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SLOW    1
SLOW    2 LP    THE MEKONS 77           IT IS TWICE BLESSED             LP      09.2018
SLOW    2 CD    THE MEKONS 77           IT IS TWICE BLESSED             CD      09.2018

Leeds legends The Mekons get the band back together, in a manner of speaking. While
The Mekons has run in various incarnations since forming in the late 70s, new LP It
Is Twice Blessed marks the first time that the original lineup has recorded an album
together for almost forty years. It’s a classic serving from a group which spawned
from the same scene as Gang Of Four and Delta 5-spiky post-punk, rendered with
shades of dub and country, that skewers the Current State Of Affairs with righteous

Formed in the late 1970s as an art collective, The Mekons are one of the longest
-running and most prolific of the first-wave British punk rock bands. Through the
years, the band's musical style has evolved, incorporating aspects of country music,
folk music, alternative rock and even occasional experiments with dub. Following the
release of new single "Still Waiting", and the success of Mekonville - a weekend
long music festival organised and curated by The Mekons themselves-the re-united
1977 line-up have continued to play live shows, and have now recorded their first
album together since 1980.