Distr.  : UK - Piccadilly/Vinyl Exchange/
Style   : indie /

SOC     618 LP  SPEED FOR LOVERS        HOT YOGA EMOJI                  LP      07.2018

A.      1.      Speed For Lovers (I)
        2.      Remnants
        3.      City To City
        4.      Day & Night
        5.      A Little Something
B.      6.      Hands Up
        7.      Eyes
        8.      Hye
        9.      Sky Splits
        10.     Speed For Lovers (Ii)

Everyone to the rave cave! Speed For Lovers are here to make you dance! Originally
from Sheffield, Liverpool & The Forest Of Dean, the three lovers met in the network
of little mesters music studios on John Street in Sheffield. Initially engineering,
producing and playing on each other's projects, they subsequently teamed up to form
Speed For Lovers in 2010. 
The past eight years have been spent wearing out rave trainers, building studios in
their attics and sheds, geeking out with Sound on Sound articles and faffing with
tech. With two members who came and stayed and one who couldn't leave, 'Hot Yoga
Emoji' is the band's ode to Sheffield. Field recordings of late nights out and early
stumblings home link tracks together and place their moments of creation in the city. 
Spurred on by Sheffield's Kabal nights and trips to The Electric Chair in Mcr, 'Hot
Yoga Emoji' mixes live drums and bass guitar with pocket sound generators, old synths
and vocals to create an album of irresistible live dance music!