus material. (Covers of songs by Chicken Shack and Burnin' Red Ivanhoe'!)
SOMM    60      WARLOCK                 40 ANOS ANTES                   LP      06.2020

Warlock could be considered the first satanic/occult hard-rock band from Spain.
With roots in proto-doom band Necrophagus, formed in Madrid by singer/guitar player
Victor Ramos in 1974, Warlock were heavily influenced by Black Sabbath, Lucifer's
Friend and Hawkwind but they were too dark and wild-looking for the record companies
of the time. During their brief existence, 1977-79, they supported the Ian Gillan
Band at the Teatro Monumental, Madrid, 1979. They also shared stage with bands like
Burning, Cai, Teddy Bautista & Canarios, Azahar, John Martyn, Eduardo Bort, etc.
In 1978, they recorded a bunch of demos, collected here for the first time. Raw and
wild lo-fi psychedelic hard-rock/proto-doom with space-rock touches! Includes colour
insert with photos, memorabilia and liner notes. Includes eight self-penned songs
with titles like 'Archives Of The Universe', 'Cortocircuito', 'Earth', 'Control
Perdido', 'Space Ritual' (which is not a Hawkwind cover but a tribute to Dave
Brock's band, whom Victor once met in France), etc, plus a cover of Black Sabbath's
'Paranoid'. Includes color insert with photos/memorabilia and liner notes.
SOMMOR  61      HACKENSACK              UP THE HARDWAY                  LP      03.2020

Recorded in 1973, originally out in '74 and now back on vinyl, 'Up The Hardway' was
the debut-album by the British blues-based heavy rock act featuring guitar shredder
and vocalist Nicky Moore. This edition comes with an insert offering liner notes, rare
photos and memorabilia.
Original artwork. Master tape sound. 8-page insert reproducing the original insert
plus & rare photos / memorabilia From original masters. Insert with full band history
by Pete Sarfas of Audio Archives plus rare photos and memorabilia.


SOMM    64      FIVE DAY RAIN           FIVE DAY RAIN                   LP      11.2020

        01.     Five Day Rain           Marie's A Woman
        02.     Five Day Rain           Don't Be Mislead
        03.     Five Day Rain           Good Year
        04.     Five Day Rain           Rough Cut Marmalade
        05.     Five Day Rain           Lay Me Down
        06.     Five Day Rain           Leave It At That
        07.     Five Day Rain           The Reason Why
        08.     Five Day Rain           Sea Song
        09.     Five Day Rain           Fallout
        10.     Five Day Rain           Too Much Of Nothing

Originally only manufactured as an extremely rare test pressing, this fabulous UK
psych and proto-prog album from 1970 is now available with remastered audio and
renewed artwork. The members of Five Day Rain had connections to a.o. Scots Of St.
James, Fleur De Lys, Iron Prophet and Hopscotch. The LP includes an insert with
detailed liner notes, rare photographs and memorabilia.
SOMM    65      LITTLE BIG HORN         LITTLE BIG HORN                 2LP     11.2020

        01.     Little Big Horn         Good Time Music
        02.     Little Big Horn         Getting It Together
        03.     Little Big Horn         I Wish I Had The Words
        04.     Little Big Horn         Anything That Turns You On
        05.     Little Big Horn         Right Road
        06.     Little Big Horn         Name Of The Game
        07.     Little Big Horn         Something Good
        08.     Little Big Horn         Ain't No Harm
        09.     Little Big Horn         Isn't It Strange
        10.     Little Big Horn         Just Ain't Fair
        11.     Little Big Horn         Another Man's Song
        12.     Little Big Horn         Communication Breakdown
        13.     Little Big Horn         No Need To Explain
        14.     Little Big Horn         The Man Who Knows
        15.     Little Big Horn         Just A Game
        16.     Little Big Horn         Whamme
        17.     Little Big Horn         Laughes At Him
        18.     Little Big Horn         Fly

Now available on vinyl, the eponymous, German-only album from this long forgotten
British hard progressive quintet was originally released in 1971. The somewhat rootsy
sound of Little Big Horn brings to mind equally little known UK bands s.a. Diabolus,
Steel Mill, Crazy Mabel and Sunday. This edition is expanded to the DOUBLE-LP format
with the addition of the killer B-side track 'Just A Game' and previously unissued
material from the same period.

SOMM    67      ZARPA                   LOS 4 JINETES DEL APOCALIPSIS   LP      04.2021

Originally released in 1978, now reissued on vinyl for the first time, this is a
conceptual album by a band from Valencia, Spain, featuring five long tracks with raw
in-your-face sound and production, over-charged fuzz and wah wah guitar, powerful
vocals with killer echo/reverb and other studio effects. 'Los 4 Jinetes Del
Apocalipsis' is a treat for any hardrock, doomy metal and heavy psych aficionado.
This edition comes with remastered sound, an insert, a heavy cardboard sleeve and
an obi.




SOMM    72      BARCELONA TRACTION      BARCELONA TRACTION              LP      10.2021
SOMM    73      ORANG-UTAN              ORANG-UTAN                      LP      04.2022
SOMMCD  73      ORANG-UTAN              ORANG-UTAN                      CD      04.2022

Now reissued is the sole album (1971) by a London-based band named Hunter, feat.
vocalist Terry "Nobby" Clarke (of psych-pop legends Jason Crest), guitar player
Mick Clarke, drummer and songwriter Jeff Seopardi, and bass player Paul Roberts.
The LP was released in the US under the new band name Orang-Utan, but the band
members were not informed about this development. Musically we're talking blazing,
early hard rock with minor psychedelic hangover vibes, a twin-guitar attack, and
waves of fuzz/wah, along with powerful vocals. Fans of a.o. Leaf Hound, Budgie,
Bang and Sir Lord Baltimore need this album! This edition on WHITE VINYL comes
with a solid cardboard sleeve, an insert featuring the bizarre story of the
band plus rare photos, an obi and a download card.














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