Distr.  : US -
          UK - Volcanic Tongue
Style   : funk / soul / gospel / blues / experimental / ethereal / folk /
          garage rock / power pop /

SMRC    001     CLOUDCRAFT              CLOUDCRAFT                      LP      11.2010

        A1      Swirly Morning Raga
        A2      High Tea Midmorning Raga
        A3      Under Bodhi Tree Afternoon Raga (Part 1)
        B1      Under Bodhi Tree Afternoon Raga (Part 2)
        B2      Shade Lengthens Late Afternoon Raga
        B3      Well Into It Evening Raga
        B4      (untitled)
                (Note : LP , 325 copies + insert)
SMRC    002     V / A                   NOAH FOUND GRACE                LP      11.2010

        A1      Astley Dixon            The Alphabet
        A2      L. Winter               The Lord Will Make A Way Somehow
        A3      Gordon & Berry          The Land Of Beulah
        A4      Grace & Peggy           How Great Is The Lord
        A5      Stafford Coombs         Bright Blue Galilee
        A6      Otis Wright             It's Soon Be Done
        A7      Jo Johnson Swf          Leave It There
        A8      Heavenly Dreamers       We Shall Arise
        A9      The Gospel Singers      Noah Found Grace
        B1      The Marvetts            He's So Real To Me
        B2      Glen Francis            All My Days Are Numbered
        B3      Joan Creary             Since I Get Inside The Gate
        B4      Audrey Williams & The Joybells : Something's Got A Hold On Me
        B5      Cliff Titus & His Group : No Turning Back The Weary Traveller
        B6      Hubert Cunningham : In My Father's House
        B7      Ken Parker              Telephone To Old Glory
        B8      Alton & Otis            The Comforter Has Come
                (Note : LP , 325 copies)
SMRC    003     
SMRC    004     THE BATS/CALIFONE       SPLIT                           7"      11.2010

        A1      The Bats                Holiday
        A2      Califone                Silver + Gold
                (Note : 7" , 325 copies)

        A1      Hill Dwellers                                   8:05
        A2      Event Horizons                                  2:20
        A3      Dingbatica Cathedral                            3:44
        A4      The Scrapian Way                                2:36
        A5      Subak Tabola                                    2:03
        B1      Graviton Polarity Generator                     9:38
        B2      Ectoplasm                                       4:18
        B3      Head Transplant                                 2:32
        B4      Leather Wings                                   3:40
        B5      Augmentations                                   1:52
                (Note : LP , 325 copies)
SMRC ?? 005     ALI FARKA TOURE : NI FOLI - 1984 MALI RECORDINGS        LP        .2011

        A1      Farri                                           8:16
        A2      Hondia                                          8:54
        B1      Heigana                                         9:44
        B2      Wakata Gouna                                    8:25
SMRC    006     TY SEGALL : "San Francisco Rock Compilation" Or "Food"  LP        .2011
                Or "Weird Beer From Microsoft" 

        A1      Food
        A2      A Breakfast W/ Pigs
        A3      Turzeee
        A4      Big Mouth
        A5      Toeheads
        B1      Happy Creeps
        B2      TOFL Test Ch. 1-3
        B3      Toeheads Pt. 2
        B4      H. B. Song / ???
        B5      Where Did Judy Go?
        B6      I Ate Your Top Ramen

CD.CS   God? Records            #1              2010    US
SMRC    007     VISITOR                 VISITOR                         12"       .2011

        A1      The Edges
        A2      Flickering
        B1      Skin Warmth
        B2      Burn/Out
                (Note : 12" , 350 copies)
SMRC    008     ABNER JAY : HAMBONE AND RATTLE THE BONES                12"       .2012

        A       Hambone
        B       Rattle The Bones
SMRC    009     DANIEL KROHA : THE FOLK -BLUES STYLINGS OF              12"       .2012

        A1      Rollin' & Tumblin'
        A2      Angels Watching Over Me
        A3      Rowdy Blues
        A4      Pretty Little Pink
        A5      Before This Time Another Year
        A6      K.C. Blues
        A7      Run Little Children
                (Note : 12" , 1-sided)
SMRC    010     JACUZZI BOYS            SEAHAWKS & PEACOCKS             12"       .2011

        A1      Do The Coma
        A2      Island Ave.
        A3      Bricks Or Coconuts
        B1      Space Cake '85
        B2      No Seasons / A Strange Hand
        B3      Freakazoids
                (Note : 12"/45 RPM , 350 copies)

#       18      FANTASTIC PALACE : EARLY REC./HELLO THE MELLOW MAN      LP      10.2013

                Early Recordings (1979-1987)
        A1      Universe                                        1:48
        A2      Crawl                                           1:30
        A3      Jungle Nightmare                                0:49
        A4      Pickup Taps                                     0:42
        A5      Vandal Dance                                    1:49
        A6      Bug On A Map                                    0:49
        A7      Argus The Dwarf                                 2:31
        A8      Pass A Nova                                     2:01
        A9      The Way Through The Wilds                       1:14
        A10     Spindle                                         0:42
        A11     Lots Of Hair                                    1:33
        A12     The Jangler                                     1:11
        A13     Huy-uh                                          0:30
        A14     Magenta Gas Cloud                               2:00
        A15     Toddler's Good-bye                              0:57
                Hello The Mellow Man (1988)
        B1      Rainy Places                                    3:04
        B2      Hello The Mellow Man                            2:41
        B3      Nut Sunny                                       0:34
        B4      Life's Orchestration                            1:37
        B5      Aminoids Are Eating The Sky                     1:24
        B6      Heaven MB                                       2:16
        B7      Reptile Mind Feed                               1:30
        B8      Perusal                                         0:46
        B9      What Is Wrong With You                          2:13
        B10     Crisscrossing Chrysanthemums                    2:03
        B11     Evidently Chickpea                              0:36
        B12     Penrose Reptiles                                1:16
                (Note : LP , 200 copies , reissue from rare 80's cassettes)
SM      01      V / A : OH GRAVEYARD, YOU CAN'T HOLD ME ALWAYS          LP        .2008

        A1      Mosby Family Singers    Eternal Life
        A2      Straight Street Holiness Group : Come On
        A3      Laura Rivers            Thats Alright
        A4      Rev. Lonnie Farris      Peace In The Valley
        A5      Radio Four              Walk Around
        A6      Joe Townsend            Going Over The Hill
        A7      White Family            Help Me Jesus
        B1      Silver Quintette        Sinners Crossroads
        B2      James Carter & The Mighty Stars : You Don't Know
        B3      Farris* & Williams      In Your Kingdom
        B4      Traveling Echoes        Looking For A Better Place To Live
        B5      Brother Willie Eason    Grumblers
        B6      Sensational Happy Travelers : March Theme
        B7      Anonymous               We Shall Overcome

LP      Mississippi             MR 030          2008    US
SM      007     V / A                   LAST TIME AROUND                LP        .2011

        A1      Rev. Roger L. Worthy & His Sister Bonnie : Get Back Satan
        A2      Isaiah Owens : You Without Sin Cast The First Stone
        A3      Hickory Bottom Harmoneers : I've Got Heaven On My Mind
        A4      Straight Street Group   Victory Shall Be Mine
        A5      Rev. Charles White      How Long ?
        A6      Bishop McDaniel         Rock Daniels
        B1      Isaac Haney & The Ebenezer Baptist Church Choir
                : At A Time Like This (Part One)
        B2      Precious Bryant         The Saints
        B3      Boyd Rivers             Fire Shed In My Bones
        B4      Ike Gordon              Don't Let The Devil Ride
        B5      Theotis Taylor          Swing Low

LP      Mississippi/Change Records MRP-002      2011    US
LP      Nero's Neptune             NN-015       2011    US
SM      08      V / A                   5 MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT           10"     08.2012

        A1      Missionary Mamie Sample : This May Be The Last Time
        A2      The Skylifters          You Better Mind
        A3      The Missionaries        Clouds Hanging Low
        B1      The Sensational Six     The Lord Will Make A Way
        B2      The Willenette Gospel Singers : My Lord & I
        B3      Rev. R Henderson        Stop Living On Me

LP      Mississippi/Change Records MRP-015      2011    US