Distr.  : NE - Clear Spot/Shiny Beast/
Style   : folk / prog rock /

SE      1       BILL JERPE              BILL JERPE                      LP      07.2016

Recorded in a makeshift motel room studio in the winter of 1969, and self-released
in a tiny run in 1970, this is a folk-rock gem of the highest order. With it's
stripped-down production and 'basement tapes' atmosphere, Bill Jerpe's album offers
listeners an unvarnished glimpse into the Hudson River Valley's vibrant music scene of
1970. Expect top shelf DIY psych folk for fans of late '60s Dylan, The Band, Jackson
Frank, and F.J. McMahon's 'Spirit Of The Golden Juice'. Virtually unheard for 45
years, this reissue is long overdue. Limited to 500 LP's on 180-gram vinyl, housed
in heavyweight gatefold jackets.