SNAFU RECORDINGS                        Birmingham
****************                        UK


Owner   : Sir Real (Neil Spragg)
Distr.  : UK -
          NE - Clear Spot/Shiny Beast/
Style   : progressive / psychedelic / techno / electro / breakbeat / punk
          / ska / alternative / math rock /

SNAFU   009     SIR REAL : NEVER WHISTLE WHILE YOU'RE PISSING EP        2x12"     .1998

12"/1   A       Distant Sun
        B       Slam Chops

12"/2   C       Never Whistle...
        D1      Distant Sun (Tube Jerk Mix)
        D2      Tight Cheex
SNAFU   023     SIR REAL                WRONGER THAN THE REST EP        12"       .2004

        A       Withwing
        B1      Every Hour
        B2      Fractus
SNAFU   42      7SHADES                 SEVEN SHADES (OF SHIT)          CD      01.2014
SNAFU   42 X    7SHADES                 SEVEN SHADES (OF SHIT) DEMOS    CD      01.2014

CD      1       Permutations
        2       Strangled
        3       Seven Shades (Of Shit)
        4       Jelly And Ice Cream
        5       It's Not Over Till The Bearded Lady Sings
        6       Malletface
        7       Glimmer
        8       Rainbow Dragon Breath
        9       Slided
        10      Robbing The Rich
        11      Fancier
        12      Silk Ear
        13      Ugly
CDX +   14      Sow's Purse

7shades is a band paying tribute to Tim Smith and Cardiacs, by playing all original
music that is intended to have that 'special' flavour. This their debut album from
SNAFU   69      7SHADES                 BURSTING                        CD      07.2016

        1       Milky train
        2       Marking time
        3       Gout
        4       Nudey prod games
        5       This is not a song
        6       Spring's sordid show
        7       Cock block and barrel roll
        8       Hello sailor
        9       Grasping at straws
        10      Renard
        11      Tease
        12      Bursting the Bristol scale
        13      Perfect storm
        14      Misery-go-round

The much anticipated second album from prog/punk/pop/psych pranksters 7shades. Crammed
to the gills with all manner of melodic, harmonic and rhythmic deviance, this is a band
that is clearly not afraid to venture into the lesser-travelled realms of maximalism.
Self-professed devotees of the work of Tim Smith and Cardiacs, that inherited DNA is
still in strong evidence throughout 'Bursting', but as a whole the album seems to be
striking out in a myriad of other directions. Influences from Gong, King Crimson and
Mike Patton are evident, for example, but it is far from being any kind of mere prog
copycat affair.
SNAFU   77      7SHADES                 THE MONUMENTAL MIDDEN           CD      01.2018

Third album by UK band 7shades. Psychedelic, punk, prog and pop in roughly equal
measures, and taking in many other influences en route, 7shades might appeal to anyone
with a love for unusual music played with conviction by people who really should know
better! Cardiacs fans take notice!