Distr.  : UK -Bleep/
Style   : electronic /

SLN     001     RISING SUN SYSTEMS (LEGOWELT) : OBERHEIM SPACE          2LP     10.2018

        1       Croissant With Stravinsky                       5:06
        2       Arcane Marine Biology                           6:27
        3       I was Born In A Valley of Freaks                6:27
        4       Something Wild In The Village                   4:25
        5       Paradoxa Fermi                                  4:59
        6       Hockney World                                   9:48
        7       Nightwind Floppy Disc                           12:15
        8       Innsmouth, Today a Pleasant Seaside Town        7:10
        9       Synthshoppe At A Domestic Airport               11:23
        10      Freebasin' For David Bohm                       6:52
        11      International Space Expose                      4:16

(Note : 2LP , artwork by Danny Wolfers. Strictly limited to 300 copies)

Vintage Legowelt ambient abstractions given a new lease of life by the Solander
Recording Company on this deluxe vinyl pressing of Oberheim Space, originally
released in 2015 on Danny Wolfers' Nightwind Records as a digital-only edition.
Reducing down the new age leanings of his widely distributed 'Crystal Cult 2080'
and 'Just A Clown On Crack' LPs from the same era, Oberheim Space has until now
been a hidden gem within the rich and seemingly endless tapestry that is Legowelt's