Distr.  : NE - Sonic Rendezvous/
Style   : metal / hardrock /

SWRCCD  2       AEOLIAN                 SILENT WITNESS                  CD      09.2018

        01.     IMMENSITY
        02.     THE END OF ICE
        03.     CHIMERA
        04.     MY STRIPES IN SADNESS
        05.     RETURN OF THE WOLF KING
        06.     GOING TO EXTINCTION
        07.     ELYSIUM
        08.     WARDENS OF THE SEA
        09.     THE AWAKENING
        10.     BLACK STORM
        11.     WITNESS
        12.     ORYX

Epic, melodic, and angry, Aeolian brings their masterpiece debut album Silent Witness
this fall. Formed in 2017 in Palma de Mallorca Spain, under the lead of the founding
guitarist and song writer Raul Moran Zafra, the group spent half a year fine tuning
the sound and mix of the album. Drawing comparisons to groups such as Amon Amarth,
Amorphis, Moonsorrow, Aeolian has bred a mix of modern sounding melodic death metal
that is deeply rooted in the classic sound. The debut album Silent Witness has been
produced by Miguel A. Riutort (The Unity, Cryptopsy, The Agonist, Hirax).
The incredible cover artwork has been licensed from Kilian Eng (Concept artist for
Disney/Star Wars, HBO, Marvel, Red Bull, Sony, The New York Times etc.)