Distr.  : NE - Clear Spot/Shiny Beast/
Style   : garage rock / beat / psychedelic /

FIX     1       THE ACTION              FOLLOW ME                       7"      10.2019

        A       FOLLOW ME

The Action are known to most are purveyors of some of the finest blue-eyed soul to
emerge from the London club scene, thrilling a feverish mod crowd with their setlist
of Motown and soul covers interspersed with a strong set of original numbers. As music
styles changed so did The Action, taking on board psychedelic tones but still being
a vehicle for Reg King's Steve Marriott equalling vocals. A new set of tracks were
recorded during 1967/68 in the hope of releasing a LP after leaving Parlophone.
This album never materialised until the mid '90s when 'Rolled Gold' let the world
hear just how bloody good this band was - another criminally overlooked group.
Solution Records are more than happy to release two of those tracks on one 7"
single - the riff-laden 'Follow Me' and the bridge between the band's mod and psych
status with the emotive 'Climbing Up The Wall'. 7" single in company sleeve.
FIX     2       MIRAGE                  TOMORROW NEVER KNOWS            7"      10.2019

        1       TOMORROW NEVER KNOWS
        2       HOLD ON

The stage should have been set for The Mirage, who through their association with
Dick James Publishing and Larry Page got to hear The Beatles' 'Revolver' album before
it was released, prompting this release... a cover of the album-ender which stands up
with any other Beatles cover - not an easy track to take on, but The Mirage pulled
it off. Released four months after 'Revolver' came out, this is the first licensed
re-release of the track. The flip 'Hold On' has a heavy debt to 'Revolver' too -
'Taxman' comes to mind. 7" heavyweight single in company sleeve.
FIX     3       ACTION                  BRAIN                           7"      06.2020

        B       IN MY DREAM
FIX     4       PNEUMANIA               I CAN SEE YOUR FACE             7"      03.2020

        A       I Can See Your Face
        B       All Your Love

First official release of this massive freakbeat track, which has been carefully
remastered from a high grade Oak demo disc with blessing from Pneumania. It also
contains the original B-side, the Rush/Dixon track 'All Your Love', that was covered
by John Mayall & His Bluesbreakers.
FIX     5       DRAG SET/SCOTS OF ST JAMES : DAY AND NIGHT/TIC TOC      7"      06.2020

        1       DAY AND NIGHT
        2       TIC TOC
FIX     6       BLACK DIAMONDS  I WANT, NEED, LOVE YOU                  7"      08.2020

(Note : 7/45 RPM comes in specially made company paper sleeves in wavy tops)
FIX     7       FACTORY                 PATH THROUGH THE FOREST         7"      10.2020

        2       GONE